Different intuition and feeling^_^( Including “Archangel Michael: see the future and stay still”)

Different intuition and feeling^_^( Including “Archangel Michael: see the future and stay still”)

“Well, it seems that intuition and feeling are more important”

There is a higher evolutionary intuition and feeling, which only knows the trouble in case of trouble, but also comes from intuition and feeling, because I have never tried not to worry in case of trouble, but excited to face the challenge. Eating or storing goods in empty time also comes from intuition and feeling, because I don’t know what is empty and quiet, or I have only heard or even seen it, and I’ve never been in, which is also intuition, inspiration and feeling

Everyone’s feeling and intuition have boundaries, that is, the person knows, has done, becomes inertia and does it without reflection. Therefore, intuition and feeling also need to be expanded, which is the significance of the challenge

And whether the challenge is success or failure, they think it is meaningful and confident, and are committed to developing habits and high vibrations in the life they want

More importantly, we do not set limits for challenges or pick up challenging topics. Therefore, after a few years, that person will no longer have restrictions, because when he is associated with challenges, what difficulties can it be difficult to be happy with the person in the soft challenge at a moment

This is different intuition and feeling, just like everyone’s higher self, God and source are different, because they all need to know, try, practice, be proficient, and then repeat at a higher level


The main purpose of meditation

Source: Lumiere
Communication: Monique Mathew
  https://weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/show/id/2309404671213116195421?wb_client= one
The main purpose of meditation is not to get people out of life, but to calm the bad adviser of the mind.
People can indeed reach the fourth, fifth and even sixth levels through meditation. This can be done in a quarter of an hour, up to half an hour. It takes very little time to do a very good meditation.
It does not mean that the more times and time you meditate, the greater your spiritual progress, because you will be divorced from your tasks and three-dimensional daily experience.
The main purpose of meditation is to silence people’s mind and intelligence and connect people with invisible guides, masters and sources.
You can enjoy special benefits in meditation. At that time, if the mentor had a message to send to you, they would do so, but they didn’t necessarily have a message or guidance to give to you. They can also talk to you when you are active, such as when you are tending flowers in the garden, or at any time. You just need to calm your mind and you can communicate with them.
Meditation is important, but it is not the main goal to achieve. The more progress you make in meditation, the more you realize that as long as you do your daily spiritual homework, you can easily enter meditation without having to sit or lie quietly.
You can meditate while peeling potatoes, tending flowers and ironing clothes. Just keep your mind quiet.
This is important to all of you, especially those who don’t have time to sit down and meditate for an hour or half. In fact, you have time, but your mind thinks you don’t have time. We don’t want to argue about this issue.
Remember: the most important thing in meditation is to silence the loud and chattering voice inside, and close the door to the various thought forms wandering around you. You will accept these thoughts and sometimes think they are your own thoughts, but they are not. When your mind relaxes, it becomes a magical receiver that can receive everything in three or subtle dimensions.
You should act according to your feelings. If you feel a deep desire to meditate for an hour or two, that’s what you ask deep inside. You should do it if possible. You should do what you feel to do in your deepest heart.
After entering the state of meditation, we must completely forget all kinds of secular worries.
Meditation allows you to remove all kinds of curtains and become aware of your reality. Then you can really see us as we are, and you can also see yourself as you are.


Occasional deviations will not reduce your vibration

https://weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/show/id/2309404671483745272253?wb_client= one
Source: Lumiere
Communication: Monique Mathew
Time: August 2021
When you feel that your vibration frequency has decreased, don’t feel sad.
For those of you who have developed intuition, when you feel sad and depressed because of what is happening around you, will you reduce your vibration frequency? We can tell you: no!
Only when you are in a state of fear, aggression, manipulation, etc., will you reduce your vibration frequency. If you just feel bad or uncomfortable sometimes, this will not reduce your vibration frequency. It was just some “bad” moments in your life when you were unable to be in a state of joy, peace and divine love.
Children of the earth, you are very brave! Many galactic brothers have come to visit mankind. They admire and appreciate your courage and strength to go through these difficult times. They are like visiting a school and learning something they have never experienced. They marvel at what humans have experienced.
In short, you just need to do your best and don’t blame yourself! You will not lower your vibration because you are a little uncomfortable or depressed or depressed on a certain day.
You can find joy all at once! The cleansing within you will take place automatically, but you need to have greater confidence in yourself, in the future and in the great transformation. Don’t blame yourself or feel guilty because you feel frustrated or failed.
For your behavior in life, you should look at the overall situation, not just the state at a specific moment. If you are generally helpful and have divine love and compassion for yourself and others, even occasional deviations will not destroy the state you have achieved as a whole.
You will not be judged on the invisible level due to a small deviation and depression. You will never be judged, only you will judge yourself.
If you really hope to move towards a new world and a new civilization, it doesn’t matter if you fall occasionally. Your deep desire will urge you to move on, and someone else will appear to hold your hand and help you stand up again.
You will also play this role of helping others in the future. Later, when you see others in pain, fear and despair, you should also learn to help them, comfort them, lend a helping hand to them, and send them divine light and love. This is also one of your missions.


