(21:02, music starts)

(21:02, music starts)

Guide the meditation and drag the recording to 21:02,
sound recording:

The fog begins to dissipate and you realize that you are moving to an area where you feel and feel brilliant. I want to tell you that those who have this feeling and feeling are those who have a near death experience. Honey, because the first place you go is your soul to find the light. But not to death, but to light. Because here, on the other side of the bridge, is another part of you. So huge! There are so many things you can do! Everything is vibration, all! Every cell of your body, every piece of DNA, is vibrating, measured by light, sound, vibrational frequency and non vibrational frequency. It’s hard to explain. But they’re singing, there’s a long list of qualifications, there’s a reason, there’s a 12 based system, and everything comes together to form what you call “physics”.

When you come to this place with me and cross the bridge, you won’t know here if it’s your first time. Some people will see beauty, some people can’t see anything, and some people still doubt what to do and what to see. I said to you, “because you are in the multi-dimensional, your brain has not worked correctly. Because it knows nothing about it, it has never seen anything of it. Let me paint a picture for you and invite you in. “

In this place you call “your soul”, there is an entrance. This entrance is a place for understanding and learning. It is a place for you to know things, understand things and not be fooled. It’s beautiful. I want you to come in with me. It’s a temple, isn’t it? It’s your temple. It is a temple, because it is sacred, because you are sacred. You are part of the creator. Do you know that your soul has no beginning and no end? What does that sound like? Like God, right. Do you understand and realize that you are always here, on a certain level, forever. You were here before the universe was formed, honey. You, your thoughts, your consciousness, everything you have. Take a deep breath, because this is multidimensional you. You’re going to see something you didn’t think about.
When you enter this doorway, dear, you will meet a low theater in the middle, which is round and concave in the shape of a bowl, surrounded by a high stage with sufficient light and many seats around. Some people see seats extending into the air, others see furniture and sundries, because you want to make your brain feel reasonable. But everything there is ready for you to sit down and sit in the center of the stage.

Let me hold your hand and walk down the aisle. There is no one in the seat. It’s empty. You know you’re safe. You come and sit on the chair. It is located in the center of the stage, where the lights gather and shine on you. You sit there. I hope you feel comfortable. Because next, I’m going to do something I’ve done many times on “the ring of 12”.

Once again, 12 represents all that is. The physics and structure of the multidimensional universe are 12, not 12 masters. You are in the creator’s soup. Is this true? Do you feel it? You sit in the chair under you, but also elsewhere. Really. Sit in the chair, now, sit there, sit down. Next, all the chairs around you begin to manifest other humans. Some people recognize them because they are still living on the planet, family or others, while others are dead. No problem. You see, the soul is eternal. It doesn’t matter whether they live on earth or not. Because their souls live, their souls are eternal. What are they going to do? I’ll tell you and give you an idea. Because now, I’m going to ask you to take off your shoes. Ha ha ha ~

Do you know what will happen? That’s true. Oh, you are so recognized, honey. Now, all earth ideas, judgments, where you are, what you did and what you didn’t do have disappeared and erased from the planet. You sit in a magical place. Full of acceptance and beauty of everything, strong love. You will stay here for a long time. You don’t care to return to the fourth dimension in a while. Because one by one, everyone in the audience, you know, neighbors, colleagues, dead, loved, and even future people. Everyone will come up, stare into your eyes, kneel on your knees and wash your feet. every last! As a symbol of understanding, acceptance and love, it tells: “it doesn’t matter. Your soul, like mine, has experienced many times. ” One by one, have you seen it? This is a tribute to the fact that you finally know the truth. No matter what happens here, no matter what happens in three dimensions, it doesn’t matter. At the soul level, you are all the same.

Let me tell you, this is a great place for treatment. After foot washing, again and again, you will talk to every cell in a multidimensional way. They know who you are. Welcome to “the ring of 12”
This is the new work of human beings, to find themselves, so thorough. When you return to the 3D chair, you will echo the experience and know what happened. Will you have some relevant dreams? Will you doubt its authenticity? Is it a trick of thinking? There’s no trick here, honey. This is you with you. Instead of asking you to join something, or become something, or do something, I am awakening to the greater reality. Welcome to the greater human race. Wonderful.
I’ll keep the music going, just like every Wednesday. This is for you to try these things and know you can have them again, free. We often do this and invite you to join for free. Please come and experience it again. But now, I want you to stay here for a while, just stay like this, stay.

be it so.



