Buddha coffee: don’t pursue perfection, but evolution at every moment

Buddha coffee: don’t pursue perfection, but evolution at every moment

Ray chandran dreamdreamswaker today

The Buddha sent a message through ray chandran
The article comes from the official account: Rui Qiang de LAN.
Messenger: Rae chandran, ray chandran
Translator: Li Yi


Everyone is moving in a certain direction. What are they looking for? Is it an inward journey or an outward journey?

You may have heard the expression that if you don’t go in, you’re going out. What drives humans to seek internal experiences or external goals?

Human beings know what they want inside, which is unity and unity. Through all the journeys in life, whether inward or outward, mankind is seeking unity. Through all the experiences in life, human beings are looking for themselves.

Because people cannot find themselves or their goals in the external world, they will want to seek more experiences and find themselves through more experiences. Then their motivation becomes to create more experiences.

Your beloved soul is seeking to integrate with your integrity (mind, feeling, emotion and material body). Your soul is gently pushing you forward through all experiences, through mental tranquility, through your feelings, your intuition, your inspiration, your essence, and through all creation.

Your gentle soul wants you to return to unity with within and desires to be in the expression of unity at all times in your life.

So please take some time to think quietly. What do I really want to seek? Is my journey leading me to what I seek? Am I willing to adjust and change my journey to experience what I really seek? How can I improve my journey?

There are many ways in the journey to unity, so which journey is most suitable for me at present? Both the external journey and the internal journey will bring you what you seek, but there are great differences in the experience of time and space and the flow of life.

Every journey has its advantages and challenges. Just like a river, it knows its final destination is to integrate with the vast ocean. It passes through rock reefs and never stops. You must also allow yourself to continue on the journey of unity.

Sometimes you may doubt yourself and want to stop your journey, and your soul will gently push you forward again. The soul will never give up. It will continue to gently push you through many streams of life until you achieve the goal of the soul.

This journey is called the river of life. Your back is a mountain. From this mountain, a clear spring that nourishes your soul flows through the secret cave of your pineal gland, the valley in your heart and intestines, your feet, and into the vast cosmic ocean owned by mother earth. She holds the energy of memory for you through the soles of your feet.

When you wake up in the morning, please say to yourself——

I’m on my own journey.
I am in the Journey into Myself.
I will be in love, hope, courage and determination

Experience my journey with joy.
I experience my Journey through Love, Hope, Courage, Determination and Joy.

I will experience my journey in blessing.

I experience Bliss in my Journey.

I will experience my journey in integrity and unity.

I experience Fullness in my Journey I experience Oneness in my Journey.
I am this journey, I am perfect.


I am I am, I am I am, I am I am


What we see is different from what we perceive. Perception is based on a person’s thoughts about things or experiences. Perception affects what we see. How we interpret what we see through our eyes and the meaning we give to what we see are based on our perception.

When we change our perception, we will see different or we will explain what we see in different ways. This energy interaction exists at all times. The question is how to distinguish it.
There are sensors on the eyebrows that can receive electrical pulses from the things in front of us (yes, all are alive). It gives instructions to our brain to give names or meanings to what we see or observe.

This is done dutifully by the brain, but it comes from the reality of the past, so our perception is almost always based on past experience, whether in this life or in previous life. What does what we see mean to us?

There are several truths in all our experience. But we only perceive and see one. So next time, you perceive something as the truth and simply ask, “is there another reality for what I see?” Wait for your answer, and then ask, “is there any other reality I am given?” Play with it. Keep asking, at least 12 times.

Each time you will open a new perception, which is the beginning of joining your multidimensional reality. As humans, there are 12 dimensions, and the reality in all these dimensions is different from what you experience on the earth level. Imagine what life would be like if you could connect to your twelve parts at all levels – creativity, confidence, trust, wisdom and love.

Practicing this simple technique every day will open the door to the soul in ways you can’t imagine.

Enjoy the process of self discovery.



What is perfection? Is this the ultimate goal? Human beings seek perfection in others, or in their goals or creations. What leads to the desire for perfection? What prompted you to pursue this illusory goal?

Have you ever thought that the perfection you pursue is proportional to your growth? What seems perfect today seems imperfect tomorrow. We can clearly see this in our interpersonal relationships. Look at marriage or any other efforts.

This can also be seen in religion and spirituality. As you grow up, your values will change, and so will your so-called perfection. Because then it will be inconsistent with the new you, new ideas and new beliefs.

Perfect ideas can also change our emotional needs. When we are in an emotional vacuum, our perception will be different, which will determine the way we look at perfection.

What makes us want to be perfect? Fear of losing control? Want recognition or praise? Or other motives? You can’t experience perfection in infinity. When you think it is perfect, it stops growing or evolving. Perfection only means completion at that moment.

Don’t pursue perfection, but evolution every moment. In human evolution, can we say – perfect body, yes, yes, but only at that moment.

Sleep and wake up are the death processes you go through every day. Because you are reborn every day, the perfection of yesterday has nothing to do with you today. This concept may be difficult to understand.

Perfection stops the growth
Perfect stops evolution
Perfect stops exploration
Perfection hinders growth. You can see countless such examples: some companies stop exploring and innovating after perfecting one or several products, which eventually leads to the collapse of the company.

The pursuit of perfection comes from deep fear and insecurity. If we are perfect, we will get more love and have more. In the front of your brain, which governs your cognitive thinking, there is a membrane that separates ignorance from wisdom.

The perfection we pursue comes from ignorance. Ignorance is associated with a lack of confidence in the continuation of life. Perfection means we want to stop.

So seek continuity instead of perfection, so that your soul will be more happy.


Allow yourself to be happy, no matter what you have done or thought^_^

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Allow yourself to be happy, no matter what situation you choose, no matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter what people around you are doing.

You are taught to be unhappy when things don’t go as you want.

Anyway, you enter as a child to find happiness where you are.

You can restore that pure wisdom.
What feels good?

What is abundance?
What’s good in your personal world?

These are questions that need to be asked frequently

Dear ones, we know that you want to help and heal the world, but you must first love and accept yourself.

When you accept yourself as you are now, you will slowly but steadily allow others to do the same.

As you stop empowering the vibrations of fear, anger and separation, you will experience peace, comfort, harmony and unity

We know you want external change.
The only way it can come is:

“At every moment, a soul makes a choice”

Make a choice!


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