The heart has 40000 neurons that keep thinking and feeling!

The heart has 40000 neurons that keep thinking and feeling!

„ just like a person thinking in his heart, it is also. ” This sacred poem tells you the truth… The electromagnetic field in the heart is 5000 times stronger than that in the brain..

The heart can guide you, and the brain can guide you or confuse you!

By touching the heart, you can focus your attention here, breathe deeply and exhale slowly, which can coordinate the heart and brain. This has changed the chemical reaction of the body. Now choose exciting thoughts, which will bring gratitude, compassion and joy! Will move you from polarity to unity. You will feel who you really are. Peace and love are your true existence! The heart carries your life! The heart chakra guides you and carries all information from each waking dream to the next.

Akashic records called divine frequency, all records are for your own growth and soul review.

If you suffer from unresolved trauma in any dream, including your current dream. If you intend to heal all unresolved residual energy and gain the power of freedom, then say gratefully, “thank you, I am healed.”

“Thank you! I am healed. ” Use this meditation until you can feel it. Realize the feeling of your heart!

Dear people, may you be safe!
You will move to a higher density where the chaotic state of this dream does not exist!

Meditate on this truth!

You are a collective, we are with you now!

We have always loved you, and now we still love you!

We are an infinite group of Pleiades stars!

Conduction: Judith
Compilation: source ra
Pleiadian starlight collective: the origin of life forms

You are my heaven today


You can be psychic – telepathic

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today

  It is generally believed that people with psychic abilities can see, hear, feel and understand everything. They think we will know everything about them as soon as we see them. We don’t need to ask any questions because we already know by intuition. This is not the case! Every psychic person has his own unique abilities. They will have some of them, but they are rarely all psychic prophets. Although some people are very good at perspective, or clairvoyance, others can’t see with the third eye at all. Although some people can easily remember their names and ages, others find it more difficult. Some people can guide, while others can feel. Some need to attune, while others automatically attune to spiritual existence. It all depends on this person’s soul purpose and level of consciousness, when they choose to awaken, and their soul family agreement to share gifts with others.

        All mediums are different, have different abilities and talents, so they should not be put in the same basket. However, as long as people practice and trust themselves and their abilities more, they can certainly strengthen their talents or develop new talents. Therefore, potentially, a psychic medium without foresight talent can become a psychic channel over time, and their self-belief will remain strong.

        If one wishes to engage in professional work, faith, trust and confidence in one’s talents and their accuracy are essential. However, for those who just start working, the most important thing is to start from their strongest aspect and strive to develop it in practice. Write down your experience and don’t ignore anything unexpected, such as a voice, a sentence, a voice, a beam of light, a tingling feeling, a color – they are all signs of your guide being with you and helping you.

        I also suggest you pretend until you succeed! This means that if you can’t “see” archangels, if you can feel them, imagine them, imagine their energy. If you can’t hear what they’re saying, even if it’s in your head, pick up your pen, clear your mind and write without thinking. If you feel energy but can’t see it, ask yourself some questions, such as what color it will be, what is the feeling associated with it, and if there is a word associated with this energy, what will it be? Remember, everything is intentional, because thought creates form.

        Everyone has psychic powers. At least, our intuition is our basic psychological induction. So believe it, listen to it, observe and be aware of your psychological development!

Bless you, Victoria
Compilation: source ra


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