People haven’t seen the financial collapse. Why? Even after the global break, finance did not collapse^_^

People haven’t seen the financial collapse. Why? Even after the global break, finance did not collapse^_^

This involves how to keep consciousness in the vibration of one’s choice for a long time. What is the domain, manifestation and architecture? The quantum field, a more subtle space, is also the zero field, no time, play and focus space
So we went back to our previous homework:

  1. How to connect with the higher self so that you can develop the habit of not being disturbed by the outside world and your own judgment
  2. How to express your will and become the change you want
  3. How to establish a sense of unity and unity of all things and create together with all sentient beings
  4. Use “everything comes from yourself” to practice your balanced relationship with outsiders and things, and balance the problems

Of course, there is also a very important thing that makes light workers endure is karmic life. Only by constantly practicing the above four points can you maintain the vibration life you want in a difficult or relaxed life for a longer time, and submit to all the arrangements of the heavenly soul plan, because you no longer live according to the world, and you have a higher vibration life goal and belief

“Being able to stay in the vibration of your choice for a long time requires practice. It takes time, your attention and concentration, and your efforts. We want you to know that your efforts have paid off.

Only when you enter the interior can you really be aware of your vibration. When you are willing to enter the interior, you can touch the vibration of your choice and maintain it.

Some of you have seen that this is an important skill, and they have noticed that their lives are becoming easier and easier. You will notice that your manifesting abilities are increasing and that you are often in the state you want.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have focused on your ability to maintain vibration at a specific frequency, and we are pleased to report to you that humans have shown great ability to maintain vibration of your choice for a long time.

This is a necessary skill for you in the fourth dimension, so you need to maintain a vibration for a long time to manifest things, knowing that you are responsible for manifestation. Therefore, it needs strong control. It can also make you feel what you want, which is more important than manifestation.

In a fast-paced society, people always rush around and focus on what they can control. It is very important for you to maintain a vibration. This is a skill that shows us:

“Those of you who have these skills have been able to ignore the physical field for a long time and tune yourself into the inner field.”

Only when you enter the interior can you really be aware of your vibration. When you are willing to enter the interior, you can touch the vibration of your choice and maintain it.

Remember, you were masters on earth, or elsewhere in the galaxy, at least for a lifetime. That’s why you think of such abilities. It is through practice and constant interest in all spiritual things that you achieve this. You can expect to see manifestation begin faster and faster as the speed and vibration of energy increase. This is one of the many ways you serve humanity in the fourth dimension.

Now, the thorny problem is how to share this ability with others and make them notice the differences in their lives. Therefore, some of you will hold meditation courses, sound therapy, group meetings, and gather people of different wishes. They are the ones who master this ability and know how to help others feel that they have some control over the material world.

You will show your abilities and the results of your practice, and you will find ways to teach them to master vibration. In mastering the vibration, they will master the creation of their reality, which is what many people are looking for at the moment.

Master the creation of your reality
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

Now you understand the working principle of light workers who have begun to use the quantum financial system, submit to the connection of the higher self, follow the karmic life, and live the vibration life you want for a long time. Through no time, concentration and interest, your world finance is born

The outside world finance is also taken over by the higher self and higher field, which is determined by the collective consciousness of all mankind

We are no longer operating in the original financial system. If people all over the world exchange gold in banks, you will find that banks are empty. In other words, we have been playing the game of printing paper money for a long time, which is the same as children drawing money on paper to buy things. What do you mean? Mankind has already entered the era of virtual currency.

This work has been prepared many years ago. Encoding the name related information of global humans into the quantum financial system, but it has not been able to go online. Now humans have promoted the online implementation of the quantum financial system. It is very simple. I want financial currency as a transition, and there is no need to exchange currency value through physical assets. In addition, finance can not collapse.

What is the unity of opposites, that is, you want to live without conditions. This is unconditional love. I want to live when conditions are mature, and I want to live when conditions are not mature without creating conditions. What will happen?

