Be honest. Tell the people around you or opposite you how you feel^_^

Be honest. Tell the people around you or opposite you how you feel^_^


How long will ascension take

Ask yourself if you want to ascend, gradually transform your body into a body with higher vibration frequency, and let yourself live in the unified embodiment of conscious creation and physical practice. As for when the earth ascends, it depends on the agreement reached between the earth mother and the human collective consciousness and the higher self. The current situation is gradual and will not advance in great turbulence, In 2025, the first wave of ascenders will appear. In 2030, the galaxy will align. After the completion of the new sky in 2038, there will be no devastating catastrophe. The earth will be completely transformed into a multi-density crystal composed of silicon and carbon materials, which will make it a great and brilliant showcase. 

From 2021 to 2022, a geocentric person took the initiative to initiate public contact

In 2025, the first wave of ascension will appear

From 2025 to 2033, an alien civilization will take the initiative to initiate public contact

2030, Galaxy alignment

The new dome will be completed in 2038.

Christ incarnation energy “third coming”, 2038.

Unconditional love serves mankind, 2068.

The unification of the earth’s center and galaxy was completed in 2075, and the energy of the Christ Buddha incarnation of unity and unity was completed in consciousness, which also indicates that the earth’s ascension will begin in the fifth dimension, so 80-100 years are needed. If you want to see the earth’s ascension, you have to live long enough first


Be honest. Tell the people around you or opposite you how you feel.

Dear, we hope you understand that what others believe has nothing to do with your path. Only your own beliefs will activate the path to your personal experience. It is safe to let others believe what they want to believe and still honor your own soul

At their core, people want love, security, security, comfort, freedom and acceptance – they just disagree about what is the best way to get there. In the end, all roads will lead people to find those desires, even if they take some detours at the beginning. At the collective level, most people want the same thing, which will create the change you desire~ Archangel Gabriel

The best thing you can do for other humans is to talk about your feelings, which can help you enter the next stage of your conscious evolution.
Be honest.

Tell the people around you or opposite you how you feel. If you have your own feelings and are willing to discuss it and its source, then you can realize that all people are sentient beings and unite under it. When you know that you all have the same emotions, you can unite, which is why you become human.

What the world needs most is sensitive people who are willing to express their sensitivity, become vulnerable and share their current feelings.

People are more likely to identify with some very short-lived things than with their true self as an infinite eternity, full of love and light. A person’s very limited identification with himself is because the society in which he was born is like a small box in which people are neatly placed. This is the psychological method of interconnection.

If you look at a person and expect his race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political faction, and any temporary way like you know yourself, the ego will feel safe, because the brain’s conclusion of this person comes from those very superficial selves.

Hidden under all this is fear. Unless people realize that there is a very negative emotion to deal with, talk about, feel, express and solve, you won’t go too far. You can’t just make the progress you want by pointing and blaming other people’s behavior. On the contrary, a society needs to find something hidden under hate speech or behavior. You need to understand that when people take to the streets, puff up their chests, make gestures and shout slogans, they come from a fragile place. They don’t want you to know how scared they are.


First, be honest and treat yourself honestly^_^

Sananda, March 4

Yes, everyone will feel reborn every day this week.

A lot of awakening energy poured out.
The excitement of each day will continue to break new records in the past few years.

The number of awakened people every day is comparable to the number of awakened people in previous years.

The degree of awakening every day also continues to surpass that of previous years.

Can feel the constant influx of high-frequency energy.

You may be enlightened,
You may be a little connected and have a greater sense of picture,
You may also be enlightened.

Of course, it may also face more challenges, doubts and even conflicts.
Steady, rest, and motivate yourself with more affirmations,

For example,
“Use affirmations together and command loudly,

“I demand my supreme goodness and results that are in the supreme interests of all mankind, earth and all creation.”

