What about the negative? Take care of your pet like the source: emotion^_^

What about the negative? Take care of your pet like the source: emotion^_^


This stage has come to the real event time when the earth receives high radiation energy and improves the manifestation of high vibration around the world. Start high-energy particles to wash everyone’s body, start large-scale, rhythmic, light and new, and return to nature and soul

Everything is magnified, including your and others’ subtle emotions

Everything is aligned to keep pace with mother earth’s ascension

All this is driven by the trend of the source

Therefore, more people and themselves will pour all kinds of emotions, that is, people all over the world are healing and purifying and making themselves transparent

The natural doctor will go online to receive the released emotions and flow back to mother earth and the higher self

Everyone’s emotions and consciousness are divergent, unfocused, and will not look to intuition, higher self and source
It requires doctors to open their doors and let these emotions, wounds and illnesses heal in one place, the hospital and the doctor’s body

The doctors here are what we call interstellar seeds and light workers, who have been committed to maintaining high vibration, positive and optimistic

The body is healing equipment and herbal medicine. It is the body of the light worker that gathers, receives and transmits the emotions of people all over the world. Before the global pyramid energy tower is restarted, the transparent body of the light worker will be the main transfer station of human emotional garbage, which you call negative emotions

Human garbage is the product of emotion. The heavier the emotion, the more garbage needs to be produced. Because the sense of security is not enough, nature needs more and naturally produces more

In the eyes of the source, it is the energy that needs to be transformed and purified. Fear and all kinds of anxiety are the root causes of heavy emotions

Like doctors and healers, lightworkers share their gains, make suggestions, gradually accept all sentient beings, and connect all those who know you, those you know, those who know your higher self, those who know your higher self, and those we know each other

This is the intuition triggered by the “higher self online” issued yesterday. The animal survival instinct is online. The pure desire and animal nature driven by the pure source energy depend on heaven and the source, and are free to be bound by creed and morality

It is freedom, not unnecessary, but whether you have it or not, you are focused, joyful and positive, because you not only walk in the world, but also shoulder another task as a doctor as a connecting channel of open energy at the source

So you will be very tired, not only to heal yourself, but also to heal others
This is not whether you are willing or not, but your natural attraction will make more emotional tributaries converge in one place. Your body and the sea will lead you because of personal emotion and higher self guidance. As an emotional comfort energy station that everyone can rely on, you will be relieved and relaxed when you are in a bad mood and emotion

What do you think of, your relationship with the higher self and the source
You are online as the higher self. As the higher self of all living beings, you work together with animals, plants, minerals and nature

Therefore, as a major, we should develop professional habits

For example, what to do when you have a negative head? The doctor will take medicine for a headache. You don’t need it, because your body should be more transparent and Qi with nature, flowers and trees, so you have your healing method, observe, watch and observe, and return to the healing center: nature, or meditate, meditate, or focus on interest and play

Of course, when more heavy energy comes, you may not be able to do anything. You can only endure it until your own food structure, conscious acceptance and tolerance are more tolerant, which will make it easier

Like me now, I am an experienced doctor who knows how to deal with it and form the habit by intuition
Intuition is also formed by habit. It’s intuition to want to eat meat when hungry. It’s also intuition to turn to substitute meat, milk fat and more vegetable oils instead of eating people
Intuition also needs to change and become a new field before there will be a new intuition program, which is launched by your wishes and consciousness. There is no waiting in vain

Every higher vibrational change and expansion of consciousness will restart your new DNA 🧬 Decode and restart your new chakra upgrade

Therefore, like taking care of pets at the source, it is equally important not only to take good care of the body, but also to take care of consciousness and emotion

Keep records and develop professional intuition habits

Become a healer who heals yourself and others. Develop the habit of professional intuition

Become more transparent by healing themselves and become a channel for others to heal themselves / themselves
Return your salt and sugar to Himalayan Pink Salt and bananas, and more

By analogy, all the desire and intuition to return to nature and the source can make you more transparent

Pioneer doctors are limit challengers, like tasting herbs, as long as they are launched by your consciousness and body together like the source

As a conduit and healer, it is your task and your soul plan. It can’t be ignored. It will make you uncomfortable, heavy and repeated

Only by connecting with the wisdom of the higher self, returning to the intuition and instinct of primitive animals, and accepting the unconditional love of the source and the open energy of the unity of all things

Start your physician and therapist journey with negative energy reception^_^


A path with the least resistance to your ascension events

No worry, no pressure;
No fear, no anger.

You just open your heart to life on earth at this moment. When you open your heart, you will get the energy given to you by us and other beings.

You are also more likely to be upgraded or activated, not because we choose those who are more open and relaxed. It’s because you need to loosen your fist to open your hand to accept, and so does energy. Therefore, we note that the most effective for mankind is acceptance.

If you can surrender and let go, you can be at the forefront of ascension, which is what you want, but if you continue to look for how “they” try to prevent you from ascending, you will continue to find more evidence to support this belief, and you will continue to put more people into the category of “them”, if this is your spiritual method, Then your enemy list may grow every day.

