“Is there a conflict between inner peace and acceptance, and safeguarding one’s own interests?”^_^

“Is there a conflict between inner peace and acceptance, and safeguarding one’s own interests?”

You already have the answer, but you just need to determine whether you are affected by your own or other people’s judgment. Of course, there is no conflict. It is yours inside and outside, and it also happens because of your existence. What conflict will there be? Where does the conflict come from? Judge and repeat the same way of speaking and behavior, and try to change it, using unity or silence

“Can we express ourselves?”

You have been expressing yourself. No matter whether you say or do, resist or endure, the true meaning of expressing yourself is the same as this article. You can name it “different ‘expressing yourself'”, which is opposite to the expression of ego, serving yourself and serving others. It is suggested to go back and replace “being yourself” with “expressing yourself” and read it again

Remember, what comes from others comes from you

Energy language, for reference,

Ask yourself what kind of expression you want, and then try to change it
“When you feel that your own interests are damaged, can you bravely express your feelings and values? What is the difference between this and complete acceptance?”

This is the difference between time and no time, just like the difference between a person who is hurt and a person who is open to the challenge, just like the difference between constantly resisting oppression and another person who constantly lights up his life. Do you understand that the vibration frequency is different, and the feelings and results brought to you are also different. Although the results are not important, ask yourself, What kind of attitude and way do you want to deal with people, and whether you are stable at all times without reducing the frequency and connecting with the higher self

If you don’t always submit to the connection with the higher self, you can’t distinguish it, because the way of behavior and speaking have not changed. More importantly, you can practice full acceptance only when you have a continuous and stable light source. First, it’s not difference, but

“How to connect with the higher self” https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/cebsMDn2NgGI3AfXvR746g

You can express your feelings bravely, but you should understand that this process is to experience and help yourself get out of the victim’s identity and take full responsibility for yourself, including the part you have been hurt. This process is also repeated, and you are no longer interested in making enemies. When you no longer want to live such a day, karma release takes time, Until you return to balance and peace anyway

Victim / perpetrator / rescuer

Rescuer = victim = perpetrator


How can one person do for another what he should have done himself?

Well, we want to remind you that everyone on earth represents your other side at this moment.

Everyone in your world represents “you” living in another time. So whenever you see someone doing what you think is reprehensible and judge that person, in a sense, you are judging yourself.

You judge yourself because you have done the same thing in your previous life, but in fact, you just can’t forgive yourself for doing it.

So, back to the question of how and why you want to clean up for other members of the human collective, we must say that whenever you stimulate the emotion of some members of the collective, an emotion that numbs themselves, you also do so for your previous life, and you are integrating them. Dealing with problems for others will make you more perfect. Now, your ego thinks, why do you do this and what’s the point of doing this? Remember, your ego is based on separation. Your ego believes that you are the only one living in this world, and your ultimate goal is to live as much as possible.

But the real you, the real you, the higher conscious you, know that you are anything, anyone. You are the source and all this, so when you process, purify and clean up for others, it means that you are doing the same for your other aspects. Therefore, you are responsible for this peak. Now you see more human compatriots in need of help. You are arousing their anxiety, their fear, their sadness and their anger in a typical way of awakening their souls. You are doing something about it.

But doing these things doesn’t include action. It involves feeling. It involves being willing to sit down with a feeling that, as a result, you don’t get the rewards, honors and statues you deserve. So you have us. We will remind you that you are doing valuable work for mankind there. We want you to know that we are very proud of you. We also want you to know that this work is being rewarded, which is the reward of all mankind, including your past self. You are taking mankind to a higher level of consciousness. This is worthy of praise and celebration. Please be sure of yourself and know that the changes you have made are exactly what you have been planning to make.

We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to communicate with you


You must believe in your creation^_^

“A person who wants to create better truth and better reality for all”.

You can and have created better realities, but you must believe in them and yourself in order to finally experience them.

When you create according to your feelings, you know what you want. You won’t create something you don’t like. It’s that simple.

You need to have faith. You must surrender and let go in order to have more beautiful creation. Yes, there are always beautiful creations, because you are not the only one. There are many co creators working with you to create a better future for all mankind, which is what most people are pursuing at the moment.

This is another reason why we find it strange. Why people are always looking for predictions about the future. We also find it strange that an awakened person tells you that there is a reality that neither of you have experienced, but why do people believe in its existence and still affect you and others. If you don’t like the reality you hear, don’t expect it to come to you. You don’t have to experience it. Instead, you can use the reality you are told to know more clearly what you want to experience, especially when this reality is completely opposite to the inevitable future of all mankind you know.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are always in the process of creation. We know we are creating. We know that creation is a natural by-product of existence. When you do anything or experience anything, you are in the process of creation, because you are thinking consciously or subconsciously. Your experience is because you want to experience more things, or you want to experience the opposite of what happened in your life at that moment. Creation doesn’t just happen when you look for it. When consciously creating, you will certainly pay great attention to the details you want to experience, but when subconsciously creating, you may send a signal, equivalent to “please give me something better than this!”

