Love yourself until you don’t fall into drama on anything.

-Love yourself until you don’t fall into drama on anything.

-It’s so peaceful in your life and your situations that you can properly co create anything you need.

-Send light to dark places because you are strong. Let your light shine so that others may see where they couldn’t see before. Do this in quiet “alone time”.

-Never worry about whether you can help others, because you have.

-Never tell anyone what you believe unless they ask.

-Never give anyone Cleon’s book unless they want it.

What will happen? Be prepared to have many visitors who just “want to stay with you”.

Be ready to have a family that loves you more than before… Even if you’re a little strange [smile].

Be ready to help around you, even though no soul seems to know what you’re really doing. But also know that there is a legion of angels around you. They love you deeply. They will always be there when you need them. Can you talk about this? yes. One day when someone comes to you and asks you how you are so peaceful, happy and wise, then you can say,

Because I found God in me.

Q: Dear Kryon, with the collapse of four dimensions and the involvement of multi dimensions, how can we maintain harmony and balance within us and our family?

A: what a good question! Honey, it covers the whole work of Cleon and his entourage. We will continue to conduct and put answers, teachings and teachings into books, all about this problem.

First step? Affirm your partnership with God. When you begin to “own” this attribute, many answers will begin to appear automatically. Your DNA begins to change and your patience will increase.

In fact, 4D did not collapse; When the curtain rises a little, it adds other “dimensions”. Indeed, the result will be chaos if you are still in the old model. So the answer is to start changing.

Q: Dear Kryon, I feel that I have been shrouded in dark clouds all my life. No matter what I do, or how I try to create changes in my life, I can’t come out. It’s like a circle. I want to change the track in my reality, but obviously I did something wrong. Can you tell me the right thing to do?

Q: Dear Cleon, I am a light worker. My main ideal is the freedom of others and myself. I declare my manifesting power every day, but nothing seems to work in my life. What did I do wrong, dear friend?

A: it’s time to stop trying and just “do”. Many of you were born on this planet with high energy, but in the low vibration of earth. Nothing will work in this scenario. Many of you are in this situation, so when the new energy begins to manifest itself, you will recognize it and breathe a sigh of relief. You will see it as “yours” and start working with it. However, if you feel hopeless, you will never manifest in the energy you have been waiting for.

You cannot create a peaceful human being in the body of a person who thinks they are useless. So start by creating an attitude that doesn’t think so. Publicly declare that you are free from the curse of your life. No matter what happens around you or what doesn’t seem to happen, start creating your new reality by declaring to God and earth energy that you have “arrived” and are complete.

This may seem funny to you, as if the old reality around you seems stuck. But this is preparing the seeds that will make you start moving slowly in the future. No matter how big its engine is, a giant ship trapped in the mud will have difficulties in liberating itself. But once liberated, watch it fly!

Q: Dear Cleon, I can always feel the emotions of others and connect with them on the emotional level. Last year I began to see different energies and entities, but gradually all of them disappeared. I know that as a person, I have a great growth in spirit, emotion and mind. Can you help me figure out why these talents are disappearing( 2003)

A: Yes! Many of the light workers you are going through already know. Your “talent” is connected to an old radio station with a metaphor. When the station was renovated, it changed its frequency and broadcast on a higher frequency. Those who continue to “tune in” to the old station will find nothing there. Those looking for new stations and frequencies will find updated and enhanced capabilities!

So I started looking for a new station. How? Start by trying new spiritual ways. Change your meditation techniques. Throw away the steps. Start asking God for guidance to find new energy. You’re not in the dark here. When you start the process, there will be a response. People who ask “Dear God, please tell me what I should know” always respond.

Look for answers in ways you didn’t expect. Throw away your prejudice about what you “think” will be God’s answer, or what you “think” should be regarded as an answer in your reality. Let energy flow to you in a way you never thought they would.

