The wealth view of light workers: don’t be common with all sentient beings^_^

The wealth view of light workers: don’t be common with all sentient beings^_^

Through the dry season, always keep the journey of joy, peace and confidence^_^

So you have been walking in joy, peace and faith

No matter what difficulties and challenges we encounter

Because you are creating your world, choose to enter the timeline of joy, peace and confidence and help you in other timelines

Living a different life, studying, working and playing like a child needs to be changed and become

We’re talking about paying the price


Do you only follow your high vibration internal guidance

Don’t know what to do. Ask for advice from the higher self and others, especially those who lead you to change and become a different you who want to change. It’s not that you are more busy and can’t find yourself, but that even if you are busy, you are peaceful, confident and happy

Because you have found the key to balance your life and stop, “what is more important”

Difficulties and lingering are not your destination. You just need to follow and pull your mentor together: joy, peace and confidence

Where does confidence come from

When you lack family affection, you come from family

When you are short of money, come from your unit

When you lack motivation to learn, come from school

When you lack partners, come from the people who contact you

These are things that the spiritual world and higher we cannot give you and need your own manifestation

We can give you energy, guidance and suggestions. You should go your own way and have your own confidence, because there is support, higher self, source, positive attitude and higher mental intuition

Intuition is not always positive, joyful and peaceful. It also needs your choice, becoming and change to train and guide her

Because intuition and insight also need to jump, and there is no need to keep turning the old three circles: survival, sex and love, what you don’t want to do to others / individuals, and want to be the master / control, when the time comes

What’s more, even the third circle will make you gain a lot, because that’s the door to your real transition and enlightenment. Just like my third circle has been around for 46 years, and it didn’t really flow until last year. I just don’t care, don’t judge, just keep returning to balance, and listen to the suggestions of the higher self. It’s enough, so don’t try too hard to stop, lose and ignore it, Just follow, not judge

In any case, maintain high vibration balance consciousness, consciously in nature, barefoot grounding, drinking a lot of water and consulting higher self guidance and internal guidance in case of imbalance

In any case, you are constantly returning to balance, joy balance, confidence balance, peace balance

Because there are family, leaders, teachers, relatives and friends

Because you are accompanied by high self and high vibration

Because you come from source energy

“It’s a long journey. It’s long because we get more from this long journey than you want to jump to where you want to go.

The next time you are disappointed with humanity and frustrated with your slow pace into the fifth dimension, you need to consider this.

You are making progress and are destined to become human leaders. Our suggestion is that you should see that you can teach others a lot of what you have learned through practice.

You’ve learned a better way to deal with energy because you’re experimenting with yourself. You have experienced success and failure in your journey, but you can always stand up again and stand firm.

Because of this, you can continue to spiral up in ascension, and there is so much to give to your fellow humans. When you can give them everything you have learned, it means that you are better at managing your emotions, thoughts and energy at that time.

Through service, you always grow and expand. You always get more than you give. You feel good.

If you are satisfied with yourself and your contribution, you can get satisfaction from helping others, just like us and your other assistants.

We are all helping each other and becoming one again. Of course, we refer to unity as the source and the ultimate destination of everyone wherever they travel.

We are very lucky that you are becoming such an expert that you can become a part of your ascension. We can’t ascend without help, but you also deserve so much praise because you have this ability.

A better way to use 5D energy

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

⬆ Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.

Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very lucky to meet so many people on earth at this time, because it is a two-way street. We have learned a lot from those who contact us, and we will always appreciate the opportunity to contact you. We think you all have great potential. When trying to help you tap your potential, we also know better how to tap your potential. We are not a finished work floating somewhere in the sky, but a work still being created like you.

We hope to improve ourselves and become the real source energy life. We thank humans for giving us this opportunity to explore your journey with you. If you respond to us and our energy information, we can better understand what is effective and apply these methods to ourselves.


If you just sit there waiting for God to shoot an arrow, nothing will happen.

Q: Dear Cleon, thank you for your teaching that touched my heart. You know, doubt is a problem for me. I can’t control thinking about it in my mind for some time, and I look forward to your comment. So let’s work together to create an answer to my seemingly stupid but real question: am I allowed or am I lazy? Thank you for your attention and concern.

– Amsterdam

A: honey, neither. You are creating doubts together! Who says co creation will only move in one direction? Many people are working together to create darkness and negativity, even depression.

Knowing how strong you are is the key.