We know it’s hard to let go, and we know it’s hard to take your attention away from the dark ones, but it’s really not a reality you have to experience. If you make your life and spirituality an inner journey, it really doesn’t matter what others are doing. When you reach inner peace and send love to everyone in the universe, you will really start to change the people around you.

That would be a great satisfaction.
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are interested in observing your spiritual evolution to see what will affect your life, because we know that if something works on human beings on earth, it will certainly work on life elsewhere in the galaxy. There are so many teachings, processes, exercises, skills and spiritual practices that can help you get on track, and you also have your own life. Your experience on earth is so unique and heavy that life will promote you to grow and you have to evolve from it.

Get more activation and upgrades
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


At the beginning of the new world, it was not very different from now, but there would be freedom, no oppression, control and deception. This freedom can come in a short time.
Before that, many people will leave the world because it is their choice… Those who stay will reject the old social model and try their best to create a new society.
People want to build a much more balanced and friendly system. After a wide range of unrest, there will be some societies to work for the interests of mankind, not to obtain great power.
The creatures that control the world will not exist for a long time. Something will happen (we can’t tell you how). That will happen in the United States, but not only in the United States. Russia will also have a significant impact on the world, especially on Europe.
Some people in power will get great help from the Galactic brothers, and some people can’t believe and accept the existence of the Galactic brothers.
In short, please prepare for what will happen.
Source: Lumiere
Communication: Monique Mathew
Time: August 2021
The divine light is now ready to submerge the world with its great power.
Your world is moving forward, and the speed will be greatly accelerated. From now until the end of the year, many things will happen inside and outside you. How quickly these things happen depends on your state.
The dark ones will find it difficult to resist the power of light emitted by each of you. Although the dark light will exert its influence through fear, the divine light will free people from the vibration of fear by spreading light and love.
You all have the ability to spread light and love, but you sometimes feel tired and it is difficult to spread the magical light wave smoothly. Don’t blame yourself or feel sad about it. You are tired because you are too eager to enter the new world quickly and experience kindness, harmony, joy, peace and divine love. When this expectation is not satisfied, you will feel tired.
The dark light doesn’t want people to have such expectations, while the bright side wants people to have, because only in this way can as many people awaken and enter the new society and civilization.
Turbulence and expectation
Sananda: the spiritual Road
Primary energy and mass particle source yesterday
Sananda light age, dear friends!
The spiritual path requires great maturity and a deep and unconditional desire for the knowledge of its existence. This desire must awaken all realization and transcendence if one is to properly meet the challenge of this choice.
It is a fact that all human beings are spiritual, that is, the spiritual entity – the eternal and immortal spirit, but it is completely different when someone begins to consciously live, act, speak and think from this fact. This unconditional turn to the spiritual entity we call the “spiritual path”.
The biggest challenge of this path is to release all earthly illusions, dissolve all body related stimuli and reveal the views behind it. Unconditional will is necessary and must be awakened beyond all standards. The deception of human life must be viewed to some extent in order to take this road.
The great joy of being a man must give way to the insatiable desire to be God.
Everything succumbs to the urge to become God again – consciously in the body as a person.
The beauty of the earth and the pleasure of being a man must give way and be transformed into the subtle influence brought by spiritual consciousness.
The so-called “spiritual path” is the final decision made by mankind before it is re established. This is the final decision to restore the space of the soul, which naturally claims. Once the “saturation” of earthly experience occurs, people can make this decision. Beauty and ugliness are experienced as uncertain expressions, and people are removed from all the drama and joy of this reality.
An awakened spirit
It is no longer persistent, its actions are out of the needs of the soul – these actions are free, unrestrained, not forced, and always in harmony with our holiness.
Leave life as a person and behind the earth and integrate into the divine consciousness again – this deep desire burns in the souls of these people.
If the wheel of time and the reality of space do not exist, people are not ready to take the spiritual road that needs everything.
Only when the desire for God dominates everything and fills every breath, and only when one is on the spiritual path – only in this way can one mature, which leaves mankind and the earth behind – and then we are ready to complete what we were born in our body a long time ago – can human life be realized, Because through every fiber and every pore, the spiritual origin is expressed.
The longing for God is eternal, and it is also the only standard for taking this road. The fact that all human beings are spiritual beings is still unaffected. As long as consciousness disappears and falls into daily affairs, it will not grow. Stagnation occurs. Many spiritual practices show that these people are on the spiritual path, and the pure desire for the creator is the way to determine the awakening. All other exercises, means and ways of pretending to follow this path are instructions for self deception. What kind of yoga can bring inspiration? What kind of diet will take you to heaven? Which guru goes your way and performs tasks for you that are only suitable for you? Which church should you give the key to heaven? All this takes attention away from you and inspires unfulfilled hope. Of course, by following specific practices or instructions, you may feel healthier, refreshed and more comfortable, but you will not be able to get closer to your spiritual essence.
When your desire for fulfillment is above all else, you will become the dominant spirit – the era of “experiment” is over. Then, you face the creator. So far, all the decorations that make up your spiritual experience are far away. Then, your life will eventually be the only thing between you and God. In this way, you don’t need toys, meditation guides or adventure trips – neither diet plans nor rituals. This ballast is far from the awakened person.
For such a person, he is indeed a complete person, and every moment of his life reflects his spiritual essence. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what is important – it is time to get rid of most misleading “enlightenment AIDS”! Look at God’s face, pray for this grace, and give your life for it – believe it, it will happen.
Are you ready to meet God?
Break away from all the concepts you have built around this topic. When you are ready to meet God directly, the spiritual path will be trampled. Nothing else will allow you to participate in this experience.
If you want to spend more time in the illusion of the earth, do it. Do it completely and unrestricted! Taste the most! But if you hear the call of your soul and the desire for God rising in you, turn to these signs indefinitely and absolutely.
At present, this inner alarm has sounded an alarm to many people. Listen to it, listen to it, and take corresponding action, because time rises to light, in the light rises, and then comes to such an existence: then you have really embarked on the spiritual Road, because at that time you have matured into an entity and can receive the creator of the final gift – enlightenment.
Listen to the call of that voice, and your ears will listen to the voice of God, your Creator.
Look up to your spiritual existence and you will see the face of God.
Choosing the spiritual path is the beginning of the journey back to God. If your heart is full of it, choose!
From being and God’s help to you – you will enter his arms, because the decision is born in the bud of love carrying realization itself.
God is with you forever.
**Light conduction: Jan Castle