Kryon: Extraordinary Events – Part 4 (recording, recommendation)

Why did the original stop me, Kryon Cleon July 30

Extraordinary events – Part IV
Kryon leads us into our souls. Highly recommended!

Guidelines for the use of this document:

  1. Find a time when no one bothers you, about an hour
  2. Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe, and your posture is free
  3. Open the document
  4. Open the recording link in the document, download or listen directly
  5. Listen to the tape while reading the document.
  6. This exercise can be done unlimited times, and new discoveries will be made each time
  7. During the first practice, please be patient to read from beginning to end. Kryon channeling starts at 01:52. The first 20 minutes are an important guide to calm and relax you.
  8. When the music is over, you can get up later.
  9. When you are used to the guidance before music, you can directly pull it to 21:02 of the recording and start from there.
  10. If you can’t see anything, it doesn’t matter. We help each other together. Please leave a message.
  11. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep. There will be a way.
  12. This is an example of Carol Lee’s paid program “treatment Wednesday” every Wednesday.
  13. The “circle of 12” in the text is circle of 12. Kryon said: Cosmic mathematics is 12 base, and it is also the structure of all things. A perfect is 12.

(Kryon channeling begins at 01:52 of the recording)

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.

This is the last of the four series of channeling, for Australia. This is a special moment, this is a special channeling. I want to do something we often do. Start with the following: the fourth and greatest thing about the extraordinary events in the energy at present is the ability to enter multi-dimensional.

A few months ago, I gave my partner some instructions. I know they’re coming. He doesn’t know. The new crown has always been there, that is, the possibility of its occurrence has always existed. For those who do not understand what “field” is, it is a soup of possibilities based on human consciousness. Basically, it’s all human thoughts at the moment and all things accomplished at the moment. The field enables people to “predict”. They don’t know what the future will be like, they just see the possibility of it coming in the field. Many times, when I give you information, it is already in the field and sounds like the future. I “predicted” a new pope, 13 months before the real event. But you know, it’s already there. Because of the new crown, you will learn a lot about how it forms and what it is, which is also in the field. So many people are ready to face it. I’m one of them. Honey, it could have gone another way. There is also the possibility that it will not happen. But more likely.

In those months, I told my partner to rearrange Kryon’s energy. Over the past 31 years, the program he has been given will change. I told them that due to the new energy and pause caused by the new crown, I wanted him to do something different. He will guide those who have the ability to enter the multidimensional into the multidimensional. He wanted to show them something he had never seen before. They have the ability to actually pass into the “unknown”. I told him that it was called “healing Wednesday”, once a week for a year or more. Then some people will participate and understand that gradually, they are introduced to something very real, far more than meditation, far more than psychic energy. So he set out to do it.
In the past few months, there have been many programs. Every time, I take you on a trip. This is inviting you to a place or consciousness, a feeling, an idea, as real as the chair you are sitting in. But it goes beyond the dimensions you know. What I want to do today, at present, is to take you on that journey. I hope you can see, I hope you can feel, and I hope you know what’s here. Because this is a new tool for you to finally open yourself and find what mekaba contains, the shell you call “soul”. That’s not a shell at all. To do this, you have to understand a premise, which I told you before.

I hope you listen carefully: what is true to you? I start asking you like this, just like a few months ago. I want you to feel and understand the truth I present to you. Oh, you are so brilliant, dear human. I see you, your name. I hope you ignore everything next to you now. It’s just for you, just for you.

Science has proved that there are multiple dimensions on this planet. There are so many dimensions if you want to name or count them. They continue to expand, year by year. Really, the physics you’re studying now can prove that. When you start looking at unexpected dimensions, you even start to see some strange elements. Note that realists call it “reality” and tell me that it is not multidimensional. What we do today may change yesterday.