( I ask for my highest good, the most beneficial outcome for all humanity, the Earth and all Creation. )

By doing so, you align your will with the divine will of our Father God and Mother God. Then you can take whatever time you think fit to breathe in light and exhale love. This process will accelerate and enhance your ability to enter the full spectrum of the metatronic light of the universe. The metatronic light contains the diamond particles of the creator’s light, which is now available to those who have embarked on the path of ascension. “

You can also invite your higher self to cooperate with you.

How to invite? Be alone, not affected by noise, talk with yourself in relaxation and pleasure, talk or not, and focus on feeling.

Feel your mood, feel your heartbeat, feel your breath, focus on deep breathing, and return to deep breathing if there is picture interference.

If you are confident, let yourself have more behavioral changes, that is to put down your impulse to do things and return to working with your breath and feelings.

The first is the change of consciousness. You are the unique value of all existence. You are the existence of unopened God. You are all right and all wrong. You are also the standard of all your actions. There is no one else except yourself.

The first is honesty. Be honest with your fears and doubts. Be honest with your faults and deficiencies. The so-called faults and deficiencies are just the needs of experience. You may make mistakes in the future. Being afraid of mistakes is your way of growth, because you have the courage to constantly try to let go.

Honesty in the brain hole does not mean that it has been done. Honesty in listening to the guidance of the heart requires action. Honesty in relaxation and untimely rest is the greatest action, and immobility is the greatest action.

Being honest with feelings is not necessarily accurate. It may be your own or others. Therefore, what does it rely on to make feelings flow?

“Put it down, let it go, set me free”
Yes, let the feeling walk in the air, flowers, clouds, in the sun and under the sun.

Simply put, your actions come from the echo after you let go and let go of everything. Your response is your actions, from your letting go and letting go of everything.

Sing loudly. That’s your talent. It’s going to burst out these days. It’s going to be released in relaxation and rest.

It’s also your talent to draw a lot. It’s going to explode these days. Relax and paint, and enjoy yourself. There’s no lack of concentration and accuracy.
Writing, expression, poetry, astronomy, geography, crustal movement, star phase changes, Antarctic human activities and alien civilization and technology, vegetarian animal variation, vegetarian human variation, Orion Betelgeuse explosion, supernova birth, these may be your open skylight, waiting for you to explore and explore.

Relax and rest, but don’t stop digging and exploring in everything, because it’s about who you are, where you come from and where you’ve been.

Yes, if you don’t put everything down, how can you have the energy to explore who you are, where you come from and where you go? Such a question that you can’t answer for thousands of years.

Others’ is others’ and yours should be found by yourself. First, let go, put down everything, only respond and echo, and focus on your own exploration and exploration.

The days of the year have come, so don’t worry about how to spend the next 300 years, that is 300 days, because it has begun to accelerate now.

Let those who want to work go to work and let go.

Let those who want to go to class go and let go.

Let the public go and let go.

Let the rescuers go and let go.

Let the child play with you and let go.

Let the joy of a new life accompany you through every day, relax and rest.

Let go of talking, don’t participate in arguing, let go, because you’re no longer interested.

Let go of gossip and gossip. Listen to it. Don’t take it to heart. Let go.

Open to all possibilities and impossibilities, stay focused and don’t deviate from the left and right.

Don’t escape fear and face it bravely. In the relaxation and rest alone, this is your world and your spiritual world.

Day by day is like a year, which also means that you have more integration and refining, and that you have more cleaning and purification. What I cleaned and purified in a year before, you completed it in one day.

Incredible? That’s the truth. You’re just a little angular. You still need to polish. What do you rely on.

In relaxation and rest, purify your consciousness.

In relaxation and rest, release your expansion, that is, keep open and keep letting go, there will be continuous expansion.

In relaxation and rest, stabilize your essence, that is, the essence of “I am God”, live God, put down everything, and the essence of “I am Buddha”, live unlimited possibilities, no time and no space.

Every day is like a year, living your unlimited time and space.



