Four aspects of compassion^_^

Four aspects of compassion^_^

Compassion connects the source of creation and God, allows some kind of fusion to occur, and gives you the energy to open your heart, resulting in a feeling of kindness, maturity and understanding beyond the previous level.

(^_^“ “Connecting with the higher self” is to build a foundation for compassion)

Four aspects of compassion:

  1. Compassion for the others, peace, understanding and fearlessness
  2. Compassion for planning, open mind, mature kindness
  3. Compassion for yourself, the most difficult, allow, allow, allow

(1. An open mind;
(2. Mature kindness;
(3. Understand everything in front of you.

4 compassionate action: enter your field of expertise, connect with the gods and help others balance.


For compassion outside you, consciousness is energy: peace, understanding, fearlessness

Four aspects of compassion — Part I (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on February 3, 2021

sound recording:

         Dear everyone, this is Kryon from magnetic services. I always say we know who’s listening, whether it’s live or a replay a year later. Once again, I say to you, we know who is watching and listening. This is the way of extreme love. Please imagine for a moment that those who have children may have grown up and have their own life. Every parent always likes to receive calls from their children“ Dad, mom. I love you. ” Some parents sit by the telephone and don’t even want to hang up. Or always sit next to the phone. You know what I’m going to say. The gods are by the phone. We know that when you tune in to this message, it’s like making a phone call. Well, we can talk to you, you can talk to us, love flows to both sides.

         I want to start a series of channeling about “compassion”. The next three channelings are about several aspects of compassion. There are several kinds of compassion. We will discuss four related elements. You may say four themes, four aspects and four kinds of compassion. It may not be what you think. As the topic unfolds, you will understand. I told my partner that this series of channeling can be listened to by anyone, not just members. Channeling should be free and will be spread. My partner built a website and will eventually put all the channeling on it so that everyone can hear it. So there will be four channelings. This is the first part.

         Let’s define “compassion”. My definition of it is different from what you can find in any dictionary. Because we regard compassion as the actual essence of the source of creation. Love and compassion are the elements of God. No matter what you call God: God, God, the source of creation, or any name, if you want to understand the energy, the most central, common and powerful is love and compassion. Those energies together form a kind and kind compassionate response, which will be discussed at another time.

         Let me give you the definition I want you to hear. I repeat it twice:
Compassion is the connection with the source of creation, God and gods.
This connection allows energy fusion and allows you to have an open mind, mature kindness and complete understanding of everything around you. It’s different, isn’t it. So if you start analyzing the definition, you will see the logic and truth. It has some segments that are partially connected to the gods, can automatically connect your soul, give you the part of compassion you need, and then allow integration with the open mind energy. With mature kindness, not immature,
Mature kindness is what you get in connection with the gods, and then fully understand what you give mercy.

         This is mature compassion, which is the core of our transmission.

         The most common form of compassion is kindness to others. In your life, when you live by light work, or just interested in spirituality, you must understand:

Compassion is the catalyst for everything.

Compassion is something that moves you into a state that allows you to be treated.

We’re going to repeat it, as well as in other channelings. The psychic and healers are also talking about compassion.

         If you talk to a therapist, “what do you do if someone talks to you personally or remotely before entering the treatment?”

         Someone will say, “I meditate and get ready.”

         If you want to ask, “what does that mean? What is preparation? How to prepare? What would you do? “

         They would say, “I fall into my heart. I take a compassionate face and clear away my thoughts. Then you can feel the love and needs of the person I’m going to talk to and balance, and they can heal themselves. “

         This is the method of all therapists on earth, especially those who face humans directly every day, or interpret therapists, to help people reduce fear and be more calm. They should be ready to fall into their hearts, put down their intelligence, no longer organize anything, just exist.

         Let me tell you: how many inventor stories have you heard? Their inspiration often appears when they are distracted? Inspiration comes when it has nothing to do with work. When walking or sleeping, it is often when the best ideas appear. It’s the same process, honey.

         Compassion and love are the same. Clean up all your content, and then have the compassion of the heart to introduce the ability of healing.

         Compassion for others is not compassion, not “sorry” for others. Compassion for others means that you want to hold the answer in that situation. Therefore, you may not feel the same in their position, but you can hug them, even remotely.

You don’t have to do a lot of things and feel a lot of their feelings for others, as long as you hug them.

