2021.8.10 Heart chakra digestion, high vibration, sleepiness and sleep

Heart chakra digestion, high vibration, sleepiness and sleep

Continuous sleepiness, eye pain, sleepiness for two days at noon

Continuous aggravation, short-term snorting and throat inflammation, drinking more water, sore eyes, prickly and itchy eyes and third eye radiation

Explanation: “when you try to adapt to the changing timeline and reality you experience.

Eye, third eye

Many unusual symptoms appear in your body, such as your eye twitch. When your nine eyes (the third eye) are stabbed more fully or sharply, like a needle or needle stabbing you, these symptoms come and go in different energy points of your meridian system.

Palpitation, muscle and joint pain

There may be palpitations, pain in various muscles and joints,

Vision darkens and eyes itch

When more mucus is excreted, the vision of one eye and two eyes will darken, and there will be strong itching in different parts of the skin.

Drowsiness and fatigue

You can’t experience the fuzziness of brain function. The feeling of drowsiness and fatigue suddenly comes to you, bringing no need for sleep or rest.

Injured bone pain

Phantom pain may occur, which may be due to previous bone damage or systemic pain, first in one area and then in another area the next day.


Your teeth may become sensitive to hot, cold, sweet or sugary foods. Although your ears are full of fluid, your ears may feel occasional severe pain.

Spine, neck

When you move your head in any direction, the connection between the spine and the skull of the neck can be painful.

At the same time, your spine may also feel pain and tenderness.

Temporary dizziness and nausea

There can also be a powerful energy from the crown chakra above your head. This may cause a temporary feeling of dizziness or even nausea.

Many non chronic diseases seem to break out at this stage, which is the most unbearable. These symptoms vary from person to person, as their human operating systems are being recalibrated and readjusted so that everyone can reflect more and more spiritual light, allowing your higher levels to manifest therein and through them.

With physical symptoms, the non emotional body also tries to release old feelings from the past. Sometimes, this is a surprising experience, which is from the surface.

The mental body also adds power by generating thoughts from the cells themselves and even from your DNA.

Those who experience this begin to understand that it is their spirit or soul that seeks incomplete and complete integration in all aspects of their human operating system.

This period of pain and chaos is necessary to purify all that one is no longer useful in their current and evolving reality. As a whole, humans are venturing into previously unknown areas of exploration, and this activity helps to extend, expand and expand your unconscious and understanding of the purpose of life in the physical body in its higher aspects. It leads to the understanding that a person is actually a spiritual being with this experience. Once this is achieved, progress will continue as the soul enters the stage of learning and evolution to serve others.

From the higher perspective of your soul and oversoul, these experiences are seen as stepping stones to freedom from polarity and duality experiences, the so-called karmic wheel. This process of purification and alchemy allows the soul to move from one level of consciousness to another. As they change and raise their frequency level, they take back their sovereignty as a spiritual existence worthy of this free universe. This is the ultimate goal of the initiation experienced by each soul. It realizes the domination of life through the cycle of material experience, goes beyond the need to further explore this experience and learning, and turns to a different form of experience and learning. This is an advanced evolutionary process, because you gather all the life experiences without human beings into a fully integrated whole in all their forms.

I’m Hilarion. “



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