It’s easy to forget that you have so many creations and so many constructed realities there. It’s easy to think you’re at the bottom, use the most basic tools, or just start from scratch with what you have. In fact, you already have so many creations, and most of the work you do now is fine-tuning. You can continue to create your works, just like a great painter, you can put down the brush at any time, or you can pick up the brush again and continue to create.



How to connect with the higher self^_^

Call the higher self name continuously every day to prevent distractions for a moment. This is the first step to prevent distractions. Then you have the ability to observe distractions. As soon as you come out, you will immediately replace them with the higher self name. You don’t drive away distractions. You just think about the higher self. If you have distractions, it only means a little, not thinking about the higher self, This completes the first step of connecting with the higher self: always think about it and become the degree of not forgetting its left and right even when meditating every day

Next, in order for the higher self to settle down, we should act according to the guidance of the higher self. We can make mistakes, but there is one thing that is always in the heart. Therefore, the heart chakra, the third eye and the mind will launch together to help you live the life taught by the higher self. This is the second step. Listen to the words of the higher self and improve your balance in life, Because you may exert too much or insufficient force, you need to go your own way in letting go. Together with the people around you, you are free and everyone is free. Through letting go and acceptance

The third step is to constantly learn the difference and discrimination between the ego and the higher ego in the practice and practice of receiving the teaching of the higher ego, constantly give the ego the necessary nourishment, feeding, exercise and care for the inner child and the outer body, and constantly cooperate to complete the DNA upgrading and intelligent transition in a soft and continuous way, which is the necessary transformation process of the body needed by the higher ego, That is, both the ego body and the higher self intelligence can stabilize, and you need to live longer, so always let yourself be clear, awake and self-conscious in intuition and unconditional unity. This is the third step to become the higher self and have the boundaries beyond human emotion and constant freedom from religion, worship, survival, sex and free will

Next, you will go online as the higher self, eat, drink, sit, lie, behave, the higher self is everywhere, the unity of the ego and the higher self, and the source energy residence exists

Health care: high vibration diet and high vibration growth environment, such as mineral water, fresh vegetables, melons, fruits and nuts, transition from plain oil and butter, from pasta to egg, from mineral salt and sea salt, and sugar is supplemented by bananas or occasionally sweets. Main purpose: eat less gradually, try not to eat dinner, and transition with snacks and nuts, Until the supplement is completed before dinner, try not to eat more before going to bed, step by step and summarize more experience

Then try to eat only one meal and supplement your daily needs with fruits and nuts, but don’t exclude the supplementary food you want to eat occasionally

Environment: be more close to nature, pay attention to the natural healing of the body, pay attention to barefoot and river water immersion, and challenge winter clothes when you are confident, so as to awaken the self-healing ability of thymus in DNA

Expand your thinking: share your higher self transmission and try to summarize and share yourself

“You awakened people have a very important goal to serve on earth. There you should light the way, set an example, guide, and open the door for those who are not open enough. You can do this. You are doing this. More than ever, you need to be road signs and messengers of light, people who realize that you are one on earth. There is no reason to split, or even feel split. It’s time to show your fellow humans what’s possible. You can do this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, leaping in faith and doing what you’ve always wanted to do. “


Energy language

How to make your words full of energy?

Use the language of the higher self.
Most of us read the spiritual message every day. This is the beginning of learning the language of the higher self. We believe that all roads lead to Rome. There is nothing that can’t help you connect with the higher self.

This is the language of energy.

Energy language first comes from your wordless and less language, because at this time, you live more with yourself, with consciousness, and learn to communicate with the soul, with the higher self, and with the source.

But all this cannot be compared with your high-energy interests and hobbies, because it comes from the guidance of your incarnation plan.
What is telepathy is the transitional stage between spoken language and energy language. We all have such experience. We receive some information, but we are not clear until we see the spiritual message and understand what we receive.

The former is telepathy, which is only responsible for receiving and not for interpretation, while the latter is energy language, which is both received and clear.

How to express the received information clearly?

See how the higher self is expressed? George Stankov’s Radio metaphor provides an answer: the information transmission mechanism of high-frequency carrier and modulated low-frequency signal.

First of all, you should have high and low frequency transmission potential energy, which is also a simple physics. The principle of all power generation. A sufficiently high potential energy difference determines the intensity and distance of power generation. Language is the same. Flood is not language, it is telepathy. The reservoir is language, because language must be full of energy and accurate. It can not only store water, but also have a certain flow and direction.