Compassion for them is like that for your children – children fall and break their knees. You don’t want to treat their knees, but to hold them and love them. They can feel so much from you, even from the other side of the curtain. When we talk about the fourth element, I will analyze this point, and you will understand it better. We will call it “the aspect of compassion”. But this is similar to the fourth point.

         Compassion for others is the most common characteristic you may have, not necessarily compassion for others. In fact, compassion can be dangerous. Some people fall into deep grief because of the loss of their loved ones. If you sympathize with them, it will even affect you in turn. You can see that. If they feel fear, it may also affect you. You can see that.

         But if you stand aside, the whole job is to hug them, even remotely. Sometimes, your best compassion for others is to let them speak freely. If you sit there and love them when they speak, that is the highest compassion you can give and what you can have at the moment.

         If you work remotely for some affected people, imagine hugging them and giving them peace. Pay attention to what you send and hope they can receive it with an open mind. This is what you receive when you realize that you are embraced by your God and God. So you can project on others, the feeling of peace and understanding. Then they can get through the difficulties.

         If you observe a group or culture, show compassion to them and feel that they are being embraced by children, they can reduce a lot of anxiety and fear.

         If you have compassion for the earth when solving the virus problem at present. What you want to project is obvious: calm, understanding, fearless. You can do it. You can do it because you have light. Through the energy and consciousness of your calm face, light energy can be sent out vividly, even to large crowds.

         On the recent Earth, you have proved and continue to prove that consciousness is energy and even affects physics. Now you know why. As you evolve, this will be seen by more people. That is to say, you, as a Lightworker, can feel compassion for others, clear their fears and help them deal with problems. Can you send compassion to the earth? Yes, you can. It would be even better for a group of you to send compassion. Let people get through difficulties, fearless and fearless. That’s the answer.

         Compassion for the rest of the earth, either a little or globally, has a stronger impact than you think. And this is the real work and talent of the lightworkers who listen to this program, which is your purpose here. Consciousness changes the planet, and love is always the answer.

         I’ll be back, that’s all.



Compassion for planning, open mind, mature kindness

Four aspects of compassion — Part II (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on February 10, 2021
sound recording:

         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you. We present a series of psychics. This is the second part, about compassion. The first part has been talked about and gives our definition of compassion. I call it the four aspects or aspects or types of compassion. As our series progresses, some contents may surprise you. This time is one of them.

         We have talked about the most common compassion, compassion for others, and told you some elements to pay attention to. Some things are not compassion, although you think so. The following is different. Before we tell you, we need to define compassion again. Oh, honey, I hope I can really manifest or draw it. I can share some feelings, especially this one, so you feel very different. Unfortunately, I only have language. Maybe you can hear this channeling and we can blend together.

         Our definition of compassion:
Contact with the gods.

Connecting to God’s thought and the source of creation allows you to integrate some energy,


  1. An open mind;
  2. Mature kindness;
  3. Understand everything in front of you.

         Again: compassion is the thought connected to the source of creation, allowing the fusion of energy to produce an open mind, mature kindness and complete understanding.

         This is pure compassion. Applying it to everything in front of you is not the most difficult. Perhaps the most difficult is the following. But it is different and unexpected. It is: can you have mercy on the “plan”?

         Now, if you’ve been following our channeling, have you heard the channeling of plan. Honey, your soul has a plan, and this planet has a plan. It is accompanied by free choice, with you coming and going, reincarnation again and again. But this time, this time, the plan is being realized. It began in 2012. As I said before, at that crossroads, energy began to change from then on.

         I want you to review it in order to better understand the compassion for the plan.

         Suppose you are attending a memorial service or funeral. When you sit in your seat and listen to people’s speeches on the podium, suddenly, you are overwhelmed by compassion. You see the dead, they’re back. They have grown old and are laughing in their lives. Because they’re coming back, you’ll all come back. The audience has many lives. I’m speaking to the old souls. That’s the plan.

         When you are in a place full of grief, can you give compassion, love and understanding with an open heart and consciousness? Then, unlike everything around you, see your loved ones coming back and rejuvenate; Seeing them young and happy, I said to you, “thank you for seeing the plan, not just the grief of a short life.” You live so short, come and go.

         Compassion for the plan is only one aspect of compassion. When you walk, do you see the plan being carried out? The plan we talked about is a beautiful and perfect plan of the gods. If you choose to perform, you will eventually get an ascending earth. You sometimes hear the word “Brightness”.

