What is the compassion^_^

“So compassion is to look at all things and all energy in an all-round way, observe and understand from the perspective of the creator, without judgment and conclusion, but only support and bless with complete love? I’m not sure if my understanding is accurate. The amount of information in this article is really great. “

That’s right. Keeping the connection with the higher self and the source is compassion;

Being open and flowing is compassion;

It is compassion to keep practicing spiritual teachings and accepting all challenges;

It is compassion to allow the ego and the higher ego to coexist peacefully, to handle the balanced relationship between people with an attitude of unity and unity, and to allow the creator identity to create together with all things

😊 First and foremost, maintaining connectivity with the higher self is the foundation

Empathy, love, compassion, compassion and worry are all different vibrational forms of compassion in different dimensions. They are completely complete, infinite and complete. These are difficult to do, feel and swing in the human body. Therefore, we should make friends with challenges in the continuity, all the time and softness of connecting with the higher self, and return to karma, The heavenly soul plan is also the compassion for the plan mentioned in it

Accept all the arrangements made by the higher self in an optimistic, positive and balanced way. You only follow and live in the interest and joy of high vibration. Even if the arrangement for you is to let you lose what you used to live, give priority to and think about, and upgrade in the new vibration environment, first let go of the old energy, old relationships and old karma, which make you unable to be happy and happy

“And, if you can, can you teach me how to maintain high vibration in the current period? I feel that my body has not reached the height of connecting with the higher self at any time, and there is still a distance from the crystal, which is one of the obstacles hindering my ascension in the online stage.”

No matter when and where you are, you will return to balance and open your mind. No matter what others or yourself have done, if you try boldly, the resistance will be smaller and smaller, but the first step and persistence are the first. Keep smiling 😊

Looking back at the post of the official account, there will be more search for “high vibration”. How to tide over the dry season?

Through the dry season, always keep the journey of joy, peace and confidence^_^


So you have been walking in joy, peace and faith

No matter what difficulties and challenges we encounter

Because you are creating your world, choose to enter the timeline of joy, peace and confidence and help you in other timelines

Living a different life, studying, working and playing like a child needs to be changed and become

We’re talking about paying the price

Do you only follow your high vibration internal guidance

Don’t know what to do. Ask for advice from the higher self and others, especially those who lead you to change and become a different you who want to change. It’s not that you are more busy and can’t find yourself, but that even if you are busy, you are peaceful, confident and happy

Because you have found the key to balance your life and stop, “what is more important”

Difficulties and lingering are not your destination. You just need to follow and pull your mentor together: joy, peace and confidence

Where does confidence come from
When you lack family affection, you come from family

When you are short of money, come from your unit

When you lack motivation to learn, come from school

When you lack partners, come from the people who contact you

These are things that the spiritual world and higher we cannot give you and need your own manifestation

We can give you energy, guidance and suggestions. You should go your own way and have your own confidence, because there is support, higher self, source, positive attitude and higher mental intuition

Intuition is not always positive, joyful and peaceful. It also needs your choice, becoming and change to train and guide her

Because intuition and insight also need to jump, and there is no need to keep turning the old three circles: survival, sex and love, what you don’t want to do to others / individuals, and want to be the master / control when the time comes

What’s more, even the third circle will make you gain a lot, because that’s the door to your real transition and enlightenment. Just like my third circle has been around for 46 years, and it didn’t really flow until last year. I just don’t care, don’t judge, just keep returning to balance, and listen to the suggestions of the higher self. It’s enough, so don’t try too hard to stop, lose and ignore it, Just follow, not judge

In any case, maintain high vibration balance consciousness, consciously in nature, barefoot grounding, drinking a lot of water and consulting higher self guidance and internal guidance in case of imbalance

In any case, you are constantly returning to balance, joy balance, confidence balance, peace balance
Because there are family, leaders, teachers, relatives and friends
Because you are accompanied by high self and high vibration

Because you come from source energy

“It’s a long journey. It’s long because we get more from this long journey than you want to jump to where you want to go.

The next time you are disappointed with humanity and frustrated with your slow pace into the fifth dimension, you need to consider this.

You are making progress and are destined to become human leaders. Our suggestion is that you should see that you can teach others a lot of what you have learned through practice.
You’ve learned a better way to deal with energy because you’re experimenting with yourself. You have experienced success and failure in your journey, but you can always stand up again and stand firm.

Because of this, you can continue to spiral up in ascension, and there is so much to give to your fellow humans. When you can give them everything you have learned, it means that you are better at managing your emotions, thoughts and energy at that time.

Through service, you always grow and expand. You always get more than you give. You feel good.

If you are satisfied with yourself and your contribution, you can get satisfaction from helping others, just like us and your other assistants.
We are all helping each other and becoming one again. Of course, we refer to unity as the source and the ultimate destination of everyone wherever they travel.

We are very lucky that you are becoming such an expert that you can become a part of your ascension. We can’t ascend without help, but you also deserve so much praise because you have this ability.

A better way to use 5D energy
Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very lucky to meet so many people on earth at this time, because it is a two-way street. We have learned a lot from those who contact us, and we will always appreciate the opportunity to contact you. We think you all have great potential. When trying to help you tap your potential, we also know better how to tap your potential. We are not a finished work floating somewhere in the sky, but a work still being created like you.

We hope to improve ourselves and become the real source energy life. We thank humans for giving us this opportunity to explore your journey with you. If you respond to us and our energy information, we can better understand what is effective and apply these methods to ourselves.


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