The old social games are out of date. The new social game is honesty“ Who are you? ” It’s as important to others as it is to you

You find it interesting enough to maintain new interactions based on your inner truth rather than your inner should

Because of your 3D needs and want to be loved, accepted and respected by others, you jump in the emotional barrier, which may or may not be the person you want to be. Those obstacles have been removed so that your interests, needs and companions are no longer forged by your “subordinate needs”

The 3D social game is over

Some people may play a little longer because it’s expected or comfortable. Even so, those of you immersed in new existence are no longer interested. Just like my brother and sister are no longer interested in my brother and sister’s toys

The need to please is over

Your new need is to honor your feelings and your existence

We, the universe, have talked about the 3D need to please others before. But when we do, you don’t necessarily realize how much of your daily behavior is to make others love you or respect you. Now, those heavy 3D burdens are being mentioned, and you are discovering how different you are from what you once thought

Even if you add a new clip to a previous 3D existence in order to highlight what you really are, not to change you

Your increased uniqueness through your long-standing adventure in the universe finally shines brightly in this new world

The new you is your truth, not the astringent truth, just like in 3D

For most people, it doesn’t matter whether this or that person cares about you. This is a revelation. It’s amazing to the people you once wanted to accept you, just like you
Catering to anyone has become almost disgusting for your pioneers. In your workplace, you do this and this because you need or want to work. Now that you have pause time to examine your needs, you find it difficult to jump over those obstacles. The freedom you want to be. It’s hard, if possible, in a 3D environment

So you are saying goodbye to compliance and hello to the creation of freedom

Of course, our rash remarks can’t pay your rent or buy food for you. But when you declare your new existence, you will find that you no longer want to follow and perform as before

You are not a trained seal, just as 3D astringency will encourage you, even break the history. In 3D, you were born. You go to school. You work. You create love that will produce children. You want children to care about you enough when you are old. Then you die. Always rely on others to love, entertain, pay and care for you

Even if not everyone will create such a 3D life model, this is the goal of 3D children

The new developing you are more like “this is what I am, this is what I am interested in. I hope I can find someone with similar interests, because it will make my life more fun. But if I can’t find it, it doesn’t matter, because my life is full of my interests. “
You are the new model. You are a shining example of what is possible, even if you count every existence that will enter the earth from now on

You are new, just like your expectations and those who want to change. No longer need to be attracted to this or that, whether he / she is an employer, playmate, lover or your child

You are brilliant. You will never return to please others, just as you have done forever on 3D Earth. You are free, so is everyone. That’s it

Date: August 16, 2021
From: brendahof fman

Honesty is a new game
Original going home tomorrow


Three ways of self love:

Self acceptance + self Glory + self respect
Original invested in Qianjiang 9dsounds yesterday in January

Self love is not just treating yourself well or taking care of yourself occasionally.

This is an internal transformation that always puts your health first.

Under the umbrella of self love, there are three core aspects: self acceptance, self glory and self-respect.
 “ The term “self love” is usually interpreted as “self acceptance”,
It means that wherever you are on your journey,
No matter what shortcomings you have, you love yourself.
Self glory means acknowledging your true divinity,
Your goal, how far you have come, and your success.
Self respect comes from practicing the above points.
  If you struggle to respect yourself or accept the respect of others, your self love practice may be incomplete.
Can you see yourself from a broader perspective?
Can you turn your troubleshooting model into more than just acceptance,
And recognize your strengths?
Only the combination of self acceptance and self glory can produce self-respect.
When you use the three ways of self love,
You will be rooted in the complete energy pattern of self love,
This will change your relationship with yourself and others.
                       ~ Archangel Gabriel
       January cast Qianjiang translation


