Telepathy advanced: oversoul, “each individual soul chain has 12 parallel soul fragments, which must be gathered into super spirit and then integrated into the whole.”

Telepathy advanced: oversoul, “each individual soul chain has 12 parallel soul fragments, which must be gathered into super spirit and then integrated into the whole.”

Start by simply being yourself
Where does my telepathy come from^_^

Simply be yourself

I started telepathic writing in 2020. What should I write, myself, my own learning, practice, expansion, release and stability, until I become

Be the change I want

George Stankov calls this kind of telepathy automatic writing, that is, after he has experienced the writing of high cosmic laws such as body, his mind is stable in the mind rather than the mind. The left brain is just the download and injection channel of higher mind after the level of left and right brain. In fact, don’t let omniscient and knowledgeable replace your empathy at any time Goddess energy and source are one

What? I don’t need high-level scientific works. I understand the laws of the universe inside. Learning higher mind in interest and higher kinetic energy is the way to access telepathy

That is, in the 16 years before 2020, whether working, studying or worshipping the Buddha, learning the Buddhist scriptures, participating in NLP healer training, joining the church to learn the Bible / self-taught Apocrypha, fighting with the church, and taking children abroad to learn spiritual messages, they are simply sharing other people’s higher minds and slowly integrating their own feelings and intelligent expressions
However, the mind began to rest, which was shared before. It took two years to focus on higher mental training without judgment

The mind has been competing with the mind for the right to speak, because in nature, the mind only deals with and does not decide from what. When it is emotional, controlled by emotion, no longer relaxed and worry free life, compulsive reason and other people’s practices and speaking methods replace its own spiritual goddess guidance, so telepathy temporarily abdicates to thought, existential ideas, beliefs, other people’s words Master teaching

Simply be yourself, everything can return as well as how to leave
As the Buddha shared below, all people, things and things are yourself. They are one with you. They are always connected with each other in the spiritual network. You are the universe, the “one”, and the creator and source of all reality

As long as you want to return, you don’t have to hurry to return. Just enjoy life. The twists and turns and heart waves are only for you to keep training, and only focus on your intuition, higher mind and the unity of all things at the source

Where is the higher self? You keep connecting to the higher mind and opening up. Naturally, you are the higher self. There is no obstacle to natural communication in telepathy and wordlessness. When communicating with humans, the higher self needs to learn and adapt to the frequency, which is the same as your higher self career, so, It is only a matter of time before we receive the higher mind through other people’s channeling or words and transform it into ourselves. It is only a matter of time before we manifest the higher mind through the pineal third eye and the crown chakra. It is the same in resonance, all from ourselves

The joy of accepting all the status

Commitment to non judgment will also bring a balance between what you want and unconditional non judgment. At that time, you will have a higher mental understanding of what you pay and what you get: it comes from yourself and must serve yourself, regardless of others

In this way, isn’t telepathy less mysterious, but you have learned to connect higher minds only in one and empathy

Therefore, telepathy is also the alchemy of heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra. It will bring you into the fifth dimensional world, a higher oneness world, as long as it is always open, accepted and put down

Slowly, you and your lover and those who are closely connected will understand more and more. Even I will feel the pain of my lover, and the physiological cycle is synchronous. This is the physical experience brought by telepathic empathy
But as long as you continue to judge, hate, cut off and ignore, these will disappear again

It is a process of adjustment. Only through such continuous strengthening and amplification will you choose only unity and unity in any situation

Nothing comes in vain, it all depends on your choice and want

In any case, put the joy of higher vibration in the first place

Bless you


June 19, 2019 meditation experience: Buddha’s teaching – telepathy and consciousness expansion

“Where your consciousness expands, you will receive information there. For example, today’s message is not what I want to give you, but your own consciousness has expanded here, touched it, and unlocked it. “

The Buddha continued:

“Cosmic consciousness is like an ocean, in which every drop of water has full consciousness and knows the thoughts of all other drops of water. Later, some water drops wanted to play the game of separation. They go into different bottles and pretend to have nothing to do with each other, but they are still connected in energy. They deliberately do not use that way of communication, but try to communicate in other clumsy ways. Over time, they forget the original convenient way of communication, and forget that they once belonged to a vast ocean, or even the whole ocean. In this way, they were trapped in that small bottle for a long time, until one day they remembered everything in the past and began to try to drill out of the bottle and expand their consciousness

If people’s psychic transmission channels were opened, what would it be like? I seem to see a busy spiritual network, with countless information shuttling back and forth on complex lines… It’s too complicated!

Buddha said;

“It’s not complicated, because everything is within you.”

“What do you mean?”

