Thanks and blessings^_^

Thanks and blessings

People will say, what is the use of gratitude and blessing, and where is food and medicine to be real.

You can do it, but why don’t most people have this opportunity? Because food and medicine can’t save people. People’s hunger is not in the body, but in the mind. People’s disease is not in the body, but in lack. What is lacking? Theory.

Yes, the theory comes from your ceaseless liberation of the expansion of your consciousness. For thousands of years, countless people have stopped to save people’s suffering and difficulties, because it is easier and more direct. It’s a big deal to spend their lives to make money to buy food and medicine. Great virtues committed to saving people’s suffering and difficulties have fallen one after another, and endless hunger and disease have no end.

In unity and union, food and medicine and theory do not conflict. It is “one” and “not taking food and medicine to heart” can also save suffering and difficulties. What is that?

Help others, but don’t be sad. Sadness can’t save others. Helping others is not a matter of decades, but a matter of hundreds and thousands of years. Wouldn’t it be better to let the helped embark on self-reliance and no longer regard others as saviors.

Gratitude is better than sadness. Thank those who give you, but also thank what you already have. In faith, you know that only thanks and contentment can have peace and joy. Sadness and lack can only need more food and medicine from lack.

Do not judge, do not judge the one who saves trouble, nor judge the one who focuses on theory and does not save trouble.

World teachers will not focus on saving lives and fighting with you. People will not really die. What can we worry about? Life after death is more free than having a body, and what can we miss.

Are you aware of anything? Stagnation, stagnation, more theories and expanding consciousness need more patience and silence without judgment.

You can be angry, but don’t hate, let alone judge people. You just focus on your, not judge.

Why did great virtues fall because of hatred? The one who said, how can great virtues hate? Hatred and compassion are one. Because of lack, the more you don’t care about yourself, the more you care about others. This is compassion. It comes from helplessness and hatred for yourself and others. Because great virtue has more patience and hard work than ordinary people. Hatred grows day by day, but can’t bear it, Leading to the impoverishment of those who should have become self-help and followers of the supreme, because they are still looking forward to the Savior.

Send your blessings. Blessings will make people more confident. Blessings will also make more food and drug suppliers appear. But more importantly, you will not only give food and drugs, but also make the rescued face fear and dare to shoulder their responsibilities. First, you will stop judging, no longer be sad, be satisfied with what you already have, and no longer only see what you don’t have, No longer only worry about what you don’t get.

You think too much about compassion^_^

People who are extremely frightened and irrational can’t help themselves. Except that food and medicine can reassure her / him, your judgment can’t help.

People who concentrate on food and medicine can’t help themselves, because they want more. Otherwise, how does nature disappear, how does clean soil disappear, how does clean water disappear, and how does fresh air disappear.

What is robbed, what should be returned, and what must be returned is now, whether it is children, women and children, the elderly or people who lack food and clothing.

But you are only with them, why can’t you be with them, because you can’t stand it, you can’t help judging, why, because you can’t stand being with them.

Can you accept death without judgment in the expansion of theory and consciousness, can you accept hunger without judgment in the extension of theory and ideological emancipation, can you accept the suffering of others without judgment in only focusing on your own peace and joy, because you have experienced it, and believe that others can experience it, which is no different from yourself.
Everything comes from yourself, and everything comes from yourself.

Thank you for bringing the world back to balance. Your eyes are not only human, but also animals and nature.
Give your thanks. Thank you for the balance that makes people return to balance. In your eyes, there are not only people around you, but also yourself.

Without one’s own focused healing, there is no balance, no peace and pleasure. Without one’s own peace and pleasure, what can one use to heal others.

Judgment can’t save people, struggle can’t save people, and food and medicine can’t save people.

Let the fearful person face fear, where she / he will be reborn.

Let the dead face death, where she / he will meet the Jedi, even dead.
Let the hungry face hunger, where she / he will find the source of abundance.

Can’t bear it? Send your thanks and blessings.

Thank you for what you already have and regard you as one with others / others, but you only know peace and pleasure, not judgment.

Still want to judge, be patient and offer blessings.

Bless the balance of the world and the people.

The first is to balance yourself.

Care more about yourself, make yourself rich and satisfied, care more about yourself, make yourself rich, and emancipate your expanding consciousness.

