Treat bad thoughts and good thoughts equally^_^

Treat bad thoughts and good thoughts equally

Response: a lotus trapped in the mud
Original one mind Walker one mind Walker today

Q: I don’t know how to calm the unkindness that arises from daily life at any time
Treat the bad mind and the good mind equally. After all, their essence is the same: an internal voice, an internal radio wave vibration, a difference of consciousness, an empty flower, and something without substance. Think of them as dream talk, dream talk of the mind – that’s really the dream talk of the mind. When we have a clear mind, we see this very clearly.
In other words, consciously “ignore” your bad mind, don’t pay attention to it, let it come, let it say, let it nag, let it nag. Think of it as an inner breeze blowing through a small tree and a leaf. Good thoughts do not belong to you, and bad thoughts do not belong to you. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you too seriously. Don’t take the wave in the river in front of your door too seriously. Don’t be affected by that wave. When you notice those thoughts, don’t pay too much attention to them. Treat good thoughts and bad thoughts equally, and treat all thoughts equally.
Treat every idea as equal and isolated. It comes and goes. There is no need to analyze, judge and refuse them later. This is what the ancestors often mean by “thinking of equality” and “thinking of not treating each other”. To practice thinking as vain, equal, isolated, they let them come, they let them go, allow them to appear in any form, allow them to come to you with any information, allow them, and then let them go without leaving any trace. That’s good.
Q: deep down, I hope I am a gentle, peaceful, virtuous, powerful and holy person! How?
Honey, you know what? In my eyes, you are such a person: gentle, peaceful, virtuous, powerful and holy. You are indeed such a person. If not, how do you realize the opposite of them – “I am not gentle enough”, “I am not peaceful enough”, “my virtue is insufficient”, “I am weak”, “I am bad”, “I am not holy enough”?
Every “I’m not gentle enough” you realize comes from your “I’m gentle”, otherwise where does it come from? Every “I’m not peaceful enough” you realize grows from your “I’m peaceful”, otherwise where did it come from? Similarly, every concept you realize, such as “I’m not virtuous enough”, “I’m weak”, “I’m bad” and “I’m not holy enough”, is your “what is” – their opposite. Otherwise, why do they exist?
Dear, you are a lotus trapped in the mud. You feel that “trapped” is a wrong cognition. The actual situation is: lotus is not trapped in mud, but the growth of lotus needs mud. It doesn’t like silt because it hasn’t realized that silt is the food of its life and silt is a part of its existence. Its relationship with silt is not struggle and removal, but integration and absorption. Once the mud is added to the lotus, it becomes the blood and flesh of the lotus.
Sludge is not the object you want to hate. As a lotus, you sink into the work of your life and turn the sludge into a lotus. Silt is the predecessor of lotus, and lotus is the afterlife of silt. Sludge and lotus, seen from the phase and the body, are the same. Come, enter the world of no two and live out the reality of no two.


[Holy Mother message] “you are constantly reborn”

