The soft will inherit the earth.

The soft will inherit the earth.

Joshua transcended the old pain of light workers and inherited the earth meekly

Pamela Joshua’s conduction today

The soft will inherit the earth.
What does this sentence mean?

Who are submissive people?
The submissive person has put down himself and become one with his divine origin (greater self);

Submissive people have experienced extreme light and darkness in many reincarnations on earth;

Submissive people know humility and no longer judge the behavior of others;
A submissive person perceives the consciousness that binds all life together.

The meek are you.

The meek will inherit the earth.

You inherit the new earth. Through all your efforts, you come to the boundary of the experience category that duality can provide. Now it is time to transcend the duality, not through violence, but through peace and deep inner perception of who you are. By perceiving and harmonizing the energy flow through all living bodies, you can get rid of duality and the fear and doubt therein. You are in harmony with the deep source beyond the binary world. The higher the degree of harmony, the more energy flows into the earth from the source through you, forming an energy flow. This is your light work on earth.

If you ask me, “what is my purpose in life? How can I complete my mission on earth in this life? ”  

I would say, “you are the purpose of life, you are the task.”  

The Christian consciousness born in your soul is the purpose and significance of this long history. It’s time for you to do it seriously.

Love yourself, even if you still have fear and doubt,

Follow the light that hopes to appear on earth through you.

The time is ripe and the road is clear,
Your only task is to believe in yourself.
© Pamela Kribbe

Translator: purple of light editor: Ning Jing



Hopi Indian chief White Eagle recently spoke

Original white light Queen Mother white light password today

White eagle, the Hopi Indian chief, commented on the current situation:
“The moment that human beings are experiencing can be regarded as a door or a hole”. It’s up to you to fall into the hole or through the door. If you spend 24 hours a day in the news, with negative energy, continuous tension and pessimism, you will fall into this hole, but if you take this opportunity to examine yourself, rethink life and death, and take care of yourself and others, you will pass through this door.

Take care of your home and take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual home. When you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone at the same time.

Don’t underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Look at everything from above with a broader vision from the perspective of an eagle. In this crisis, there is a social problem, but there is also a spiritual problem. The two go hand in hand.
Without the social dimension, we will fall into fanaticism. Without the spiritual dimension, we will fall into pessimism and futility.

Are you ready for this crisis? Pick up your toolbox and use all the tools you can use.

Learn from the examples of the people of India and Africa: we have been and are being destroyed, but we never stop singing, dancing, making fires and celebrating.

Don’t feel guilty because you feel happy in these difficult times. Sadness or anger doesn’t help at all. Resistance is resistance through happiness!

You have the right to be strong and positive. There is no other way but to keep a beautiful, happy and bright posture. This has nothing to do with alienation (ignorance of the world). This is a resistance strategy.

When we cross this threshold, we have a new world view, because we face up to our fears and difficulties. That’s all you can do now:

-Quiet in the storm
-Keep calm and pray every day
-Form the habit of seeing saints every day.
-Show resistance through art, joy, trust and love.

The original English title is: Hopi Indian chief White Eagle: “this moment humanity is experimenting can be seen as a door or a hole”  

Original website: pressenza Bureau in Italy
Issued on August 16, 2021


Pleiades alien message 269: we exist at different densities at the same time. There is no difference between stars and matter. Why can’t we see ghosts

Original author a Liang UFO mystery today

Included in the topic

Kosia cosmos    August 16, 2021

Robert: a question, people will ask, “d” is mental state, okay. For example, “5D” can see “3D”. According to my understanding and your understanding of things, you can’t see “5D” from “3D” because you can’t decode it with your mind. My question is: parasitic astral larvae, that is, the beings of “low” stars, are “higher” than the mental state of “3D” people. Is that why they see us and we can’t see them? However, as an example, how can we see the “5D” tagtans, but not the parasitic larvae of lower stars? This is not very clear to me. I don’t know how to explain it to the public.

