Tree collective consciousness message: stay with us more

Tree collective consciousness message: stay with us more

Original Ruohe life Ruohe today

Dear Messenger, we are the collective consciousness of trees. Today we come to bring a message to human friends. We hope you will be with us more.

Although we seem motionless, we are living beings, and we are more balanced than you. When you are with us, we can help you alleviate your physical disorders, because we have natural healing effects.

We hope you can realize our real value. We appear in your park and beside the road. Many people don’t pay attention to us at all. We are loving the world in our own way. Without us, there would be no you in the world.

You need the oxygen we produce. If the trees no longer exist, you have no air to breathe. We came to this world earlier than you. You should protect us, love us, connect with us, not hurt us.

Human beings cut down the primeval forest on a large scale, turning the place where the ancient trees are located into the planting base of cash crops. But sooner or later, mankind will realize the consequences of these actions.

The destruction of nature will make nature angry, because you destroy and harm not only the ecology of a piece of land, but also the balance of the whole natural ecosystem and the balance between elements.

Nowadays, many elements are roaring, the climate is abnormal, and the whole earth seems to be in an extreme imbalance. When these elements move, no one can be unaffected.

So you should unite and realize that human behavior, whether collective or individual, will affect your world and each of you, no matter where you are.

We hope you will stay with us more, and we also hope you can use your love to balance the movement of elements. When more people realize that they are friends with trees, trees can help you, and no more harm will happen.

With the development of industrialization and modernization, more and more people are far away from nature and real life. The elements of your body come from nature. If you stay away from the natural environment for a long time, it will cause internal disorders of the body, resulting in physical and psychological diseases.

But many people don’t realize how important it is for you to connect with nature. We hope you can stay with us more. We will help you in our own way to restore your physical and psychological balance.

We are the collective consciousness of trees. Today we are very happy to bring this message to human friends. We deeply love you and mother earth. Stay with us more. Now we leave and bless you!

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing


You don’t have to worry about whether you are ready to perform these duties. You are now very capable. When you respond to the call to help people like you, you are the most competent. They will also do this work to deal with their negative emotions and the trauma of their past life. You have proved yourself to be masters to the earth and other life in the galaxy, which is why you are willing to stand up and play this important role in the transformation of human consciousness.

Your role in change or event

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very satisfied with the progress made by mankind, and we are also very happy. When it comes to your role in the transformation of consciousness, your sense of responsibility comes from your heart, and your performance is very excellent. We know that most of you are eager to serve others, especially to help you with the changes you are experiencing.

And we want to tell you that you are leaders, you are people who bear heavy responsibilities. You anchor all high-frequency energy, and your light will be brighter and brighter, so that others who need your help and support can find you. This is a great responsibility, which we have conveyed to you, but we are not the people who assign responsibility.

This is part of your life journey and the work you signed up for in your previous life. You know you’ll wake up. You know you will do the necessary work to make yourself a ground crew of all higher beings. You know you must help those who face many trauma and negative emotions at the same time. You promised to do these jobs well. Now that you are aware of these responsibilities, you say “OK” again, We are grateful for meeting the challenge.

We see that all those who desire to contribute to these work have a sense of satisfaction, and know that it is time for you to stand up and take the responsibility of guide and leader for those who have not yet awakened. We want you to understand that it is very important that you are willing to help those who have not yet awakened, and we want you to realize that your transformation and evolution are still going on.


Holy love can transform everything

Original Luying from heaven to earth yesterday

Source: brothers of light

Conduction: Monique Mathew

With holy love, peace

Peace and joy

Go do your inner homework.

This will make you

Growth and understanding,

Let you

It’s getting easier

Transform the people around you.

People often

Worry about others.

This is a

Human love.

When you

When you worry about others,

It is difficult to cultivate

Your inner love!

And cultivate

Inner holy love

Is the most important!

Your holy love

Can be transformed

Everything around,

Can quell

The anger and sadness of others,

Can heal

The pain of others.

To send out this holy love,

You have to put yourself in

A state of total peace,

Must have

Total self-control

And full confidence!

You must

To learn

Respect and love God,

With the whole life

Keep loving him!

The more you love

God within himself,

The more you realize

His existence,

The more you feel

You are one with everything!


You will no longer have

Want, pain, doubt.

You will

Become your true self,

Will know

What you are!


Imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your brain



What you include in your present moment is what creates the foundation for your tomorrows. In the buffet of life, what do you wish to add as part of your experience and what can you simply leave behind? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



Rejecting more than you accept can create blockages to monetary abundance or any other desired creations because rejection is a “no” energy while moving into abundance is a result of “yes” energy. Concentrating on resisting or rejecting, if it is your predominant energy, can result in energetics that say no to everything. You are far better served by acceptance than resistance, in all ways, always.


Acceptance doesn’t mean you are willing to stay in energies you don’t prefer. What it does do is allow you to play in the biggest playing field where all things are possible. From there you simply give your feedback by gratitude, which customizes your flow towards even more of what your preferences are.


As empowered co-creators you always get to decide what you would like more of. Again we remind you that your focus is your blessing of continuation. So we encourage you to withdraw your focus from what is unwanted and redirect it into consciously looking for things that you can say yes to, offer up gratitude for those things as your clear feedback to the universe, and be prepared for the unfoldment to start to take you in new directions that are so much more in line with what you are truly wishing to create for yourselves. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



We hear so many of you fighting against your mind. You resist your thoughts, you don’t meditate because you can’t get your mind to still, you spin yourself in circles because you can’t turn it off. Your mind is not the enemy, Dear Ones, it is just not a complete guidance system.


You cannot embrace your humanness without accepting that busy little computer that is your mind. Your mind is very good at collecting data, at learning new things, at tracking progress. These are all wonderful complements to your evolutionary journey!


When it comes to meditation, the busyness of your mind is not an obstacle. You just need to take that trait and make it work for you. Guided meditation is key if your mind won’t still for you, and we’ll even go so far as to say if you allow your mind free to explore within the structure of your guided meditation, it may lead you to many discoveries!


You also tend to dismiss things as “just your imagination” when your brain is allowed free rein. What if we told you that imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your brain? So many of you cut yourselves off from your greatest discoveries by dismissing your imagination. Why not see where it takes you?


To make friends with your brain you might find it helpful to give your mind a persona that would make you more accepting of it. What if you saw it like a little chatterbox, a little busybody that had a tendency to worry? You could affectionately love it and shepherd it forward with your care and wisdom, and soothe it by not making it responsible for your entire journey. In fact, we would say most anxiety comes from the mind being in charge of your own unfoldment without the soothing wisdom of the heart to balance it.


Your mind is a great asset to you and your evolution. Seeing it as an essential aspect of the greater whole that is you will allow its gifts to shine through and serve you well as you move forward in your embodiment process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





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