Archangel Michael : see the future and stay still

Original invested in Qianjiang 9dsounds 2 days ago in January

Translator’s note: Archangel Mike mainly talks about the four important changes looking forward to the future of the earth, which are

1) Their relationship with themselves;
2) Their relationship with others;
3) A new economic system in the future;
4) Personal prospects.

This is an epic cross era speech about everyone’s future soul blueprint and how to choose a rich one, which is worthy of everyone’s deep thought and careful taste.
Dear friends
At the moment, changes are taking place and sweeping in multiple dimensions, and the compression and expansion of time are accelerating. In such a situation, you must learn to walk with the stream of change in order to remain relaxed and elegant. You have all experienced the changes in the life of the earth to varying degrees, especially in the past 50 years, it has indeed undergone dramatic changes. As you continue to approach the pure light of the creator, those ordinary things in the three-dimensional or four-dimensional world are no longer attractive to you. The human collective subconscious has been operating repeatedly for thousands of years, but now the new human collective subconscious is gradually manifesting. Here I want to list some significant differences so that you can better understand the essential differences between the two.
The first is your relationship with yourself. In the past three-dimensional era of the earth, your body was driven by self desire and dominated your daily life, while your soul could only whisper or even be ignored by you. When you were young, people instilled traditions, religious beliefs and moral obligations into you to make you believe that what others think of you is more important than what you think of yourself, which leads you to always seek acceptance and recognition from the outside world to determine your self-worth. You constantly expect or ask someone, something or something to bring you happiness, hoping to get a sense of self-existence from what you have outside, but it always ends in disappointment.
Now, after entering the five dimensions of planet earth, you have learned to turn to internal engineering and obtain permission, guidance and inspiration from your heart, because you have many experiences called “integrating into the soul higher self” and can connect with your higher self. In this process, you integrate a lot of the pure cosmic highlight consciousness, help you calmly and calmly release those outdated views and cognition, and integrate into new higher truths, which are flowing to you at an incredible speed of light.
At this time, you have realized that God does not hold a rope to control us in a distant kingdom and implement rewards and punishments according to our performance. You have accepted the fact that everything you need is in your heart. This is your talent and inherent divinity. You can use it to manifest a life full of joy, love, peace and abundance. You are no longer controlled by the old traditional paradigm and inertia. You begin to express freely and celebrate all days in a new way. All days are sacred expression, so as to honor our Father God, Mother God and the source of creation.
Your heart will always be full of respect for divinity, because you will live your spirit every day and every second. Every day, as a master, you are supervising your thoughts, words and deeds, because you know that you must keep your intention pure and be responsible for the energy emitted through you every moment. You train your insight and examine your faith all the time to see if you can allow it to continue, because you know that the truth you claim is the criterion of your life. You know that you must always make noble choices, and you know that when you walk on the road of peace and harmony, you transcend the laws of karma and enter grace.
Second, your relationship with others. You are learning that when you get a complete sense of self-love and self-worth inside, you can get more and more high-frequency light and love from the source of creation, which is an inexhaustible spiritual source. When you fill yourself with this light and love, this wonderful medicine will radiate from your heart, like an expanding ripple that will never stop. You will begin to experience a relationship that satisfies you at the material, emotional, rational and spiritual levels. There will be no self sacrifice in future relationships. You will trust each other and fully show everyone’s unique interests, talents and spiritual authenticity. Committed partners will respect each other’s everything, not judge, be patient, and help each other overcome their weaknesses and fears. It’s important to share a shared vision with those you work closely with, because everyone will no longer tolerate the game of power and control. You can also quickly recognize your soul family and find that you have a deep spiritual connection with them. You will enjoy more relaxation and fun in the relationship, which even you can’t imagine:) as you move towards a new era of ecstasy, you will no longer look for needs based relationships, but share your travel and knowledge equally.

