The earth will be submerged by the highest vibrational energy “tsunami”, and you will experience it in the next 21 days^_^

The earth will be submerged by the highest vibrational energy “tsunami”, and you will experience it in the next 21 days^_^


The symptoms are relieved, the eyes are no longer itchy or painful, and the inflammation is gone

The eyes are adjusting to the strong light of the sun

In the evening and middle of the night, when the energy is strong, there are occasional neuralgia in the back of the brain and left posterior cerebellum. Nasal breathing with deep abdominal breathing can alleviate the symptoms

When lying still, the sound of air vibration in both ears is still sharp

Network speed and mobile phone use speed slow down

Telepathy is occasionally accompanied by smell and sound

The previous strain parts, right wrist and right hip bone began to repeat

Explanation: “at present and in addition, there is a huge upgrade in your cell composition, from carbon to silicon. Some of you go further than others in this process, depending on how much emotional baggage you have removed from the vibration and how much you have ascended.

This gradual and continuous transformation makes you lighter, because your cells begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, so the density in your body and your bones are actually “broken down”. In other words, as you increasingly become a fifth dimensional plasma, sometimes you become more fluid, just like your cetacean family, dolphins and whales. This reactivates the kundalini flow in your body, activates the star entrance in your body, and ignites your galactic key and password again. This can lead to pain in areas with high bone density around the joint, usually in the hip, knee, coccyx or other important joints. Take this as evidence to prove that your transformation is closely connected with the development of your Merkaba and becomes a crystal existence. “


August 20, 2021
High vibration energy “tsunami”

Heavenly Father summons

Greetings, my dear children!

Today, I want to tell you about the potential processes that are happening on earth – energy and physical manifestation.

Although from the perspective of energy, everything happens logically in a predictable way, at first glance, the actions of the world government at the material level seem quite unreasonable and contradictory.

First of all, the top leaders in power are fully aware that September will be a key month in the struggle between good and evil.

There are several reasons, the most important of which is that the earth will be submerged by the highest vibrational energy “tsunami”.

Therefore, the main task of the world government now is to reduce the overall vibration frequency of the earth as much as possible, hoping that it can weaken the new energy, and they will try to repel this most powerful energy blow.

However, their expectations have not been realized, because the new energy has a very different structure from the energy of the third dimensional world. Now in contact with the dense energy controlling the earth, they will not be able to integrate with them, just as mercury cannot mix with water.

This new energy is like an overflowing river that will fill the earth, leaving rocks and heavy silt at the bottom.

However, the hidden government representatives are doing their best to deal with world events, so as to trigger as much fear and panic among people as possible, form a low vibration energy equivalent “tsunami”, and hope to “ease” this energy wave to save mankind.

At present, the actions taken by the governments of many countries are absurd and illegal, and will even arouse the dissatisfaction of the most law-abiding citizens.

The action to reduce the earth’s population is entering its final stage and has now become an open anti human genocide, which has aroused the anger and indignation of the wise part of the earth’s population.

At the same time, in the “hotbed” of the planet, some provocations aimed at encouraging international conflicts are arranged, which is a long-standing and most effective “weapon” for globalists to accumulate the required low vibrational energy.

Here, they have to add the man-made “natural” disasters, which they have selectively arranged as punishment for the country that does not obey them.

Therefore, in the context of widespread chaos, pain and suffering, they tried to end man-made events by unscrupulous means.

What they plan to do smoothly and cunningly in a way that people can’t perceive for decades must now be done in an urgent way. They can’t hide anything and ignore caution.

Soon, these two powerful “tsunami” waves of different vibrations from earth and space will inevitably conflict, which will lead to the great separation of society and create two parallel worlds on your planet: the dark old low vibration world will be quickly forgotten and a light pure high vibration world.

You should be ready for that, honey.
You will have to overcome “obstacles” because all these will take some time.
Now your main task is not to trip yourself and save your child from danger.

Be wise and vigilant!

Remember: no matter what happens, no matter what provocation is arranged by the puppets of the hidden government. They are doomed to fail because their era of power on earth is over.

This is an objective reality that they cannot change now.

Bless you and love you all!


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