Original Lu Ying from heaven to earth yesterday

● message provider: Holy Mother
● Monique Mathieu conducted on July 26, 2020
● Lu Ying translated from its French website “from heaven to earth”
My children! Dear children! Today, I (the Holy Mother of father / mother) am very happy to give you my infinite holy love.
I want to say to you again (not enough times):
I am what you are, and you are what I am.
I am holy love, I am life!
I am the God who created life, so I am within you!
Try to recognize me more and more, in the deepest part of your heart, in the deepest part of your consciousness.
I’m there to make you grow up.
I’m there for you to be reborn – reborn in a higher life and consciousness!
I was there to free you from the chains that bind you.
I was there to love you!
I am there to prove to you that I exist within you and around you.
I am a sacred life. I am holy love. I am within you, you are within me.
You must realize my existence!
Whenever you doubt, think of me. I will come and give you my holy love so that you will no longer doubt.
Whenever you feel depressed, sad and depressed, think of me! I am within you, you are within me. I will give you comfort and joy! I will give you strength and courage!
Try to see me everywhere around you – in the wild flowers of the field, in the beautiful flowers you cultivate with holy love, in the big trees with thick shadows! I am also inside all your pets, everywhere you can see!
I am life, I am holy love, I am beautiful, I am holy light! I am the God who constantly creates life within you, around you and in the universe!
When I say “I create life within you”, I want you to understand that you are dying in one state all the time to be reborn in another state – a more important and higher state in consciousness and holy love.
You are constantly reborn and renewing yourself, but you don’t realize it. Then realize that I exist in the deepest part of yourself!
I’m there to make you aware of your own light! I am there to make you aware of your holy love and grow in it!
You are a part of life! You are part of the universe! The whole universe is within you. You are the universe!
Of course, my words may not be understood, but you are one! The infinitely small connects the infinitely large. You belong to the infinitely small, constantly connected to the infinitely large.
I am life. I am holy love. I am the holy light to illuminate people!
I am the holy light illuminating the universe! I am the holy love that nourishes life!
I am life. I am holy love. I am within you. You are within me. I love you!
Trust what you are! Trust what I am!
I am like an eternal flame, constantly nourishing you. This eternal flame is your little divine part, your little true self. Be aware of this! Be aware that I am in this little divine part! That’s why I say to you, “I’m within you. You are within me. “
You are in the universe! You are everywhere!
When I say “you are in the universe, you are everywhere”, I mean: consciousness is unlimited! The divine part is unrestricted! Through this little divine part that resides within you, you can travel in the universe and become a part of the universe!
You are the universe! You are divine life! I am within you. You are within me.
I am holy love. I am the light. I am life.
Accept me! Realize that the Father God / Mother God, the creator of all life, is actually a huge holy love energy. This energy is created with holy love, through holy love!
The energy of divine love is not limited, neither by time nor space. It can touch the smallest of its creations! You are constantly connected with divine life!
Accept me! Accept the holy love I give you! Admit that I am within you, in that divine part. You have not seen this divine part in everyone. I will be there and put all my holy love there, so that this divine part can awaken more in each of you.
I love you! I light up your life! I nourish your holy love!
Don’t forget: I am life. I am holy love. I am within you. You are within me.


Kryon answers questions – ascension! Why can there be both curtain and psychic? The meaning of free choice of planets, how to hide it?

