When you don’t think about time, you will become eternal^_^

When you don’t think about time, you will become eternal^_^


If you can’t get it when you want it most, it will always be your chance to grow.

Letting go of your attachment can make you live more in the present. When you live more in the present, it is also the time for you to enjoy the present.

When you don’t think about time, you will become eternal.

When you become eternal, you don’t even realize how long it takes you to get what you want.

For example, when what you really want to happen doesn’t happen, and you really want it to happen right away, stop and ask yourself,

“How will it appear in front of me?”

“What else can I add to this work while I wait?”

Or “how do I grow from it?”

These are actually three questions, but you know what you mean. On the contrary, don’t think about what you did wrong, what you were hindered, and who was hindering all this, but look for the positive side, because they are there.

You grow exponentially there every day because of your awakening, because you are willing to do hard self-examination, find places you can improve and find things you can give up to reduce your burden.

We are constantly updating our various philosophies about existence, because whenever we feel that we seem to understand everything, we will one day find that we don’t.

Therefore, we will never stick to anything, because it has been proved that many assumptions we made in the past are wrong. Now we are ready to start more new missions with you, because you have found many new things about existence with us, and you need to understand them.

And we will always provide you with more up-to-date philosophical knowledge, because we can see a larger picture from the height of the ninth dimension, and a broader vision can help you in many ways.

Realize that once you create something, you will experience it. Knowing this, you can eliminate anxiety and fear, because anxiety and fear exist only when you are not sure whether your creation will appear in front of you and whether there will be results.

So remember, you are the creator, you experience there, which will promote the expansion of source energy, which is why you never deny anything. Understanding this will bring you some peace, some comfort, and enthusiasm for the future.

You are allowed to have desires and live a happy life, but you must also realize that everything is ultimately related to your expansion and evolution.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

When what you want does not manifest

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


You can only change your world. Everyone has his own higher self and has his own way. Any attempt to change others or the process of the world can only say that others or the world have chosen to change and embarked on the same or different path as you. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right or wrong, but you choose a peaceful and clean world, It is no different from the chaotic world, one with two sides. This is the balanced world. The higher the dimension, the balance will occur in higher consciousness, and there will be more peace, purity and joy, because they / they know that nothing needs to be changed, except themselves, and then wake up to perfection and sufficiency, and there is no need to change. Try to relax, Gradually pay more attention to your own change and the change of your own world, such as your thoughts and practices, no longer relying on others and the world, grasping others and the world, and making efforts to change others and the world. You can only change your own world, even when changing the world^_^


Human beings face choices

Is it attuned to the higher-order elements that communicate with us through intuition

Do you listen to your heart
Is to actively participate in this transformation

Or do we protect the old ideas that we think are safe and sure that they are not?

As light workers, you have a strong desire for change and innovation from the moment you were born. You are the pioneer of mankind. You are the first to promote the germination and growth of new consciousness. Your growth cycle is synchronized with the earth, and the two cycles are mutually beneficial.

You came to earth at this time to make the great transformation aimed at spiritual consciousness go smoothly. As a role model, you show people what listening to your inner life is.

Your society is still dominated by brain thinking, and fear is often the driving force of this thinking pattern. Fear leads to control, and thinking seems to satisfy this desire, but you can never really control life through thinking. Thinking is an important tool in daily life. In fact, it is an ancient male energy that has been operating in your society for a long time. It prevents you from trusting your inner feelings and listening to your inner voice.

One of the characteristics of this great transformation is to restore female energy. The female energy that gradually appears in your life in the form of feeling, emotion and intuition will connect you with your inner desire. Please listen carefully and listen to the wishes in your heart at this time. There is no time to delay. Take action! During this period, everything is speeding up, and you are in a torrent with all life on earth.

You knew before you were born that this period will provide you with great opportunities for internal growth and development. It is also in this life that you leap into a deep pool of impermanence full of unknowns, but you also know that it is precisely in this period that you need to overcome many difficulties to return to your inner home, draw a perfect end to the long life cycle, and realize the real you – an angel in the depths of your heart, an angel with flesh and blood on the earth.

During this period, the word ascension was often mentioned. Ascension is “rising”, which means raising one’s vibration frequency through internal growth and awareness.

The growth of consciousness is mainly reflected in the improvement of sensitivity, the enhancement of the ability and desire to treat others with empathy, and the reduction of attention to material, success and appearance. In essence, ascension is not a transformation from low level to high level, but a transformation from outer edge to center or from outside to inside.

Imagine you are a shining star, the sun. In the core of the sun, you are one with God, the power of unconditional love and creation. You are beyond time and space, beyond all “tangible” things, without the body to feel and exist. At a certain moment, the sun’s core has a desire to experience, eager for vitality and movement. Your inner God, the invisible and transcendent God, seeks a material entity to experience the duality of emotion, love and fear. God desires to experience and therefore created you. You are both creator and creator.

Your every life and reincarnation represents a ray of light from your star. When you are at the far end of the light, you are in deep physical form. At this time, you may not see the light source – your source. You forget who you are and define your identity in ways that do not reflect the inner sunshine.

The significance of Joshua’s spiritual ascension

Pamela Joshua’s conduction today

“Up” or “frequency up” means you climb along the light and gradually approach the core. Gradually, you no longer define yourself by the end of the light – your body and personality on this earth. You begin to feel the essence of yourself and begin to communicate with the soul – you beyond the body and time and space. Your communication with the divine source gradually increases and is connected with the joy and creativity of being. The closer you are to the core of light, the more you materialize your essence on earth.

