Light up, lightsoldiers of no enemy^_^

Light up, lightsoldiers of no enemy^_^

Sleepiness, cold symptoms, sneezing and high sexual desire yesterday

At night, I suddenly wanted to eat yogurt and ice cream. Then I was very energetic and recited words^_^

Explanation: “we are glad to see that many people begin to open themselves to the energy of the Leo portal.

We know that many people have felt the changes in the air. When you fully open yourself and expect to receive more energy, you will certainly feel these changes.

You receive these energies because they exist, they come to you through the Leo portal, and because you look forward to their arrival and realize that they are very important to you.

If we are human beings living on the earth now, we also hope to get help at any time, but we can see what you can’t see. We can feel how many helpers you have, and we must be one of the helpers in your life experience. Now, let’s go back to these wonderful energies. As you open up to the energy of the Leo portal, you will not only receive the ascending vibration they have designed for you, but you will also open up to the energy you have personally summoned over the past year.

You have accumulated too many wishes in your life, and then let your heart open at different times and let what you have been asking for since the last energy opening and transmission into your heart.

At this time, you should focus on receiving and what you need to create for the rest of the year. Human beings need to create too many things for themselves. We, and all other beings and groups, are providing you with raw materials, and you are the ones who use these raw materials to create the life you want to experience.

In some cases, you create things that you fear and don’t want to experience. For example, you see so many scenes based on fear, which are now before you. That’s what we want to remind you.

Take back control of your attention and creation and give up the idea that you are all moving towards a defined future reality.

The energy of these Leo portals is empowering you. They let you focus like a laser beam on what you want to create.

We all know how good and powerful you are, but it will help only if you know it yourself. It can help you create a better version of consciousness transformation, which will enable you to smoothly enter the next step of transformation.

We can see all possible timelines, so we know that this transformation can start and experience from where you are, and enough people will choose those timelines that are happy, relaxed and elegant.

You are the designers of the next evolution of human consciousness. We just provide you with everything you need. You are building a better future for mankind. We can see this future, and many beings like us can see it.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you. “


How to no longer increase the burden of sexual desire^_^

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Light up, lightsoldiers of no enemy

Let go, accept, and light up

A lake is not only non sticky, acceptance and tolerance of all living beings, but also illumination and purification

First, the lake’s own purification cycle, and then the purification of people and everything entering the lake

Lightworkers also work in this way, but in the guidance of higher consciousness, illuminating consciousness is more complex, systematic and balanced

How can light workers illuminate before they can’t see the light, energy, waves and consciousness they emit

Become light

In the process of becoming light, there must be areas at the junction with darkness, as well as places of conflict and interference. Many light workers bend over and no longer dare to shine in these areas, trying to wrap and hide their light

I can see from my little official account.
Why do you send so many pictures that have nothing to do with words, because you only do relevant and care too much about what others pay attention to you for too long

Your shield worked

This is the purification process, because people wrapped in layers must not want to get close to nature, because there is purification at work, which conflicts with their own strong protection, so it becomes more and more uncomfortable

This is illumination

Because for too long, I don’t know what is simple in complexity, pure in massiness, human nature and existence in money

In particular, the light workers who have been awake all the time try to resist and don’t let themselves be too sober. How to make friends with the world, look at others, or treat others with violence

Becoming the light, becoming the change you want, no longer afraid of other people’s requirements and interference, is the first step out of living in other people’s vision, not resistance, but illumination

We say “against the world”

If you have enemies, you cannot become light, only a lower vibration that continues to sink

In the pictures I sent, there is also a “no time” empty land, which is quiet, comfortable, leisurely, children and play, as well as a broad sky and invariable green

Don’t Lightworkers like carefree, quiet, comfortable, invariable, children and nature

Some are

Because fear, fear, loud voice, noise, crowd, following the rules and keeping the rules are also protective armor. Such armor is also incompatible with children who are not discounted and live happily every day. It is also incompatible with play, no time, emptiness, sky and stillness, and even makes people unbearable and crazy
This is illumination

Living in the crowd with higher vibration frequency is lighting up. At this time, we can understand what is not resisting acceptance and not giving up

Because I became

Become light and energy

Instead of disappearing, life and survival consciousness are on the road of continuous purification, expansion and return to essence

This is why we recommend deep breathing to expand your energy circle practice and include more people and all things, even the whole planet and universe

It is also about the evolution of your consciousness and the manifestation of higher vibrational DNA information

It is opposite to degeneration, withdrawal and retreat, hesitation and avoidance

This is illumination. You can adopt opinions, but only for reference. For what reference, have you maintained expansion and high vibration, rather than being brought back to the worried and worried life of survival with the world by the fearful Lightworkers
It’s all your choice

Choose what kind of person to be, no longer using time and conditions as excuses, such as with… Conditions, without… Conditions

You just need to be light,
Act on your higher vibrations,
Act according to your happiness,
Act on your worry free level,
Act according to your magnanimous and carefree degree,
Act on your level of guilt and remorse,
Only then can we know whether it has affected others’ health, life and sense of security

This is illumination. The first paragraph is your light level, and the last sentence is the benefit of others, because it is interfered by light

For example, those who are afraid of cats see me holding the cat in front of her. I’m too afraid, so I go to the further green space to play every day

Because the light source does not come from illuminating others, but from your own openness and pleasure, which is more open and will not trouble people

I only wear swimming trunks to drive and walk in front of the railway station. It is also illuminated because the warm sun opens my body. Of course, it is not only personal, but also public, because it will be more sensitive to the light source. How to do is your choice

Did you want to do it with excitement or resistance, or did you shrink back because of fear, or did you have no motivation to do it

Resistance is the source of courage, and the source of courage does not come from the enemy, but unity and boundlessness, unity and acceptance

This is complicated. With the unity of resistance and fraternity, do what others dare not do, do not want to do, oppose to do, or even prohibited by law

Because your wish is to be free, free, light, not in resistance, in unity

This is illumination

And learn the way of life from many resistance experiences, and become the free life you want without resistance

There is nothing you can avoid and escape. The closer the fifth dimension is, the more violent the interference you will face. This is the lighting way of dimension upgrading and high dimension. It is necessary for you to leave the third and fourth dimensions without worry, and continuously enlarge your worry options, or you have a better option forced to become yourself and return to the integration of exciting life and high vibration life, work and study

Nothing is immutable and becomes the light you want

Those light workers who have a larger picture and higher ideal consciousness


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