Let yourself be rich in the purification of consciousness.

Make yourself rich in the consolidation of infinite essence.

This is to let go. You have nothing. What can you put down? You haven’t experienced anything, experienced, rich and satisfied. How can you put down everything.

The first is the abundance of theory and consciousness.

Make yourself happy, no matter what you do, say, think, encounter or dream.
Let yourself be peaceful and happy. That is the source of your satisfaction and the foundation of your salvation.
It’s the need of balance. With these, human beings will know what fear is. It’s harmless, what fear is, and there’s nothing to fear, because the inner fear is released.

Focus on your own healing, train the way of speaking and doing things in integration and union in contact with others, there is no right or wrong, only the difference between the way of speaking and doing things.

All is well, and a new life is at hand.


Ascension 1 10 what is evil( (III)

Diary in Yuan


Monastic fable

Once upon a time, there were two men of the same age. They were both born in an ordinary family. One of them has a very shrewd business mind. He uses his talent to accumulate wealth. He had hardly left his parents’ home before he made a small achievement. By the time he was three years old, he had become the richest man in the town.

Another man does not pursue wealth, and he is not too keen on hard work. He is a poet and musician. What he likes to do most is to sit by the river all day fishing and compose music.
However, although these two people look completely different, they both have a strong interest in spirituality. They are all eager for their enlightenment. So they all decided to devote themselves to their spiritual growth. They decided that the best way to realize this wish was to join the monastery on the mountain.

Z: They want to be monks?

8: That’s it. One of the requirements of this monastery is that monks should swear poverty, give up all property and give up all attachment to material things.

Z: Ha ha, the rich man will struggle for it!

8: That’s true! Since he has been accumulating wealth all his life, he is also very good at this, and this has become the standard for him to measure success and the basis for many people’s high respect for him… It is really difficult for him to put down his wealth. On the other hand, the poor man did not have such difficulties. Because he has almost nothing, he has nothing to give up!

Z: Yes, I see. But what does this have to do with your statement of “choosing to stop being a victim”?

8: Not so obvious. Be patient. I’ll get to the point. You see, as required, they swore poverty and joined the monastery. Both became brothers of the order, and neither had any property.

Z: OK.

8: What do you think? Which of them knows better in their soul what it means to choose poverty or wealth?

Z: Ah, I see! Only the rich man can really realize the value of this decision. He really knows what it means to give up all his wealth and property.

8: Yes. This is also true of the binary reality you live in. You are all full of opportunities for victims. Every day you have a million different opportunities to attract you to become a victim again. Whenever you turn on the TV, newspaper or magazine, you will be bombarded by the news that you are the victim again and again.
Your political, legal and financial systems are based on “you are all victims”, and they all try to keep you in this state.

Your employer needs you to be a victim so that you can continue to do what you hate for money.

Everywhere, every direction you see is surrounded by your victim complex and presented to you on a big plate.
And it’s all very fascinating and addictive. So you always think it’s good, correct and responsible to get the job, pay the mortgage, buy insurance to protect against every conceivable disaster and so on; Ask those experts about everything, from what is right and moral, to what is the reality of your soul, what is good for your health, what you should eat, how you should get along with your life partner, and how you should treat your children… You know what I mean… You are addicted to being a victim.

And there will be some very attractive benefits. You say, “it’s not my fault! I didn’t do it! It’s not fair! ” And my personal favorite sentence, “Why me?”( You will feel as if you can blame others for anything. ” They misunderstood me! I was cheated! They never gave me a chance! ” So you let yourself out without any responsibility.

Something quite addictive.
And it’s childish, don’t you think?

Z: Yes, when you say that, it sounds as if we are all just children losing their temper.

8: Sometimes it can be seen like this. But it doesn’t matter. The meaning of childhood is to experience. From these experiences, we begin to find ourselves and decide what we want to be when we grow up. Childhood is a difficult time, so I think it is inevitable to lose a little childish temper. Moreover, after that period, everyone did grow up. The sign of growth is… Taking responsibility. This is what adults do. Spiritually mature beings are those who are willing to take absolute responsibility for all their experiences.

Z: Spiritual children are not responsible? Spiritual children see themselves as victims?

8: Yes.