         You walk around as a Lightworker and see all aspects of the plan more than others. Now, as you sit, I want to make a statement so that you can hear, hear and hear: evil has not won on this planet, no matter what you think. After 2012, it is no longer as active as before. Do you realize that you shouldn’t have been here? If you look at various predictions, there will be another world war after 2012. But it didn’t. did you notice? As we said before, the plan began to work.

         Can you have mercy on the plan? Can you open your mind and understand the news in front of you? All the ugly things have always existed and are now revealed so that you can see.

         Do you like the current Congress? You might say, “No. They always fight“ Do you know that with the exposure of all this, you looked at the situation a few months ago and began to decide: you don’t like the current US Congress. Can you understand? This will lead to a decision that you will no longer vote for a candidate who fights with others. Do you understand? This is “Brightness”, which is that light shines in an unprecedented way. You can see the prejudices: gender, police. You say, “we don’t want to. Don’t do this again! I’m going to deal with decades of bad habits“ This is the plan! Did you hear that?

         Can you show mercy to the people who are carrying out the plan? Maybe someone lost his life. You can look at all this and say, “I’m glad that all the efforts of the world have finally reaped“ Finally, the plan is completed and the light is shining. Don’t be deceived by appearances. It seems that everything is falling apart. no, it isn’t. The appearance has been collapsing, so there is no end, so there is no world war. Do you understand?

         Can you relax and stop looking around? How many years do you think priests have violated teenagers? Hundreds of years? We said that before. How long did it take to expose it? Don’t you understand? Suddenly, there was a sense of responsibility; Suddenly, what you don’t know comes to the surface. Plan to start running. All that will be seen. You look around: “Wow, it’s disgusting; That’s scary“ I tell you, that’s what it feels like when oil comes to the surface. They began to disperse, not gather. Light and dark begin to separate, and you begin to recognize what you don’t want. This is new, especially after 2012.

         Please note that this is the plan. How much compassion do you have for those involved? Can you throw away a little worry and worry and have mercy on the plan? Because you are seeing a slow, very slow transition event, the light is beginning to win. When you see yourself solve these problems, really solve them, then they won’t turn back again, and you begin to understand what I mean. You are building a better earth.

         I hope you listen to this channeling many times. Things are not collapse, but self disclosure. Then you, as human beings, can decide not to like them and deal with them.

         Compassion for plans is accompanied by mature hearts and mature kindness. We say “mature” many times. Maturity comes from your multiple reincarnations on this planet. You have a more mature consciousness of what you want and what you don’t want. In the next “circle of 12”, we will do relevant meditation again.

         be it so.



Compassion for yourself, the most difficult, allow, allow, allow

Four aspects of compassion — Part III (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on February 17, 2021

sound recording:

         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you. When we started this series, I said that we would present four aspects or aspects of compassion. There are many aspects of compassion. We will only talk about four. Some are common and some are difficult to understand. This is the third part. In all four aspects, this one is catalytic.

Catalysis means 3, change.
If you want to understand, this is the hardest part. Because it has something to do with you personally. Let’s do what we have done twice and give our definition of “compassion”. Our definition is not necessarily the same as that in your society and dictionary, because this is our definition.

         What is the highest form of compassion in your mind? It comes from the other side of the curtain. It can be transmitted and imagined as a part of you, because your soul is part of the source of creation. I will define compassion again.

         We believe that:
Compassion is the connection with God’s thought,

Connection to the source of creation,
Allow some kind of fusion to occur,
Give you mature kindness
An open mind
The energy of complete cleavage of everything around you.

         Again, the wording may change a little in order for you to listen again and again. Compassion connects the source of creation and God, allows some kind of fusion to occur, and gives you the energy to open your heart, resulting in a feeling of kindness, maturity and understanding beyond the previous level.

         The next step is action related to it. Because the third part of the channeling in this compassion series is compassion for yourself. Now, if you think back to the previous two, they are easier, although the objects are different. The object of this time is you.

         If we talk about the hardest thing human beings can do, it will be to understand how to love themselves. This will be another channeling. But in this category, there is one thing: compassion for yourself.

         Someone will say, “Kryon, I don’t think they are different.”

         Someone will say, “I don’t know how to start.”