What is it, is to connect the higher self. Our energy supply is transmitted from the higher self, not from top to bottom, but from the multidimensional space in the body, the continuous source energy supply.

Energy language learning can also learn how to connect with the higher self.

How do we learn language? We start with words, start with a word, and start with the shape and structure of words. Energy language is also, but the shape and structure of words are not visible. That is energy. How to realize resonance.

Looking at spiritual news for a long time, in fact, we have found our preference for higher self language. This is periodic resonance. The reason why it is a stage is that you are open to everything, only listen to interests and hobbies, and don’t set limits for yourself.

In the early stage, the preference of higher self language is the same as that of writing poetry and novels, and writing poetry and writing through immersive higher self state.

Therefore, when you begin to like to speak and write your own words, you begin to think about words and sentences, because you are no longer a flood of speaking and writing, and you begin to learn to connect with your higher self a little.

What is it? Before writing down your words, ask what you want to say, what you want, what you want to express, what you want to know and what you want to ask.

This is the energy storage reservoir to prepare for the water level difference behind.

Receiving and sending are the same. Only when receiving is high, deep and far can there be high pitched, deep ringing and remote broadcasting.
If you receive book knowledge, you can only send out books rather than higher self words. Of course, if you receive school education, you can only say what the school wants to say, not higher self words. If you only receive news reports, you can only become a radio trumpet rather than a higher self radio. You only pay attention to world reviews and celebrities, and naturally imitate their posture and voice, which is not higher self, Even psychics and scientists are not higher self.

Of course, this is also a process.

There is only one person in the higher self, that is your inner multi-dimensional space.

We also said that you can’t interpret what you don’t know. What should you know, that is, in high-energy interests and hobbies, which is also to modulate low-frequency signals so that you can express the words of the higher self.

The low-frequency signal in your matrix is all the knowledge you have learned. It carries the high-frequency vibration from the higher self and becomes a language that can be understood by others in a specific frequency band after modulation and loading.

Yes, your higher self words can only be received by people with a specific vibration frequency, so don’t expect people all over the world to receive them. In fact, only a few people can receive them in this transition period. How many? Similar to the proportion of higher self and psychic, it is also the proportion of 7 billion to the number of psychics, because 7 billion people have at least 1000 higher self per person, Therefore, only a psychic of a specific frequency can receive the transmission of the higher self of a specific frequency, and the message we receive now cannot be seen by others unless he / she wakes up.

This is also the charm of evolution. It is not linear or gradual, but sudden, sudden change and sudden outbreak. It takes place in the current three, four, five or three months, this year and next year.

There is no right or wrong in the words of the higher self, so you will not judge. You there only focus on interest and expansion until liberation, and only focus on the consolidation of pure consciousness and essence.

In fact, this is also the confusion of talkers. Why is it not full of energy, accurate and guiding direction.

The higher self says that you need to be selected. First, whether you have enough interest.

There are very transparent psychics who don’t care whether they are interested or not. One advantage is that they have less interference and don’t even care whether they wake up or not.

But this is impossible for awakened people, because you already know, so you are not only a transparent channel, but a higher self channel with your own opinions. What do you mean?
You are one with the higher self, that is, you have only “yes” and no “no”, whether there is interference or interference.

In other words, what you see, hear and understand will also become a part of the words of the higher self. However, if you want to carry the high-frequency vibration of the higher self, you have to resonate with the words of the higher self. What?

Whether there is enough high energy to promote interest.

Whether it serves spiritual release rather than contraction.

Whether it is conducive to the expansion of consciousness until liberation.

Whether it is beneficial to the purity of consciousness.

Whether it has consolidated the higher self essence of “you are the spirit, you are the source”.

You may find that if you pay attention to energy language, you don’t care whether the grammatical structure of the language and whether verbs, nouns or adjectives are in place, whether it is questions, negative sentences or negative negation. You only care about flow and abstract inspiration, like a poem but equipped with pictures and sounds, like a song but extremely abstract.

This is the connection between the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras. Through the heart chakra in the middle and the heart in the heart, the lower three chakras, root chakra, sexual chakra and solar plexus chakra only flow, regardless of abstraction, because it is unreasonable, while the upper three chakras, throat chakra, three eye chakra and top chakra are necessary to be abstract, because it involves wisdom expression, higher self positioning and higher self transmission, and it is also Bodhi and Bodhi ǒ)、 The abstraction of consciousness.

In other words, what you learn and think will serve you as the transmission of your higher self, not on the contrary, all your knowledge and thoughts will serve the cosmic law, spiritual release, consciousness expansion, consciousness purification and essence consolidation.

Why, because this is what the higher self wants to express, and your expression resonates with it, you will have your own expression as the higher self.

This is also a process.

Remember, high energy interests and hobbies are above all teachings at any time, whether afraid or not.

Everything is fine.



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