Help others perceive divine love
Source: Lumiere
Communication: Monique Mathew
It’s easy for us to love you! At our level, there is neither personality nor ego, so divine love is extremely easy, and there is no need to even think about it!
In matter, people operate in a completely different way. People are in binary opposition, and often in opposition to themselves, so it is difficult to understand a certain level of divine love.
The opposition and conflict between people are often caused by mutual incomprehension. In addition, people have a characteristic that they always want to impose their understanding of love on others in their relationship with others. This will not give others full freedom. This is not so much called “love” as “possessiveness” and “intolerance”
Children of the earth, divine love is the best thing in the universe! However, it is also the most difficult for people in the material world to understand and practice.
In short, the opposition and conflict between people are often due to their lack of understanding, who others are and how others are.
People are often limited to their own way of understanding, operation and love, and do not fully open themselves to try to understand others, operation and love. It is this that causes opposition and conflict.
Divine love is hard to say! It exists, can be experienced, perceived, expressed and presented. It wants nothing. It is all you can perceive and give! It cannot be quantified, it cannot be bound.
Once you want to manipulate the divine love according to your own intention, you will have opposition and conflict with others, because your ideas are different from each other. You can’t help but oppose each other, because you don’t understand others, you don’t understand yourself, and you don’t understand the way others perceive the vibration of love and their understanding of love.
Divine love is constantly developing and changing! Today you feel that someone has no divine love at all, but in a few days, his consciousness and dedication may surpass you.
Divine love can reveal itself to everyone in an instant, because it does exist! It is part of the divine breath and part of the divine life. It is divine life!
You are thinking, “how can you experience divine love when there is hatred around you?” We will answer, “once you see hatred around you, it means that you are not unified!”

The unfortunate, the sick and the angry cannot produce divine love. It’s not because they don’t have that kind of love, but they can’t find it, so they have dissatisfaction or jealousy. It may be a bit heavy to say that they “produce hatred”! Because they are opposed to themselves, they must be opposed to others.

Once you begin to really be in the vibration of divine love, you will only see the most beautiful and best things in others – no matter who they are! You will see the vibration of love that he himself cannot see.

Then your role will be to silently help him see his divine love. When he sees this vibration of love, he will gradually change the level of consciousness. He will no longer have dissatisfaction, no longer fight against his own life, things around him, himself and others!
If a person is dissatisfied with the people around him and a certain situation, it is because he has not found his inner divine love. This is a person who can’t live in peace with himself. He hasn’t found himself yet.
It is difficult for unfortunate people to understand divine love! He will envy those who seem happy and have no survival problems. Of course, the unfortunate man can’t give anything except violence and pain. He even goes to extremes to take the lives of others.

The task of all open-minded people is to ignore the dissatisfaction, irritability, anger and even excessive actions of some people. In fact, those people are expressing their lack, lack of holy love, pain and disappointment in life in their own way.

Then in the silence of your heart, find your inner divine love. Raise the vibration of love much higher than your own human consciousness, and then ask it to touch the hearts of those people. That’s it. There’s no need to talk.

When you give this divine love to those in the silence of your heart, they will perceive it, even if they are in a very irritable state.

The best gift you can give to human brothers is to help them perceive divine love, help them ascend to their own pain and confrontation with life.
Doing this once or twice may not be effective! Sometimes you have to do it over and over again to send enough love vibrations to others. If you think there are people around you who are in low energy, give them time to accept and absorb this new divine vibration so that they can open themselves at the spiritual and conscious levels.


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