Z: Um. So I think it’s time to give up victim addiction.

8: Yes. Just as a rich man gives up his attachment to wealth and secular power, just as an addict gives up his drug addiction, you will know from the depths of your soul that you have finally ended the victim complex. When you ascend from this binary system to your own creator state, you will never believe that you are a victim again. You will see through all the most beautiful disguises of the victim complex. You will overcome it from your own experience, decisions and soul. You create yourself as a creator. This is the only reasonable way to become a creator.

Z: Ha ha! This is the paradox again. But this time we look at it from another angle. If we want to be creators, then we must be willing to create ourselves as creators!

It’s incredibly cool.

8: It is said that a newly awakened being will start laughing and laughing and laughing. And often it is. You find that the solutions to the problems and traps that used to bind you are just a cosmic joke.

Well, let’s review. Tell me what you think: is there really evil?

Z: Given what I know, I would say that the answer is, both exist and do not exist. This is an illusory thing. If you choose it, allow it and invite it, you can experience it.

8: You mean,

“There is no good or evil. You just feel that way.”

“There is not a single thing that is either good or evil, but that you feel that way about it.”

Z: Ha! by the way!

8: But what is the illusion we are experiencing?

Z: We are experiencing the illusion that our choice has been denied.

8: Then you will agree Evil is anything that seems to deprive others of their choice. “

Z: Yes, I agree.

8: OK. Then we have reached a consensus. I believe we have answered the first question, “what is evil?”

Z: Yes, we did. Thank you.

8: This leads us to the second question, namely:

How to deal with the existence of evil?

8: So? Do you want to try? How do you think you should respond to the evil experience?

Z: Such an experience seems to require a detached moment. This requires me to choose to remember that I am one with all others. I choose and act out of great love.

8: This answer is very good. It’s consistent with another thing I said about evil,

“If there is evil, it is the chance to learn about love.”

“If there is such a thing as evil, then it is an opportunity to learn about love.”

Z: I think I understand this very well, but I have to say I haven’t fully felt it yet. Besides, I’m embarrassed to say that I still have objections in my mind. I think we should go beyond this, because it all goes back to the whole “victim / perpetrator / rescuer” triangle. I have fully understood the problem now. We have discussed it many times!

8: Relax. It takes a lot of work to release deep-rooted ideas and beliefs. Give yourself a little mercy. You still have a final round to complete for this triangular relationship, and I’ve been looking forward to this dialogue.

So… Don’t spit out… What’s bothering you? Then I can help you move these insights from the mind that thinks they are real to the heart that knows their authenticity.

Victim triangle – last time

Z: It’s like this: I realize that evil is an illusion, and by embracing unity, I can release my experience of it. This is excellent for me. But what about the others who are still suffering?

8: Ah. Compassion.

Compassion is a wonderful and terrible double-edged sword. It allows you to truly share the experiences of others and bring you closer to unity. But it will also make you cling to the pain of others, which will plunge you back into duality.

Let me ask you a question first. In the past few years, you have been very active in breaking away from your own victim consciousness, haven’t you? You have got rid of the victim relationship with the world and entered a new situation of more harmony with life, haven’t you?

Z: You mean I moved from the city to the forest?

8: That’s what happens at the physical level. But what I’m interested in is the emotional and spiritual changes. You have successfully completed a complete transformation in your life choices, haven’t you?

Z: Yes, but

8: For those who seek and find spiritual connection, it is their external experience.

If the book of ascension is a scaffold, then your life is a structure built on the scaffold. You should try to tell your story and share what you are doing with others. You will find that sharing will bring you value, while others will find value when reading your experience. More importantly, you will find that doing so will expand you. Telling your story will let you find greater gifts.

Z: Indeed. I set up a blog section on my website, where I have been writing about the way to leave the city and the experience of moving to the forest. It is very valuable to write these articles.

8: In unexpected ways, this will produce greater returns than you can imagine now.

But this is a side issue. It is important that you have been very active in making these changes and separating yourself from the old victim relationship with the world. Great changes have taken place in your heart, which has been reflected in your external world. You have given up the victim complex, and you are now exploring yourself as a creator. Right?

Z: More and more every day.

