The energy is strong and will get stronger and stronger^_^

The energy is strong and will get stronger and stronger^_^

The energy is strong and will become stronger and stronger, because we have heard your prayers, your tears and your way of homesickness. We just hope that everyone can call the earth home so that you can help the earth people ascend.

We understand how difficult it is to stay there at the moment, but we want to encourage you to reach out to the nonphysical world, to reach out to groups like us, and give you a reason to stay on earth, because we need you as our ground crew, and because you don’t realize the satisfaction of helping the entire race on earth ascend.

This is the best place to accomplish your mission and life goals. Your soul has traveled so many places, so far, through so many dimensions to get there. Now you are there, yearning for other places, which is usually another star system.

You really need to remind yourself that you are on the right track, which is not a mistake. Everything that happens in your world today has been carefully calculated. It means letting more people release what is no longer suitable for them and helping everyone who completes this release get what they need.

We seek to reach out to everyone, whether they awaken or not, because this is one of the ways people awaken. People are always awakened by strange experiences that cannot be explained. We try to be a strange experience for you, especially for those unawakened human compatriots. People who know us and other aliens can help newly awakened people understand these experiences. When you wait for people to ask you for help, we suggest you open your heart and accept the energy sent by us, as well as the energy sent by Sirius, Andromeda and the Pleiades, because sometimes you really need to confirm that everything is going according to plan.

So we’ll say we’re helping you. We’ve been helping, but we really want you to listen now and more importantly feel it.
We hope you can feel our energy, as well as the energy of the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda, because we all work together to make the interstellar seeds feel more at home on earth.

We extend a helping hand to you, store what you need in your energy field, and bring you more sense of belonging.

Those who open their hearts and accept it easily will be able to feel what we are giving at this moment. Others will only notice that their surroundings are a little more comfortable and a little less anxious and homesick.

We are reaching out to all those who seek help and want to contact aliens. We have no physical body, so most people may not think we are alien life, but we exist and we are not born on your planet. We ascended in our galaxy, which is why we still think of ourselves as Arcturians. However, we are now more universal than before, and our tentacles can extend to the whole universe. In this era, more and more people want to leave the earth. We know why.

(everything that happens in your world today has been carefully calculated. It means letting more people release what is no longer suitable for them and helping everyone who completes this release get what they need.)

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
Daniel Scranton
Interstellar seed: that’s why you’re on earth
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

The best thing you can do now is to be in the present moment as much as possible.

Don’t fall back.
Don’t cling to the past.
Put the past down.
Forgive anyone.
You must forgive and let go

Now you must all start preparing for it
Original going home tomorrow

I’m Sananda. I come at a time of great change. Great changes are brewing
As you’ve heard, nothing can stop this momentum. This is happening and the momentum of evolution. Great changes are coming fast

You are all preparing for these changes. We’re helping you. You have been preparing for these great changes that are coming

Yes, there will be several important announcements before it. But change is in the air. Now you must all start preparing for it. Because things sometimes get bumpy. This is inevitable

But through the darkness you are all passing through, you will fully enter the light. Not only you, but your brothers and sisters are also preparing to move forward and fully enter the light. Darkness will be the past. It’s just part of the illusion

The illusion of human separation has brought about a huge watershed that is taking place. Brought about the separation of wheat and chaff. Bring the prophecy that “two people are in the field, one will be taken away and the other will stay”. You are witnessing it, which I gave Joshua more than 2000 years ago

Now is the end. The old end, the new beginning. Gaia’s new golden age. You are all at the tip of this new golden age
What can you do? There are many things you can do at the moment. But the best thing you can do now is to be in the present moment as much as possible. Don’t fall back. Don’t cling to the past. Put the past down. Forgive anyone. You must forgive and let go
Let go of the attachment you may still hold on to. Because it will only trap you in illusion. Trapped in 3D representation. Instead, let go and forgive what has hurt you, my friends, which will let you leave the illusion and enter the higher vibration frequency of the higher dimension. This is what you came to do. Put the past down. Forget the old memory and don’t hold on. That doesn’t mean good memories. This means blocking your memory. Trapped in the memory of attachment
Then, the future. The future is what you create in the present moment. When you fully understand this, without the past, the future is what you create in the present. When you fully understand this, you are ready for Yang Sheng. But in order to do this, in order to understand this, all attachment must be put down. Your thought process must only be in a higher vibration, no longer in illusion
So even if there seems to be great confusion, it is properly “on the surface”. Because it’s just on the surface. If you do not see it as chaos, but change, evolution, or even revolution, if you do, it is no longer chaos. It no longer brings fear. It will only lead to love. The love embodied in each of you

