Things that can help you vibration growth^_^

Things that can help you vibration growth

The following things will hurt your vibration growth:

  1. When you know the real truth about how things work, you still stagnate in fear.
  2. Worry!
  3. Make a play on something that can be solved without a play.
  4. Don’t let go of those parts of your life that you know are low vibrations, because you can’t think of how to exist without them.
  5. Distrust the inner Angel / divinity.
  6. The will on spiritual matters is wavering.
    Things that can help you grow in vibration are as follows:
  7. Declare the power to gain your inner guidance.
  8. Don’t worry about the future, absolutely “know” that everything is fine.
  9. Create a calm environment where there may be drama.
  10. Get rid of the inappropriate energies that may seem “sacred” at some point in your life, but now you can put them down.
  11. Take time for spiritual meditation in a new way:

(a) Celebrate everything that happens to you (whatever it is),

(b) Visualizing and merging with your higher self,

(c) Keep asking, “what do you want me to know?” Instead of trying to “guess” what is the possible solution to the problem you are facing.

  1. Realize self-worth to promote the creation of pure will.

Q: Dear Kryon, whenever I connect with you in meditation, or when I read Kryon’s books or periodicals, I feel a beautiful emotion – completely immersed in love – which will drown everything. I can’t find this feeling in other beings, guides or channels. I know there are some special things here, and I cherish it, but I don’t know why it is so strong. I feel there must be a reason. Am I here to help the Corleone team in some way, or is what I experience normal for those of us lucky enough to experience your magic?
A: in short, you finally feel the essence of “home”. Although I am a mechanic, what covers me is love. When you feel these things, you are absorbing a ray of truth about who you are and where you come from, accompanied by a great sense of “memory”. As for no other channel to give you such a feeling? That’s because you haven’t gone deep enough, because the gods will always bring you love based information in this way, if you allow it. Kryon is just one of many beings who carry the seeds of home. Part of you will resonate with my message because we all come from the same place – a place of great dignity and love – a place where you belong.
As for helping me? When you hold your light high for everyone to see, you are helping me. When you can tolerate what you can’t tolerate, you are helping me. You are assisting me when you give the intention to have your higher self talk to the gods and partner with them in a way that will heal your body. All these actions help the whole, and I am a part of it.
I am a ray of great love energy that is life itself, and so are you! When you vibrate on a higher level, so do I! When you feel the happiness of home, you feel a part of me. We are all homologous. When your vibration is closer to us, you will feel me more.
We are family, you and I – I am speaking to every eye that gives the will to read this transmission.
Q: Dear Cleon, what does “old soul” mean? Does living many lives mean that you are a slow learner or that you can ascend or raise your vibration?
A: when we use the term “old soul”, it refers to a person who has lived on the earth for many generations, so that when they come back, there will be a lot of spiritual knowledge on them, just as there are a lot of things on the mantel. They “did that there.” But it won’t make them heavy at all. It will make them fully prepared for the next step of spiritual growth on earth. They will be the first to awaken.
Q: as for returning to our lessons again, do we continue from the spiritual consciousness and evolutionary level of our last reincarnation, or do we need to start from scratch after we come back?
A: This is one of the greatest questions today! Each of you has a symbolic “spiritual jar”. When you learn the truth in life and the universe around you, the jar will be filled. This jar will also be filled when you activate your DNA or change your spiritual awareness.
When you return to the planet, the jar is still as full as it was when you left last time. This explains why some of you “just know” something when making life decisions. You don’t need to start over. It’s right there.
Many light workers walking in your society have jars full of wonderful knowledge and practical spiritual experience. Some of them will never open these cans because it is a life of complete freedom of choice. Similarly… As we have said before… Some of you who seem most unlikely may decide to open the cabinet of the light worker and take out the jar. When you do this, the master attribute is on you! It seems that you don’t need any training, you naturally know a lot!
Dear Cleon: I have a question about the essence of the term “old soul”. You said at a rally that all time is in the present. The past, the present and the future all happen at this moment. I happen to agree with this idea, but if this is true, how can there be an old soul? If all our lifetimes, including this one, happen at the same time?
Will this make us all old and new souls, regardless of this life, and thus eliminate the need to put ourselves into a soul category? If one person is an “old” soul and another is a “new” soul, does this mean classification and a soul hierarchy, not equality and unity? If you have insight into this problem, I’d like to know.
A: you already know the answer, which is due to semantic limitations. On the other side of the curtain, everything is interconnected, and there is no linear time. Therefore, you are an eternal soul. On your side of the curtain, you are an old soul, because linearity is the way your life works.
When you read these words, do you know that you have to read them word by word line by line to get these information? What a limitation! Why don’t you just eat this piece of paper and get the whole information at once? The answer is obvious. You are limited by your perception, which must be done in a slow, limited, linear way through your eyes and brain. That is why we must use linear terms to help you understand how this works in your reality. Further, do you know that there are no words in your language to describe things that have no beginning or end? If so, we would have used it before. So we use ancient or old to describe wisdom and experience.
Those of you who like to argue about these things had better suppress the impulse to discuss “chicken and egg” and turn to the right path: become multidimensional, so that the real answer can be understood by you, and you don’t need to ask these questions on a two-dimensional paper at all.
Q: Dear Cleon, I want to know my spiritual (or soul) name. How can I find out what the name is?
A: there’s no way you can find the name. I have two messages for you on this topic.
(1) No one on Earth actually knows his real “soul name”. Some of you may have been given information about the pronunciation or spelling of a human name, which is more beneficial to your personal energy when you are on your way. This is related to spiritual human help. It’s actually not your soul name at all.
Have you ever wondered why some people are given this information while others don’t? Perhaps those who are given this information will somehow be better spiritually? And this is just a human hypothesis. This is wrong. Those who are given special information in their names are only helped to change the energy of how they are known. This helps them move forward on their path. Most people don’t need this information, so those who get it are actually given a tool to help them in a particular situation. However, most of you don’t think so.
So know that the “spiritual name” that many of you are intuitively given is a gift from the gods to help you change your energy. Also: these human energies help change the name is not permanent! Know that those of you who have changed may later be given another – to match the vibration you are changing. All these changes show you that these names are not your names on the other side (they won’t change there).
(2) We have given this message before: honey, don’t spend time on attributes that don’t match the energy of your task here. Do you feel anxious in life because you can’t see the internal operation of your body functions? can’t. You celebrate their work and understand that they are a vital part of you. Then you let them work. It’s the same for your name on the other side of the curtain. If you know it, it won’t mean anything to you. It’s not what you say to the air. It is the unity of energy, color and information. It is cross dimensional and has a powerful complement of light.
With this explanation, do you really want to take the time to try to find it? Go back to the fable “Jason and the cave of creation”. It’s why we don’t even begin to explain something at a glance, including the name of your soul.