Q: there is a lot of wonderful spiritual energy / information here. How can we let it spread (to the public) without offending those who don’t believe it? I understand that we don’t want to invade our unpopular places. How can we contact / teach those who want to?

A: you may think this information is isolated, but it’s not. Anyone in search can find the truth. There are spiritual mechanisms to ensure this, even in the most remote villages on the planet. One of God’s promises is that those who seek will find the truth. Sometimes it will be without books, tapes, meetings, or the Internet. Don’t worry, they may not find Kryon. Their own conduction will be just as good. Also, don’t worry about offending others. Only those who seek information will be affected. Others will be respected in their silence.

Q: Dear Cleon, with the escalation of Islamic Jihad and the hostilities of Western powers on the world stage, how should an American optical industry deal with friends, family and colleagues who want to create more war passion by riding the wave of patriotism( 2002)

A: This is the test, isn’t it? We have told you many times that the war will be “old against new”. You can see now that it is a battle between old and new consciousness. It happens within the old consciousness of terrorism and the old consciousness of the West sitting at home watching it. It’s a global conflict, but it’s about everyone… Not a group of people. Do you find it strange that you are at war with things that have no borders or established structures? Because it is a war that will be decided by the choice of one human individual after another.

How should American optical industry deal with it? The answer lies in the enabling of “third language”. Again, we tell you that this is a connection that gives any human balanced wisdom to see “wear” this battle. First, understand that although it seems so on the surface, in fact, this battle is not between religions or cultures. It is between the old and new civilization paradigms. Also remember that the United States is founded on the concepts of “all men are created equal” and “everyone has the right to choose freely”. So the answer to your question is: respect those who respond angrily, because what you see is the basic human response. However, send energy and wisdom to your leaders and world leaders through your power as a Lightworker. Your consciousness can create change. It can radiate light into dark places. You can change without even saying a word.

Can you not stand on which side? Can you respect free choice? You can send light where you need it, even though the overwhelming human response here is revenge? Can you love those who may be less wise but more loving? That’s why we call it “work”.

Kryon answers questions – the key to not falling into drama is self love, light industry confusion, and the four dimensions will not collapse!

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SERAPHIN message 200

Prophecy 6: you will live in constant adventure

Via Rosie, October 19, 2014
Today, we want to ask you what role adventure plays in your life at this time on earth. Have you ever thought about giving up everything for study and going to battle light, rather than acting clumsily in order to gain more status, money, goods or leisure time?

You know, even now, whether it’s relatively static or on the road, your life is an adventure. This seems like an incredible statement for those who feel trapped in a conflict, responsibility, obligation or restrictive environment. Your freedom is to choose – every day, every hour, every minute – how to react, or rather, how to create the next moment this time. So once you think of your life as an adventure, your life is an eternal (if you like) adventure. So you can be reborn every day.

You may ask, how can we change our ideas. Ask yourself questions! Honey, do you know what is hidden under your feet when you walk in a city? Do you know what will fly out of your Earth (more than you think!) Do you know the real needs, feelings and intentions of those who hurried by you, or those you might overhear them talking in a moment? What about the “celebrity” speech? Are these short plays real self reflection or real “reality”? Do you know your abilities and potential? If you already know the answer to this question, you have limited yourself. Do you know when someone will approach you? Do you know who you’re looking for and why?

We predict that in the future, so many things will happen, but you don’t know, you will feel like a person traveling in a small wooden boat in the waves, hit by one Revelation after another. Can you imagine the joy of steering? Can you imagine the satisfaction of pursuing a route and finding the coast? Can you imagine that you will unite with your companions? Can you imagine the high perception that all this will develop in you, and there is so much knowledge to be discovered inside and outside your world, in your past and future, outside and inside yourself?
Dear Earth children, be a happy child, because like a little green spider climbing over the wheat straw in a large field, you will find rich life, rich fruit and rich nutrition. Although the road may be long or difficult. The reward has been guaranteed. We love you, SERAPHIN.



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