Different “be yourself”😊

Different “be yourself”😊

To be a higher self, we must first put down our body, no longer resist and completely surrender. This is the first step

This step can not pass, indicating that he did not do higher self, but in the next three rounds of healing, blocking the ego will wheel and solar plexus

Being yourself here is to be the ego, that is, the ego separated from God and me. If there is an enemy, there will be no self, that is, 3D life continues, because the enemy is himself, as well as good and evil

How to come out? How to submit? The first is to resist. First, resist in anger, and constantly learn how to return to balance, rest and heal, learn forgiveness and forgiveness, and better understand your relationship with others

Everything comes from yourself. Everything comes from yourself. It is achieved in resistance, because this is the process of knowing the ego. With this process, you can slowly learn how to get along with the ego

After getting along well with the ego, they also begin to learn to get along with others. This is the source. Heal the injured ego until they are no longer interested in resistance and tired of living with human enemies. They learn to start from serving themselves, serving the ego, loving the ego and loving themselves to serving others in the high vibration mood of faith and connecting with the higher ego

Learn to be considerate and understanding, and learn that what others have done is what they have done, so as to send out judgmental compassion, that is, others need help and salvation

This is the second step, from serving yourself to serving others, but this is the transitional version of the first step to surrender to a higher self. It has not really surrendered and put down, and has not completed the healing, because helping others, saving others and serving others are actually experiencing how to help yourself, protect yourself and feel more secure, go to extremes, and become a martyr service

These two steps are to learn how to accept and let go. You are still wandering at the door of regaining your confidence, true nature and perfection until you are not interested in serving others. You begin to return to the role of creator and realize that everything is showing yourself, understanding yourself and reflecting on your mind. At this time, you will not have enemies, because you will laugh, “Meet me again”, “Hello, what can I do for you, enemy”

This is the third step, from personal resistance to serving others, and then from lofty ideals and missions to living from the heart and turning to the life of your Creator. Your enemies will be fewer and fewer

Because you are stable in the sixth dimension consciousness, the unity and unity of serving yourself and serving others. At this time, because you are stable in a higher consciousness, you can see the third dimensional ego’s will to resist, the fourth dimensional will to love yourself, and the fifth dimensional mission will to serve and serve others

These three steps can take a long time, but you can’t jump, because this is the structure of the matrix. That’s how the universe defines different timelines and dimensional spaces,

The next three chakras (root chakra, sexual chakra and solar plexus) define the third earth universe,

The heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye define the fifth dimensional earth universe,

The crown wheel, thymus wheel and thalamus wheel define the seventh dimensional earth universe

The universe is within you

Of course, when you return to the balance point, you also have more choices. You play like a child in a higher consciousness, live by intuition in a higher mind, and serve others and yourself freely. In the same pattern, you will pay attention to the second half of the sentence and cannot enter the first half of the sentence. Because it is not stable and higher-dimensional living habits have not been formed, it is important to complete karma conversion

Because even if consciousness is stable, life is not stable and will disturb you. At this time, it is the waiting time for you to return to the other side, live in the last third and fourth dimensional karmic life, and slowly loosen the binding

What should we untie? Judgment. We mentioned compassion in judgment above. This also needs to be untied and no longer judge, but as many children say, we can’t do it without judgment

What kind of Kung Fu? Introspection and judgment are also part of the ego

The relatively higher self-consciousness is the ego, so there are not only the ego with split personality in the third dimension, but also the ego of the fourth dimension, the ego of the fifth dimension, the ego of the seventh dimension and the ego of the 12th dimension blueprint. They can only say that they are getting weaker and weaker, not no, and have different definitions

Until you find that the ego is invincible. Only by constantly developing new ways of speaking and behavior, you not only learn the same, but also sincerely want to change and live a different life

Don’t treat high-dimensional life as an inappropriate life. It’s like a divine realm and a fairyland. You need to eat, drink and sleep, but what you eat and drink is more and more refined, and the output is naturally more refined and more ideas change

That’s why we always emphasize living and practicing

This is to test whether you have really digested the open and accepted conscious energy, become a new habit, and constantly update the new habit

