Attack the space occupied by clutter and noise with the higher self^_^

Attack the space occupied by clutter and noise with the higher self^_^

This is also my experience of seizing the space of “no longer judging”

At that time, the mind was mixed with judgment and wishful thinking

Do you have your favorite higher self
Lao Tzu, Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, Ninth dimensional Arcturian, archangel and ascended master, beings of light, higher dimensional beings, related to you, collectively referred to as the higher self

The higher self is your higher mental expression, life and life

Since it is a higher self expression, if you want to make a voice, you have to have room to speak and make a voice. You have to give it a chance

This is the beginning consistent with the higher self Unicom

Speak high my name until you don’t
Chaos and noise are naturally occupied by the higher self, and the fortress of the original self of the heart is attacked

This is indeed a battle, which is why it is a game for the brave. Those who are always unwilling to leave their stomachs, emotional distress, and do not make up their mind to be enemies with the world cannot enter this space

The names of temples and monasteries are inseparable every day. Why are many people unable to enter the Tao, find self-confidence, and be troubled by fear, food, color and sex
It’s the same as reading at school
Why do you study in school? To join the WTO, make a living, stand out, fame and wealth

Do temples and monasteries have the space to join the WTO, make a living, stand out, be greedy for leisure, stand out, fame and wealth? Of course

What is consistent with the higher self? It has nothing to do with where you are, what hospital, what home and what unit, but whether you no longer move with the world, outsiders and things, but only with intuition and higher self-education

It is only with intuition and higher self, rather than sometimes at any time, which is why we should keep reading, focus on things when we have something to do, and focus on higher self names when we have nothing to do

Therefore, what you want to see is what monks and friars are doing and thinking in their spare time, not when they practice together. Masters and masters also check whether they move at will, with higher self-guidance, or with their own emotions and secular pursuit of wealth. You can see at a glance

A quiet place is the real expression of a person

So is the higher self

Do not judge, just follow the heart, excitement, desire, intuition, feeling and flow, do not judge, and continue to live in a higher self

Those who desire follow their intuition and pursue bravely without harm, whether it can be realized or not

Those who have sex flow with intuition, whether it can be realized, whether in monasteries or monasteries, and do not judge

This is the extreme situation of living with intuition. Why? Live a higher self through intuition and accumulate higher mental experience in this process, which means that you are open, no longer judge right and wrong, no longer complain, self pity, no longer regret and hatred

All the plots are set for this

The mouth reads high my name does not leave the mouth

Stay focused

Whether it’s work or sex

No judgment

Committed to non judgment

Unable to concentrate

It means you are wavering and hesitating

It means that the higher self is not consistent with Unicom

You need to keep your name at all times

We also need to practice and live in life according to intuition and higher self teaching

Name and practice complement each other




No longer busy

Devote yourself to the rest of your thoughts and thoughts

You need space

Have a rest to release your emotions and fears

With the higher self

Have the opportunity to practice your higher self and live the free life you want

With the higher self

With or without world support

Let me support you

Take action, devote to rest, purification and expansion, let “I” live, let “freedom” live, let “my essence is pure and pure” live, and let “my supreme sovereignty” claim

Everything is fine

Bless you


The earth has soldiers on both sides of light and darkness. Your role is not against each other. Light just needs to shine. If the light shines brightly, the darkness will fade. When there is a lot of light, we will not see any darkness. I came down when there was a battle. I repel the darkness and replace it with my soldiers. My army is huge, we will win! My friends, now swear with me:
I spread light in the dark, and they will be blinded, because the light is always shining brightly

This planet needs a lot of love and it will come. The light warrior helped me tell a prayer

Because we are light, we are united. We take out the darkness and let the world see

Stand tall, brothers and sisters, your time has come, and the light will win. You’ve always dreamed of this day; It will. One trillion years later, it is still light. The work accomplished here is unimaginable. You have no idea what you’re creating. An existence that is always needed. Be proud of yourself, you are the one you are waiting for. A lot of love is sent to you. Know that you are supported by us. The spiritual realm supports you. Rejoice in the new path unfolded in the most sacred way

Thank you and love you forever. I’m Archangel Mike

Date: August 20, 2021
From: Krista
You are not a coward
Original going home tomorrow


This is your moment

Original going home tomorrow

Dear, the most important thing you can do is to devote yourself to becoming the best of yourself. Many of you have been working tirelessly to wake others up to what has happened in recent months. Many of you told us that now you are tired and exhausted. We came to tell you that it is time to rest, just exist and do what you like to do

The highest energy is coming, changing everyone’s frequency, and Gaia herself. There is no need to awaken others now, so to speak, because they will awaken at their own time in these new frequencies. This is inevitable. Many of you do see an earth shaking change in the people around you. Bless this so-called disease… Because it actually awakens mankind, which cannot be done in other ways

Many people are beginning to see a different way of life, more community-based. Many are beginning to see how humans have been left vacant for a long time by a few dark individuals. Once you wake up, it’s easy to get out of this so-called full force and vacancy matrix. A few people who want to leave others empty need their consent. Once most people disagree, the power of a few dark individuals disappears. You will see this more, as people begin to wake up, once they wake up, they will not return to the old way of existence

