The games have civilized the struggle between people. It is better to say that they cover up or beautify the cruelty and barbarity of human struggle.

The games have civilized the struggle between people. It is better to say that they cover up or beautify the cruelty and barbarity of human struggle.

“People want to be ‘life winners’ at all costs and by all means, just as some people do not hesitate to hurt and abuse their bodies during training in order to win medals.

“What did these winners win in the end? They will eventually find that what they win is a bitter fruit. Without the ingredient of love, how can the fruit be sweet and delicious? No matter how dazzling the social value system paints the surface of the fruit, it can not change its bitter taste.

“After tasting the bitter fruit, some people put down their perseverance on winning or losing and turned to pursue and explore love – their own inner love and the love in the world. They finally found the sweet fruit, which has nothing to do with winning or losing.

“Now you are holding a large-scale sports meeting in the world. Usually, this kind of games will always amplify the division and opposition between individuals and groups, and enhance people’s desire and obsession to win.

“Some people think that this kind of sports will civilize human struggle. But if you regard a person as an opponent on the field, there is no essential difference from treating him as an enemy on the battlefield. The energy you send him contains the same opposition and hostility.

“Therefore, rather than civilizing the struggle between people, this kind of sports covers up or beautifies the cruelty and barbarity of human struggle.

“This large-scale sports meeting can actually be seen as a microcosm of your world. Mankind has already turned the world into a huge, noisy, chaotic and cold arena. Almost everyone is involved in endless competition and struggle, large and small, and spends a lot of life energy for that little short and illusory glory all his life.

“I say that the glory is’ short-lived and illusory ‘, just as those who stand on the podium will soon be forgotten. People will continue to pay attention to new winners and new winners.

“What will happen in a world caught up in such a large-scale struggle? Think of some tragic and sad scenes at the opening ceremony. That actually reveals some truth.

“In the final analysis, in this world of constant struggle, who is the real winner? Are those entities that manipulate humans behind the scenes and feed on negative energy. The loser is all mankind. “

Meditation experience on July 25, 2021: Sananda message – lose and win

Original Luying from heaven to earth 4 days ago

Brother Sananda said:

“The concept of losing and winning will exist only when the sense of division reaches a strong level.

“When the living body mainly lives in the consciousness of unity, when everyone knows that there is only one life and all sentient beings are part of this life, there will be no concept of loss and win. Since all the life around you is yourself, why do you want to win? Who are you going to win?

“In the three-dimensional world, the sense of division has reached the extreme, so there is not only the concept of winning or losing, but also this concept has been greatly strengthened. People here don’t often teach children to love, but they often teach children to win. People have a blind and crazy admiration for winners, so that if a person wins something (or power) to a certain scale, he can not be bound by laws and regulations, because he can rewrite the rules or simply make another set of rules himself.

“As you said – it’s a winner takes all world. Therefore, many people regard “winning” as the top priority in life, and everything else has to be backward, or even regarded as an obstacle. In this way, in the eyes of many people, love has become a dispensable and even a hindrance.

Thank brother Sananda for his teaching!

This message reminds me of the famous saying in dialogue with God – when you think you have won, you have lost. When you know you have nothing to lose, you have won.


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