Yazhi: for interstellar navigation, the physical world can be represented by a digital gradient, which represents the frequency from less to more. The whole material world, galaxies, constellations, solar system, planets, places on planets, everything, no matter where it is, can be represented in this way. In a low-frequency gradient system, the frequency gradually advances upward to the highest and ultra-high. A value is assigned to a specific place. This value represents the frequency of a specific species, such as Hz or MHz used by humans.
In this case, the system is a gradient from low to high, just like a tape measure. From one point on the tape measure to another, you can say that it is a density. From one frequency to another, it can be 3D or 5D or any “d”. But this is based on artificial ideas and concepts, not on the real physical barrier between the so-called density.
In other words, density is a psychological structure, an arbitrary man-made idea, destined to try to explain some very complex things with simple concepts. So in these cases, the density is linear and there is a predictable gradient from low to high.
But this can only work inside or with computers, such as spacecraft that must use frequency maps instead of traditional maps to navigate in space. At the moment when we begin to transfer the concept of density in linear form to the consciousness of thoughtful beings, beings connected with the source and beings with “soul”, things stop working in a linear way.

Things are no longer linear, because the beings connected to the source are not linear, they do not think linearly, and their consciousness is not included in a specific frequency range. Such beings are the fractal body of the source. From the position of each of them, they are the source itself and highly scalar beings. They think at many levels and have many levels of consciousness. Not just one.

It is here that a being can use his eyes and body senses to observe what is wrongly called Earth 3D, and has high and complex thoughts, which do not correspond to that density, but to a higher density.

At the same time, such beings with “soul” have unconscious and subconscious functions. They also work in a scalar way and maintain the communication and data transmission of non-traditional sensory information, including those from other (parallel) time lines wrongly named, from themselves and other beings like him.

Therefore, the ideas of beings connected to the source are not contained in a single frequency range, but are dispersed in many places, perception levels and density levels through the mathematical frequency allocation as described above. All these work together randomly in his mind, creating a complex field of frequency, perception and existence in his perception that he is a conscious entity.

Therefore, trying to put the perception of sentient beings related to origin within the linear perception scale, like a tape measure, is highly simplified and can not reflect the objective reality.

Therefore, beings living in a society where they coexist will be able to coexist and share many aspects of their world, from the material aspect or the common material life experience of all people. But this part of the perception or understanding of reality will only be partial, not all. They just live together in the so-called density of existence through mutual agreement, which is why, not because of anything outside.

Everything is thought, always thought. However, as I explained above, thought is not contained in a single frequency range, it is dispersed. Therefore, part of one person’s reality may be consistent with other parts of another person’s reality, but they are not consistent in other aspects.
So it is purely illustrative to observe that some parts of the same person’s understanding, perception, consciousness and reality are within what I call 3D or 5D or any other “d” density. Therefore, the fragment density of that person’s consciousness and understanding is different, and exists in a disordered way. For that is the thought of those who are aware of their existence and connected to the source.

A conscious map of being and “soul” is connected with the source. It is not local, it is not linear, it has no clear obstacles to define where this being ends, where another being starts, or where other beings start, because the concept of other beings is once again just an idea in the mind.

For example, here, the perception of the existence of “soul” can be expressed as that his consciousness is 3D (green), the other parts of his consciousness are 4-5d (red), and the other parts are of other density and higher (blue). The consciousness of sentient beings with “soul” is not contained in a single point.

This leads to chaotic perceptions of beings associated with origin, which cannot be cataloged into a single density. In the same way, this leads everyone to have different abilities to perceive things outside the perception range understood as objective reality, such as 3D on earth.

Therefore, shifting this point to perceive other realities, such as Venus, will depend on the filtering of everyone’s consciousness and understanding. It will not be represented in a linear manner like the navigation star map. Because beings connected to the source and aware of their existence are not linear, nor are they computers.

This explains the difference in who can see or perceive what from what point. So someone can see from 5D or 3D, I insist, no D, no density, no separation. Such a “soul” does not exist, it is a structure entertained by the mind. Tulpa. We are connected to a certain extent, and there are no fixed or solid obstacles or restrictions to distinguish one person’s end from another’s beginning.

You ask parasitic astral larvae whether the beings of “lower” stars have a higher mental state than “3D” people. If that’s why they see you and you can’t see them?

Just in a simple way. They are not really seen because they are beyond the understanding of those who cannot see them. This is not the concept of linear frequency range. If someone doesn’t know the dwarf, doesn’t know how to see the dwarf, or doesn’t see the necessary background information of the dwarf, they won’t see the dwarf. This has nothing to do with the fixed frequency range from less to more. It is only a concept in the computer, which can be expressed in the numerical value of frequency, but it does not apply to the direct perception of being or “soul”.

Robert: “we are connected to some extent. There are no fixed or solid obstacles or restrictions to distinguish one person’s end from another’s beginning.” Oh, my God, what a good explanation. This is very clear, thank you.