Third, the future of a new economic system: lack or abundance, this is your choice. The redistribution of the earth’s wealth is in full swing. You will see more and more companies break out scandals and are completely forgotten. All systems based on fear, greed and control over others will collapse. In the past, it usually took several lifetimes to correct a mistake, so you have no way of knowing when and how justice will come; But now, for those caught in the cause and effect game, the result (retribution is a neutral word) will come almost immediately. Like a boomerang, those who are selfish and abuse people’s empowerment, whether they are legal public welfare organizations, companies or ZF, can no longer hide their crimes, and the day of liquidation is close at hand.  
As the earth fuses more and more high-frequency energy, high-frequency light is penetrating the deepest shadow. The mind and soul are constructors, and you are a co creator on earth aligned with heaven. When you finish your mission (from August 23, 2021 onwards, the earth’s orbit begins to enter the sacred blue layer of the soul, everything you need will be provided, but you must cherish all the people’s highest interests and always stick to your vision, so that you can bravely step into the universe bank, which stores the pure light particle essence that has not yet been manifested as a physical entity. You can use it to create anything you really want to manifest. Dear ones, please look forward to your abundance of love, friendly interpersonal relationships, healthy body and mind, your eternal youth, youth and fresh creativity. You know, full love can not only bring you relaxation and joy, but also the original appearance and quality of your life.

Mother earth is healing herself through her elemental forces, and she is going through great cleansing and purification again and again. The earth’s land has been over exploited and abused, and the painful memories from war and violence are being washed away by floods, fires, earthquakes and storms. This is the law of the universe. Dear ones, human beings have recklessly polluted the air, soil and water they rely on for survival. In order to let you have fresh air, clean land and pure water again, systematic and comprehensive cleaning, purification and quantum healing are very necessary, The angel Kingdom and the element kingdom are doing their best to purify and heal Gaia with the least loss and change her back to the balanced, harmonious and luminous planet blessed by all of you with the least negative cost.
From now on to the next few years, many souls struggling only for survival on earth will die, which is the change brought about by the new high-frequency light. Can you see? It is these souls who choose to leave the painful and hopeless life and step into the door of the world full of love, peace, joy and abundance. There, when they are fully prepared, they will return to reincarnation and live on a better and purer earth. In the near future, humans will no longer return to the dense three-dimensional world for reincarnation, because the lower three-dimensional and four-dimensional planets need to return to the original spectrum of the creator, Those souls who are incarnating into the earth will learn and expand their consciousness in a new 3D Earth and quickly pass their lessons, which is what you guides are preparing for.
Many of you are being guided around the world. You are not sure why, but there is a strong call in your heart to go to places that have not been lit up by the light. Where you can make the greatest contribution to mankind, and those who resonate with you and have a common mission will also be guided to join your team. As you step into the zero field to draw cross latitude inspiration, your intuition will become stronger. As your past and future talents and abilities are integrated into your current cross latitude consciousness, these energies will become refined.

As your physical vehicle (body) integrates more cosmic high-frequency light, your needs and desires will change. When you evolve to a certain stage and your body is full of more light energy, those life-threatening viruses and diseases will no longer have a place to live. You can’t see any great changes in your body in a short time, but the changes in the emotional body and the etheric body are indeed rapid. As the light film around your DNA gradually melts, you will get more wisdom stored in your soul DNA, and your physical vehicle will become stronger. Your medical technology will have a great breakthrough (the alien high-tech quantum medical bed can quickly repair human heart disease and regenerate the body). At present, chemical synthetic drugs are mainly used for disease treatment on earth, and they will be replaced by natural drugs or light wave therapy in the future.

Many of you already know that your body cannot afford the popular prescription drugs touted by pharmaceutical companies that only care about their business. The future medical system will focus on prevention and health care, life-long health care, weight control, etc.

Finally, you need to recognize your uniqueness in body structure, characteristics, talents, and ways of expression and creation. You choose the genetic structure of your parents and your ancestors for a reason. Your uniqueness makes you as like as two peas. In the next few years, one of the main obstacles you face is to accept yourself – realize that you are beautiful and precious – no matter what coat you choose to wear to experience your life. We don’t care about your physical makeup, dear, what the angel Kingdom sees is your sparkling soul and warm heart.
Dear ones, now let’s talk to you about the fourth change in looking forward to the future, which is also related to the personal prospects of all your Lightworkers: creating the future with the ability of your past lives.
Over the past few years, we have worked hard to help you remember your wonderful past and accept what you have to create a great new world. We’re not just talking about your previous lives on earth. We’re trying to let you know how great you are. Please accept the fact that you have left the broader part of your existence in a higher dimension. It is time to begin to recycle and integrate many aspects of divine expression, which constitute the real you.

