Mary Magdalene: What does it mean to be born human?

Mary Magdalene:
What does it mean to be born human?

Let’s summarize: the first step is to be present with me and rest in your own body.

The second step is to stretch out your hand in surprise. You don’t want to change or control another person, but just to see, feel and discover.

The third step is to enjoy what flows easily between you, enjoy this flow and let another person be free.

Intimate relationships on earth are very precious. In close relationships, you will encounter your strongest human emotions. I said from the beginning that I came here to advocate human nature. Because historically, many people try to escape their emotions by living in seclusion, so as to avoid real partnership, and want to surpass human nature in this way to obtain promotion. But I didn’t. I went to the sacred path by going deep into intimacy and becoming a real human, because intimacy is not only the place where you feel the deepest loneliness, homesickness and despair, but also the place where you experience miracles, the deepest joy, connection and such precious intimacy.

When you enter a deep intimate relationship with another soul in human form, the relationship will remain in your soul memory forever. When the soul is sexually connected through birth, through being a man and a woman, the sacred door opens. In this way, the Holy Spirit and the holy light can really begin to live in human beings and human society, and the Holy Spirit has a living and golden brilliance. This gain is not through isolation from the crowd, but through the intimacy between people on earth.
I want to thank you for coming! Thank you for your sincerity! This is the most important! True spirituality has nothing to do with discipline and the development of certain skills or art. True spirituality only means one thing – an open heart, a human heart. This heart wants to pay tribute to its own darkness with curiosity and tenderness! From this, you will also taste the joy brought to you by the ascension of human love to divine love:)

I invite you to use your imagination now and imagine that you are completely calm. Thoughts and breathing go down the spine, through the heart and abdomen to the pelvis, feeling that this is the sex related part of your body. Feel with surprise and openness, without prejudice, shame and uncleanness. Those bad feelings come from labels and distortions in history. It feels like you are receiving your own energy in this area. It is neutral, just like the toes on your feet. Here is your cornerstone as a human being. Here, in your abdomen and pelvis, is the source of your vitality. You rest here for a while.

As your consciousness sinks, please forget time to live in the present. No matter where you are now, no matter what kind of human feelings make you struggle, just feel the feeling of returning home. You come to the earth for yourself. Your light and your core can stand aloof from everything, because it is an immortal light, a light that can soften everything and understand everything. Use this light to illuminate your whole aura, feel your own divine light, and feel how the universe, God and the source of all things love you. That’s why the Almighty God created you – to make you unique. You are fully accepted, respected and loved because you are you and who you are now.

Look at the person you love in this state of consciousness. He can be your life partner, your friend, your child, your father or mother. Just choose the person you think of now and want to contact. When you communicate with the person in front of you, completely maintain yourself, stick to your boundaries, and cultivate and rest in your heart. You feel very relaxed and comfortable. Breathe quietly to your abdomen. Don’t think you should help him or change him. In fact, you don’t need to do anything, just keep your center. Then, look at another person with an open eye and see what they look like in front of you now. When you observe in this way, you will be surprised to reach out to each other. You don’t have to do anything, and the other person doesn’t have to do anything. You just observe the other person’s appearance, how he moves, and how his energy is.

Then you get closer and closer to that person, and your energy field still surrounds you. You have deep feelings for this person from the bottom of your heart. Let your feelings about him rise naturally and observe without judgment with curiosity. See what connects you and what gives you the most important and happy connection. Don’t look at the details that are not smooth or conflict, but look at the lightest and happiest connection point that connects you. In this connection, energy flows effortlessly between you, and you can enjoy it. You don’t need to do anything, just get peace and joy from it.

Accept the light, feel how it flows through that line to your heart, and see how it affects you. It brings fresh things to your life, so that you can move forward and further enrich your life. You will feel it when you are together, and you will allow each other to be free. In exclamation, in the process of allowing each other freedom, you can meet most profoundly. That’s the real purpose of intimacy.

To establish a healing relationship of divine love, the first step is to completely return to yourself, embrace your lost child with your arms, and assume your role as an adult. Others cannot heal your wounds;, You are your own healer and your own light. When you can go deep into yourself and fully accept yourself in this way, you are ready to reach out and touch another person in an open and curious heart. This is the second step in building a happy and fulfilling relationship. Curiosity means no expectation, no desire, no need, just looking at each other with curiosity and interest.

The most beautiful form of romantic love is to marvel and be attracted by each other. You want to learn and explore each other in the most open and intimate way, instead of bringing that person into your world outlook and your thoughts, and you don’t want to shape another person according to your expectations and needs, but really play together. Only in this way can your relationship have no obligation and pressure, and he can really give himself. You are free, another person is free, and you come together voluntarily.

There will also be something higher that connects you: the deep peace that exists in your heart. You don’t try to change or heal each other, or try to make them better. No, you celebrate life together. By doing so, you are cured. Not through others, but through yourself, through your acceptance and support for yourself, you can open your heart to accept the richness and variety from another soul.

Can you fully assume such great autonomy? That’s the real problem. Some of you don’t want to take on so many responsibilities. That part is your shadow. It feels powerless, anxious and separated from the source. It wants to go home, just like a child calling its mother.