This is where you sit. This is where you are. Scientifically, that is, you know that there are many dimensions. However, you only sit, locate and work in the four dimensions. You call it three-dimensional, but it’s four-dimensional in implementation. But what I want to show is that if there are many dimensions and you only live in four dimensions, what about the other dimensions? Don’t you want to know? Is it possible that you live in all dimensions, but only perceive the four dimensions?

This is the premise: your soul lives in many dimensions, and you only live in four dimensions. However, your soul is aimed at you. Your soul appears with you. But in the past, the spiritual system said you were not allowed to touch those things. You can’t go there because it’s sacred. I’ll tell you, that’s your training. As you allow, it is sacred and a part of you. What if I told you that you could touch part of it? You can be a part of it. This is new. No matter how long you have been treated; No matter how much you think you know all the energy you work with. This is different. Because this time and space field, at this moment from 2012 to 2020, has never happened on this planet. Your solar system is moving into another space field. Look up! Therefore, the magnetic force of the planet is different. Look up! Everything is changing, then you can start to see these things about you!


Monique Mathieu’s experience as a tool of higher self

From France from heaven to earth website

Q: I want to ask you, how did you notice that you became a channel?

More than 20 years ago, I experienced a very special light phenomenon, that is, I was attracted by a huge light and pointed directly at what I said at that time, the moon, a silver bullet. I thought, “where am I going?” That’s great! What am I doing?

I can say that I was moved by my body, because I can now compare the projection, division and kidnapping of consciousness.

When I woke up, I had amnesia. I don’t remember what happened at all, but my husband is by my side. Later I knew that he had also experienced the kidnapping, but I can’t remember). I still remember something that happened to me with my friends eight days later. Unfortunately, my mental state is very poor (I said unfortunately because it didn’t make my life easier). I want to know what happened to me. It is impossible to understand whether there is a blockade. My “memory” is closed and I can’t understand it.

Over the past year, I have experienced very strange phenomena in my room. I have seen light balls and many ghosts I have never seen before. I always tell myself, “this is my subconscious.” So when I started talking almost overnight, I was very confused! It took me two and a half years to accept it because I still think it comes from my subconscious mind.

This continued until the day when “she” forced me to carry out the so-called perspective, so I could no longer doubt that it could not come to me for a second, because I had not been seen before. When asked this question, considering who I used to be, my answer was very accurate. Then I began to ask myself, “monic, this is not you, it’s really important!”

A very important group soon formed around me. I’m always worried about what I sometimes say in an interview with light. I thought, “what should I tell them? I don’t understand. What I’m saying is not what I’m saying. It took me a long time to accept being a tool in the hands of heaven!

Before I accepted this new state of existence, I experienced a lot of pain. Physically, I have problems. Since the day I was accepted, everything has been very smooth. I have no more difficulties. I and everyone around me have made great progress.

I thought it was a blow to the head. I didn’t ask for anything. I didn’t know before. My life changed overnight. Not just mine! My husband’s life, my children’s life, everyone around me and my friends have changed.

I have friends. Because they don’t understand what happened to me, I lost them! It really shocked me! I really don’t understand, because I think I haven’t changed. As far as I am concerned, the energy I transmit is not always accepted by my old friends and relationships. A ditch widened and I found myself with other friends again.
It’s an extraordinary adventure. I promise you, I’m the first person to believe it for so many years! I said to myself, “you can’t! Why did this happen to me? I didn’t ask anyone for anything! Of course, some people are more developed or more willing to use it than me“ I have never read a book about spirituality. I know nothing about profound knowledge!

God has another decision! Monique Matthew was chosen as the channel for the extraordinary power of love energy.

You sit there, everything you see and touch, every breath, the temperature around you, the sound you hear, are in the four dimensions. What is beyond it? What if you can become multidimensional now? Can you accept it? That’s a big problem. Can you accept it? Someone will say, “OK, I know there are many dimensions, and I live in four dimensions. But I’m used to the four dimensions. How do I know I can enter other dimensions? ” I’ll tell you: you know. Because when you go beyond the four dimensions, you know.
Premise: you don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t tell a sentient person something beyond their perception. Idiots don’t know they’re idiots. We said that before. Without intelligence, you can’t look up to higher intelligence. However, when you go higher and look back, you say, “my God. I didn’t expect it to be here. “

Once you begin to realize that, the multidimensional, that is, you. You begin to feel your glory and why you are on earth. I will tell you that it opens the door to a huge amount of energy, and you begin to understand and understand that it is you. You have so many levels. But the layer I want to talk about, the layer I focus on, the layer I ask my partner to deal with, is the multidimensional level of your consciousness and your cellular structure.