So… Answer this first: do you believe you can create anything together? In fact, there is comedy in which you create your reality every day… Dark or bright.

Some of you are strengthening it every day, telling your cell structure that you are “afraid you can’t do it”, which is actually giving it an instruction and time to die.

Do you believe that what you think and do will lead to the reaction of matter and your own cellular structure?

If not, that’s your reality. You created it well. If you do believe that you can change matter, then you can understand that what you do and say can be designed to start changing your reality. Thousands of people have already done so, so it’s not mysterious.

Laziness is also a problem( That’s why you ask) just like exercise. If you sit there and do nothing, will “nothing happen” be the result? Unfortunately, the answer is No.

Instead, whatever energy in your reality will strengthen itself and continue. The problematic body will continue its problems and build the scene until death.

A mind without direction will move to the most popular level of consciousness, which is usually not formed by your own will, but by the people around you and their energy.

Ask, “can I really change things?” People with this problem are blessed. They are the best people to try! Here are some helpful tips:

1. Start by saying something positive every day so that your own ears can hear it and it can go directly into your cellular structure. Here’s a recommended one: “I’m a creator. I have created my current reality and will create everything I experience in the future. So everything before was my creation. Today I choose to raise my consciousness. Today I choose to slow down the aging clock in my cells and create divinity in my daily work. Today I instruct my cellular structure to vibrate in accordance with my will and direction. I create a peaceful balance in everything I go to. “

2. Never hit yourself! Everything you say will be “heard” by your cells! Don’t do this even at your lowest ebb. But to say:

“Thank the gods for letting me know that all this is temporary. I am calm in my power. “

Then wait for the pendulum of depression or disease to correct itself. It will.

3. Even if you doubt whether you are making a change, do it! Your duality is constructed and will have a negative bias towards these things. Let the results support you. Your mind will change significantly when it sees things change in your life. Just like exercise… When you start to see the results, you won’t doubt it anymore.

Q: Dear Cleon, please provide a little more information about the increasingly popular topic of abundance. You mentioned living in the present. Can I think 401k and retirement plans are unnecessary? Society often requires advance planning for many things such as study and travel. Should we directly book a tour group or course in a few months, even though the money is not in the bank account “now”? I am a little curious about the compatibility between the organization, reservation, and advance planning of social needs and how we should only consider the “present”.

A: make plans. This is necessary because you live in a society and culture that needs to do so.

Then be in the “present”.

What will happen is that the plan will only become a starting direction and let you change your plan at any time you want.

The problem with thinking too linear is that you still ask this question! You think you have to do this or that. Plan or not. Can you plan to move in one direction until “now” provides you with another plan?

Plan to go. Plan ahead that is appropriate in your culture. When you see a fork in the road ahead, just decide in advance which way you should turn if it makes you feel better.

But in this process, always let the 4D plan sit behind the real plan guided by your co creation engine.

Don’t stick to your plan so much that you can’t change it.

Don’t be so interested in your plan that changing it somehow seems to go against your own choice and wisdom. It’s just the opposite.

Planning is now like “pointing yourself” in a direction towards the goal… That’s all.

Let your power redefine your goals and redirect you in the right direction. Think of it as this: an arrow will never hit the target unless it is in flight.

If you just sit there waiting for God to shoot an arrow, nothing will happen.

Instead, try your best to shoot the arrow in the right direction, then ride it, glide forward and correct the direction in the process. When you decide to change direction, feel the wind with your hair and never worry that you will miss!

This is what advanced humans do. They know that to become interconnected dimensions is to include the first four dimensions in the process, not to eliminate them.


The wealth view of light workers: “don’t share common knowledge with all sentient beings”

sananda 2019-12-08

The wealth view of light workers: “don’t share common knowledge with all sentient beings”

No matter what light workers did before, they will eventually turn to spirituality and take spirituality as their industry at a certain stage, because “I am spirituality, come from spirituality, and naturally return to spirituality”.

There will be a “dry season” when you change from your previous career to spirituality, which is not only suitable for lightworkers who have not participated in the release of spiritual articles before, but also those who have been publishing spiritual articles.

Because this experience is an experience of faith. The refining of God’s will is the hammering and alchemy of faith that is not lack, self perfection and no lack.