We told you that this is a diverse universe. As part of your experience, you have experienced many magical adventures in very special and complex environments. Do you understand why the earth is so important now? Because your planet is the place where the diversity of the whole universe gathers. You played a great game of duality and polarity. You created great wealth, but most people were immersed in pain and lack. In other latitudes, you have shown amazing talents and completed great heroic deeds, just as you have experienced many simple lives on 3D Earth in a narrow way. You have all experienced everything imaginable, from the lowest to the highest. It is time to cross the veil of illusion and regain divinity. As you move deeper into divine consciousness and into the dimension of creation, you begin to exercise your soul muscles, and you are surprised that you can realize your manifestation so quickly. When you become more proficient, small miracles will become large and complex miracles. We tell you that this is nothing compared with the situation you will face in the near future.
You are creating your personal future, and you will make your own choices on how to experience the great changes in the future. When you actively raise your consciousness and reach the master level, you will know that everything is going according to the divine plan. You will realize that no matter how bleak the world looks, the light of creation always shines. This light penetrates the darkest shadows, looks for hidden places on earth and opens the heart of mankind. Most people on earth just want to live in peace, comfort and prosperity, express their piety in their own unique way, and they are willing to give others the same rights.
Those who want to rule, conquer and control are only a few. Their control over the earth and mankind is weakening every day, although it does not seem so on the surface. As more and more of you regain the status of ascended masters and proclaim your inherent divine empowerment, they will become weaker and weaker. In the next period of time, conflicts and wars will occur in many parts of the earth, but those who struggle in ignorance and darkness and attempt to destroy justice and light will fail. From now on, every violence and destruction will be hit positively by heaven, because you, as peace fighters, are gradually winning this war with your light, compassion and forgiveness.
Every moment, you are shaping the future with your thoughts and actions. So you should focus steadily on the positive things in your world, not the wrong things. Often practice this consciously to see the advantages of the people around you and give them encouragement and love support in various ways. You will lead mankind into a beautiful new world. You have experienced the wildest storm, you have gone through many dark nights of your soul, and you have succeeded! Don’t be depressed when you are about to win, my brave friends! When you say out loud that “my intention is for the supreme interests of all”, you allow us to intervene and help you for your interests and help you through this period of great change and turbulence.

Pass the love of the father / Mother God to you, and we will inject light from the heart of the supreme creator into you. You are forever loved and cherished!
                                                                            January cast Qianjiang translation


New geomagnetic system

Original going home tomorrow

From argorians
We have entered the enhancement zone of membrane filter cells

Their force fields actively draw energy of different frequencies from the earth and humans, which is consistent with cell vibration

The huge emission of the earth and human beings is amplified through the energy pipeline

The earth’s climate change platform collects all data from the earth. This information was analyzed by computers at the 23dsiriusians lunar base

Accelerated work will clean up multidimensional levels

The atmospheric phenomenon on the earth is strengthened by the purification of the earth. The difference between incoming and output currents enhances the movement of air quality

We transfer power through pipes to relieve the decline and heat of sharp energy

Many anomalies were observed. They are caused by the high activity of subprocesses(   high activity of the constituent processes )
The earth is a living soul with a high degree of wisdom. Its life and creative power of love are precious to the source

Gaia’s love for her children is infinite. She is undergoing healing and quantum reorganization of all systems. In the future, there will only be harmonious development on earth

The development of wisdom in the universe is the most important task of the source

Gaia just passed the first stage. It’s already hard. She almost died at the hands of growing children several times

We, the space rescue team, declare that we will do everything we can to purify and save the earth

You don’t fully understand our work. Everyone operates at their own level of consciousness

We give guidance and insight in a way you can understand, but according to our observation, it’s a little difficult
There is a lot of false information accumulated in your mind, which greatly inhibits your ability to perceive the process of planetary quantum change

You must understand that our information about what is happening is not available on earth until now. It is unique. Quantum transformation has not been described before

We are all getting a unique experience. Your dogma and outdated information prevent you from changing your consciousness

It’s important to have a pure, open mind. Learn to observe, listen to the soul, coordinate in the surrounding space, perceive new information, compare what is happening on earth with what is happening around you, and learn to live in a new way

What is happening on earth has never happened. There is no old knowledge you can rely on. They do not correspond to reality

They are false. You’ve noticed that when you don’t want to touch them at all. There is no resonance in your soul
That’s all for today. Our wish is to move forward. Your new world idea will attract new ideas and understand what is waiting for us

Earth’s energy field is already broadcasting it. Anyone who is ready to accept new ideas is ready to live in a new world

I wish you all good luck in understanding yourself and the process that is taking place

Date: August 15, 2021
From: lev


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