But that’s what you are. Everyone on earth, all civilizations in the universe: This is what you are, the embodiment of love

Yes, there are those who leave the train of love and completely enter their shadow. And hold on to it and listen to your ego. These people will not move forward and will not be part of this evolution and revolution. Instead, they will stay. It’s their choice, not yours

You choose, each of you, to move forward. Continue to evolve through revolution. When I say revolution, I mean you won’t enter the night gently. You will not obey those who want to hinder you and grasp the illusion of separation. It’s time to let go of all this. Put down the illusion of separation

Find friendship with brothers and sisters again. Together. Become one
As always, believe in yourself. Believe that you can understand what insight is. When the truth is revealed, you can understand it. Because they come from within. They come from inner whispers

But as you’ve heard many times, if you don’t hear a whisper, you’ll hear a shout. Now, the world is shouting to all of you, “put it down and let God operate his / her magic through you.”
I am Sananda. I leave in peace and love. You will find unity within each of you, reflected in the deep love within each of you

Date: August 8, 2021
From: James McConnell


End the game of separation

Source: source
Record: Louise one

Yes, my child, I am what you call the “source”. I want to give you a message.

For a long time, you left me to experience the game of separation. In fact, you never really left me. You are always a part of me, and I am always a part of you. You have always been among me, and I have always been among you. We never separated!

You’ve learned a lot from this game. Now it’s time to end it. I’m waiting for you to go home. The door of home is always open for you. You can come back whenever you want. No one will judge you here, no matter what you did or said, no matter what role you played in that game! Don’t forget that you are me, just a little me. What you do is what I do. What you said is what I said. If I judge you, I judge myself.

This is our game. We’ve all tried to live our true selves in this game. Some people did it, others didn’t. It doesn’t matter! We’ve experienced it. That’s enough!

We have experienced all the three-dimensional games – power, rule… Rule and be ruled, harm and be killed, deceive and be deceived, love and be loved (although it is only a narrow love in three-dimensional). Now it’s time to end this, experience something else, play another game!

I mean, you have to move, rise, don’t stagnate. I don’t like stagnation! The universe I created is like a running machine. If any point or place gets stuck, “pa”! The whole machine won’t work! So you have to go forward, don’t stop, like a happy stream, like a surging river… Move and rise! Oh, in fact, there are no “up” and “down”, only different directions. Some children want to go there and some children want to go here! As long as you move!

Oh, you’re thinking – now you’re still when you meditate. My child, you are static outside, but active inside! When you are static outside, you are active inside! Now you’re receiving messages and energy, aren’t you? If you are completely static inside and outside, you are “dead”! Yes, in your earthlings’ words, it’s “dead”!
Do you think I’m funny? Don’t forget that I am each of you. Each of you will say, I will say!

When most of you choose to end a 3D game, this timeline will melt. You will enter another timeline and play other games!

You have received a lot of messages that if you want to build a new world, you must first let the old world collapse and disappear. Don’t be afraid! Believe that the universe will adjust everything! Believe that everything is the best arrangement!

In fact, your real me will not be afraid. Fear is your ego. I’m afraid I’ll disappear. You have to appease the ego. Not to destroy the ego and “strangle” the ego, but to appease it! You have to open the gate deep inside yourself and let the divine love of the universe flow out from there, filling you and your ego. At that time, it will no longer be afraid and will become a “good child”. Now your egos are like evil spirits one by one. Why? Because it fears! It lacks love!

The loving and fearless you are the real you and the real me. That will be a new human, a new world, a new relationship between people! So you see, divine love is really the key to all this.

You sensible people should set an example, first let yourself shine the light of love, and then others will naturally be attracted to you, just like those little flying insects are attracted by the light. The more they gather around the light, the more people will gather around you. At a certain time, they will also emit light and become bright!

