By Seraphin through Rosie
Sep 29, 2014 – 6:44:17 AM

Seraphin Message 196:
Through Rosie, 29th September 2014

If you do not need to pay for a stamp, dear Children on Earth, your LOVE LETTERS may be long and arduous. You may write stacks of letters. You may write novels. You may compose oratorios for your loved ones far away AND SEND THEM THROUGH WHATEVER MEDIUM AT NO CHARGE. Also, DISTANCE will be reduced to a mere nothing since the high costs of travelling long distances WILL NOT EXIST. Thus there will be nothing preventing you from contacting or visiting distant relatives and friends UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO MAINTAIN THAT DISTANCE.

This will be a good benchmark for the quality of your relationships and whether you REALLY WISH TO MAKE AN EFFORT AT KEEPING CONTACT. Distance is not actually the issue: THE DESIRE TO CONNECT IS THE ISSUE. Presently, high prices can be a good excuse for not calling or not visiting or not caring. Note that the eradication of the money system will, in effect, TERMINATE DISHONESTY and STRENGTHEN AND IMPROVE THE LINKS YOU VALUE.

If you can no longer show your gratitude to waiters or waitresses or other providers of services in the form of payment or tips, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE? You will not be able to simply slap a bill on the counter and run off to your next important assignment or meeting. You will learn to GENUINELY APPRECIATE ALL ABUNDANCE – whether in the form of products or service – WHICH IS BESTOWED ON YOU. You will be so HUMBLED by the experience that you will initially just sit in amazement, feeling at a loss, thinking you have arrived in paradise. This, especially, will be the experience of those accustomed to living with very little, as on so many areas of your earth. And indeed, this is where you will all have arrived, since a moneyless (NOT CASHLESS) society will be PARADISE FOR ALL.

Later, when you are well acquainted with and adjusted to the new system, you will reminisce about the era of money. You will realise the absurdity of paying money for a bunch of flowers (you will realise the even greater absurdity of paying a plane and pilot to bring you those flowers from exotic climes, preventing the native population from growing food instead). You will realise the absurdity of discussing your finances for hours, the absurdity of fighting over wills or inheritances, and the absurdity of asking for a rise. You will raise YOURSELVES above all these discussions and move into a new framework based on the VALUES OF THE HEART. The only thing you will have in your BANK ACCOUNT, with which you can “pay” others, is helpfulness, generosity, love, gratitude, understanding, a listening ear or an offer of assistance. There will be less that you HAVE TO DO, and more awareness of your own CHOICE OF PURSUIT. Yet always must you be aware of the cosmic law: what you give, you will receive.

This system will only work if all contribute to the BEST of their abilities. Laziness will be frowned upon. There will be no such thing as being OUT OF WORK. All will be urged to develop what it is that they do BEST, and bestow this on others. This leads to a continuous CIRCLE AND CYCLE OF UPLIFTMENT.

The “levelling” of money means the levelling of society. All will be equal. No one will have MORE MONEY or LESS MONEY than anyone else. It will no longer be possible to purchase the best lawyers or the best caterers or the best (and most expensive) services for exclusive personal use. The providers of services (EVERYONE WILL BECOME A PROVIDER OF SERVICES) will themselves decide WHERE THEIR SERVICES ARE BEST PLACED. LIP SERVICE WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST. IT WILL BE REPLACED BY REAL SERVICE.

If you do not have to pay for food, will this change your habits? If those providing the food decide it is in everyone’s best interest to produce healthy and morally viable (NO KILLING OR EXPLOITATION OF ANIMALS) products only, will you protest? Will you attempt to continue your addictions? Or, if you have been on the receiving end of very little nutrients, will you suddenly go overboard and launch into massive overdoses? These will be the initial difficulties, yet we say that the overall and overriding wish to live modestly, sustainably and healthily – a trait which everyone will learn to develop and adhere to – will bring balance and prosperity.