You have noticed that the frequency becomes stronger and stronger, so humans will suffer some symptoms as the body catches up with the spirit. In these moments, it is important to rest and take care of yourself. Spend time alone and absorb these frequencies. Drink clean water and eat healthy food. Sometimes you may not want to eat at all. Other times you will feel hungry and want to eat a lot. Let your higher self lead you, because every soul is different. Go to nature and stabilize the energy in Gaia, who will supplement you. When you can, go and rest. Don’t be afraid, because you and your loved ones are always protected, and all your needs will be met

Don’t listen to other people’s concerns about illness… Or Yi… Because we told you that you can neutralize any harm. Remember how strong you are!!! Don’t worry about the extinction of mankind. You came to earth to help Yang Sheng, so the workers of light and their friends and family will survive

Gaia knows each of you, and she will remove those who are not aligned with her and Yang Sheng. We said before that there will be more volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, rainstorms and so on. There may be strange weather patterns, experience summer in winter, experience winter in summer, and experience her Yang Sheng with Gaia
You will be reunited with like-minded people, and you will temporarily lose friends who are not aligned with you. Don’t worry about it, because you are the guide, so you need to move forward and let others follow you. Remember that you are all part of one, even those so-called dark beings. Dark beings must change or leave as Gaia and human Yang ascend to the fifth dimension

Many of you can now have one foot in three dimensions and the other in five dimensions, and soon you will begin to be more in five dimensions. To be more in the fifth dimension, you need to learn to just be yourself and be happy to be yourself. There’s nothing to do but be happy. Do everything that makes you happy. Many of you used to be healers, but dear ones, we say to you that it is time to heal yourself. Yes, when requested, heal others, but don’t leave the way to find someone in need of healing

You are the most important person. Knowing how powerful you are, you can change the world by just being yourself and sending your love and light. Others will be influenced by you. Don’t worry about whether others will react badly to you. Sometimes your light will reflect the shadows within them, which will upset them. Don’t care about this, because it’s their problem, not yours. Send their love, wrap them in the blue Sirius starlight, and they will either be transformed or leave you. Don’t engage or argue. If they start to react in a bad way, turn their head and leave

Some of you may find that just being yourself is the most challenging thing you can do if you are used to being busy. You will find it difficult to see what you really are. Many of you may not like or love yourself. Anyway, honey, this is the key to Yang Sheng. It is important now to take time to go inside, heal yourself, and clear anything that prevents you from becoming a perfect soul. Only when you heal yourself can you begin to heal the people around you

Your personal guidance, angels, master Yang Sheng and galactic family are all with you to help you, so go inside and ask. Keep silent. Learn to enjoy your companions. Learn to love and forgive yourself and others, whatever you or they do or don’t do. Uncomfortable emotions may appear, but they come to be cleaned up and healed. Don’t approach them because they will pass. Go to nature and ask Gaia and nature to help clean up these emotions. Clear your aura by being close to or immersed in water
It’s your job, honey, but make it a pleasant job

This is your moment, dear, because you are the one who will change the world, so, dear, feel happy to just be yourself

We send you a lot of love and blessings, Sirius
Date: August 25, 2021
From: theagrace


The fatal defect of human beings: looking for love and support where there is no love and support

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We serve all of you all the time, and so do your guides. The same is true of the source, your oversoul, your higher self, all archangels, all ascended masters, and your soul family in the galaxy and elsewhere in the universe. You also get help from them. And your planet, other planets in your galaxy, your sun, nature, trees, flowers and animals. You are surrounded by love. You’re surrounded by supporters.

But many of you look for love and support where there is no love and support. Look for it from those who have never received love and support. These people have been addicted to drugs since they were in their teens and twenties. They have never had the opportunity to see a psychologist, nor has anyone helped them love themselves. This is the fatal defect of mankind. When you look for love and support in people who don’t have love and support, you set yourself a disastrous experience.

So we suggest that you don’t ask those who are difficult to think for themselves to provide you with love and support. Instead, feel the love and support of all non-human forms around you, enrich yourself, go out, and spread it.

Guess what happens when you spread love and support? You will find yourself spreading love and support with others. When you look for it in others, you will find that others are looking for it. Of course, most of you have been in love to some extent, and you fully understand what we mean.

You can have unlimited love for a cat, and you can feel it coming back to you. This is unconditional. There are many such examples. There is a fountain of infinite love that can be excavated by all of you. Once you find it around you, it’s easier to touch the infinite fountain in your heart. It’s easier to be heart-centered.

Please do yourself a favor. Don’t try to repair the people in your life and let them love you the way you want to be loved. Instead, ask yourself why you can’t get the love you want. Love is free. Love is infinite and basically unconditional, so please don’t flinch.
The world needs your love more than ever before. You know what we say is true. You know that the source will not refuse anyone’s love, never. No matter what they do, you know you are there to be like the source.


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