Why has UFO been seen for half a century, but there has never been organized large-scale landing or official contact?

Why has UFO been seen for half a century, but there has never been organized large-scale landing or official contact?

They can’t do this. Humans are just too powerful for them. They can’t appear as a group and let you pay attention to them. For you, they are in the dark and have no impact on your evolution.

However… You should also know that if any of these things will become “events” on a certain scale, then there will be beings ready to put you in protection and have the ability to make them uncomfortable enough to leave you. I will not list these entities that protect you, but they are the parents of the Pleiadians.

Yes, you are known by other ascended planets and are covered, dear ones.
Q: why do other living planets have two suns, while our solar system has only one? Can you explain more about this?

A: many, if not most, planets that choose to be sown have more than one sun. This is not your reality, so you don’t know its meaning or why it is. But it promotes evolution and speeds up the life cycle of planets and the possibility of diversity. So you can say that if you are looking for a planet with evolved life in the Milky way, you will first look for a solar system with two mutually rotating suns. These are the “double stars”.

The earth also has two suns for some time, but you lose one. It becomes smaller and lazier after burning out. It is too small to sustain the process of making it a qualified “sun”. Its residue has been spun out of orbit due to mass changes and has long been separated from the influence of your sun and all other stars in the solar system that you can see and track. It is dark, small, and long gone.

What this brings, however, is to further hide you from those who are “looking for” life in the galaxy. There are many of them, and most of them are not high-level spiritual beings. Many are just “smart” animals, and there is no spiritual respect in their DNA. But they’re looking for binary systems, not all of you… Single stars.

Some of them find you, but they can’t exist in your melcaba field. They come and go, but they never understand the strange power each of you has. If they are not careful, they can evaporate. We have told you before that inappropriate beings who come to visit you cannot stay. If they create fear within you, they can manipulate you… But only for a moment. Then they have to leave.
Corleone answers. – why do we have only one sun! What about the failed planet?
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Q: is the history of our planet Earth similar to that of other ascended planets in our galaxy?

A: it’s interesting, isn’t it? This question has never been asked before, but now it prays to be asked! The new energy is showing you a greater truth that has always been there, but has not yet been at the forefront of human curiosity. The reason is that with the new energy, the new intuition that has always been within you has been released to you, but not at the survival level. But “information inherited from the stars” buried deep in the Akashic level. The rotation of your solar system around the center of the Milky way has led to the arrival of a new magnetic field, and Gaia is adjusting itself to further help mankind. In this process, this new intuition, like other things, is releasing with Gaia’s adjustment and the release of ancient information.

So the simple answer to your question is yes. It is very similar, just as the basic evolution is similar. One might think that due to the great diversity of planets, each planet that has experienced this may have a very special evolutionary path. The truth is that both physical and conscious evolution has a common path throughout the galaxy. This is because some very basic laws are not what you call “probability”. These laws, though not yet named, are the same everywhere and have been helping to “point” life in evolution in the same direction.

However, the bigger answer I just revealed is that Gaia is very deeply involved in this “pointing” process! So there are still other things that are part of the partnership between humanity and Gaia that will eventually be revealed.

Q: in a transmission, you said, “the purpose of the system is to raise the vibration of galaxies and be surrounded by ascended planets that transfer energy.” Can you tell us more about this?

A: we have given this several times, and it is quite new information. For this book, and here, let us say that there is a system of pure love in the galaxy, which many people call “Creator Energy”, or God.

This system promotes free choice among those who agree to strengthen their bodies with spiritual DNA. DNA is common to all life throughout the galaxy. One day when you can find and observe the life you find outside the earth, you will find the structure of DNA. Now the possibility is that you will be able to see this on Europa, in the ocean under the ice (in your own solar system). This may be the first real extraterrestrial life you find, which will show you that the possibilities of life are everywhere.

When you find it, its structure will be roughly similar to what you see on earth, which will give you the idea that DNA is likely to be a consistent way for “evolutionary energy” to operate everywhere. It is, and it is intentional.

One at a time, the planets are “seeded” by spiritual possibilities. Evolution on that planet has changed, but free choice has not. Each planet can or cannot develop into ascension, and time limits are given to each planet. The time limit is fair and long enough to allow them to make mistakes and start over again, even several times if necessary. This is how the system works. In order to create high vibrational transformation, it requires an unbiased discovery of God.

