From November 2022 to March 2023, the wave of light from the Central Sun of the universe will promote the unity of human and the fifth dimensional experience plane of the whole universe.

From November 2022 to March 2023, the wave of light from the Central Sun of the universe will promote the unity of human and the fifth dimensional experience plane of the whole universe.

From July 15, 2021 to October 21, 2021, mother earth and her solar system will be completely surrounded by huge cosmic light, love and harmonious light waves directly from the Central Sun of the universe! In the coming months, the way forward for mankind will unfold.

The light has won! Therefore, as Galactic Beings, galactic citizens, mother earth and all humans will establish new parameters of life!

From November 2022 to March 2023, the wave of light from the Central Sun of the universe will promote the unity of human and the fifth dimensional experience plane of the whole universe.

Dear ones, look forward to it now, because human beings are becoming one with all the consciousness flows of the whole universe.

Peace and blessings from the unity of all. Namaste。

Message of light: galactic citizens

Original angel of light awakening and ascension today

Alexandr Kosmos and Brenda Garcia   Angel of light

Human beings are about to have a new experience and enter the new reality of becoming Galactic Beings and galactic citizens of the whole universe

Anything that serves mankind in the three-dimensional world will no longer serve mankind. The focus is now being adjusted and turned to merging and integrating personal consciousness with all consciousness outside Earth!

On March 27, 2017 – until now – Mother Earth and planetary beings in her solar system have gone far beyond the three-dimensional experience plane.

The work of waiting for humans to decide whether they will choose to experience the fifth dimensional vibration frequency of the Milky way is over. At present, mother earth and her solar system are fully aligned with the fifth dimensional vibration!

Personally, human beings have realized that there is a divine life plan within themselves. You need to use free will to choose to align, apply and activate with the internal plan.

If you choose to ignore all signs, signals and guidance of all things and still choose to stay in the external material reality, of course, this choice is allowed out of free will. Similarly, when you choose to align with the life plan of the soul, apply and activate all realities known and realized by mankind, you choose to exist with every form of consciousness in the universe!

The “galactization” of human beings – the transformation into Galactic Beings and galactic citizens has started. To align with your heart and soul, just acknowledge the small voice inside – realize that your essence is the eternal soul, and your current body is part of human choice experience, and treat these conversations as real.

Everything in the whole universe is the creation of the original spark of universal light, love and harmony. The purpose of Mother Earth’s existence in the three-dimensional empirical plane is to obtain an understanding of polarity. Humans have experienced three-dimensional contrasting polarization experiences to help humans return to the essence of one and love and realize who you really are. You will maintain your vibrational frequency in harmony with all the light, love and harmony that create joy!

Negative experiences have never caused humans to lose their gifts of cosmic light, love and harmony! Mother earth’s existence in the third dimensional experience of the universe is entirely for human learning! Through learning, you have enhanced your ability to create joy in the reality of all. When you are creating joy, you are serving others, and you are serving humanity’s divine plan to ascend to the fifth dimensional experience plane of the universe with mother earth and her solar system.


When you focus on breathing, your body can relax and you enter a state of tranquility. When your breath is calm, your mind relaxes and you become calmer. This will focus your attention on the beautiful divine spark in the center of your heart. You relax in your connection with all that is

Inner center of peace

Original going home tomorrow

Greetings, dear

We are Archangel sakir and Lady Amethyst. We come to greet with love. Today, we want to talk about the inner center of peace

The center of peace within you is at the core of your existence, where it assists your spiritual path

At this important moment of ascension, higher frequency energy continues to provide you with the opportunity to ascend to a higher dimension

Your inner center of peace exists there as a place for rest and renewal. It provides a balance between the inner and outer worlds. It serves as an oasis, connecting you as a spiritual being with your core

Turning to the inner center of peace provides benefits on many levels

When you focus on breathing, your body can relax and you enter a state of tranquility. When your breath is calm, your mind relaxes and you become calmer. This will focus your attention on the beautiful divine spark in the center of your heart. You relax in your connection with all that is

When you feel connected to everything, you can relax and express gratitude for this moment of rest and unity

This is your natural state of being

The more you relax in this oasis, the more peaceful you will feel

This will make you ponder who you are as a being of light

You realize that you are part of the larger plan of creation

You have a unique role to play in this avatar. As you coordinate with the inner center of peace, you can connect with the inner guidance and know what is true to you

In addition to this unique role, you have a great role as a being of light

When you keep the vibration frequency high, you emit this beautiful light in your place. It touches everyone and everything. It also emanates into etheric, multidimensional dimensions. Adding the highest intention will raise your vibration to a higher level and allow you to carry a higher frequency of light. Emitting higher frequencies of light is one of your invaluable roles in the larger plan of creation

Keeping your vibrations clear will help you complete this role

Taking time to be at the center of inner peace will assist this clarity and raise your vibration