         You may be right. In this era, it is difficult to face yourself. Almost all consciousness, especially human consciousness, starts from the mode of existence. After that, even when you have spiritual maturity, you still look at yourself completely different from us. So many people, we can understand. They reincarnated again and again, fought and struggled, but they didn’t understand what happened. When it happened, they said, “I don’t know what I did wrong. Maybe I’m a victim. Maybe in this life, no one cares about me. ” And so on“ How can I have mercy on myself? How to have compassion for yourself? ” You might say, “I’m sorry for myself. That’s it. I have compassion for myself. “

         Do you remember the first lesson? It’s not compassion, honey. Compassion is not compassion. We defined you. Compassion is not about feeling sorry for yourself or anyone. no, it isn’t. Therefore, we offer a compassionate view here.

         What have you been through? It doesn’t matter how long you live. Young people, old people, it doesn’t matter. You’ve all experienced a lot of things that may make you think you’re “unworthy” or “inferior”. This is common in all consciousness. Even if you have grown up. You can look back on this life and say, “I’ve been through a lot, but I’m still alive. In fact, I’m learning how to treat myself more gently. ” You might say that because it’s a course, right? Because that’s what we teach, isn’t it? This is also the ultimate goal of the “ring of 12”. You sit in that chair.

         You begin to observe yourself in another light. Can you have mercy on your journey? Again: connect with God’s thoughts, integrate, allow mercy, understanding, open your heart for you.

         Can you step back and observe yourself? And said, “Wow, what a life!” What have you been through? You know what I’m talking about.

         I want to remind you: Iron grinds iron. Have you been polished recently? If so, can you show mercy to you in that scene? Not the victim, but the winner. Win so many things in the light! Wow, what a shock! You can have compassion, connect God’s thoughts, look at yourself, with an open heart and kindness; I looked at myself sitting in a chair and pointed out, “I have compassion for the soul that is still alive after these things. He is the winner, not the victim. “

         From victimization to victory is the essence of compassion for yourself. I invite some people to listen to this channeling again so that you can understand what I am saying. The hardest thing you can do is step back. We ask you to love yourself. You can love yourself because of your experience, and because it is really your divine consciousness, you have the right to do that. You are the creator’s creation and loved by the creator. This gives you the ability to be kind to yourself.

         Let me say it again: compassion is the catalyst to promote events. If you have compassion for these objects, what happens next will be special.
Do you know that compassion is the trigger to eliminate fear? If you have compassion, look at things completely differently, including yourself. Can you see yourself as a winner when you overcome fear, fear and negativity around you. This is not the pattern many people fall into. They said, “that happened once again, both of them happened. That’s why you’re here. You are here to overcome those things, enter the light, and create unexpected scenes. If you have compassion. That’s the element of God. That element begins to grow with you and become your second nature. You have compassion not only for others and plans, but also for yourself. When you do this, come, come, the treatment begins.

         All the possible diseases in your body’s cells are beginning to disappear. Because you choose to be kind to yourself. This is when healing begins. This is when you clean up all obstacles that hinder your healing and longevity. As I said before, the more compassionate you are, the more you will find yourself in the right place, at the right time, and meet the synchronization you always expect.

         This is the love we talk about. The divine possibility comes from the human body when your soul is ready. You just have to learn to use it and operate it. The more you use, the better. Of the four aspects of compassion, this is the most difficult. Compassion for yourself. If you understand, congratulations. Because we give this message in compassionate love to you — (fill in your name).

         be it so.



Compassionate action, enter your field of expertise, connect with the gods and help others balance.

Four aspects of compassion — Part IV (recording)

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on February 24, 2021

sound recording:

         Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you. Every time we greet you in this way, we know so well who is listening. Over the years, we have provided channeling information, which has been recorded and posted on the website for many years. You can listen to it for free, anyone at any time. This is what I asked my partner many years ago. Over the years, I’ve told you that in a multidimensional state, it doesn’t matter whether you watch and listen in real time. Because we perceive the audience. If you watch and listen in a year, we see you there and know you are there. You are a part of your family. You will never be alone. We will always be with you. Your intention to listen in your “now” is also our “now”. Your eyes are here, your ears are here, and your consciousness is here. We have compassion for it. This is the mercy of the source of creation. We know you. Therefore, whenever you watch and listen, it is “live broadcast”. That’s what we’ve always wanted to tell you, so you can understand that our perception of you and the audience makes the whole thing so far-reaching.

         This is the last part of the compassion series. In the future, we may explain other aspects of compassion. But now these four are aimed at the current global situation. This is the fourth time I have defined compassion, not the one you found in the dictionary. But this definition is also full of metaphor.

