Opening the inner divine door too quickly may seriously lose balance^_^

Opening the inner divine door too quickly may seriously lose balance^_^


All your energies and assistants have a common theme, which is synergy.

Everything depends on your cooperation in moving forward. You need to communicate with each other and see each other as valuable people. Therefore, energy will support more inclusive projects.

This is not the time to act alone.

Now you can contact the people you have always wanted to contact and ask them if they are willing to cooperate with you. For example, rather than open a podcast yourself, it’s better to open a podcast with friends. Instead of practicing therapy yourself, practice with friends or at the same time. Do you understand. Again, energy will support this effort, because no matter where they come from, energy will weave them in.

We all see that you need more contact with each other. Through cooperation, you can experience yourself in a way closer to your source energy life. The source itself is a huge cooperation. When you come together, when we come together in this universe, the source will be richer than in the past. It will be a brilliant experience. This is a glorious experience, which has happened many times before. In this universe, these versions as our own are the first time to experience it, which is exciting.

We are all one, and everything we have can start with this truth. Separation is an illusion both now and in the past. Therefore, when you work together with others for a common goal, you melt one aspect of the illusion. This is a very good thing, indeed very good.

Energy in August 2021

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

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Daniel Scranton


hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are glad to bring you this message. We know you like listening to what will happen in the future. So at the beginning of each month, we will tell you what you can expect this month. There has always been a lot of energy on this planet and human collective, and every month will provide you with new opportunities and new ways to use this energy. We and other beings have noticed the results in your collective, and you have been given more what you need.

As the population on Earth continues to grow, so does your energy. There are more lives living in the physical body and asking for help. Your requests will always be answered, so there will be greater energy inflow in the coming month than in other months.

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The August 2021 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


Opening the inner divine door too quickly may seriously lose balance^_^

If you open this door to the inner divinity too quickly, if you are not stable enough and have not fully opened your consciousness to some reality, you may seriously lose your balance. This will hinder you, so that you can not benefit from experience, experience, and have a higher awareness of what you are and the universe.

People in this world are very precious. They all have a wonderful future and mission. You may think it’s strange, but it’s true.

You chose one of the most difficult planets in the solar system and even the Milky way in order to get the “teacher qualification certificate”. The pain here is very deep, and there is no pain on many other planets. But it is this pain, this lasting conflict between light and darkness that makes you special beings. It is your fearlessness and courage that make you special beings. Your willpower and ability to love are outstanding.

In order for you to complete your study here well, you need to cover up your past identity to you for the time being. Not everyone on earth will become a master soon, but others will certainly become masters slowly in the future.

Many souls are allowed to be born on earth to experience this great transformation and feel the strong energy that the earth is currently experiencing. According to the understanding and acceptance ability of each soul, they will be pushed to a level of consciousness that could not be reached in many lifetimes.

Therefore, please cherish your learning opportunities on earth in order to become outstanding educators in the future.

Q: that is to say, you not only have to forget your mind, but also need some skills?

Brother of light:

Yes, it’s also a question of skill. You need to adjust your perspective. This adjustment can occur at the physical level or at the conscious level. When you can adjust your consciousness and recognize the divine part within yourself, you will feel a light in front of you and truly realize what you are.

But don’t be too anxious in this regard. If you open this door to the inner divinity too quickly, if you are not stable enough and have not fully opened your consciousness to some reality, you may seriously lose your balance. This will hinder you, so that you can not benefit from experience, experience, and have a higher awareness of what you are and the universe.

You know, many people in the world will need you. There are a large number of evolving worlds that need educators to help people there realize that they have souls and what holy love is.

If you jump several levels before you are ready, you will not be able to become a qualified instructor and get what you call “teacher qualification certificate” on earth.


Forget what you have learned before you can really learn. This idea may be difficult for some people to understand.

When you look back on the road you have taken, you will find that your way of existence, thinking, love and behavior have changed greatly. You are very different now from a few years ago. This change is unknowingly realized through your various experiences and experiences.

This transformation allows you to find the right key and open the lock we put in front of you. The higher the degree of awakening, the easier it is to open the appropriate door with the appropriate key.

All these doors will bring you back to your inner center. There, you can enter the universe and everything around you. You will know that the biggest door is within yourself. It’s not a secret, but you don’t know or forget what you really are.

Q: if we forget the rules in our mind, can we see what we can’t see and understand what we can’t understand before?

Brother of light:

People always over analyze their state and what they see, and feel pain for it. You have to learn to let it go, but analyze more, just experience things and accept them. One thing will take you to another, and another will take you to the next

In this way, over time, you will find that your perception has changed and your view of yourself and experience has changed. Now you are still too bound by what others have taught you. You are deeply influenced by environment, religion and education. Have to learn to get rid of these influences, get rid of these many things, and make yourself unrestrained.

From heaven to earth


The most fundamental way to avoid being disturbed is to increase your own vibration frequency. When you are in the high frequency, no low-level energy can approach you.

This is because when your own frequency is high enough, your own light field is the most advanced holy light shield. But before that, you can also protect yourself with a separate light barrier.

Higher self message: about setting energy shield

Original Ruohe life Ruohe yesterday

Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, today I want to talk to you about the energy shield. The essence of the energy shield is the isolation device of the frequency of light, which can protect you from the intrusion of low-level energy.

With the curtain getting thinner and thinner, various energies are intertwined around you. Sometimes, if you don’t set up a protective barrier, it’s easy to be disturbed.

Setting the energy shield is mainly through visualization. It can be a light ball. You can set the specific color and texture according to your own ideas.

This protective cover has two main functions, isolation and filtration, that is, it is not a completely closed existence, but a dynamic device.

Low level, dense energy can be isolated or directly ejected back, but it will not hinder the entry of high-dimensional light frequency. In this way, it’s like putting yourself under the protection of the holy light. No one can hurt you or even close to you.

Of course, when necessary, when you are in an extremely uncomfortable environment, you can set up several layers of protective covers. Before setting, first observe the purple light, purify your place, and then set up a light protective barrier by visualizing.

In fact, this protective barrier is to delimit a boundary for yourself, your own light space. Everyone has the right to have their own safe space.

But this protective barrier, after all, is also outside yourself and can be used when necessary.


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