The center of peace within you is your silent evacuation point. This is where you relax and recover. You can clean up any unwanted energy by using violet flame. As you go through this process of release and cleansing, you are ready to receive more light

Your inner center of peace is where you can receive clarity (without the interference of the external world)

When you are at the center of inner peace, you can assess where you are on the spiritual path and see if you want to make any adjustments

The center of peace within you is your personal oasis and evacuation point, and you take it wherever you go

You can enter this evacuation point at any time by turning inward

You can close your eyes, focus on your breath, and then let your attention fall in the center of your heart and the divine spark that resides there. As you continue to breathe, you feel this inner peace. You experience the connection to all that is

The more often you enter the center of inner peace, the more real it will become. You will begin to carry this inner peace throughout the day, and your light will radiate brightly for the highest good

Dear ones, we are glad that you are coordinating with the inner center of peace and emitting your divine light

Know that you are greatly loved

We are Archangel sakir and Lady Amethyst

We wrap you with love

That’s it

Date of issue: August 1, 2021

Conductor: Linda M. Robinson


Seed carrier

Original going home tomorrow


I come on the wings of love! Your time is bringing to the surface everything that still needs to be seen, recognized, mastered and purified. Reading this message, you have “finished the work”, but you find that some problems still appear to be examined, and with the deeper aspects of some beliefs appear again. Many of you who are sensitive to energy find yourself dealing with the collective energy that fills the earth’s atmosphere at the moment. We tell you to realize when this is happening so that you can get rid of them. You’ve been there many times and you don’t need to immerse yourself in these energies anymore

It’s time to treat yourself well, nourish, treat and care for yourself. You hold the torch high for others. That’s enough. You don’t need to get involved in what you have surpassed. We suggest you become an observer who sees a bigger picture.

What is happening will continue to happen until the divine order is restored in nature. The laws of nature are in effect and the balance of everything is happening. We have said many times that the old system will start to collapse, which is a natural way to complete it quickly

It is good to be aware of and understand what is happening in the world, because this awareness will open your intuitive center to recall the past and help you prepare for anything that may happen. One needs to participate in the current reality in order to understand your ability to maintain a higher vision of the new earth reality, which is the most important in these times. These events will continue to occur in the foreseeable future. Dear, you are the one you have been waiting for. There will be no visitors from other planets to save you

These beings, like you, obey the laws of the universe and can only help you when you ask. They can’t come and take over the earth because of the invitation of several of you – this task is your responsibility! Any choice and decision that will affect all mankind and the earth must be made consciously by the human representatives who have reached a consensus. In the past, contracts made secretly were invalid because all human consensus was completely bypassed. This has led to untold suffering throughout untold times. Now there is a different focus, and the higher consciousness is taking into account the highest good of all

You are the seed carrier of new earth human beings. When you reach a specific frequency level (pure love), you begin to reflect the higher aspect of your divine essence in the physical body.

This process has been carried out for many lightworkers who have been working for decades. This is not easy for them because the lower vibrations are having an impact. It’s like going upstream – up the mountain!

But they completed the miracle of “not only raising the frequency of themselves, but also the whole mankind”.

Earth also ascended higher. This momentum cannot be stopped. People who are waking up and becoming conscious will be more relaxed than before. We honor and salute them for their successful completion of their mission

Until next month

I’m Hilarion

Date of issue: August 1, 2021

Channelling : Marlene wetlishoff


This week’s energy report: establishment of the ascending channel of Kilimanjaro mountains


Destined to practice

Kilimanjaro’s mountains are facing a renewal process. With the transformation of different time and space, different mountains have their basic functions, but they also have their own missions and responsibilities. For example, Mount Fuji in Japan is a vortex of energy, the Andes mountains have alien channels, and the akakus mountains in Libya have ancient civilizations buried. The dimensions and conditions of Kilimanjaro determine that this mountain can be used as a place for the transformation and reincarnation of animal life.

The mountains here are hot and cold, and the terrain is steep. Immortals once practiced here, and beasts also like to come here for energy supply: take a purification bath in the clouds of the mountains after working for a long time, or take a nap in the gap between the mountains, or sleep here for a period of time. Therefore, this is also the place where you divine beasts meet occasionally.

The animals at the foot of the mountain and the divine animals in the air have created that there are more animal spirit bodies, spirit body fragments and animal spirit consciousness, which are constantly accumulating and accumulating. The spirit consciousness of animals is more and more, wandering up and down the space where the mountain is located.

Therefore, in response to the upgrade requirements of the earth’s rotation, in addition to opening up the rotation channel at the ancient battlefield, the relevant staff responsible for life transformation also opened the psychic collector over and around the mountains, as well as the relevant transformation channel, which is responsible for the rapid recovery and collection of the psychic fragments here. It also increased the presence of divine beasts to help more advanced spirits receive and extradite.

