Drink plenty of water and rest to prepare for the enhancement of your fifth dimensional experience^_^

Drink plenty of water and rest to prepare for the enhancement of your fifth dimensional experience^_^

You are those who often enter the fifth dimensional frequency range and will be the first to complete the transformation of ascension. Then you have to prove to others that they have nothing to fear, because they will recognize that you are still yourself.

But you will certainly be happier, more creative, more magical, and you will feel a burden off your shoulders. You will shine like Joshua, and people will be eager to experience what you have experienced. All you have to do is accept the upgrade and know that the upgrade may bring some ascension symptoms. Drink more water and rest more to prepare for the enhancement of the experience of your fifth dimensional beings.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very pleased to report that you have absorbed the energy well and are ready to further upgrade your seven main chakras. Of course, in order to keep up with the energy sent by us and other beings, you have been getting help from your guides in upgrading and activating. But we will also observe your energy body and its energy centers to determine what to use to help your ascension journey. We have determined that it is best to upgrade your solar plexus at this time.

You are very powerful beings and are undergoing great changes, which may upset the mind and self-consciousness. You are treating yourself as a unique individual, realizing that you are a higher self and more like a collective. We are trying to alleviate the anxiety caused by your self-awareness transition. When we talk about unity and unity consciousness, many people are afraid of losing self-consciousness, but you don’t need to consider these issues, because you will always know yourself, just as you know yourself now. In other words, you will feel that way.

But you will also feel more tolerant and broad-minded, and you can get more from your heart. We can tell you something every day, but we know that you still need the upgrading of these solar plexus chakras, because you want to see yourself still growing and expanding rather than lost in the ocean of consciousness. We know how to adjust these solar plexus chakras to achieve what you want, A smooth and easy transition for everyone.

You in the awakening group are leading the way for other humans. Although we are upgrading all at the moment, you are still the first to take advantage of this new upgrade and improvement of the solar plexus chakra,

Your solar plexus chakras are upgraded

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/HwNKWKzZgZDZVQy5hmyPvw


Soon there will be an explosion of light. You must have a strong internal crystal cell structure to bear and accommodate this light within you!

The Pleiadians said, “you can’t play with it anymore. The body must become lighter. In fact, it itself and become light!”

When these light waves hit the human body, the interstellar seeds can certainly feel their full influence!

When these ultra fast light particles smash into your magnetic field, the impact will suddenly shake your body system for a moment, until this beam of light is fully integrated into the physical body, spiritual body and etheric body! Only when one enters depth δ During level sleep, the intelligent cosmic light will be integrated into the cell DNA, and then the DNA will be immediately re encoded into a more complex order! This will rapidly raise one’s higher vibration frequency and experience a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.

The great ones,

The energy is rising tonight and will increase to a higher level of intensity in the next three Earth days!

Are you ready?

When the upgrade of super DNA is carried out in the interstellar seed population of earth, everyone will stand on the deck!

All right, let’s go, let’s rock!

Let us know the ascension symptoms and major life changes you are experiencing at this time!

Are you ready? In the next 72 hours, four strong class C solar flares will continue to launch from the sun to the earth!



Master Jesus: your awakening will be the most glorious moment


We are all one, there is no separation. The experience of separation is unreal and illusory, just like a long dream from which you are awakening. You need to awaken to enjoy complete life. As a source, life is for living, full consciousness, full awareness, full consciousness, full awakening!

However, your thinking human mind constantly distracts you from your predetermined path of spiritual evolution, which you designed for this human life. It is guiding you – all humans – back to the reality, the home created by your father for you, where you have your eternal existence. Separation has never happened and cannot happen, because there is only an infinite energy field, that is God, mother / father / God, source, love!
At home, you just chose not to know this sacred and unchanging truth. It seems that this choice was made hundreds of millions of years ago. Since then, it has been constantly transformed and finally brought you to the awakening moment in this ancient physical universe.

Modern science has shown that in this seemingly vast universe, there is actually no matter. In any sense, matter is unreal, and there is only a huge emptiness of infinite or infinite energy. As this consciousness spreads throughout mankind, your awakening occurs.

Awakening is to realize that you are the infinite energy, to realize that you have been avoiding yourself, pretending to be billions of different insignificant beings, lost, afraid and lonely in a huge nothingness. In order to alleviate this huge feeling of insignificance, loss and loneliness, you choose to live in a material world in which you can connect with others and find the love you have always had and already exist, or you can choose to conflict with those who seem to threaten you – a “us or them” environment, It always poses a threat to your security and happiness.

As the process of human awakening accelerates and strengthens, more and more of you will realize that you are spiritual beings and have a short life experience in the form.

For many people, this new consciousness will be amazing, even shocking, while for others, who have been consciously following what you may describe as a religious or spiritual lifestyle, and hope that death will not be an ultimate end point in their lives, This new understanding will be lucky to confirm that their faith in God is complete and fully effective.

Your awakening will be the most glorious moment, because all your doubts and fears disappear and dissolve, and you strongly know that you are, always are, and the divine existence will fill your heart and greatest joy.

The only thing you need to do is wake up, let the love that has been waiting patiently and loving you enter your heart and embrace you into awakening.

It’s really simple.

However, you are all trained to believe that you are not worthy of love. You must work very hard to improve yourself in order to eliminate worthlessness, sin and dirt, which seems to be the main aspect of one’s life.

You accept that as a human being, you have very limited abilities and limitations that prevent you from living the rich life you want, because this is human nature.

But you don’t realize you’re not human!

You are, because you are constantly reminded of the perfect divine existence. You are created in love, from love, created by love, and what love is and does is always perfect.

Love is everything. It is the sacred field of infinite energy. All creations burst out in divine and perfect harmony to delight and satisfy the creator and everything she created. You don’t need to change anything about yourself. You just need to allow yourself to be yourself.

In the seemingly long years of life entering form and evolution, there is an internal or inherent feeling that it is not good enough and needs to be improved. But that feeling, that thought system, is a major unrealistic aspect of the illusion you need to release.

You all know or know some very loving people who constantly give themselves to others. You think they are saints – they are. But like you, they doubt or have doubted their value and consider themselves sinners.

You have all heard the word “night of the soul”, which is a very profound and painful experience. It seems that everyone must experience it in order to wash their sins and make themselves acceptable to God. Some saints have reported this experience in detail. But, as I and many others have told you many times, you are a perfect divine being, just as you were created, which has never and will never change.

Therefore, enter at least once a day, or preferably at many short moments of the day, into your sacred Inner Temple, where love – your true nature – awaits your recognition and acceptance in your permanent residence.

When you tell yourself that you are an unworthy sinner and unworthy of being with God, you are denying the nature given by your true God, that is, the essence that you are created as eternal, which is completely meaningless!

You are always God’s beloved children, always in her presence, and now it is time for you to awaken to the reality of the divine state of infinite love. Just let yourself feel the embrace of her love and wake you up.

Your dear brother Jesus.

**Holy light transmission: John Stallman


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