Many planets fail, and then other planets will be seeded and replaced. When a planet crosses the barrier into a multidimensional understanding of the creator’s energy, the truth of God will be known, and then they begin to awaken from the inside. Hundreds of millions of life on a planet, all working together in a peaceful way, created a larger quantum energy perceived by the galaxy, and actually changed the center of the galaxy in some ways we can’t explain to you here.

When a planet reaches a certain level of awakening, it becomes entangled with all other life in the galaxy. It is at this time that it can plant another planet. This has happened again and again, and your planters are the Pleiadians. Their Sowers and their Sowers are also known to you in the form of Orion and Arcturus.

The profound point of all this is that every human has Akashic inheritance and carries the seeds of all previous Sowers within them. Therefore, a galaxy carried by human beings on earth creates wisdom and spiritual purposes, even more than the sowers of your spiritual seeds. Think about this.

One day these will be known, but not now. Old soul, you still have a lot of work to do before any of this is presented to you in a meaningful form.

Q: can you tell us more about how we rearrange the energy in our solar system?

A: your solar system, like all other star systems in the galaxy, revolves around the center. You rotate at the same speed, so the properties you encounter are equal( No matter how far away from the center of the Milky way, all stars rotate around the center at the same time The property your solar system is experiencing now is enhanced magnetic activity. You are crossing a region of the Milky way that has a greater impact on your sun, which will create a difference in magnetic energy for the earth. Of course, your entire solar system will be affected, but this is not a scary thing, but expected.

Many years ago, we told you that the planet’s magnetic grid was “placed” like a sofa, and your consciousness sat in it. When this is changed, the possibility of people’s consciousness on the planet will also change. It’s like enhancing the sofa and making a difference in neuronal synapses and logic, and even in what DNA “sees” it must do. So you might say that the magnetic field of the planet is highly involved in human life and progress… And you are right.
Q: can you tell us more about what happened on the freely chosen planets that didn’t cross that threshold? Where is their divinity going?

A: it is true that many seeded planets have failed. This is the glory of free choice… The ability to fail. Having divinity in DNA is just a tool that can be awakened or not. If a planet fails to reach a higher vibration, its residents will enter chaos and end up in several scenarios: one is that they may end themselves in several ways, one of which is related to Gaia, which this book may be interested in. The lower consciousness of a planetary population will tell that planet’s Gaia system to cooperate with that energy. Remember that the energy of any planet with free choice has the same situation as you – the consciousness of the planet, what you call “mother nature”, will do its best to match the consciousness and will of the divine inhabitants of the planet. This is Gaia’s cooperation, the same as all of you now.

With a very low or sluggish awareness, epidemics and deaths will be allowed. This may seem cruel, but it is indeed an evolutionary tool for a species that has lost its role in life as a whole. Gaia will fully cooperate and allow this to happen.

Another scene is that they completely destroyed the planet through war. Sometimes they may stop when there are a few left, and then they just don’t have any desire to create anything better. When the time comes, everything is static. God is still with them, but their vibration level is so low that they have no hope of discovering the inner divinity. Their population (sometimes) increases again, but they never achieve a goal of ascending energy.

You almost did such a thing. It was only in the last two generations that you changed your whole future.

Q: more and more people around the world are beginning to know that we are part of a galactic family. Many people have described their experience of contact with those who visit us, compassionate and peaceful extraterrestrial humans. Will the global population on earth meet our galactic family in 3D, or is this something that will happen in a quantum state?

A: the last part of the question is very interesting! A “quantum” state will eventually become your reality. So you will meet them in your reality. yes. But remember this, a multidimensional state also includes three dimensions. So it is like this – you are now in black and white and are asking if you will meet your galactic family in black and white. can’t. But then, when you are in color, you will. Does that mean it’s some kind of hazy reality in which you float and things are invisible? no This means that your reality becomes more complete… Including black and white and all other colors. Remember, color includes black and white.

Yes, you will meet them. First, it will communicate through non physical communication, and then it will be physical as in your current 3D. Your family is physical and multidimensional. We never told you this? When you meet them, hugging is very appropriate. They will insist, but you may have to go up a little.


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