Cosmic readjustment

Original, why did you stop me, Kryon Cleon today

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled on site on the cruise ship on January 26, 2012, on the sea near Patagonia

sound recording: Patagonia_12.html
Why stop me
         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Greetings to you. There are so many things I want to tell you, but once again, we start gently. We salute the energy in this room. We create a bubble of wisdom around us, and people who are willing to listen will do the same. We spoke to many people, not just the audience in the room. You respect this moment, because this is your moment. This is not useless information. It has a profound human mark on it. This means that what I tell you is what you have created.
         I know this channeling is presented in two languages. It is both complex and simple. We need your listening to understand the concepts prepared by those who know you in advance. The planet is shifting. If you are really an old soul, it is affecting you, it is affecting you. Each of you has a different influence, that is, you respond to energy in a different way. The old soul has some very interesting things. Although it is an old soul, everyone’s experience is different. So you will respond individually and uniquely to the energy transfer on the planet. However, all of you have noticed something. In the expansion of your wisdom and knowledge, feel the energy of the planet moving in your direction. This is the Fourth Lecture in the series of channeling, called “human readjustment”.
         We’ve talked about how humans readjust, how Gaia readjusts, and even your DNA readjusts. Now, what you haven’t thought about is how the universe is recalibrated. This is a difficult preview. The theme I present to you today is the concept of going beyond three dimensions. So I’ll take my time.
         Let’s start with your energy forecast. Let’s assume you’re driving a car. Imagine a big stadium, super big. Suppose it takes a racer years to go around the track. They are tired. Sometimes they get off and get a new driver. Sometimes the new driver is tired, and then change back to the previous driver. Therefore, some cars have experienced drivers, and some are not. They run around the track. It took years to finish a lap. Suppose there are some difficult parts of the track. It’s full of holes. Some people didn’t see it. The latest driver fell into a hole. Older drivers know to make a detour.
         In your three-dimensional senses, it’s not difficult to imagine such a situation. I’ll tell you what the metaphor is: time. The track symbolizes your time. Your time, your time, is straight. No, it’s in the circle, it’s under the circle. Now suppose you are one of the racers and have circled the track many times. As an old soul driver, you know where the difficulties are on the track. In this metaphor, you also realize that as you drive longer and longer, when you look out of the window, you look at the future and the past at the same time. This is one of the propositions that three-dimensional thinking cannot grasp: when you change the future, you change the past.
         This proposition alone can explain why 2012 can happen. 2012 is one of the difficulties on the track. Ancient people knew it was coming. They can predict the trouble on the track ahead because it is part of the circle, which is well known in time. Some people call it “time fractal”. In the past human history, some difficult parts actually caused the end of creation and mankind. Some even let humans start over. The energy you are in now has its potential duality – you may start from scratch, or you may start something that the planet has never had before.
        We told you that 22 years ago. We say the transfer is ready to begin; We said the weather was ready to change. Those things have happened. Not because of Kryon or prophecy, but because the old souls see that difficulties are coming. The most difficult thing I can tell you that you care about is that as you bypass these difficulties and continue to run on the track, you change the energy of the whole track. As you rush to the future, you change the past. This is not an easy concept. But it explains so many reasons for linear thinking. Because you believe that what you experience in the future is the product of the past. Your expectations are alone in a straight line, you have only your experience. That’s not good enough.
         When you change the track, you also change the rules of the track. Then I would like to say briefly: a new model appears in front of you. The old soul will see. They will plant seeds for others. Young people will see it because they are there – Akash inheritance. Slowly, human nature will change itself. You turn to a new way of thinking, no longer guided by the way things you’ve experienced happened before. This is an amazing possibility.
         You are not the only planet to experience this change, but you are the only planet in the galaxy to experience this change now. I’ll say something mysteriously unbelievable. Your galaxy knows what’s going on here. I don’t mean life forms in your galaxy, I mean very physical things, things you naturally think are principles. The universe is cooperating with your transformation. Please pay attention.