         Please listen: compassion is the connection with God, gods and the source of creation. This connection allows you to integrate the energy of an open mind, mature kindness, and complete understanding. Again, perhaps with more explanation:
Connected to the source of creation. This is important and primary.
Connect the gods.

Next, understanding enables you to fully integrate certain energies, open hearts, mature kindness that you would not normally integrate.
Not only kindness, but also mature kindness.

It comes from old souls who have seen everything, can distinguish between simple kindness and mature kindness.
Finally, understand what you see. This is important. Many people don’t understand what’s happening now because they only observe in four dimensions. Those with multidimensional perception have second vision, third eye and understanding vision. That’s compassion.

         The fourth kind of compassion is this, which has been taught for many years: compassionate action. The following is the premise. If you have compassion for the other three, the first for others, the second for plans, and the third for yourself, what actions will be caused from those compassion? What would you do?

         Compassionate action does not always happen. It is not spontaneous. Some people are simply compassionate. They feel something, trigger some compassion, perceive some situations, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the story is not over. If you have compassion for events, people, situations, plans, and yourself, what’s the next step? This is followed by what we call the “compassionate response”. What if all compassion actually has two parts? They are: understanding, realizing. You saw it and acted.

         Your “action” can be anything. Let’s give some examples.
You have mercy on sb.

As we said,
It’s not pathetic
Not sympathy.

Your thoughts are integrated with the gods and fully understand what happened. Suppose the man loses his lover. You saw him crying and grieving, and you began to show mercy for his situation. What’s next? How strong are you? Do you think you are connected to the gods? Do you think it’s listening? I tell you, there are tens of millions of us listening to you, forever. What do people tell you when you pray to God? In a very linear four-dimensional way, you can’t imagine. Every time you open your heart to talk to the gods, we are there.

         So, what do you do when you look at that person? Why don’t you put your hands on your heart,


“Dear God, please give this man peace and strength. I saw them embraced by God. I see that they understand what is happening now and will not affect the rest of their lives. I saw this mother lose her child, I saw, dear God, if you allow, please send peace and love to this mother and comfort her.

”It has happened and is a foregone conclusion, but the reaction to the rest of her life can be mature kindness. She can face up to it, out of control, and don’t have to cry every time she thinks of it“

Dear God, let her feel love and understanding. “

         So your compassionate response is to pray immediately and say:
“Dear God, please send love to her so that she can feel it.”

Or go further.

“Dear God, please make this man find light.” You will see some people, although they have not lost their loved ones, they are always sad. Someone is always depressed. When you are with them, you always think, “I hope they can improve so much. I hope so… “
You can do more.

         The compassionate response is that you enter your field of expertise, connect with the gods and help others balance.

“Dear gods, please let them find the light. Please put something in their lives that can’t be ignored, just like me. Let them find the light according to their time and choice. Please put love there so that they can find peace. So that they can understand that they don’t have to worry all the time. “

         Some of you have put these things on your own path, and my partner named them: important points. With free choice, you make decisions. What if all these weird ideas in channeling have substance? You turn around and see the trapped people and start praying.

“Dear God, I know you love this soul. Please put something on their road for them to see. They can choose to see or not. If not, please put it again until they see it and find the light and comfort. “

         Compassionate action. If there are some behaviors, can you feel compassion every time? When you are compassionate about the plan, what is compassionate action? Why not try this. You fall into your heart and say:

“Dear God, thank you for everything you let us go through. Lead us to this moment, start climbing the ladder and clean up our society and culture. Very slowly, there will be no war. We began to understand and cooperate with each other. Thank you. “

         Can a compassionate response be gratitude? sure! Everyone can figure out what the most compassionate thing you can do. Yes, it’s a further mercy, so we’ll talk about it at the end. I hope you can understand these four aspects. If you don’t understand, please listen again.

         I’m Kryon. I love human beings. That’s it.

Translator’s note:
In the following treatment Wednesday, Kryon guides you:
“All who come to the audience are your family and friends, the living and the dead, and their souls are eternal. You consciously put yourself in a chair and experience what you can get. Sitting in the chair today is action compassion. Kryon asked who you want to help today? The more compassion you have, the more healing you will have. It starts with compassion and then enters therapy. What action are you taking now? Look at yourself with your glory and what you have been, and extend it to your family and friends, so that compassion can cover everyone. The healing ring is the action and change of the planet. You are changing the earth and healing yourself. ”


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