Therefore, it is a rare good thing that the beasts who come here to rest or play can also work while playing. Because of the establishment of the channel and the work of the divine beast, this mountain will shoulder more important responsibilities in the future. At the same time, its own energy is accelerating its transformation, becoming a more important energy point in the southern hemisphere of the earth and a part of an important grid.

Join the earth’s ascension

Mountain spirit and water show is the real state of a mountain, and some ancient cultivation life in the mountain are discussing whether to go out of the mountain. Because the rules of the earth have changed, the past practice rules can no longer meet the current requirements, and these spiritual higher than the common people’s lives have also captured this change and began to consider their own future. Whether to continue to clean up in the mountains or participate in more work. The answer is obviously the latter, but action can only depend on itself.

Some local fairies wanted to be a carefree and idle immortal without asking about the world, and a blessed spiritual life, but if they continue like this, they will be far away from becoming a Tao. Now a new policy has been issued. If you make contributions to the earth, life and ascension of the earth while cleaning and repairing, its merit value will double. If you do well, the universe will add energy or give power to promote its life upward.

This condition is really tempting. It makes some spiritual beings think about where to go, and also makes some people who have practiced in the mountains for a long time think about whether their way of practice should continue. Human risks are indeed great, interference of various frequencies, pipelines of unknown sources and some covetous lives, but if achievements are made, the manifestation will be faster.

The infusion of energy changes with each passing day. No matter how hard you devote yourself to practice, you can’t keep up with the speed of earth’s ascension. Why don’t you put down some concerns and invest in the rolling red dust? Because this is the general trend and the future direction.

Fusion — the method of practice

The bones of the human body are connected with the mountains of the earth. In addition to strengthening the strength of the bones through exercise, people who often climb mountains can get more echoes with the mountains and get an additional support after entering the mountains.

The human blood is similar to the rivers on the earth. It flows all the time. There is a lot of space in the gap between cells in the blood, which is the residence of high-frequency energy or low-frequency energy. Therefore, purification is very helpful to the purity of blood.

The human brain is the dividing point and shunt of the heart of the earth mother. Therefore, human thinking and thinking will also affect the evolution of the earth.

The above example is introduced to illustrate that if the cultivation of the human body can correspond to the mountains, rivers and water veins of the earth, the speed of cultivation will be doubled. In the universe, a code of life evolution is the energy fusion between life and life. Energy interweaves, gives, supports and helps each other.

On earth, due to the limitation of material noumenon, materials cannot be fused and blended, but the purpose of energy fusion can be achieved through the blending of consciousness and ideas. This method was common in the early stage of the earth, but after human self occupied the main body in the later stage, the frequency of use decreased.

This is an advanced way of cultivation, but the depth and effect of application are very different. The user needs to have a strong willingness and love, the breadth of mind, the inclusiveness of consciousness and the diffusion of energy will affect the effect of integration.

It can start from the integration with the material life on the earth, and gradually ascend to the gas, cloud and fog on the earth, and even the planet of the universe, God and Buddha. When practitioners do so, they not only improve their own energy, but also help the overall energy integration and promotion.

END  –


Higher self message: alienated human beings

Original Ruohe life Ruohe yesterday

Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, it’s time to talk to you about alienated humans. What are alienated human beings, that is, those who seem to have lost their human nature and become machine like human beings.

These human beings lack emotion, do not know how to love and be loved, are full of violence and aggressive.

But we should know that even alienated human beings, in their deepest inner, are not cut off from the love of the source.

These alienated human beings are actually controlled by the matrix programming of unfriendly forces. I also want you to understand that a person’s behavior does not represent his essence.

Although this statement will be difficult for many people to accept, because people often think that those who do evil are bad in nature and should be punished accordingly.

I want to tell you that these so-called “bad guys” will wait for their results, but it is not determined by humans, but by their own soul, and finally understand the harm caused by their actions.

It will also cause great pain for them after they realize what they have done.

These alienated people also need a lot of love, help, sympathy and forgiveness. You can send them a lot of pure love, which will help them awaken the love of their inner essence.

Alienated human beings have actually become a tool to create fear, pain and suffering, but these people are not aware of what they are doing.

The controller behind them wants to use such puppets to arouse people’s hatred and division, so that they can absorb these negative energy and emotions as food to feed them.

Therefore, in the face of the tricks of these non friendly entities, if they are really full of hatred and division because of some alienated human acts, they have hit their trap.

What they need is human negative emotions and energy, and what they fear is those beautiful emotions, positive emotions, fear of love, peace, goodness and joy.

Because this does not match their vibration, under such vibration, they cannot survive, but can only be transformed or escape.

Alienated human behavior is the weapon of these non friendly entities, and love and compassion are your best defense and, of course, their most feared weapon.

Children, you should know that what you are going through is indeed a war, but the result of the war is doomed, that is, light will win and love will win!

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing!


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