Original becomequantum melodious today

Q: I’ve heard a lot about ascension recently. Everyone seems to have their own views on what it is. Some people think it means being taken away by et. Some people say that our physical body will become invisible. Some people say that we will not change physically. We will only enter our next life in this body. Can you help me understand this ascension process?
A: ascension is an invitation for every human to slowly enter the next dimension and remain on the planet through the learning process and awakening technology. It is a great vibrational shift and is not for everyone. Indeed, it allows you to stay in your body and enter the next life without death (so that’s what the word ascension means).
It is necessary to stay here if you want to change the planet, but there is no judgment or punishment for those who want to leave after entering the higher vibration. Everyone will identify what is best. For many of these personal decisions, there are many reasons you don’t know. Some are related to the energy balance on the planet, or to the unfinished interstellar plan of a particular being. When you begin this path, you are the energy that begins to enter the part of your God, and it can be strong. Not all of you are asked to do so, however, there is no “right” or “wrong” for the decision you make to wait or not to do it at all. Many will remain in a lower vibration (lower relative to the ascended state, but higher than your existing vibration), which is necessary for the planet itself to maintain certain basic properties. This will become clearer as you create a “hotbed” for the existence of the newly graduated earth.
As we have discussed before, it is necessary for at least 144000 to intend to obtain this state at 12:12, and we said before that this did happen. This may not surprise you when you learn that most of the people entering this vibrational ascension are ready and not on what you call the mainland of the United States. All of this is appropriate and will not detract from your goals in your culture. Those who enter this state know very well that the goal of vibration change has no political or regional boundaries, and they expect you to continue to help the planet.
It is necessary for many people on your continent to start this step in order to respond to the vibration of the planet and bring you into the “zero time” of the next millennium towards your 2012. Training on this has been brought to you. In 2012 (or so), the whole planet (every inch of land itself) will enjoy the possibility of changing into another dimension and will move slowly towards this goal – not a sudden change, but allowing a slow change. You will also receive help along the way, as your dimensional and vibrational changes will actually become signals waiting to show you more about the universe (what you call ETS). In order to make spiritual changes, new science will be needed (surprise!), And you will benefit greatly from this help.
However, preparation is up to you. This is what is happening in the world through the will of the current optical industry. Your work this year will be greater than last year, and the speed at which you change your global vibration and consciousness will indeed affect your schedule of Earth changes and the schedule of meetings you are scheduled to take place.
Q: Dear Cleon, I feel attracted by the process of ascension. Will ascension affect the consciousness of our souls? Or is our soul already in the perfect state of what we call God’s source consciousness? Is there only one way to ascension, or are there many ways?
A: let me define the soul from our perspective. Your soul is a part of your humanity, sacred and eternal. It represents part (not all) of your “higher self”. The soul knows everything and is perfect. It has been sharing information and interacting with the beings around it and with some “family” on the other side of the curtain. This is how the current “preparation phase” is carried out – the soul is working.
Therefore, within this definition, the answer to your question is that the soul is a partner in human ascension. Your vibrational transformation is a human transformation promoted by your will. Your soul is part of the divinity that is now allowed to give you gifts, divine shapes, energy, and tools, which have always been ready for the soul. Therefore, the process of ascension is the integration between your three-dimensional human consciousness and your multi-dimensional soul of the same name.
There is a door leading to ascension, and there are many roads behind the door. This door is the will, and many paths are chosen by you, no matter what steps will enhance your awareness and your soul wisdom. The soul is indeed what we call the “golden one” and the “inner divine angel”.
Don’t get stuck in the process, logic, or what some might call the “absolute rules of ascension”. Once you open the door, your personal path will be given, and it may be different from what you were taught. Be wise about these things and know that there are many ways to lead you to your goal – not only one. Beware of people who tell you that’s not the case – they may let you do it in a certain way or have to bear the consequences. Fear does not participate in the process of ascension. Just as your life is unique, your learning path to a higher vibration is also unique. Some people will leap over the steps that were “required” in the past, while others may go through a standard process slowly, which seems difficult in the eyes of others. It doesn’t matter. Your willingness to open the door is the key. Everything after that is your own creation.
Declare your melcaba, step into the fourth dimension, and even jointly create a new you, all in a way unique to your process.
The commonality of all these is willingness and awareness of God’s love in your life. Learn all about it and follow your instructions. Use discernment in your learning and don’t let anyone else define what your holiness should be for you. Through your own will, you declared that I am! After that, don’t give it to others. It’s about letting others guide you into your own process – that’s the perfect process for you. Let them help you balance.
The intention to begin to awaken the state of ascension is a willingness to break through the pattern of staying in the “flock”. The shepherd’s energy is therefore transmitted to you. Go declare it!
Q: Dear Corleone, I love you very much. Reading the truth you brought from the gods is the best thing that has happened in my life. It completely changed my life. My question is about ascension. Please tell me what I need to know about this ascension in my life. My greatest desire in this world is to stay on earth to help my brothers and sisters, not to ascend.
Also, I am very eager to connect with the ascended masters and learn from them to carry out the divine plan on earth. Recently, I was guided by intuition to meditate on the ascended master Koot humi. I want your advice.
A: Kryon will teach important lessons about ascension. This will start at the end of February (2003) and will be published publicly( Through the eyes of ascension)
You can get wisdom from the past ascended masters, if you want, but the one with the best answer is the guy with your face. It is time to understand that no master who has lived on earth can give you more information than you have inside. All ascended masters carry the same truth, which can be obtained through the process you call ascension. It is personal, just need you and higher you.