Promote the launch of the quantum financial system, “Hello customer, you are now using the quantum financial system, so that there is no need to register and do card passbook. I have some banks before you, and I have records here before you. What else? You don’t need to work. Our system will give you long money. Where do you come from, your interests, hobbies Peace and joy. “

See, what you can see is not the quantum financial system. Only the high-dimensional system can dominate the low-dimensional system. Of course, this system is also built by people who need to be cleared of obstacles. How to manage, grab it and connect to the existing system.

In other words, from Zhuanxu ā n x ū) The first “communication between heaven and earth” is now connected again. In fact, it has been connected all the time, but everyone doesn’t know how to use it. You don’t need to do anything. You just need to rest, be peaceful, be happy, do what you want and are interested in, and you will be rich and will not be exhausted. However, some people didn’t allow you to do so before. For example, some revelers found that their bank accounts can’t get money.

Yes, previous hackers and a very small number of organizations can access this quantum financial system.

Quantum is the frequency and speed matched with human consciousness. Of course, it will fluctuate with human consciousness. Therefore, now that you know the principle and go online again, you will know how to do it.

These obstacles will be cleared within three months, and this work will take decades or even hundreds of years to complete before. This is the relationship between weeks and decades and hundreds of years, because the process is accelerated, the vibration frequency is increased, and the event transitions.

That’s why 2020 is a year for you to show your imagination and manifest reality.

There are other obstacles that need to be cleared away. What is the truth? The covered truth is enough to shake the belief and foundation of living before. No one will have the motivation to return to work because of the long-term release of these truths by the public media, and focus on continuing to rest and vacation. Therefore, two years of global rest and vacation are necessary. Why do I say so, I have rested for four years, and the quantum financial system has been used for four years. Science is science, and spirituality is spirituality. Only through practice can the two be unified.
Because of the acceleration of the process, mankind can complete the transformation in only two years without four years, because although there is no surging waves, mankind’s momentum is far from comparable to the surging waves; Although there will be no shaking of the earth and mountains, there will be vicissitudes, but such a decision by human beings after seeing the truth is far from comparable.

Because all this comes from a human decision: “I quit ^ ^ ^”.

So, all pour into the real life, the life they want, and everyone will live the life they want in five years.

Truly stress free, full of joy and ecstasy.

Everything happens in the moment, trust what you feel, flow without judgment, and it is this that manifests what you want.

The obstacles of the above few people and the truth covered up have been cleared, and large-scale contact with the people of Taole city in the center of the earth can begin. In two years, there will be a person in the center of the earth who will be discovered by human beings, so it will gradually expand from small-scale to large-scale. The people in the center of the earth have never been disconnected from the Yinhe civilization, so it is natural for human beings to return to the galactic civilization.

There is no doubt that within two years, humans will have one person, small-scale and large-scale contact with people in the inner earth, because it is the accelerated process of all mankind in which you participate that will make this day a success in a few weeks.

Live in the present, where you have returned to the galactic family and enjoyed under the “new sky”. What is that? It is a constant temperature system. There are no four seasons, no wind, frost, snow and rain. Why? At that time, mankind had thought of life. There is no wind and frost in peace and nature. Only great sorrow and joy can make you happy. Naturally, there is no snow and rain. Yes, The polar extreme climate no longer exists, which is not far away. It will be realized in 18 years and 2038.

Naturally, the sun has also changed from conditional light to unconditional light, and the human light body appears. Naturally, there is the “third coming” of the Christ energy of unconditional love, the first from Jesus and the second from Paul’s preaching in Europe.

Therefore, unconditional love is not far from you, just clear the obstacles, which comes from your want and thinking about the day you really want.
What does that mean? It is possible that people who never watch the news do not know what is awakening and what is contact with people in the center of the earth. Only when the vehicle has the option of spaceship can they know that they can travel to other planets.

This is that one person is the whole, and ten thousand people are one person. It’s all in your moment. One person can lead ten thousand people. We call it Guanggong, and ten thousand people also lead one person. We call it “experience vanguard”.
Return to the source, where you have everything you want, because you have put everything down.

Have a party 🎉, Celebrate your return to the galactic family in advance.


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