Master Buddha’s message: reconciliation

Master Buddha’s message: reconciliation


Primary energy and mass particle source

Buddha’s light shines. Hello, everyone. I’m the Buddha. I appear as the collective energy of the creator. I am a consciousness.

I am the expression of the creator’s truth. I hope to inspire and guide you forward so that you can access your ascended master self and greater collective consciousness. Today, I want to talk to you about master light column. There are many master beams anchored to earth. Most master beams have been anchored, but there are still more anchors. Each master light column is created by an ascending master who uses everything they think is appropriate and necessary to charge and replenish energy for the light column. Draw from their own energy and qualities and their Creator’s memory, wisdom and experience.

When you experience the light column of the master, it is as if the ascended master is an incarnation on earth. They allow you to experience new relationships and connections with the ascended masters. The master beam allows the ascending master to anchor certain vibrations, qualities, wisdom and consciousness into earth to support the human ascension process.

Many of you ask for help to ascend yourself, to ascend humans and mother earth, to resolve conflicts, chaos and pain on earth. This is our response to you. We have anchored the light pillars of masters around the world, so you can use these energies, qualities and wisdom, so you may feel supported and know that the ascended masters at the inner level are walking with you. We are giving you everything you need and everything you desire to support your service and your ascension.

Each master light column has different themes and different purposes. Now there are thousands of master light columns on earth. Anchoring creates an umbrella of light that truly protects and penetrates the earth. Use the light of the ascended master to charge everyone, everything and every field, so as to support the ascension and mastery of all beings.

Connection with main beam

If you wish to connect to the light column of the master, you can think of the ascended master you want to connect to. Maybe I, Buddha, master kuth UMI, master djwhal khul, madam Nada, Mahatma and master Yeshua, have so many existence.

Think of the ascended masters you want to connect. You can repeat their names and ask your guide spirit and your soul to support and connect you with their master light column and exist in their main light column.

You may feel, feel, acknowledge a pillar of light flowing through your existence, or you may be attracted to your inner self and focus on your truth. Perhaps in your existence, you found the light column of the ascended master you chose.

Another way to connect with the master beam is to ask your guide spirit and your soul to connect you with the most appropriate master beam. Then focus on your existence and ask whose main pillar this is and what is the purpose of the main pillar? In my current reality, how does this light column master serve me?

Another way to work with the master beam is to ask your guiding spirit and soul to be completely with you in meditation. Then ask you to know the main beam closest to you in position. This means that it is in the area around you, it may be in your country, it can be in your city, it can be in your town, or it can be in your village. Master beam can even be in your home. Please let the master know the light column nearest to you. You may feel energy flowing through your existence. You may be guided internally and recognize a feeling, a color, a sound or something else. Allow yourself to ask whose main beam you are connected to. What is the function of the main beam? You can even find the main beam.

It is important to realize that the master light column is extremely broad, and some even surround the whole world. Master light column is like a treasure, with so much wisdom, so many skills, so many abilities and understanding, memory, you can admit, download and reflect. All this information and light can be provided to you. The master beam is also a healing place where you or others can receive any form of healing.

Buddha’s pillar of light

I, Buddha, would like to introduce you to my own master Guangzhu. My main beam focuses on or holds the purpose of reconciliation. When you connect with my master light column and ask to experience my master light column, you will download light, love, wisdom, healing, keys and codes, all of which are related to reconciliation. I believe this energy is very important, not only in your own existence, but on earth. Reconciliation, understanding, unity or unity and sometimes compromise are needed. There is also a need to reconnect and create new foundations, new ties, new relationships and forgiveness. It is necessary to put aside the past, look at things from a new perspective, use a new thinking process, and even from different chakras.

My feeling is that reconciliation is needed in every person, every situation and every experience. Can you imagine neutralization in your existence, in your relationship with yourself, with the people around you, with your soul, with the soul group, and with the creator? All these aspects of your existence require a reconciliation input. Can you recognize that each experience requires additional mediation and input? You may want to take some time to think about how this will change a relationship if you guide, give, radiate, and approach a relationship from the vibration of reconciliation? How will it change your behavior? How will it change your thinking processes, feelings and actions?

I want to encourage you to think about your real experience. You are currently taking action, or even lack of action. If you deal with this from the space of reconciliation, give energy reconciliation, and embody reconciliation in your mind, emotion, body and existence, how would you deal with the experience in different ways. What will happen?

To truly understand the energy and experience of reconciliation, we need to truly understand its meaning. Usually before we come into contact with something, we have a preconceived concept of it. When I said the word reconciliation to you, what was your preconceived idea? Is it from people, situations or experiences of truth, from their inner unity, from love and interaction in this way? Did one surrender and the other get what he wanted? Is it a compromise? If every existence comes from a space of truth, compromise is necessary, because the creator’s truth exists in every existence, so every existence holds the creator’s divine plan for the world and the universe. Therefore, to some extent, everyone’s desire, everyone’s action and purpose are the same. It is important to recognize what your preconceived idea of reconciliation is. If you really accept this idea and feel good and suitable for you, please stick to it. If it doesn’t, then put it aside and find out what it means that you want reconciliation.

I invite you to sit in my pillar of light, meditate on reconciliation, feel my input, my vibration, my understanding of what reconciliation is, and how it can help you. Imagine that you come from a space with understanding, unity and the desire to create truth. Imagine how this will affect the world around you and become a domino effect around the world. Imagine if everyone, in a week or a month, has a goal they want to achieve and create reconciliation. Can you imagine what will happen? Can you imagine some experiences, battles, arguments, which will be put down? Can you imagine the peace, joy and happiness that everyone will experience?

You are the catalyst. You are the anchor and catalyst. You are the existence that created all this, so now is the time for you to reflect reconciliation. I, Buddha, will serve you with my master light column.

My love is always with you.

I’m the Buddha, thank you!

**Holy light transmission: Natalie Grayson


[spiritual lesson] letting go does not mean letting go or escaping

Original Luying from heaven to earth today

Source: brothers of light

Conduction: Monique Mathew

Lu Ying  

If you can let go well, it is very helpful for evolution. This can make you realize that you are in a state of acceptance and really make progress.

Laissez faire is the negative side of letting go. You think, “it’s no big deal.” However, the energy you put into this view out of laissez faire will not bring you the evolution brought about by letting go.

Laissez faire is the lower level of your inner side, is escape. You don’t want to face a reality directly, so you escape by ignoring it. But you should not ignore what is presented to you!

Instead of letting go, letting go allows you to try to understand, surpass and free yourself from an experience – whether in conflict, interpersonal relationship or opposition to yourself.

Let’s take an example——

When you are in a difficult situation, you sometimes think, “anyway, I won’t mention it anymore. It makes me uncomfortable and annoys me, so I’ll just let it go. Everything will be all right. “

At that time, it may be all right. You feel very comfortable and think you have let go, but in fact, you have escaped from the real situation of that experience, and what you have escaped will automatically reappear in front of you, maybe in another way, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Have the courage to face the truth, and have the courage to tell yourself directly by letting go: “this helps me evolve. I don’t want to escape this situation. “

At present, it is much more comfortable for people to bury everything in themselves in order to ignore those unpleasant things. However, this is not what should be done. What should be done is to look for everything there “in the cellar” and get them up towards the light so that they can surpass them.


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