Q: Dear Kryon: if we are allowed to choose freely and our work really needs to separate us from you and our hometown with a “curtain”, why are you allowed to talk to us and tell us some of the truth? I’m not complaining! I like your message! Bless you for your work, the great comfort and hope contained in your message, and the love you bring us.
A: you may have noticed that I have never given the answer to the secret you must uncover yourself. I am a mentor, and what I have done has never gone beyond the initial permission… Give information to guide you to the next answer. This is no different from other angelic beings you have learned. We all have the same code for humans. The only change is that my information can be brought to a more prominent place in the process of energy growth on the planet. This is what you did, and you may say that 11:11 in 1987 was a turning point. This opens a door to allow deeper “guidance” for more advanced learning. It’s like I’m helping write a new chapter in your divinity, pushing you forward to find more areas that have always been there, but are now more important than ever. Remember what I told you some time ago“ When light is lit, it often reveals what you may see and take action. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist before the light is lit. “
Q: does the rest of the universe tolerate our mistakes? What kind of everything created a universe without free choice, and then put a little free choice in a hidden solar system in a hidden Galaxy? Is free choice that dangerous?
A: the universe will not tolerate anything because of what humans do here. You are not making a mistake, but determining an energy balance point where the dark and light energies will balance themselves. Your efforts will be applied to a new creation. The universe will celebrate what you are doing here and take away the light you are creating. Think of this as solving problems, in which only solutions are seen, and the work of creating them is not.
It is human duality that finds unpleasant logic in a divine system. When you put your limited paradigm on a complex one, you can only get partial answers. But people in the limited paradigm don’t know. They think their thinking is complete and clear. If all you can do is add and subtract, but try to calculate complex physical problems, you will get very simple and inaccurate answers. But if all you can do is add and subtract, you’ll never know the result is wrong, will you?
Q: Dear Cleon, I’m in Amsterdam. Can you comment on free choice and other planets? And curious to know.
A: dear ones, even though I have told you a lot and will continue to tell you about the unique characteristics of your earth, many of you still never really understand it. The universe is full of life. Your is just one of many worlds with intelligence, culture and vitality. However, your planet is designed to be a place where far-reaching things must be decided. This puzzle is so popular that when you are not here, it is what you call “this big problem”. Hidden on the other side of the curtain are the answers to why you are here and what all this is about, but your duality won’t let you see this. Because of this, the fairness of what you do will never be compromised. This “big problem” is known to all of you at the cellular level, and every time you die, the first question you ask is “how is it now?”
This situation requires that the earth is energy unique and inhabits all the same humans. In addition, the “soul” you call must come from a holy family you call God… And it is like this.
Outside efforts to disrupt this situation are not allowed, but there are many attempts. In addition, you are well hidden in your own galaxy. One day you may find some other intelligent life world. When you find them, you will also find that most of them must have two suns to have life developed in this way. Your development has been pushed and pulled in a changed way to complete the required evolutionary settings, and by design, you have only one sun [refer to the discussion of geophysical and spiritual evolution in Cleon 9]. This means that few other beings will come to you in this very ordinary small solar system on the edge of the Milky way.
Your planet is unique. Although there are many “choices” in the universe, your planet is the only one who has the free choice to spiritually evolve to a place that actually touches the sacred… The free choice to bring the beings of the whole world into ascension or destruction. No other world has such freedom, or such a contract, or such a purpose as the earth. Your is the only one who has free choice in the level of vibration.
So the phrase “the only planet of free choice” means more than you think. One day you will understand that the earth is the only… The only God living in a creature called human.
Q: you tell us that 12:12 is important because many invisible beings will leave the earth and transfer their power to us. I regularly work with the elves in my garden. Will they leave, too? They seem to exist!
A: let’s make it clear that there are many kinds of beings on your planet. You already know human beings and it is the focus of the existence of the whole planet. What follows is what you can see around you, as well as other kinds of biological life. Finally, there are many beings that balance the planet in ways you can’t see – and they are much more than you! We won’t introduce them to you in detail because it will be a distraction – a situation where you will spend a lot of time looking for them rather than spending time on the courses and experiences you will experience here.
There are many of these beings that carry energy, especially for you humans. Until things began to change a few years ago (part of my work), you were not able to carry more higher self energy than a specific amount. Now we tell you that as you move towards graduation and ascension, you are receiving a lot of this energy from these regional carriers in accordance with the agreement. We also said that the energy level of the planet has always been constant, but what is changing is vibration. In order to keep the energy constant, when you carry your power, the regional bearer must therefore leave.
Many of you have experienced this, say goodbye to ancient beings in the forest plains around the earth, and know what I’m talking about. Many times they have names, or their groups have names. Thousands of them have left now, and many will leave in the future. Some of them living in special areas will give you a special feeling when you walk through them – and now you realize that there is no special feeling in these areas. This is because they have left in order to give you the power of the planet in a spiritual sense.
However, there are many, many beings living on earth, giving the planet the life we talked about. It is these beings who maintain a natural balance, as you call it, and respond directly to those who work with earth. Some are called “elves devas”, and there are little immortals who make sacred places in the forest. The “spirit” you mentioned in your question will stay with you until the end of the existence of the planet. As we said before, they are needed and extremely necessary for “life in the soil”. They are necessary for a “living planet” that responds to human consciousness. It was you who named them – so there will be confusion. Those you know will stay!
Your garden friends will always be with you and will indeed respond to your efforts. On a larger scale, there are also beings that maintain the energy of the planet’s forests, the rocks in the desert and the air you breathe. There are too many here that will shock you! Give respect to the earth, because it will repay you!