Many years ago, there was a quantum bias. People are interested in the multidimensional sexuality of DNA. This feature was found. Subsequently, biologists and physicists regularly come together to confirm this fact. Your cellular structure transcends four dimensions. Now, if so, why not make full use of it“ What does that mean, Kryon? ” It means vibration, it means light is there, sound is there, including so many things. They can help you cure diseases, your fears, things you don’t understand, things that hinder you. Changes in the biological clock so that you can use it to prolong life rather than aging. At the same time, let you begin to understand the “God created” kindness. It’s not Scripture, honey. no, it isn’t. No accompanying books, No. No attached organization, No. only you. For you, turn on discovery mode. I want to take you there.

I started doing this a few months ago. Obviously, it’s time for you to keep up with me if you choose. Across the bridge from the “known” to the “unknown”, just for a moment, I caught a glimpse of what I wanted to introduce. You’ll always want to go back. Because that’s you.

For those who are ready to experience it and will really experience it, it is as real as the chair you are sitting in. That’s what the multidimensional body really looks like. All dimensions are real. It’s just that you can’t recognize them in a four-dimensional way. But they are real and exist. When you enter a dimension, you will not delete another dimension. You are still sitting in a chair. And you expand mecaba’s bubble so that you can be aware of more dimensions. At this time, you can’t forget it. There is no delete key in your brain, which can delete the brilliance you see. If you choose to see it at the next moment, come with me.

At the beginning of treatment Wednesday, I will do this and intend to do it with you. You may have registered for this channeling, but you didn’t register for treatment on Wednesday. Well, I’d say there’s nothing inappropriate here. If you choose not to participate in this exercise, nothing will happen. It’s just free choice. But others said, “show me.” An audience said, “this is what I am waiting for and want.”.

I want you to imagine in your mind: a canyon, an abyss. Sometimes there is water in the abyss, sometimes there is no water. No problem. But it can’t pass unless there is a bridge. There’s a bridge. All this is in your mind, promoting you to the next dimension, easily, with guidance and helpers. And love and empathy. I say this because now everything in every cell wants to do so.

Old soul, if you are listening to this program, there is a reason. You learn, understand, know and awaken on this planet, if you like. So a lot of people came. You feel that some things are different. The normal will never return. On the contrary, those who are ready will usher in expansion. This is not to make you better than others, but to make you more responsible. When you see what is coming, you will understand that others can enter. This is hope for mankind. Because it is dripping with love, empathy and purpose. You will see the beauty of “making man according to God” in everyone on this planet. You can look into their eyes and see the beauty, not judge.

There is a bridge that separates the known from the unknown“ “Unknown” is the next stage. There are no secrets, but they have not been known. When you enter school, there are many “unknowns”. With your course and your study, the bridge is slowly formed. You have the ability to feel whether it exists. But you didn’t. You say, “I want to study. I don’t know these things. I don’t know what they’re talking about. I will learn. ” So you go to school, are willing to cross the bridge, start education, and begin to awaken to all kinds of possibilities, rules, and things you don’t know. That’s it, isn’t it.

But spiritual things, dear, are not intelligence. That’s different. Can you cross the bridge with me? Now it’s your choice. For those who are willing, please give your will: “I am willing to cross the bridge without any harm.” unable. The gods don’t hurt themselves, honey. And you are a part of God, everyone is. You are a part and fragment of the whole beautiful creation, that is you. And the earth, and animals, are parts and fragments of a whole. Are you ready to find something bigger than you think? Cross the bridge with me.
When you reach the middle of the bridge, the middle of the abyss, you will encounter a layer of fog blocking the rest of the bridge, and you can’t see the opposite. There is a reason for this mist: it is the free choice of mankind to decide whether to pass or not. This is the fog. It is an obstacle. I call it “an obstacle to belief”. Every Wednesday we look at the fog, and I look at you and say, “are you ready to find more of you? Take my hand and go. “


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