Ascension also means that a greater part of the “higher self” or soul comes to reincarnate on earth. As you rise, a larger part of your soul “lands” on the earth.

This is the key to ascension: souls materialize on earth. It is not that you ascend the earth, but that you come to the earth from the divine source and from the deepest place of inspiration.

You have a strong desire to connect with the “higher self” or “greater self” and apply high-level energy to interpersonal relationships and work. Why is this desire so strong in this life? Because you are at the end of a life cycle.

You have accumulated rich experience through many cycles on earth and elsewhere in the universe. As mentioned in the first chapter, you have played different roles in life: gentle angels, strong soldiers and vulnerable victims. You have experienced extreme life and the greatest isolation from the divine source. There will always be a moment in your life cycle when you are extremely unfamiliar with the essence of you. It can be said that you can’t be further away from God. Darkness seems to be everywhere. This deep sense of abandonment is precisely the turning point of soul growth. In the time of extreme failure, there is always a door to return to the origin.

At this time you are invited to lay down and surrender on a very deep level. Your “self” feels tired, unable to fight, and doesn’t know what to do. Only then can your soul touch you. Ascension begins when you give up fighting, stretch out your arms and call “the greater self” and allow the soul to shine on you with infinite light.

At this time, many of you have reached or are reaching this turning point. There will be many opportunities in your life to give up your struggle and learn to surrender. Once you choose to surrender, a new life begins. You start doing what your soul really wants to do in this life. You are not alone. There are many souls around you – I call them light workers. They enter a turning point at this historical moment and return to the source of light along the light. You will change the earth, and your change of consciousness affects the collective consciousness of mankind.

Once you begin the process of ascension, you enter a torrent. You will find that you no longer pay attention to some of the busy things in the past, your interpersonal relationships and fixed patterns at work will also change, and your thoughts and feelings will change significantly.

Compared with the old self-based consciousness, the biggest difference is that your life is based on spiritual consciousness.

Spiritual life means believing in intuition, listening to your inner voice, and not being bombarded by external information.

Spiritual life means inner peace so that you can hear the voice of intuition, detect the emotional patterns that hinder you, find them and eliminate them.

When you feel fear, anger or sadness, stay conscious and don’t let these negative energies overwhelm you.
Ascension means that you gather more and more frequently within eternity, peace and peace.

On the way to this level of consciousness, you will encounter many old pains: anger, fear, sadness, frustration and disappointment. These emotions have the need to be displayed and experienced. When your body feels these emotions, it releases them by welcoming them and consciously embracing them.

In the process of purifying emotions, be patient with yourself. The old pain floating on the surface can only be eliminated slowly through attention and acceptance. Even if it takes a lot of time and even looks hopeless, you will come to the moment when the pain basically disappears sooner or later. Then you see the inner light, your heart opens, and you accept yourself. Even if there are still negative ideas that affect your emotional life, you will gradually solve them because you already have the tools to solve problems.

© Pamela Kribbe
Purple of light|   Illustration & Editor: Ning Jing
Source: http://www.jeshua.net/zh


Never give up hope

Original sdbetty earth new life today https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/k8GrVtgSwMAi6gR4PtTquA

Sananda: never give up hope
I’m Sananda. I want to talk to those sleeping people first. I don’t mean sleeping is like you want to rest. I mean you don’t know your spiritual existence or why you are on earth. Before you volunteered to come to earth in 3D, I told you that this will be a difficult task similar to graduate school. At present, many of you are tied to the 3D life of pursuing the best material life. You must come back without memory and not remember who you are. You must wake up, defeat evil and realize your great mission.

You have the ability to get rid of the shackles of 3D and hold my hand to honor who you are. What a great master you are in the bright country. This is the reality. Ordinary life on earth is like experiencing (lessons) in order to obtain great soul growth on a holographic deck.

What I want to say is that time is running out to make you realize who you are and why you live on earth. She is ready to turn her axis and become a higher dimensional planet. All three-dimensional life on her surface has been erased. Where would you be? Will you wake up? If you don’t wake up, will you decide to step into the light of light, go to safety and get the growth of your soul? Or will you continue to live more ways to promote the growth of your soul?

I held out my hand. Take it with me to the light.

I’ve said enough.

I now speak to my dear Lightworker. Don’t feel tired and trampled because you’re not at home. Stay strong and continue your mission. Don’t give up hope, because you still need to go to class on earth. I can tell you that you will go home soon, but you can’t wait and worry about your graduation. Stick to your mission. You are all in our light, and we hold you close to us, like a child safely held in his mother’s arms.

Don’t be sad and cry for not being with us. We are by your side all the time, closer to your breath. We are doing our job and making sure we are ready. You should always keep up with reading, meditation and communication with us. Continue to pray for mother earth and the whole universe, because this is the greatest thing you can do now.
In addition, balance is bringing benefits to the people of mother earth and their needs. Everything was taken away by the evil controller. It is being restored to them. We have reached that point now. Mother earth knows this and is waiting for it to happen. This may take a few days, but rest assured that it will be completed.

You in my flock are protected at any time. Remember that. Move on. Don’t lose hope, because you will go home soon.

I’m “Jesus” Sananda.


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