Yes, child, as you perceive – I’m naughty, and so are you! But few of you live this. Look at you people on earth, most of them are dead! You have to learn from children.

Let yourself be a child again! Let yourself live freely, lively and naughty, just like me, just like your true self. This is life! This is life!


Kryon answers questions – light industry does not need to be organized, and societies will fail! Optical star! All humans are waiting to open their own light work!

Original becomequantum melodious yesterday

Q: Dear Kryon, in 2002, I followed my inspiration and moved to Thailand with the intention of creating a (light) community. In August 2002, a turn meant that the community did not manifest. Now I have no job, little money, no partner, no friends, no fun, and no home that can be called “my own”. My confidence is low, and my manifestation tools don’t seem to work.

A: in the new energy, all attempts to create such societies will fail. Your attempts are respected and considered pure, but you should begin to understand now.

If you create such a like-minded community, you isolate their light from the rest of the earth. Light needs to be placed in a dark place, not in a box, so that they can attract each other and stay together.

Instead, create a huge and bright community within you, full of the energy of many lighthouses. You will have your “community” like companions with independent systems to help the earth. Follow simultaneity to get together, plan, and then go back everywhere.

You are loved and there is nothing wrong with what you do. But now it’s time to turn your efforts inward. As you do so, many of the things you desire will gradually begin to manifest.

Q: Dear Cleon, do you know NESARA? Is this really a bill or a metaphor to help us raise awareness?
Q: Dear Corleone, I have read a lot about NESARA during this period. I hope you can provide more information about this.
Q: who is the “winger”? What is their role in ascension? Do they work with your team?

A: at this time on earth, there will be many new systems, bills, and organizations that are intended to reflect the new consciousness being established. When you examine them, you must identify whether they are suitable for you. Here are some guidelines:

(1) What is the greatest intention or purpose of this system? Is it to promote the individual or a group?

(2) Is it political or opinion biased? If so, it is a mixture of old and new, not appropriate.

(3) Will it let you join? This is an old energy method. God’s family has an inner membership, which is spiritual, understood, and eternal.

(4) Is there any capital or market operation behind it? Check this out. Light workers must also earn money to live. But did it go beyond that and get involved in your investment? Stay away from all organizations that will teach you to follow another person, whether that person is alive or dead.

Ask yourself… Do you really need an organization in your life to complete your work of light?

Q: Kryon, my 18-year-old daughter is taking theology, a required course in her university. She was very disappointed and confused. Her ideas are completely at odds with the whole class (she goes to a Catholic University of her own choice). She doesn’t believe in organized religion. She believes in angels and says “God” is anything you want him / her to be. She created confusion and confusion in her class. She never thought she was an atheist because she thought she “believed” and had her own ideas. She was very uncomfortable and asked me for help to help her understand. I’m not sure I can, or I should. I think this is her own way. I am very happy for her openness and firmness on this topic and her maturity in class discussion( The course is mostly senior students, and she makes them “oppose” her.) Please show me how to guide her.

A: ask her this: is she confused when others like a food she doesn’t like? Is she disappointed when she doesn’t like some books that others like? The answer is No. Tell her that her wisdom is to “know what you know” and respect others at the same time. She never needs to prove anything because they can’t. She never needs to change their mind, because everyone’s pursuit of divinity will be respected. Tell her to relax on the fact that she knows as much about God as people on earth. Then tell her to smile and listen to her classmates. Respect their quest, and perhaps they will respect her. Let the divinity she knows be revealed through her attitude. Even if her classmates avoid her, let her stand tall in God’s love.

Some people like to put God in a box. This is more comfortable for their understanding and worship. It’s just a preference. Nothing is absolute. God knows them and respects them. But she is far ahead of the old four-dimensional approach to spirituality. She saw the big picture and knew that the box where God lived was herself.

Q: Hi, Corleone, I’m Pablo from Australia. My friends Rachel and I both believe that our job is to save the world. I feel that we have an important role, but we can’t find specific actions… Should we publicize, protest and fight injustice? Or just keep calm? I think it’s the right way to keep calm and adjust ourselves, but at the same time, I think we should do more. Do you have any suggestions?