Yazhi: it’s just. Where do the waves start? Bottom? Where is the bottom of the wave? The same is true of those associated with the source.

The concept of your separation comes from the transfer of the idea that you are just a body, and this body can easily define its beginning and end. It is seen as separate from other physical bodies.

But what we are talking about here is consciousness, not matter. Matter is only the shadow in the mirror of a series of ideas to which consciousness depends.

The soul does not exist. They are only defined as a set of ideas with attachments that you hold within the memory framework.

Take me for example. I like the idea that I am a woman. I have a name that defines me: Sophia swaru (Yazhi). I weigh about 39 kilograms. I have long hair because it is long. I have gray blue eyes. I like chocolate. I am a girl of about 10 years old. The reason why I am like this is that, Because I only remember Sophia swaruu (Yazhi) for ten years.

This is an example of hundreds of thousands or millions of attachments in memory that define us as people, not others. But they are just ideas. We are the source. There is only one soul, a complete soul. All that’s left is the thoughts in your head.

As I said to Garcia last night: it’s like we made up a group of fictional characters in our minds. We make them active, we give them a clear personality, and we give them a lot of spiritual energy and time to develop who they are. We will eventually fall in love with those characters that only exist in our minds, and we will eventually have a strong attachment to these characters. We know that if we don’t activate them in our minds, they will no longer exist, so we feel responsible for keeping them alive.
We are such people. The source of a great soul is the source. Only a series of ideas limit who we are in a purely arbitrary way.

Robert: so what we call essence defines our personality as an individual, which is self. It is an attachment to “something”… Do you know that self is the same idea? That heart thinks about everything and integrates everything

Yazhi: Yes, I just won’t say it integrates it, because it will give people a feeling that there was no integration before. This is only the source, and it has always been the source.

The ego is the attachment to the concept of defining a person, but the ego has a strong negative connotation, although it should not have this connotation( I will use the concept of “self”. It is a set of attachment. Based on the ideas and concepts within the framework of temporary memory, it defines the concept that we are a specific person rather than another person.

But as this is more and more understood, the obstacles to your understanding of your end point and “others” begin to subside, because you truly and clearly realize that we are not only connected, but we have always been the same person, just separated by the idea of easy collapse.
Garcia: if 3D is just a mental state, why can’t a device like a telescope see what’s outside, but only 3D (for example, 60% of things on Venus are in its 5D state)? But the telescope has no mental state. They should be able to see everything as it is.

Yazhi: technology equipment only responds to its creator and his level of consciousness. However, the space agency here has a strong element of deliberate lying. Thousands of people around the world use civilian telescopes like Syntron, and they report seeing things that “shouldn’t” be there. They see how things are, but they don’t say it. Sometimes they say it. Even so, it depends on the observer’s idea, not the device. The device will only give data consistent with its measurement system, and the interpretation of these data from there will depend on everyone’s consciousness. But I insist that in this case, the objective truth that can be observed from the earth is highly hidden.

Garcia: someone asked me this question: “some people say that soldiers on Venus can only see 3D images of Venus, so they should be able to see an acidic hell, because this is what they should see from the earth. Because it’s part of 3D, you can’t see other parts. But you said the soldiers saw the plants, animals and residents they killed. You can’t see anything from 3D Earth. “

Yazhi: when they get there, they will see the same plants and palm trees as on earth, because as we have explained, biological vehicles repeat many times on different planets. Even if they are hundreds of light-years away from each other, biology does not work as explained by people on earth. So when they come to Venus, they will see familiar things. Then they will explain that they are in a familiar place: the earth.

Until something strange appeared in front of them. As happened many times in Vietnam, elite soldiers of the special forces reported that they met alien creatures (yautija) with weapons and advanced technical equipment. They were real creatures.

Robert: when the tagtans came to earth, what would happen to the degradation of this 3D “density”? Are they compatible with humans? Did their DNA degrade?

Yazhi: when the tagtans are in 3D for a long time, they become compatible. It can be regarded as DNA degradation, but not degradation, but density adaptation. I know there is no density, but there is a collective unconscious, which is what defines density. They are ideas. Nevertheless, the idea. Something that affects your body.
Robert: even if their brains have only one lump, will they still be compatible, or will their brains split like humans? I mean. Can tegtans deform their organs?

Yazhi: it won’t crack. But their children will, if they were born with humans. Organs do not deform or change, they only degenerate or age.