8: OK. So, the question comes… Does this mean that you should insist and require everyone in your world to do the same? Everyone on this planet should do what you’re doing just because you’re doing it? Must everyone make as like as two peas?

Z: No, that doesn’t sound reasonable. Of course not.

8: So what about those who still want to participate in the victim game? They all have to stop now, just because you decided to stop? Do you need to force them to stop playing their victim game before you can continue your other game? Or are you willing to let them do it according to their own wishes and create a new game with those who have common ideas? A friendlier, more loving version of your game?

Z: After you say so, I understand. Obviously, if that’s what they want, I must be willing to let them continue the victim’s game.

8: Take the option from them, even if what they choose seems cruel and unfriendly to you, it will be

Z: Evil? How strange. It would also be evil to take away the right to experience evil from others.

8: So, in fact, there are evil experiences to experience – some people are willing to play the game of victim and perpetrator – what’s your problem?

Z: No, I didn’t. I mean, I know it’s not my problem. But why do I feel guilty about saying that?

8: It’s actually very simple. It’s your last struggle to stop being a rescuer. You already know that people should be allowed to choose what they want, but when their choice will lead to painful results, it will make you uncomfortable. As if you were wrong to allow them to continue to do what they decided to do.

Of course, you can do whatever you want. You can respond to every invitation to dance and do exactly what you want. But you should remember that with every choice you make, you create yourself. With each choice, you will decide what your reality will be like. If you are choosing to save someone, you create yourself as a rescuer.

The rescuer is part of the “victim / perpetrator / rescuer” triangle.
In fact, if correctly understood, these three are in fact victims.

If you choose to save anyone, you still choose to be a victim and give up your sacred right to be a creator. If you choose this, then you continue to live in this separate reality on the level of binary consciousness.

Z: It’s disappointing to realize that I haven’t fully understood this.

8: The rescuer is the last obstacle to the ascension of the soul. Among all the victims of addiction, the rescuer is by far the most difficult to quit and the last to be released. In the monastic fable we used above, the rescuer who finally let go will be like the tycoon who can choose poverty and enter the monastery.

Z: Why are rescuers so difficult to release?

8: As a rescuer, you can tell a story about what a good person you are. You are helping others! How nice! The victim is a weak person and the perpetrator is a bad person. When you are in the rescuer mode, you can tell yourself what a good person you are.

The problem is that you will inevitably find that all your good intentions have come to naught. The victims you help will rely on you and start asking you for more and more things. Then you begin to hate the victim and begin to withdraw your help. Then, the victims feel that they are your victims because you have not fulfilled your contract. You feel like a victim because the victim is abusing your good nature.
The perpetrators hate you for interfering in their relationship with the victim. Soon, you all need help. At that time, who are you looking for?

Z: Uh… Ghost hunters?

8: Very interesting.

Z: But I do see what you mean – then all three of us need rescuers. so what?

8: Anyway, it will never end. As long as you insist on the idea of being a rescuer, in fact, you are leaving yourself in the victim’s consciousness. You’ll never break away from the triangle.

Z: OK. So I decided to get rid of the rescuers. I now reiterate this decision.

8: Great.

This is the process of your consciousness transformation. You decide to maintain a new perspective, and then, whenever there is a refutation of this new perspective, even if you understand the refutation itself, you have to make the same decision to enhance this new perspective. Then you go back to that new perspective. By overcoming the obstacles represented by objections, you can control the change of consciousness. Over time, you will overcome all your objections and you will find yourself permanently in this new perspective. That’s how it works, and that’s what we’re doing here. That’s how you turn yourself from a victim to a creator.

Z: I do see this, and I thank you for accompanying me every step. But I need some help. How should you advise me; In this world, when I see people making choices with painful results, how should I deal with them?

8: I have a strategy for you. If you meet people who obviously need help, this strategy will allow you to help them without falling into the role of rescuer.

Z: That sounds great. Thank you 8.

8: Moreover, at the same time, we will also examine the other two aspects of the triangular relationship, namely, victims and perpetrators. I will provide you with strategies. If you find yourself in any of these patterns, you can apply their adjustments to your own life.
In short, these strategies will also help to answer “how should I deal with the existence of evil?” On this issue.

First: if you are a perpetrator
When you find yourself intentionally or unintentionally making another being feel deprived of your choice, you are the perpetrator.