Being a higher self has nothing to do with others, because you are one with others

It’s not easy, but there’s no need to force or surrender. Just go all the way, learn all the way, and return to the spiritual God and me all the way

When others are one with themselves, all things will be one with you. It is not a divine power, but to act and connect with the higher self

It is necessary to take risks, resist in constant balance, and summarize the experience of serving yourself and others. It is necessary to allow yourself to experience what is no longer worrying. Whether it is money or livelihood, it is not unnecessary, but not the only way of life. You have more choices

More choices are the beginning of your multidimensional life, because you have entered the possible life, and you are living a life that constantly adjusts the frequency to carry more timelines

Possibility is the infinite essence

Isn’t it very simple? You’ve been doing it all the time, but mostly in circles

Because they dare not try new ways of working, they have changed from self-reliance, self-consciousness and self-awareness to self creation that no longer acts according to the eyes of others

Because they dare not try a new way of life, they are composed of family, relatives, relatives and friends. They can no longer find themselves and be their own way of life

Everything is possible. Just try and sum up experience, especially in those areas that feel constrained and are inertia, lazy, unpowered and unwilling to challenge

This is the beginning of a new life and the change you want

Not only read posts, but also live^_^


What Does Humble Mean? It Means You Are Open.

Heavenletter #5325 Published on: June 23, 2015

God said:

Come to the place where you love yourself. Love yourself as I love you.
I love you. I see the pure light that you are. I love you as Myself. You are Myself.

For you to love yourself doesn’t mean you consider yourself imperious. You don’t see yourself as above others. You are not the Queen of the May. You make mistakes and are not bound by them. You make no excuses. You are Being.

There is no separation between Us, yet there is separation between you and ego. Your ego is an adjunct you do not take seriously. Just when you think you know everything, just when you think you’ve got life down pat, that’s when you are riding for a fall. You no longer swagger.

When you love yourself, you are humble. You see the wondrousness of yourself, yet you are humble. What does humble mean? It means you are open. You are receptive to others. You are aware you still have much to learn. You are not a know-it-all. You know that everyone contains the same spirit as you.

The expertise of life is to love. You come from love. You don’t parade it. You are it. It is the chair you sit in. It is the view you see from. Loving yourself certainly doesn’t mean you are stuck on yourself. You can be awestruck at the wonder of you and the wonder of others and the wonder of God Who created you and everyone and everything, yet you are not exactly in love with yourself. You do not love yourself to distraction.

Your personality still exists, yet your personality isn’t everything. It certainly isn’t everything it used to be. Your personality amounts to a frill. Your heart belongs to Me, and so you serve. You serve everyone and everything with your desire for Oneness above all. You blossom. You climb another notch in service to Me, the Universe, and the people in your life. This does not mean that you label yourself as high or medium or anything at all. You do not label anyone.

You do not call yourself a great humanitarian, yet you serve humanity. You do not call yourself even a great servant to Me, yet you serve Me greatly. Your attention is on giving, yet you do not call yourself a great giver. You are aware that your greatest attribute is God Who also serves you. When I serve you, I serve the Universe and all the joined hearts the Universe contains. This includes what are called past and present and future. Neither you nor I collect trophies. We serve. It as natural for Us to serve as it is natural for you to eat, as natural as it is for you to move, as natural as it is for the Sun to rise.

You who are Self-Realized are not self-conscious. You have God-Consciousness. You are conscious of Me. Your attention is not on yourself for your attention is on greater than your small self.

You do not neglect yourself. You do not sacrifice. You are following your joy. You do not restrict yourself. You expand yourself. Your Self now includes everyone and everything. You forget yourself, so to speak, while you are your Self. You have found what you are looking for. You do not aggrandize yourself. You find yourself by encompassing the Universe. You are grateful for your life force. You force nothing. You are everything.

You walk around the world. As you walk around the world, you make the world better with all the power of God vested in you. You are My exponents. You are My hands and feet. You are the fulfillers of My desires. My desires have become yours. There is no yours and Mine. There is Oneness. There is Allness which is the same as Oneness.
You are I, and I am you.


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