         Now it’s hard to explain. You think physics is just the rules of things. Let me ask you a question: how do you explain astronomy named “intelligent design”? The universe is designed for life, which is surprising. Physics should be random and follow random criteria, but they don’t. The more astronomers get sophisticated instruments, the more they realize that there must be some kind of intelligent design. How do you explain that? So how do they explain this? All they know is math. The galaxy you see in front of you is similar to six for 10000 rolls of the dice, which is unreasonable. That’s why they say “there must be some directional force”. Has this changed your mind about physics? About what you see?
         Then I’ll tell you how it starts to cooperate with you. This time fractal has been known for a long time. You may experience many ways, in other words, you may experience many consciousness. Look at the ancient prophecies. They say you will have a world war, they say you will have an end to the world. Many religions call it the end of the world, and your souls will be collected. Many systems will convince you in some way, so you can be prepared. But nothing happened. Does this mean a little about the change in front of you? Different thought patterns are coming. The mode of dealing with problems you think cannot be solved at present.
         Let’s start with something incredible. Partner, I hope you speak slowly to better paraphrase. 22 years ago, we told you that the earth’s magnetic field is very important to your consciousness. Magnetism is a kind of quantum energy, so is gravity and light. They surround you in a quantum field, the earth’s magnetic field. We said that if human consciousness changes, magnetism will also change. It must be. It must be a complement to your actions. In order to receive your actions, it must put on various postures. How does the consciousness of this planet expand when magnetism remains unchanged? no way. So magnetism must move. It starts with the actual movement of your planet’s magnetic lines. This is recorded and your compass will be displayed. In the past 22 years.
         Now it must have more. What else do you think can change the magnetism of your whole planet? It must be recalibrated. To do this, it needs help – your solar system is the engine of the planet’s magnetic change. If you know anything about the solar system and how energy works, it will begin to make sense. The core is the sun, which emits the so-called solar wind. It is the energy that explodes from itself. That energy is magnetized. It has a name: heliosphere. It continues to blow magnetic gas to the earth, and that changes your planet. If it is not different, if it is eternal, nothing will change. For those who want to be more technical, you will say that the magnetism of the sun impacts the magnetism of the earth. Therefore, you have two interactive magnetic fields, which produce the so-called “induction”, allowing the energy exchange of information. So here’s what’s going to happen: watch out for the sun!
         You may call them solar storms. They are for your readjustment. They cause you worry because many sensitive electronic instruments will react. You expect the magnetic field of your planet to remain unchanged. But some kind of communication will be interrupted, and even the power grid may be interrupted. All those problems can be fixed. Watch the sun. Because in the process, it changes things for your consciousness through intelligent design and God’s creator’s love. The new way of thinking accurately touches the DNA field, changes the information in DNA, and allows humans to capture information that has never been before.
         Now I’m going to talk about something more physical. Something has been active for a long time, and the magnetism of your solar system itself is changing. Here’s the challenge: find it. You will find. As the solar system moves through space, it crosses some properties of space and changes some magnetism, and then it is different from that. And this changes the sun. Do you understand the cycle? Some people are very three-dimensional. They say, “it’s unreasonable. Because those processes have existed and cut across for hundreds of millions of years. They don’t happen now. In other words, this is bound to happen anyway. “
         Now some things are more difficult to explain, so I’ll use another metaphor. Let’s suppose that in the 17th century, a spaceship came to this planet, played music on the radio, and the radio transmitted music to this planet. Now let me ask you: is transmission true? yes. Is the music beautiful and real? yes. Has the spaceship been playing music for a long time? yes. How many people on this planet hear this music? The answer is none. Because the radio receiver hasn’t been invented yet. But it’s always playing. Do you understand this metaphor?
         Magnetism will work anyway. If the earth is ready, the reaction will occur. If consciousness is not ready, music will not be heard and will not respond, and mankind will remain the same as before. You’re changing the past. You are reorganizing the energy of the solar system and others.
