We should understand that as long as anyone chooses to embark on this road corresponding to the vision of the soul, they have to experience different degrees of loneliness and challenges to their own true beliefs.

We should understand that as long as anyone chooses to embark on this road corresponding to the vision of the soul, they have to experience different degrees of loneliness and challenges to their own true beliefs. Do they really understand the reason and believe in their own inner voice. Therefore, I have said in the past that it is not only about the internal connection with your soul, but also how to bring this internal connection and these internal experiences into real life and form your own unique experience. It is also reflected by being yourself in the constant negative influence around you and clearly recognizing your greater self. And that’s the key to becoming a true self creator.

When you do this and do it bravely, one of the biggest enemies you will face will be your own fear. The fear of failure, the fear of being rejected by others, and the fear of becoming different from others. It will continue to affect your thinking, make you worry, make you lose trust in your life, and make you worry that things may go wrong for no reason.

In order to overcome these, you must first identify the real reasons for these ideas with a non critical and neutral attitude. After all, the way of thinking of fear has almost become the second nature of many of you.

You should know how often you are completely bitten by those repeated thoughts in your mind, unconscious worry, unconscious anxiety, and unconscious pessimistic views on the results, so that you lose courage and trust.

Instead of letting yourself be constantly disturbed by these wrong sounds, let yourself experience it quietly and just feel its vibration and energy. You will find that you will be separated from the situation that is very easy to be disturbed before, and you will find that they are just some disharmonious noises. Usually, you lose clear judgment and necessary awareness only when you embed these noises too deeply. Therefore, the key here is not how much the noise influence of these thoughts is, but whether you go deep enough into your heart and use your intuition in enough peace. and,

The power of intuition does not need to think, but just feel, and this feeling is neither over excited nor very depressed, but a pure and middle peaceful experience without any thinking intervention.

Now, I would like you to take a moment to do an exercise: let go of the way of thinking you are used to, allow yourself to go deep into your heart as simple as possible, and feel the heartbeat and peace. Gradually, mind consciousness becomes a background noise picture. Then, simply shift the focus of your intention, descend to your abdomen, and feel your legs, feet and the earth under your feet. Use your imagination to feel how broad the earth supporting you is, not only material, but also the soul of the mother earth and her power. Feel how the power of nature around you supports and nourishes you.

Your body is provided by mother earth, and you will use it from your birth until your physical death. The earth under your feet and your body have their own wisdom and life intelligence. Don’t try to analyze and understand with your mind, but allow yourself to feel the energy. It’s like you have become the intelligent field surrounding your body, from which you understand that your body needs your support, And it also wants to help you receive and transmit your soul energy.

Now, please contact your heart and feel the harmony and tranquility from here. Moreover, the message from your inner peace also tells you that you are by no means a single life, and your heart is the universe itself. It connects everything in the universe, so can you imagine how great your spiritual power is?

The power of the creator resides in your heart, but you are not outside the creator, but a part of the creator, which is like the relationship between the smallest cells of your body and you. Please feel your respect for yourself and your soul, and feel the eternal shining divine light from within you. This light is your true essence. He wants to be here, on the earth here and now. He wants to connect your body and mother earth.

Your soul, this divine light, has joined mother earth at the moment. This great mother hopes to share her joy and light with you. She also hopes that you can share the power of your inner love with others and heal the old pain and trauma of you and others.

Please feel the urge from your soul and the joy it brings you, because you don’t have to hide yourself anymore. You can let your light shine and do whatever you think is appropriate and beneficial to you. Every soul has different potentials and characteristics. All you can be sure of and follow is the voice of your soul, and then embark on the path that suits you best.

At this moment, your light is more welcome than ever before, and you don’t have to hide your light at all. Please continue to feel your heart, feel the infinite breadth of this space, see a lot in your heart, hear a lot, and experience a lot.

Please feel the depth and wisdom of your heart, and this power completely goes beyond the fear thinking entrenched in your mind. Please feel the real power inside you, go beyond fear and connect with the greater wisdom in your heart. However, the power of wisdom is far from being understood by the mind. You must use the power of the heart.

Through the power of the mind, you are manifesting the vision of your soul into the material world you live in. Based on this intention and purpose, the thinking power of the mind can be used for you under the harmony of the power of the mind.

Now, please connect your abdomen again and feel the energy of Mother Earth flowing in your body, then feel your heart, connect the power of the cosmic source with the power of mother earth, and feel the joy brought by the marriage of these two forces. The power of your soul needs the flesh and blood of your body to establish the actual interaction with this dimension. The marriage between heaven and the earth also represents the integration between your inner divine power and the material world. Use your heart to feel this combination from your abdomen, and then ask yourself, “what is my real wish?”“ What do I really want to do? “

What kind of answer first entered your consciousness? It doesn’t need to be related to your external life, such as a job or a relationship, or a problem that needs to be solved. You may just feel some very simple feeling, such as peace, trust or freedom. You just feel quietly and have no special thoughts. You choose to let this feeling present to you in its most real way. Then, you can choose a word that fits this feeling or vision as the name of your inner desire.

Through your deepest desire, your soul is talking to you, but it will not be stated through commandments, such as “don’t do this, don’t do those, you must do this or that”. These harsh voices sometimes disguise as the words of your soul, but these are only the disguise of the voice of the mind, never the language of the soul.

The language of the soul is always as pure as a child, pure and pure, presented with vision, curiosity and infinite imagination, but it will never be a harsh commandment and commandment. Because the soul yearns for freedom most, how can it bind itself again with those commandments and commandments that bind the heart!?

Finally, you can invite your heart to appear in front of you as a child. It can be what you were when you were young, or any image suitable for you. What is shown on the child’s face is that he / she dares to imagine boldly and break through any constraints and restrictions. He / she is full of confidence in life and curious about future exploration, and he / she always opens himself / herself to the goodness and beauty of life.

Please embrace the child in your heart, who is directly connected with the power of your soul. And please always understand that you are never alone, you are always connected with the whole. You are always surrounded by beautiful energies such as joy, inspiration and friendship.

Thank you for your presence today. May the power of love stay in your heart!



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