Melchizedek, the author of the ancient secret of the flower of life, also introduced a similar experience in his book. He accepted the guidance of angels and came to live with his daughter-in-law in the forest. It was the property of the Catholic Church. There was no need to pay rent, but it was far from the town. There was still some oil money and household, but the needs always appeared when they needed it, Either he picked up a brand-new one at the seaside or he didn’t contact him for a long time to repay the money. Although he repeatedly encouraged his wife and everything was well, his daughter-in-law finally couldn’t stand it and went to work in the town. He walked and played alone in the forest. A year or two later, his wife returned to practice with him. Later, they returned to the crowd to set up workshops, write books The problem of natural money has also been solved. Now the authors of the information we receive have similar experiences.

This process is the exercise of patience and confidence in “suffering”, that is, the exercise of confidence in not lacking and having perfect self. My wife and I have a similar experience. We are also in the forest, but we can always draw money because we have saved before, but we should understand that a person’s lack has nothing to do with whether he has money or not, Because you can only see the accounts and can’t see the income, you will be flustered, so you will have a heart to make money for survival. In this way, everyone will understand that as long as such a heart is, whether you are publishing spiritual articles before or not, you will experience a “dry season” and turn “dry water” into “flood”.

This is the source of wealth, that is, the “flood”, that is, you do not worry about survival. No matter whether you have money or not, with this foundation, you can have a broader territory and will not be tied to the workplace or spiritual workplace. As long as you make money for survival, whether you work for God or people, you are in a state of lack, Because God doesn’t know what money is. God just wants to be with you. It’s that simple.

Now we see that the money making platform of light workers is becoming more and more mature. There are corresponding donation entrances in the social circle. Offline workshops, training courses or tourism training activities will also be held.

Donation is also a small dry season, that is, we can’t let go of the contradiction between free services and the embodiment of our own values. Because there is no pricing for the spiritual workplace in the social values, and there is no corresponding post advancement and reward system, light workers have always been in a group that can’t be recognized by the society and have always been regarded as a group that depends on donations and others.

“Don’t share common sense with all sentient beings”, this is the title of an article by a thinker ^ ^ ^,

“Ordinary people live on two levels,

Just like an aircraft flying at two levels, an aircraft flying at two levels must have no possibility of collision. “

“You are a height higher than him / her,

How can you be uncomfortable, unhappy or unhappy“ You won’t crash.

Maitreya also mentioned in a transmission that the conservation of energy is the law of the universe. There is nothing for nothing. You need to pay for anything in exchange, or your forwarding, or your comments, or your thoughts. Of course, it also includes your donation. Of course, when you have desires, passions and impulses, don’t take it as a responsibility, because without these motivation, You may not even pay attention. How can you donate and buy. I also woke up three years later to have the impulse to donate. After donating, I have no idea to donate again. I have to follow the spiritual desire and passion mentor.

The emergence of light workers is the result of collective summoning and negotiation. This group can be said to be the first to see the existence of God..

Because there is God in your heart, you can imagine another country where there is no work, no money, no trading, only energy exchange and energy conservation.

Light workers come from such a country, because they have never spent money before and do not know what is lack, so they can have such an experience, go through the “dry season” and continue to live a life that is no longer distressed for survival.

The pursuit of spirituality, in addition to the attraction of internal power, also has external environmental requirements, because from the awakening of all mankind to the return of all mankind to spirituality, this counseling period is a 1000 year, 1000 year transition period. This process requires a large number of light workers to work. Relying on less than 100 million groups to support 8 billion is a serious mismatch, Of course, there will be different population stratification in the future, but different advanced light workers are still needed.

As you can see, the groups that pursue spirituality and follow spirituality are significantly different from those three years ago. Three years ago, my circle was still full of swords and flesh and blood, but now it is full of detail and harmony, occasionally impulsive and disputes, but the general trend is gone, and everyone’s return is a foregone conclusion, that is to say, the return of spirituality has become an irresistible trend, not a group of people, But all mankind, because China and India, which account for the largest population base, lead and firm their feet.

Therefore, the work of light workers is not only the illumination of light existence. Of course, this is the initial and final goal and mission, that is, “existence”, rest, play, joy and excitement. In the follow-up, light workers will take the post of real soul mentor and soul engineer, publish articles, open workshops Global meditation and more online and offline physical activities.

All this is energy exchange, that is, light workers not only have their own unique and irreplaceable belief in value, but also have the concept of wealth, which is actually the concept of energy exchange and the concept of unity of all things.

