Your body loves itself more than you do^_^

Your body loves itself more than you do^_^

Yes, your body loves yourself more than you do.

When you indulge, when you abuse yourself, when you think no one in the world loves you, but you forget that your body loves yourself more than you do.

Various medical signs show that your body is stronger and loves yourself more than you think, but you don’t know:

1: You may not know that the blood coagulation index of pregnant women will increase dozens of times a few days before delivery, which is to prevent possible massive bleeding during delivery.

2: You may not know that you have 5 chances of getting cancer every day. Each person will have 1 to 5 cells cancerous every day, but every time other cells in your body kill the cancer cells, your body saves you!

3: You may not know that even if two-thirds of your liver is cut off, it can grow back to its original shape. It is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate.

4: You may not know that your gastric juice is so acidic that it can dissolve the steel blade. But miraculously, your stomach also secretes a kind of mucus to protect yourself so that you won’t be digested.

5: You may not know that when the most important part of your heart can’t beat, the “atrioventricular node” will start to beat for it, and when the “atrioventricular node” can’t beat, the “ventricle” of your heart will start to beat autonomously.

At this time, the beating ECG has been beyond recognition, terrible, and its blood flow is also very weak, but even such weak blood flow can ensure the blood supply of the brain and heart, and ensure that your body will not die, waiting for the arrival of reinforcements.

6: You may not know that in a second, or when you read this sentence, your body has made 1 million red blood cells.
They fly around you, shuttle in your blood vessels, maintain your life, constantly deliver oxygen to your cells, and die quietly after completing the task

7: You may not know that it is difficult for you to kill yourself in various ways, such as stopping breathing, not closing your eyes, or pinching yourself.
Every action will induce a strong protective instinct of the body, and you can’t overcome it.

8: You may not know that in your life, your heart will pump 182 million liters of blood and beat 2.5 billion times.

Your eyes will blink 415 million times and shed 68.75946 liters of tears.

Your nose will remember 50000 smells.

If your lungs are spread out, they can cover a tennis court, and the respiratory tract in your lungs can extend from London to Moscow.

The total length of all your blood vessels can circle the earth two and a half times.

And the most profound part is your DNA.

Each of your cells contains more than one meter of DNA. If you twist all the DNA in your body into a thin line, it can extend 10 billion miles, which is farther than the distance from the earth to Pluto.

From a larger and broader level: in fact, you are the universe of your body.
Every cell in our human body does not know each other. They are working, exercising, metabolizing and dying according to their instincts.

Many of them may not be seen in their lives, but it is these tens of billions of cells that “perform their duties” together that make up you and a huge universe.

Think about it carefully. We used to be their universe. We are their only trusted and cooperative partners. What is the reason to worry, fear and belittle ourselves?
In fact, having said so much, I just want to tell you a truth: your body loves you so much, we should give them back.

More often, we should learn to “ask inward”, explore our body, reach the deepest part of our heart, and learn to really love ourselves.

I have seen such a tearful Video:

When people are on the verge of death, the brain sends out the last command, distributes all the last 5% adrenaline to the nervous system and vocal cord muscles, explains the future, and the brain says goodbye to other organs for the last time
In ICU, the scene before the death of a critically ill patient shocked countless people: it turns out that your body loves yourself more than you
Table master 1 to 1 today
Source | life view of table (ID: zzdshg)
Bo Shining, director of the critical care medicine department of Peking University Third Hospital, tells tiktok a story.

A few years ago, he admitted a patient in a very critical situation.

How serious is this patient?

He suffered great trauma, almost systemic injury, then massive bleeding, followed by massive consumption of coagulation factors, and quickly entered a state of multiple organ failure and coagulation failure.

Every needle and wound of his is bleeding.

Every second of his life, he may go into shock.

The doctor especially emphasized the word “bleeding”. He said that if it is vascular bleeding, he can also stop bleeding surgically, but if bleeding from the inside, he can only give blood transfusion.
He clearly remembered that night, he desperately gave blood transfusion, blood clotting substances and pressor drugs to the patient.

But in the end, the patient’s body is still deteriorating, and the situation is getting worse and worse. When the blood transfusion reaches the last drop, the patient’s heart rhythm keeps increasing, the blood pressure is getting lower and lower, and the body is completely out of control!

At this time, the doctor was completely desperate, and even he was psychologically prepared.

But the next scene shocked everyone.

When the patient’s blood pressure dropped to 60 or 70, then suddenly, all the bleeding on his body stopped in an instant.
Why did the bleeding suddenly stop?

The doctor finally figured it out – this is the protective mechanism that induces the body.

In other words, when people are bleeding heavily, their blood pressure will drop rapidly. The purpose of the body is to slow down the bleeding speed, protect the body, and then supply all the limited blood flow to the more critical brain and heart to fully command the rescue.

You see how smart our body is, reducing blood pressure and bleeding, but at the same time ensuring the blood supply to the brain and heart.

Then, when the blood pressure decreased to a certain extent, the coagulation function slowly followed up, so the massive bleeding suddenly stopped all at once, and the patient was successfully saved.
In this rescue, doctors played a very important role, but it was our own body that really brought the dead back to life.

Finally, the doctor said something heartfelt:

We are often taught to work hard and overcome difficulties in times of crisis. In fact, you don’t know that your body and cells in your body work harder than you.

Every day, 330 billion cells in our body die, but at the same time, 330 billion cells are born.
In times of crisis, all these cells are working hard for you until the last minute.

Even if you give up yourself, your body still doesn’t give up you.

The doctor set people thinking tiktok, and got about one million points in the shaking, about ten million of the broadcast, and cried countless people.

In the comment area of this video, there is a very heart piercing message, which has won 58000 likes:

Your body loves yourself more than you do.


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