What should you do?

Start with courage. Face what you do. If possible, communicate with the victims and first clearly understand how they experienced the situation. How do they feel? Why are they hurt? When you ask all the necessary questions, until you feel that you really understand their experience and they have said everything they want to say to you, then you should feed back what you have heard to them and confirm that you really understand their views correctly.

When they agree that you have a full understanding of their feelings, only then can you express your point of view. If you give your opinion before you fully understand their opinion, it will become that you are trying to make excuses for yourself and try to “get rid of it”. It’s just a coward’s behavior. Therefore, we must first have courage to truly and deeply understand the victim’s experience. Then tell them why you did what you did. From the inside, tell them what your intention is and what your motivation is. You never meant to cause harm. This is an unintentional injury when you try to do other things. Explain yourself as much as possible and then seek their feedback. Work with them until you feel they have correctly understood you and your motivation.

When this is done, you can start healing. Then you must promise not to do so again. You’ve seen how it hurts, so choose not to hurt yourself or anyone else like this. If you can find the most profound core choice or belief that led to this situation, it will be very meaningful. If you only start to analyze the superficial choices, you will have to repeat the process again and again until you find the core choice that caused the mistake. Tell your victims about your new decision and tell them you believe that this new decision will no longer hurt them or anyone else.

The next thing to do is to seek redress. Try to find out what you can do for the victim to balance the harm you do. If it is possible to make up for the damage directly, do it immediately and do as much as possible. If it’s impossible to fix it directly, try to do something else for them, which will benefit them more than you do to them. What I suggest is that your reward is greater than the harm you do. Make your remedies as personal as possible and as directly related to healing the injury as possible.

When finished, try to get every bit of wisdom from this experience. Bring everything you learn from it into your consciousness. If you meet people who make similar mistakes in the future, show understanding and sympathy to them.

When this is over, you balance and correct the damage. You will get understanding from others and yourself. Learn compassion and wisdom from it. It’s all done. This is what you need to do when you find yourself playing the role of perpetrator.

Z: This is really a useful method, 8. I can see that this will really play a role in balance and healing.

8: If you have a high enough state of consciousness, you will be willing and able to apply these principles, and you will rarely find yourself in the role of a perpetrator. But it can still happen. As we discussed in the previous chapters, you feel like

He is a large-scale perpetrator. So this will happen, even for souls in ascension.

Z: So, 8, what if you can’t have that discussion with your victim. For example, they are no longer incarnations, or they are people you don’t know.

8: Then it will manifest in your life. As we discussed. You will get the experience you deserve in life and let you really understand this truth. Until you really understand what you do, you will experience it again. When you’re done, you can say, “I see,” and do what you say. Then you can say, “I’m sorry,” from the inside. And you can share your story with people who may be inspired so that they can understand it instead of just thinking you’re making excuses. In this way, you will know how you can give back to life through remedy.

Z: Um. This reminds me of the next point. I really want to give life a gift. It’s weird. When I first realized that I would revise the ascension book and release the third edition, I really didn’t know why, but I had a very strong feeling that I wanted to make the e-book version available to readers for free. Since there are no printing or postage charges, I can do this. So everyone who wants to read this book can have it at hand. This idea coincided with my idea of correctly explaining strange events. This is the same idea: “correct expression, free distribution.” Now it seems that this is my remedy. At a profound level, I know that making this book available to all who want or need it for free can not only correct the harm I have done to readers in the past, but also pass it on to more and more people after it is free. So I’m not just correcting the damage. It also seems to be a direct response to my mistakes.

8: There is a poetic harmony here. If this is what your heart asks you to do, then I fully support this idea.

However, a word of warning. Don’t over balance in the opposite direction, which will lead to imbalance. Don’t stop the flow of energy. Do whatever you want and make this book available for free, but don’t refuse feedback if they want to contribute. What I want to say is that one must not stop the ability to receive because of the desire to give. This will only trap you at a higher level of consciousness – at the level of polarity, not at the level of duality.

Z: I will think carefully and find an answer from my heart, thank you, 8.
(zingdad note: please refer to the “closing remarks” section at the end of this book.)

8: Do it.

Now, let’s move on to the next way to perceive evil.

(to be continued)


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