Everyone who once lived there has a certain degree of darkness, and few people can live in peace with darkness.

Everyone who once lived there has a certain degree of darkness, and few people can live in peace with darkness.

“An old leader told me today, don’t always think of yourself as a clean stream. Others are black. You’re always out of group. Don’t always think you have strong light. In fact, you can’t beat others. You really think you have strong light. You’re just a firefly. In this darkness, you’re just a firefly. What can fireflies do… Maybe because I don’t talk much, people don’t want to
I met such a leader or colleague in a similar institution… He said that the world was dark… And said that he would not let others become fireflies or lights [facepalm]. Should I stay away from such units or people

Does he suppress a “firefly” so much? Is my light still not strong enough, or is it really too dark? How can we live in peace or stay away

Should I stay away from this darkness or stay away from it? For a long time, I just be myself. In this crowd, I don’t think I can play any role. “

It’s impossible not to communicate with people in the crowd. Just listen. Whether you respond or not, you’re grinding your temper. Continue to distinguish between darkness and light, or continue to do your own Kung Fu as always. Fireflies never shine or don’t shine because of what others say and do, nor do they try to shine or don’t shine in order to defeat who and illuminate who, Try to sum up more experience, speechless^_^

Remember, you don’t need to give answers to people who don’t seek answers. You can be an audience or enthusiastic helper. Energy transmission is more important than language. Of course, it’s good to train, share and express more. Continue to expand and expand your thoughts

Disobedience is a reminder and suggestion given to you by the leader as a bystander. The higher self is everywhere and can bring you high vibration changes. For example, this leader is helping you expand and upgrade the chakra, because you have blocked places, sexual chakras and ego will solar plexus. In the third dimensional world, sexual energy dominates one’s manifestation and creativity, To the fourth dimension, she still needs her energy supply, because it will promote a person’s enthusiasm, participation, compassion and great love. She still plays a role in the future higher dimensional life. Just because of the improvement of mobility, the sexual wheel exists as an energy supply and interacts with the last three rounds. Similarly, look inside at what is not satisfied with her inner ego, Only those who have released, healed and satisfied will pay. They are not only connected to the soul, but also impassable to the soul. Therefore, the leader is reminding you that you need to dredge where you are blocked. First, it is not to stay away, resist or cater. First, focus on your own joy, healing and rest, and open your heart knot and pain

No matter what your company or family is, it is the reflection of your own mind that dominates your work and life. It is not to force a smile for survival, but to do your job willingly, joyfully, enthusiastically and with interest, and more. It is to spare no effort to help people in need and those who come for help, This is the strength of your existence as the light of firefly. Being yourself in softness, the connecting power of higher mind, and the questioning, decomposition and reconstruction of all ideas, beliefs, right and wrong, height, size, light and darkness. The “one” is not separated, and needs a little practice, proficiency and mastery

The value of the awakened light worker is not to be eloquent and defeat the enemy. On the contrary, he is still doing his oneness homework in the absence of all honors, wealth and trophies: it exists because you have a new interest and focus, which is no longer related to medals, but to ascension. When your attention turns here, all the work you participate in Unit personnel and family members, all people and things around you are related to your ascension, upgrade chakras, expand mind, purify consciousness and return to infinity and source essence

Listening to people’s advice that can bring you high vibration is the first step. Try to change and practice, and constantly summarize your ways of dealing with people and things in practice

“I’m not accusing them of being out of tune for a long time. They don’t work and have a relationship.”

Looking at other people in the unit, people who do not engage in relations also need to engage in relations in the high dimension. We call it diplomatic ability, so nothing is useless. Not everything can be balanced through going straight. It is necessary to infiltrate like water. Although they are living now, they will become power after awakening in the future, Therefore, it can’t be said that you must be right and others must be wrong. Interpret it with a larger picture and a longer time axis,

Existence is reasonable. Focus more on exploring rationality

Relax, reduce confrontation and judgment, immerse yourself in comfort and baby warmth, and make up for the lack

Understand what brings you high vibration? What helps you open the blockage is what brings you high vibration

Find the original motivation for your work. Why don’t you have motivation? If you pay too much and lack mental strength, you will naturally complain. It’s still that. Be yourself who is happy, interested and motivated. The part with emotional resistance is the blocked part. Still maintain your release, rest and healing process. If you are tired, you should reduce your pay and refuse to pay more

Try to adjust to a good mood
You don’t need to know where it’s blocked. You’ll know when your mood is comfortable and free from confusion

Why do you like solitude and pure nature? Because of inertia, you have been alone since reincarnation. Naturally, you don’t like to live with more people. A person in high vibration prefers solitude and purity. All the above is not to let you do what others do, but to reduce and stop judging the irrationality of others and being against you when interacting with you, Holding on to the past will only increase hatred


Everyone who once lived there has a certain degree of darkness, and few people can live in peace with darkness. Most people are afraid of it, ashamed of it, or deny its existence. Never mind, be yourself; It is normal and natural to have very dark thoughts and even desires, because you are human, where you have human experience.

Everyone has darkness & awakening in a dream

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

We love every person on earth thoroughly, and we love every aspect of each of you, because we know that you have endured a certain amount of darkness in order to be able to incarnate in the density of this earth level.

Everyone who once lived there has a certain degree of darkness, and few people can live in peace with darkness. Most people are afraid of it, ashamed of it, or deny its existence. Never mind, be yourself; It is normal and natural to have very dark thoughts and even desires, because you are human, where you have human experience.

Remember, none of this represents your true identity, but a real illusion, an illusion in which you are determined to participate, because you want to explore all aspects of the source.
The experience of people on earth is only part of it. Yes, whether you come to earth with an avatar, ten avatars, a hundred avatars, or a thousand avatars, there are many reasons, but it is always related to knowing that you are the source on the day of the end.

To become sober in it, you must be able to accept the dream of this source. If you resist the dream, then you are still in the dream and don’t realize you are dreaming. So it means living in peace with others and your own darkness. Remember, to some extent, you love everyone as much as we do. You know that everyone is playing a game as they do. This is a game you all agree to play together. Darkness is an illusion, not the truth. When you think of this, you can happily bypass it and still keep the love for ascension in your heart.
When you’re not in love, you’re pretending you’re not. You want love to be the basis of what you think, do and say. You can reach an agreement with yourself now. We suggest you do this because it’s time for you to be yourself and invite others to your party. If you prove that you can maintain the vibration of love within, others will wonder how you do it.

Then you will really become a leader and teacher on earth, because then the students will be ready. No matter how you accept this information, one day you will have students who will see you as a master, and unconditional love is what you have to master there. Because it is much more difficult to do this where you live now, we not only love you, but also respect you.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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