A: honey, you are right. There are two steps before you do what you are assigned to do, and there is a great depression. Take care of yourself first. We have taught this for a long time“ Why? “Some people asked,” how can this help? ” We answer in the following way: if you are going to use a car to win a car race, do you need to take the time to prepare the car, or just drive it as soon as you go up? The answer is, of course, that it takes far more time to prepare the car than to race in it. Wise people understand this principle. When you are more prepared for what you want to do, the more effective you will be. So prepare yourself. Vibrate higher, become wiser, and spend more time on your spiritual existence.

When you are ready, show your light and start working. The job is to focus on consciousness, or to send light to dark places. Don’t send your thoughts and comments… Just send light. The moral is that you are lighting up a dark place so that others can have a free choice and see or discover some hidden ideas, including solutions to some of the most important problems on earth. It is not a preaching light; It is the light of love full of wisdom. It respects the free choice of all human beings, but it creates a more balanced place where all available things can be seen and tried.

Politically, it creates solutions that have never been seen before. Where disease ravages, it creates peace and hope. In science, it creates previously “hidden” ideas and inventions. Where there is conflict, there can be peace, and where there is hatred, there can be reconciliation.

That depression? You won’t see the results of your light for a long time. There is no immediate feedback as you are used to seeing in general reality. Because the results are what everyone who takes action wants to see, it would be frustrating not to see them immediately. It even makes you wonder if all this is working.

Nothing you can do for this planet is greater than holding the energy of hope for the future and sending divine light to dark places.
Q: Dear Corleone: I play the guitar and have a strong desire to become a rock star. Although there is no guarantee that this will happen, I want to aim at this goal. I hope financial security will come with it. In addition, there may be fame and other people’s worship, which is also very attractive. After reading Kryon’s books 1 to 5, I am now reading 6. I find that I am told that this is not the right route because it is full of negative things such as greed and ego. Can one be both a warrior of light and a desire to be famous? Is it right for me to follow my desire and passion to become a rock star? Can there be fame and wealth in the soul contract of the awakened person?

A: fame itself is not an appropriate goal, because it is an attribute that will not help anyone except those who pursue it, and it is the product of the human ego. However, this may not actually happen in your life.

You may indeed see the possibilities and fame in your life. But it will be the result of your ability and your musical passion, not a separate goal. Gods can use famous people. This pit is very deep, but a balanced person can be mature and elegant, accept reputation, and therefore continue to become a greater musician.

Think about what a famous optical rock star can do! The universe will like this! So this is not what you might think “no, no”. When you have honesty, personal control and professionalism, fame will be of great help to millions of fans. Because famous people can live a life of light and show others things they never thought they could exist. How does a famous person treat others? How does a famous person deal with the media? How does the famous Lightworker deal with wealth? Do you understand If you are really watched by the public all the time, think about what you can show them when you have a balanced ego and live a balanced life.

The fact is: if this happens, famous people will become more famous! Because human beings like the combination of beautiful talents and balanced ego. They will love you and want to know more about how you did it. Then you have a chance to tell them.

Q: Dear Kryon, I still wonder if I am a light worker. How can I get the exact answer to this question?

Q: Dear Cleon, I think this question has been asked for some time: if a person is not a light worker, what is he / she? A Lightworker who doesn’t know he’s a Lightworker, or something else? Are there any other roles besides light workers? If so, what are they?

A: again, don’t let esoteric terms define your life! If you don’t find the definition you want, will you stop your spiritual pursuit?

A Lightworker is defined as a person who realizes that there is more to life than can be seen in the three-dimensional reality, and will therefore try to improve his / her awareness in a spiritual way. There are as many “kinds” of light workers as humans. Some are in the exploration stage, some are in the active stage of recognizing themselves, and enter a state in which they can raise their own vibration, which can affect every inch of the planet.

So if you’re the one who’s asking if you’re a photoworker, of course you are! How else would your eyes stare at this page if you were not a light seeker?

Yes, in a way, all humans are light workers waiting to open their own light. This is a great cognition we teach. There are seeds of truth among all of you. Under free choice, some will seek it, while others will not. There was no judgment in either case, but he began to wake up and asked, “is there more?” People who have this problem will change greatly.


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