Many times, romantic sex is used as a way home, but it doesn’t work. Because home is within you. When you are unique, you are already at home. Having full autonomy is the first step in a mature relationship. Being able to feel at home alone and rest in your heart is the condition for establishing a deep and beautiful relationship with others. But this condition runs counter to the childlike desire common in romantic relationships. This desire is the desire to live in another person and fully integrate into another person, just as another person is an omnipotent parent, and you can rely on him like a child. It is in romantic love that the inner child wants to get rid of his responsibility and add it to another, which creates emotional dependence and soon suffocates both sides.

The original purpose of sex and intimacy is happiness. This encounter is very valuable. You can even call it sacred. When men and women meet in openness and respect, there will be a combination of energy, which is real creativity. A child may be born from this union, a beautiful new human child. But this encounter is also creative at a deeper level: on the soul level, you can be inspired and touched by the souls of others. This way greatly enriches your soul. In this way, you become a part of that soul without losing your own uniqueness and personality. This is the real meaning of meeting men and women. Please feel its beauty, feel your desire for it, and feel the sacred meaning of sex. As a soul, you are always looking for your partner, back to your true self, back to the divine love. This holy has many names: God, one, all things, the universe, and so on.

You have a deep desire for unconditional love, a desire to be fully accepted, and a desire to be allowed to express yourself freely. This deep nostalgia exists in everyone’s life, between husband and wife, between lovers, or between two men or two women. The beauty of sex is that you can experience “unity” and “union” there. As human beings, it is through such two poles of men and women, yin and Yang that you can glimpse home and heaven and become rich. Sex is a light source, a gentle dance.

However, it is in the field of sex that human beings have been deeply hurt, resulting in distance and hostility between the two sexes. People no longer feel at home to the energy of the opposite sex, even if it is in themselves. It is difficult for women to show their masculinity, confidence and strength; Men, on the other hand, struggle in violence, unable to submit to their feelings and emotions, and to the feeling of equality, respect and happiness when they integrate with another person. How could this happen? It will be a long story to reveal all aspects of male and female energy evolution. But the most basic fact is that God, the source of all things, gives you the freedom to explore and experience, and also gives you the risk of energy imbalance. However, this is necessary. Only in this way can you really understand who you are and the responsibilities you are given – you are not a child in God’s hands, you are an aspect of God in creation, and you must learn to take responsibility and integrate and balance with all elements of life.

You are the budding God. Feel how powerful and autonomous you are. You are an integral part of the whole. Although you are closely connected with the source of all things, you are also completely unique. Let these insights slowly penetrate into your heart – you are you, not others, which itself is a miracle and a mystery. This is the feeling of being a soul – indivisible and unique;   This is the feeling of being a God and a creator – free, independent and autonomous.

The first step is to be with me and rest in your own body. The second step is to stretch out your hand in surprise. You don’t want to change or control another person, but just to see, feel and discover. The third step is to enjoy what flows easily between you, enjoy this flow and let another person be free.

Welcome to the circle of light:)

I am Mary Magdalene. I was born on earth as a woman, living here and loving here. I often feel desperate and struggling because of my very humanized emotion. This emotion is also within each of you, and you are very familiar with it.

Today, I want to talk to you about what it means to be born human. Many of you are tired of being born, and you have many struggles, fears and pain from the past; Also because of all kinds of things brought to you by being born, you often feel tired and can’t really open yourself. All this is understandable. Because when you come to the earth, you will naturally encounter an internal resistance. This resistance comes from the soul memories of other lifetimes. They will disturb your heartstrings and arouse your homesickness. Your hometown is a country full of light and harmony. All of you carry these memories, so when you beings who are originally high latitude souls settle on earth, your mood will often feel depressed.

Please connect with this part of you struggling on earth and accept its fear of life on earth. Your soul does not just belong to the earth. It is infinite and cosmic. You can feel the feeling of going home in the whole universe. It is just a tourist on the earth and lives temporarily in a physical vehicle. Please acknowledge and accept this part of yourself. It is afraid of the life of the earth, afraid to really participate in the life of the earth, and afraid to open itself to everything experienced here. Allow the pain to emerge, allow all kinds of feelings of doubt, loneliness, boredom and despair to emerge. I ask you to open up to this pain, because it can be cured only when you get loving attention.

What you really need to do at this moment is to look at the shadow within you and send holy love and light to it. This process usually arouses some resistance, but only when it really sinks into your feeling of darkness, loneliness and separation can it bring you the greatest transformation and enrichment. When you do this, you will find your true identity – you are a light bearer, and your light can light up the darkness.
Now, imagine the old pain in your soul gathering in the center of this aperture. This pain has expressed itself in many ways, manifesting into anxiety, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness. I ask you to use inner vision to see you all standing in this aperture around these old pain. Each of you has a torch of light in your hand, which extends towards the center of the aperture to illuminate these old pain, so that they can be seen and no longer hide in the dark.

Please allow your light to shine. You are not your pain, you are the one who can release and transform these pain, and this is your real task on earth. When you cast the light into your own darkness in this way, the light will also illuminate others and encourage them to be like you, so you become a light worker. Your greatest invitation in this life is to fully accept and embrace your most vulnerable part. When you look at another person’s deepest pain, you will see that they are the same human beings as you, men and women. They all want to be known and loved, and they all want to be immersed in the feeling of being loved and understood.
Thank you very much.

Conduction: Pamela kribbe


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