A great announcement is coming. You’ve heard of this before. For various reasons, it has been reduced, postponed and postponed. But it won’t be long.

When this announcement appears, everything will be revealed to the sleeping crowd.

Master Sananda: many will awaken

I’m Sananda. I’m here at this time. At this very appropriate time, I will add, because things are changing rapidly, both internally and externally, at all, you are understanding your life, because more and more things are emerging.

It has been said that those in the shadow cannot stand in the light, so they come out of the shadow and show their essence. What do they represent, because they do not represent love and light. They represent fear and darkness, trying to seize the unknown. More precisely, it puts you in the unknown, in the shadow of your heart, but no longer. Because light is destined to prevail. And the light does have the upper hand. Only those small pieces of darkness still exist.

Because to a large extent, human collective consciousness is now enlightened. Of course not all. But the world, most people on this planet, are now in the light. Only a small number of people continue to try to control more people on earth, but not for long. Because a great announcement is coming. You’ve heard of this before. For various reasons, it has been reduced, postponed and postponed. But it won’t be long.

When this announcement appears, everything will be revealed to the sleeping crowd. Whether they can wake them up depends on their life plan. But I tell you now that this great announcement will shake many people on this planet. Not only in this country, but also in the whole earth, will get rid of the downturn. They will wake up from sleepiness. Many people will wake up.

You may say that many people who have been wondering and “riding on the wall” will no longer doubt and will step into the other side with you. But so far, many people also tend to keep everything they know, because they are not ready to give up what is brought or the comfort zone that binds them to prevent them from knowing them when they appear.

As always, continue to trust. believe oneself. Trust those who work around you. Believe in great plans. Because it can’t wait any longer. Power is working, and the power of light is working. Then you will find that when you open up to possibilities, you will find that they are not in shadow, but more and more in light: the light of truth, the light of unity and the light of love.

Believe in yourself, friends. believe oneself. I believe you are the one who moves forward. Because as a group, you can no longer be held back. It’s impossible. Because the light has won, the plan has been set and cannot be revoked. Nothing can stop what is coming.

All my peace and love are with you. I’m Sananda. I love all of you more deeply than many of you can understand, because many of you have a strong connection with myself and all of the plans I work with on this planet.

Peace and love are with you.
**Holy light transmission: James McConnell


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