Archangel Michael: there’s nothing to be afraid of^_^

Archangel Michael: there’s nothing to be afraid of

Adopted by: Sharon Stewart
I’m Archangel Michael. We were informed that the light grid has been reduced by 40%. This is related to all the fears and negative reactions to programming.

Understand that when you watch the news, what you see is not true. What you see is what they want you to create for them, that’s all. You believe the news is true, which is a problem to a large extent. Your belief in unemployment and further closure, if you continue to abide by it, will only put you on the road where these things will happen. They don’t need to. It’s just a question of what you’re afraid of. When you are afraid, you will attract what you are afraid of, so that you can learn not to be afraid of it.

Do you think if you lose your job, everything will be lost? You have no confidence in yourself, you have the ability to create another income, but your confidence in life is so slim? When you lose everything, from this point of view, you have everything. We gain in life when we lose. We are continuing, before we begin to stagnate. This is the essence of life: change. Change is what the earth will do, and you have shrunk into your own interior to experience these changes.

Therefore, many people are losing what now weakens them, whether their mentality, their work, their beliefs, their companions. As you move into higher frequencies, all fears are challenged. This is alchemy. This is necessary. You are being re empowered to take ownership of the planet from those who stole it from you. Whatever you fear, you will lose.
I will take Sharon as an example. She has been exhausted in the workplace for many years and can’t continue to work. She has a long-term disability. She lost her share of the grant because she didn’t want to stick to it. A few years later, when she was exhausted from work, a case worker told her to apply for disability allowance. She was told to do so. Because she didn’t want to, her files were almost handled without her consent. This is what life requires of you. Make sure you’re not afraid, make sure you have enough.

Sharon knew there was nothing to fear, because she had faced many fears: poverty, homelessness, unemployment, abuse, loss of social status, no food, no love and so on. Facing the storm, she became happier and calmer because she was ready. She absolutely knew that she would be taken care of when she allowed. She has an intellectual nature, which is not even faith.

Me: I have to live in one of the least affected places on the planet, even though I live near Quebec, which is now seriously impacted.

Michael: Yes, you had a safe day because you realized there was nothing to be afraid of. If you are really afraid of it, you will attract it. So you’re not afraid.

Me: Yes. Ivo taught me. The only fear is fear itself.

Michael: what would you do if they needed a passport to enter the grocery store?

Me: either let my neighbor buy my groceries, find a black market seller, and then buy things online, or there are many choices. I’m not worried. I have supplies at home in case anything comes out.

Michael: fear is not the real state of human beings. Love is. Earth people have learned to fear, and you have learned to respond to everything you encounter in fear. This is not the real way of human beings.

Me: No.

Michael: there is an urgent mission in Afghanistan this week to help those who evacuate the victims from Afghanistan. But another project we want you to focus your light is to reactivate the light grid. We want it to be higher than the 40 percent it lost, and we want it to be 100 percent. This means that you must introduce the white light of God through your crown chakra and disperse it through your feet, into the ground and into the grid.

There is no reason to be afraid. You are all going through a process of reauthorization, and the starting point is where you are.

I’m Archangel Michael. I am your leader, teacher and soldier, experiencing these moments of change on earth. We are a group. You walk on this earth as a group.

There is nothing to fear / the latest energy update

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