Ashtar: negative entities removed^_^

Ashtar: negative entities removed

One’s paradise 777 you are me 7 / 28

Dear brothers and sisters, I am Ashtar, the commander of the Galactic light Federation. I am happy to communicate telepathically with each of you today. I’ve been busy with everything, what happened in our dimension and yours.

Negative entities on Mars have been completely eliminated because they pose a threat to us and the Milky way. If someone claims that Orion, grey man, reptiles, etc. are still there, it is not correct. Now, the dark ones are looking for a new planet as a base so that they can continue to plan their next attack.

Unfortunately, some bright communities believe their lies. The same is true of the secret space program, which has been running for a long time and is hidden from human beings on earth. Recently, we seized and dismantled several of their ships.

As I mentioned earlier, we will not allow negative forces to destroy or create dangerous situations in the galaxy or elsewhere in the universe. It can kill trillions of lives, something that the supreme father or creator will never allow to happen.

I am frustrated that some truth seekers are fooled by dark entities and read sources full of negative code. In addition, I would like to add the statement about super psychic media in the secret space program. No one with extraordinary mental ability will have a negative impact on anyone at a distance of 400 miles, because humans with 3D technology cannot exercise this ability.

Please don’t worry that someone will attack or affect you with their negative energy. You can easily raise your vibration through meditation. So if someone wants to attack you, they won’t hurt you in high energy.

Your meditation can help you and others. Please continue to spread the light. Remember, you have free will, and no one can force you to do something unpopular. Darkness has been using intimidation tactics and mind manipulation for a long time. Now, every day, more and more people begin to question their surroundings. The dark agenda is failing, and the light continues to spread.

The new earth is ready to accept 5D galactic humans, and she is waiting for your arrival. Your inner power is your guide. Just follow your heart and go the right way. Promotion is a personal choice. A certain number of humans will remain in the matrix as they are not ready to ascend. When this happened, the others couldn’t wait. This is at the sacred time, and only the Father knows the exact time when it will happen.

Bad weather and other events are carefully planned by fallen souls. Not all events are caused by them. Gaia’s mother is purifying the earth and preparing for mankind to come to the new earth.

The myth of dinosaurs that they were carnivores is incorrect. The survivors now live in the open earth and the heart of the Ansar civilization. They are all plant eaters, including the 50 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I want to assure you that everything is going according to the divine plan. The Galactic Federation of light, and I, Ashtar, will continue to assist your civilization and ensure everyone’s safety in the galaxy. Thanks to global channel for providing this transmission. thank you.

You are lighthouses of light! Brave and strong!


Conduction: Elena Velasquez
Translation / editing: I


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