If the spirituality that can bring people abundance, peace, tranquility and peace has no value, what is the value? There is only the heart of judgment and judgment of all sentient beings, “don’t see the same as all sentient beings”. If spirituality should not be rewarded, praised, donated and purchased, what can be said to be honored? There is only the heart of evaluation and weighing of all sentient beings, “Don’t share common sense with all sentient beings”.

Let go, let go, and focus on your own experience above all else. This is the only responsibility of light workers. With rest and relaxation, there will be spiritual body, spiritual mind, spiritual soul, spiritual guidance and spiritual promotion.

Therefore, this is not your hometown, your home is in your heart, because you have the stability of your heart, you have the stability of your home here. All sentient beings do not know, you know best.

Therefore, is all wealth, prosperity and abundance brought by people who are busy, competitive and afraid of this and that, or by people who rest, relax, play and sing and dance without anything? Of course, it is the latter, because they have their own peace, stability, perfection, self-sufficiency and abundance. People without abundance cannot bring abundance and prosperity, whether material or spiritual. Therefore, you should have such confidence now. What supports your family is not the one who is working, but the one who plays all day. Aren’t you playing? It means you haven’t passed the “dry season”.

Follow the desires and passions of your heart and embark on your own road of wealth. This is also the road of abundance. If necessary, you need patience, that is, the period when there is no dry water but you have to pass the dry water, or two or three years, that is, the patience period of doing nothing. This is also the prosperous period, because you are drilling a well in the dry water, Dig a well of abundance. No matter whether you do things or make money, it will not dry up, because there is abundant water in it, which is the source of spirituality and your abundant life. Welcome your dry season, which is the source of your wealth.

Don’t share common sense with all living beings

Don’t share common sense with all living beings


Buddha and all sentient beings have different views,

If Buddha and all sentient beings have common knowledge, Buddha is all sentient beings.

If all sentient beings and Buddha have common knowledge, all sentient beings are Buddha.

Different opinions:

Different seeing, different difference.

The same thing,

What Buddhas see is their pure and natural self nature,

What all beings see is the illusion of his own heart.

The pure self nature of things seen by Buddhas,

His mind stops at intelligence and no longer reacts to illusions.

What all beings see is the illusion of their own heart,

Therefore, they react to their own heart and reincarnate unceasingly.

Buddha and all sentient beings have different views,

Not only do you have different views on secular things,

I don’t know much about flowers,

I don’t know much on the grass,

I don’t know much about birds and animals,

In all living beings and all concrete things,

Everything you see is also different.

Not very knowledgeable,

It is the cause and fruit of liberation.

In a sense,

Sentient beings are those who have common sense.

All living beings hold on to themselves,

They’re like people driving on the road,

Experience is their road,

Because having the same insight is like driving on the same road,

It is possible to crash if you drive on the same highway.

Those who are uncomfortable, argue, quarrel, or even fight,

People who collide with each other.

When you are uncomfortable, argue or quarrel with someone,

It must be when you see it,

No matter what reason you have and what you think of him / her,

You are 100% like him / her,

If you don’t see eye to eye with them,

How did you crash – two selves collide and

Quarrel, quarrel or quarrel.

Ordinary people meet at the same height,

It’s like a plane flying at the same altitude,

If you fly at the same altitude, there is a possibility of collision.

Different people live on two levels,

It’s like an airplane flying on two levels,

A plane flying at two levels must have no possibility of collision.

Honey, do you feel uncomfortable, unhappy or unable to live with someone in your life?

If so, you must have the same knowledge as that person.

If not, or you are one height higher than him / her,

How can you be uncomfortable, unhappy or unhappy.

If you don’t have common sense with others, you are the Buddha to all living beings;

If you have common sense with others, you will fall to all living beings when you are in the Buddha.

Practitioner, you are more outstanding in your knowledge,

Don’t share common sense with others.

If you don’t have common sense with all sentient beings, you will be waiting for Buddha.

Not common sense is beyond any sense;

Living outside all knowledge is not general knowledge.

In other words, not having any insight or believing in any of your ideas is not general insight.

Come on, practitioner

Surpass knowledge in knowledge,

It’s like treating an empty flower as an empty flower,

Practice starts from here.

The test of your differences from others is,

See if you still have friends, enemies, people you can’t live with or people you hate.

If there are such people, you have the same knowledge as them;

If you don’t, you don’t have the same view as others.

Don’t share common sense with all sentient beings,

This alone is the practice of Buddhism and Taoism.


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