         It’s hard for you to believe. Very, very far away, things are changing. You don’t believe it because it’s too far away. In the three-dimensional senses, things too far away are out of reach. You have a quantum state and the whole galaxy rotates as a plate. Galaxies rotate in a non Newtonian way. Planets and star clusters do not orbit in the way of Newton’s theory. Because galaxies are entangled with their centers. In that state, there is no time and distance. Changes in consciousness on this planet have changed the center of the galaxy.
         Let me tell you something about physics. Again, let me put it simply. Everything you scientifically observe in physics is in pairs. At this point, science in your three-dimensional model has four forces, and finally six. At the center of your galaxy is what you call a black hole, which is not the case. It is binary. You can say that there are two parts of energy: weak quantum force and strong quantum force. And it knows who you are. It’s the creator’s engine. It’s different from other galaxies. The physics of your galaxy is changing its shape because of what you do here. Your astronomers can observe the universe. They may find different physics in different galaxies. Could something like this happen in other galaxies? I won’t answer.
         Dear human, this is more magnificent than you think. Old soul, it’s more spectacular than you think. So we ask you to stay on this planet, change your cell structure, dig your Akash, start looking inward, and don’t let yourself become three-dimensional. In other words, don’t project the past into reality. Because you can do something you couldn’t do before. Gaia is cooperating, and the universe is cooperating. Light workers are moving towards manifestation mode, personally manifesting their bodies, becoming younger rather than older, becoming younger rather than older, and creating solutions to problems you think may not be solved.
         You heard that the population is increasing by hundreds of millions every ten years. What does your history tell you about this problem? The global explosion of human population, lack of food and water, overcrowding and hunger. That’s what your past tells you what will happen. Let me tell you what this hypothesis is, dear human. The assumption is that humans are too stupid. That’s an old understanding. It reflects the old human nature. Pay attention to what’s going to happen. Watch what happens. You will come up with elegant solutions to problems that could not be solved in the past. Almost every field of science will come out to help mankind live longer and healthier without war. One day, there will be only terrorists, dear ones. Oh, they are just unbalanced humans with life. They are no longer the opposition between countries or religious groups. That’s what you’re sowing for now. The universe knows who you are, and your galaxy echoes your victory and death.
         I will tell you that you have all been in it for hundreds of millions of years and have come here and entered this and that body. The old soul is beginning to manifest the new reality. I can’t tell you how long it will take without a clock. But you have 18 years on earth to make major changes. That’s the energy we see. Oh, by the way, what happens to the solar system when magnetism changes? Now you’re beginning to see where astronomy began to change. Some people began to apply quantum filters to astronomy, which is now under way. Quantum vision is different from three-dimensional vision. Oh, honey, one day, scientists can use quantum filters. This is a telescope with a filter, including a filter that is super cold by itself. When they observe the universe, they will see quantum things for the first time. The first thing they noticed was two things in the center of the galaxy, not one. The second thing they found was the color around humans. Science will begin a new research called “human glow”.
         All this is coming. How long will it take? It’s up to you. At the same time, sow the seeds of understanding, peace, gratitude and love, be angry slowly, have less life drama, and put on the characteristics of masters, that is your ability to grow now. Treat everything gently and treat others differently. One day, the war will stop. Because the audience in this room will know that I am right. Pay attention to your science. When it comes true, please remember what I said in this room today.
         Bless those who understand that this information is private information, not about the universe, but about inner existence and soul journey. be it so.


The purpose of education is not
Impart and instill some external and specific knowledge and skills,

But to awaken children’s sleeping self-consciousness and life consciousness from the depths of their hearts,

Promote the awakening of children’s values, sense of life and creativity,
In order to realize the free and conscious construction of self life meaning.

The process of education is not only to liberate children from the outside,

And to awaken the child’s inner spiritual energy and personality ideal,

Liberate children’s wisdom,

Develop children’s potential,

Stimulate children’s life creativity.

Education is the awakening of one soul to another,

It is one heart that inspires another,

It is the power of one life to ignite another life,

It is an intelligent activity in which the collective human mind mysteriously participates.


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