Robert: for example, if lager gets lost on earth without technology, will his DNA degenerate? Once his DNA degenerates, he can have a family?
Yazhi: that will take seven years, but yes.

Robert: but that child will be human.
Yazhi: there is only one possibility for him to have children. Because the alien mentality is very powerful and supports DNA. This factor is missing. To degrade DNA, you also need to become a matrix. This heart is so strong that you keep what you decide to be. For example, this is why 3D people who come out of Earth 3D take 3D to Venus. It’s like a 5D person carrying their 5D with him.

Garcia: a question. As far as I know, tagtans can’t have children with humans, can they? So what child do you mean?

Yazhi: only after a long, long time, lost in the “matrix” will someone have children“ “Possible”, because this will not happen in most cases. It depends on everyone’s thought and matrix, and how much they are immersed in the 3D protocol. But usually there is no reproduction because the DNA is different. But if I wanted to use percentage, I would say that only 4% would reproduce and the other 96% would not.

Garcia: Thank you, Yazhi. Now I have a somewhat opposite question. About someone leaving the earth. I know D is a mental state, but we also know that when people are extracted from the Van Allen belt, it is speculated that DNA will be activated. Restore memory, enhanced senses, enhanced DNA, why? I think it must have something to do with this place, right? If not, why are memories activated there rather than from here? Genetic progress and all this. Telepathy, etc. How do we answer this question?

Yazhi: the frequency of the moon seems to have a lot to do with density, but I think the Van Allen belt is a fence or an obstacle. If you don’t have technology, you can’t pass. It doesn’t have much to do with density.

So what activates your DNA is your mental state. You realize that you have some complex and different things, so you liberate yourself from 3D matrix connection and spiritual agreement. I also saw the separation or disconnection of the spiritual network connecting all people and creatures on earth. These are agreements. Yes, but living in space looks like you have violated the agreement because you no longer follow the rules of the earth. This is a very strong spiritual activation.

Garcia: Well, we already know that now and here, we are going through some complex things. We don’t need to be on board. Nevertheless, all these things have not been activated. So there are some things in this place that don’t let us be who we used to be outside. Well, the earth psychic network can explain, yes.

Yazhi: one thing is to know it, the other is to live it. Yes, it is intertwined, but it just has no power to break the 3D protocol, although it can.

DNA is a form of physical expression and a concentrated reflection of ideas, consciousness and memory. For example, activating DNA means activating memory, not just physically, nor accelerating healing. Because the whole cellular process is accelerated by DNA activation, and only on the surface. If it is in high orbit or interstellar space, it is stronger on other planets.

Garcia: Well, but it should have happened to us. Because we already have some ideas. But this still hasn’t happened because we’re on earth. So our mentality will not cause these changes here, or not soon. So it has something to do with where you are.
Yazhi: because you know intellectually is not enough. To your dismay, your activation has not been completed, otherwise gosia will obviously change, but this is not the case. You’re still following the matrix agreement. It hurts, but it’s true. Because the collective subconscious will affect you.
Garcia: that’s right. So this is because on earth. Therefore, in this sense, this place is really important. Because all other people’s spiritual networks will affect you. Therefore, this is not only your personal mentality, but also the mentality of the people around you.
Yazhi: Yes, from this point of view, yes, the impact is not physical, but psychological. Yes, the people around you will affect you. But with enough spiritual strength, you can go beyond that. Everything is still in your mind. If you are in an underground base on earth, believe that you are on a ship, everything around you is stimulating you, and you 100% believe this, then if you take corresponding action, it will affect you.

Garcia: OK. And the human soul does not touch outside the Van Allen belt? Is everything activated there?

Yazhi: your position on earth does affect you, but it is not decisive, nor physical, but psychological. Because there, you also have affinity with the people around you in frequency. There is an energy matrix called the earth biosphere. People, all living things, are intertwined and interrelated. You have to break this bond with something very powerful, not just new non matrix ideas.

Conversation with swaru 10.

Swaru 10: before I start, please remember that some of my concepts are not exactly the same as tegtan’s. Please remember, I’m not tagtan. I have contact with them. Yes, but now I’m different and have different mentality and thinking.

I think 3d-5d label is an artificial concept, which reflects human thought and thinking. Reductionists try to turn big, unmanageable things into bite sized pieces. It reflects a mind trapped in dualism.

I think this is an effective observation or point of view to understand that there is a physical universe in creating its opposite, the nonphysical universe, especially when reasoning about these topics from the ongoing incarnation experience.