And what about your other addictions? Games, drugs, sex? Do you think that these will be provided “free” for your continued “pleasure” and self-abuse? Do you imagine that prostitutes will of their own accord continue, or will they prefer to reject that which is alien to their very nature and which they practised as a last resort? Will you need drugs to get a high? If the fact that everything is available and “free” is not enough to make you happy, you will have to confront the real reasons for your behaviour and your unhappiness. In such cases, you will be strongly reminded of your own divinity.

Remember the feeling you get when you receive an unexpected present, or when you receive something for “free”. Even if it is only a tiny gesture, you are filled with exhilaration and gratitude. How great will this feeling be, Beloveds, when you live IN GRATITUDE every moment of the day: when you experience this in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE, WHEN ALL IS “FREE” and present IN ABUNDANCE. You will, in effect, DANCE ETERNALLY.

Throughout much of your world, your style of living DEPENDS on how much money you have at your disposal. So, WHAT WILL YOU DEPEND ON ONCE MONEY HAS GONE? It will be your KINDNESS, your RESOURCEFULNESS, your CREATIVITY, your ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE, your READINESS TO CO-OPERATE WITH OTHERS, and above all, YOUR LACK OF GREED (All new subjects to be taught in your new schools). You will take ONLY THAT WHICH SUFFICES. YOU WILL SHARE. You will not hoard surpluses unless this is for a specific project to benefit others. You will distribute resources and materials and skills freely, as needed. You will not waste the resources of the earth who loves you dearly and whom you have treated with the utmost disdain and cruelty.

You will not produce faulty or low quality articles, since this would not serve HUMANKIND. AND SERVING HUMANKIND IS YOUR DIVINE GOAL. With your eradication of money, your concepts of “profit” and “loss” will go out of the window. The squandering practice of obsolescence (deliberate and in-built corruption and programming of goods, involving future breakdowns to encourage the repurchase of same to ensure continuing “profits” and “jobs”) will be eradicated. There will be no point to this. This means that ALL BUSINESSES will have to change their mind-set – initially, a difficult undertaking. Yet you will get used to the idea of asking yourselves WHO WILL RECEIVE THE BENEFIT OF THIS PRODUCT? And HOW CAN I PRODUCE EXCELLENCE? And HOW CAN I COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS TO PRODUCE EXCELLENCE, IRRESPECTIVE OF NATION OR CREED? And HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF MY WORK SO THAT IT LAST FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE?

ALL THIS WILL YOU LEARN. And you will rejoice in the certain knowledge that you are taking part in a huge movement to help everyone, including yourself, instead of fighting to keep alive through the sale of shady, dubious, poisonous, superfluous, useless and shoddy produce. This will LIFT YOUR SPIRITS enormously. You will know the ULTIMATE VALUE of your work. You will be loved and respected for your contribution. No one shall be more or less than anyone else. The only way to earn credit or stature in the eyes of others will be the extent and depth and intensity of your SINCERE CONTRIBUTION.

Will you, on the DAY OF NO MONEY, continue to produce weapons, Beloveds? Is this an occupation which will increase your esteem in the eyes of ALL? This is the new criterion – to benefit ALL. Will killing ALL be part of your agenda? Will you choose war, or will you choose peace? The “defence” industry shall change into a UNIVERSAL SUPPORT INDUSTRY. It will change from an industry supporting FEAR to an industry spreading LOVE. It will not destroy. LIKE ALL OTHER INDUSTIRES, IT WILL NURTURE.

These are but a few of the consequences of the changes which WILL COME TO YOU, Beloved children on earth who we love so much, who we wish to see in constant joy, who we continue to warn although we are chided and rejected. So deep is our desire to move you towards harmony and away from self-destruction that we will – again and again – present you with NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF YOURSELVES so that you may learn all the faster. We urge you to change you behaviour BEFORE IT IS FORCIABLY CHANGED.

We honour your choices, Seraphin.


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