Archangel Michael dragon, like you, is the great creation of the Creator!

Original Lilian’s five-dimensional space Lilian’s five-dimensional space today

My warriors, do not seek God in heaven or in a distant and unreachable place, for the essence of the creator and the divine spark exist in your holy heart. Many of you are beginning to realize your divine origin. However, as the bearer of love and light in the universe, you only have a glimpse of your great potential.

It is essential to be in tune with the increasing vibrational frequency modulation of the new sacred blueprint of the Aquarius era, as they will help you maintain a state of self-control, which will be very necessary if you want to move gracefully on the path of ascension to the glorious new world in the future.

Dear ones, when you allow the shackles and constraints of time, space and low dimensional density to fall off, your vision will become sharp and clear. Your determination will be firmer, you will move forward with grace and ease and confidence, and your mantra will be: “for the supreme and supreme interests of all.” But remember, don’t set any expectations or restrictions on when and how your vision can manifest.

As your cosmic origin becomes clearer and clearer, as you read more and more stories about your ancient history and information describing the diversity of great creation, many of you have begun to become very uncomfortable and afraid. What you accept or abandon is up to each of you to accept what is your truth. We have told you that many truths have been woven in your ancient myths and stories, which may be much more than you are willing to believe.

Allow us to give an example. Since ancient times, human beings have always had a great fascination with dragons. Whether good or evil, they are one of your most lasting myths.
Dragons are depicted as great beings with wings and long wagging tails. Their skin is usually covered with colored scales and can spit fire from their mouths and nostrils. Some people are very fond of these creatures, while most people are afraid of them and describe them as dangerous or evil creatures. A few years ago, when the conduction author was asked about the dragon, we took her into an inner journey to the Milky way so that she could experience the real origin of the “dragon myth”.
Infinitely long ago, when this sub universe was “planted” her own divine blueprint, imagine yourself as the divine conscious beings emitting great brilliance. You are magnificent, vast and flowing beings, wrapped in all the light rays, all the colors, all the virtues and attributes of the creator.

Some of you choose to show ripple like, rainbow like colors that look like scales; While others exist, they choose to try other different forms. As a co creator of the sun, you soar and try, leaving a huge track of light, which can be described as wings and swinging tail. When you use your creative power, you exhale a huge beam of light, which is the first light of God representing the divine will and power, or the fire of creation.

Oh, what a magical being you are. What a wonderful act you did when you broke through the clouds and soared in the huge void of this new and undiscovered sub universe. All this is to prepare you to eventually descend through multiple dimensions and enter the material world.

There are many brave souls willing to stay in the queue of the dragon family and provide services under the command of the great form builders and archangels. The dragon clan’s queue is very active at all levels of this sub universe. Within them, a sacred blueprint is programmed, waiting to be manifest in the physical field of existence.

Only when you can break the confinement of your physical body / vehicle and soar to higher fields in spirit can you have a glimpse of what those wonderful fields really look like. We have told you that the visual description and explanation we can provide you are the most simplified version, which can only explain a very small part of the real appearance of the place where we live.

Each of you is responsible for the energy you extract from the Bank of the universe, the Bank of the original living matter. How will you spend your own spiritual food? As we embark on this important stage of evolution together, please take some time to define your commitment to yourself and to your cosmic soul family.

We, the Legion of angels, stand firmly by your side under the command of the father / Mother God. Trust your feelings when you feel that we are nearby, because in fact we are transmitting our love / light to your aura. Listen to the whisper of your soul, for it will accurately help you take the best action and help you make the wisest choice. You are deeply loved. I’m Archangel Michael.

Author: Ronna vezane
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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