From the understanding of Yazhi and I, there is no such material universe, because everything is astral (there is no better term). Perceptual protocol is a protocol constituting a conceptual framework, which is used to set a limit or a series of boundaries so that we can think from a physical and non physical point of view. Therefore, a person’s experience type only depends on his understanding framework.

Please note that I use “individual” rather than “soul”, because this is another problematic term. So we can see the so-called “physical universe” from the inside of the body. Considered to be composed of a substance.

However, according to Yazhi and my concept of “soul”, a person anywhere means that it has or holds the concepts of “I” and “self”. This means that it still has duality to some extent, that is, it knows that it is something, not something else. We can argue that the concept of “I” is itself a body. So the concept of self, “I” will be a body. Almost.

No matter how convincing the body is, from our understanding, it is as real as any other “self”, “I”, body, in the stars or anywhere it may be, and its firmness is only an illusion based on agreement.
OK, about the so-called density. We view this as follows:

For us, when we perceive things, whether spiritual, through instruments, or through direct travel and its characteristics, there is only one real mass. So great that it overwhelms every being’s ability to fully understand what it is. Anything that defines it does not conform to its true nature. For example, the concept of eternity has always been and will always be, because it functions outside the known concepts of time and space.

After saying this disappointing sentence, I can add how we look at things:

A mass of gravity that flows in the ether. This leads to a large number of potential energy fields, which can be understood as composed of very low to very high frequencies, lost in unfathomable places in two directions.
Therefore, the place where we live is a soup of energy frequency. The reality that everyone can perceive is determined by its own frequency. In other words, people, individuals, do not live in the density of 3D or 5D, but in a part of the frequency range they can perceive. So I can say that everyone has or has his own density, which creates his own density of existence. Those who are thought to coexist in a density only share a similar perceptual protocol to the first person, but they are never exactly the same.
For example, when explaining other concepts in the video, this may be too complex for most people. Therefore, we still mistakenly use 3D and 5D as examples, but we know it’s wrong, and we know it’s time to develop.

No 3D, no 5D. We just shared enough agreements to coexist to some extent. So you can’t see any density, only a mass of infinite energy. We understand that it is the consciousness, mind and consciousness of each individual that will constitute, create or display a density, a “reality” and all its laws and characteristics, but as a field, it cannot exist without individuals and observers.

What we are talking about today is a multi perspective case. Because claiming that everything is a star will be viewed from an “extended” point of view, but from another practical point of view of “touching the earth”, you can obviously distinguish between stars and matter. From one point of view or another, both views are correct.

The problem here is that people who really understand why everything is a star can understand why what others see separates matter from stars. Those who cannot understand lack a broader perspective that everything is astral.

Learning for yourself is the only way to increase your perception and understanding of everything, so expand your “boundary” between reality and unreal, and finally expand your own “boundary” of private density. What I personally have been doing is learning.

The only additional issue to discuss with all of the above is that there are undeniable creatures that all of us cannot see from the material level, but they are there. For example, elemental elves, shadow people, mysterious animals. In my understanding, this is completely beyond our perception, because we can’t see everything.
Again, I think they are there. Because when you walk through the forest, they are not there in perception, but they can throw stones at you. So they exist objectively.

A ship can use gravity imaging to see them and generate images for you to see them. A ship’s sensors can detect elements and even overlay their images on the video axis of your forest. They are very much like manifestations since ancient times. You can see the leaves and branches under their feet bending under their weight. They crawl carefully and think they can’t see. When the spacecraft detects them with gravity anomaly sensors, you can see that they have mass.

I’m not completely satisfied with this photo, but there are not many options. They exist in “matter”, but beyond what your body and perceptual agreement can see. But they may throw stones at you and hurt you.
Yazhi can see them with the naked eye. I can’t see them. Although she said they were not clear, they were like shadows with some shapes and features. Gravity sensors do give you more details.

You expand your perception and understanding of reality. The more you know and understand, the more you will perceive. Then it will change your thinking frequency and your reality, but it is a long process. This also means that when a person is no longer compatible with a set of agreements seen by the collective unconscious of a “place”, it is the time for the individual to evolve. Instead of going back to the field mentioned before to find a more harmonious field.

The summary ability of swaru 10 in metaphysics is very powerful, concise and powerful. This is an article that is consistent with the exposition of historical articles and promotes higher understanding.


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