“The world outside you is just an illusion. Everything is in you – in the real you. You have to expand your consciousness to the greatest extent to realize this. Now your consciousness is compressed into small flesh bodies, and your perception is very limited. When you get out of this small container and stretch out, you will know that there is no outside world and no others… Everything is contained in you. At that time, you will naturally know what ‘others’ are thinking, because that is part of yourself thinking… “

“Wouldn’t it be confusing if so many hearts sent and received messages at the same time? How can you know which information comes from which heart? ” I asked again.

“Every living body has its own unique vibration, just like human fingerprints, which will never be repeated. Even the vibration of twin souls has subtle differences. You can call this’ vibrating fingerprint ‘. The source is to identify every child through it. Your heart will also identify the source of information through it and will never make mistakes. When you focus your consciousness on someone and align it with his vibration, your information will be sent to him accurately.

“However, many people’s psychic transmission channels are still closed, because they are controlled by the ego and are still hostile and aggressive to others, so they are not allowed to use this way of information transmission.”
June 19, 2019 meditation experience: Buddha’s teaching – telepathy and consciousness expansion

Original Luying from heaven to earth June 20, 2019

I received his message, which is related to telepathy.

He said:

“Everything is connected by invisible energy, and information can be transmitted to each other through this energy connection. This energy connecting all things is holy love.

“You convey your thoughts with your heart, not with your mind. The heart is where your consciousness is, and the mind just processes the received information according to the established programming. Although the mind also has its own consciousness, it is a severely limited consciousness disturbed by the ego.

“You often say ‘I think’, not ‘I think’. You call ideas’ mind thoughts’, not ‘head thoughts’ and’ brain thoughts’, which shows that you intuitively know that the heart is the place where ideas are generated, and it is also the place where ideas are sent and received. “

“What’s the use of the top wheel on our head?” I asked.

“It is for you to connect with the high-dimensional self.”


“Telepathy” in oneness

Seemingly isolated and inaccessible
It also provides us with more opportunities

“Telepathy” in training unity

Telepathy has been here for a long time

Love between men and women, maternal love, children’s love, family, family and collective love

Accept and accept love

Understanding and encouraging love
Obedience, harmony and love with waves and currents

Yes, enter from here

Expand your telepathic network

Unite your emotions

Such as contact, but there is a larger picture than contact

Or that kind of emotion and missing
But at higher vibration frequencies

Not only love, family, friendship

Not only between lovers, relatives and friends

Expand your telepathy to borderless

But also accept all responses and echoes in irresistible and irresistible

Only the same
You are happy, joyful and happy

When you see something
You connect it to the network

When you miss something
You tighten the net more tightly

When you resist something
Your net is even harder


Follow suit

No resistance


When you let go
It looks like a loose net, but in fact there is a bigger net

When you’re still
Your net is no longer just what you know, but also what you don’t know

When you rejoice in being and “I am”
Your net is the whole human being

Because you resonate with the earth
You are telepathic with the earth

You have a bigger net: the earth network


Solar network, Galaxy network, cosmic network, source open energy network

Don’t resist. You’ll be caught in the net
And don’t resist. You’re following the waves

You are accessing the telepathic network matrix

Through mother earth, you have more contacts with more people in time and space beyond love, family and friendship

This is the flow of great love

It is also the society that mankind is about to enter: telepathic community

You start training first

Need the expansion of consciousness

Because there are not only good people but also bad people^_^

Also connected together

Need the purification of consciousness

Because there are not only gods but also ghosts^_^

Also accommodated

Need essential consolidation

Because you need to know who you are

You are mobile
You are easygoing
You are the earth, the sun and the stars
You are the creator and creator of all

More important

You just exist
What exists is reasonable
Good or bad
Regardless of ghosts and gods
There is no light and darkness

Need to accept challenges

It takes time and time to train the non resistance in fear

Just flow, fear, tension, still no resistance, return to understanding, great love and joy

Isn’t this the joy of your beings

No longer resist

Telepathy in joy

Your expansion of consciousness is your magic

Because it will restart your DNA and higher vibration ability

No longer cling to magic and miracles

Obedience and non resistance will make you

And more
Be aware of telepathy
let go


Electronic pairing, joy cultivation

(including 144000 Twin Flames, consciousness family (incarnation / soul / oversoul / avatar / source consciousness))

sananda 2020-06-15

Electronic pairing, joy cultivation (including 144000 Twin Flames, consciousness family (incarnation / soul / oversoul / avatar / source consciousness))

The Mother God once again mentioned 144000 Twin Flame reunion, which is also the concern of the Father God. There are two, one is twin flame reunion, and the other is the restart of the third eye.

You know, one should spend the past, future and present at one time in this life, which is not only the unity and unity of multi-dimensional time, but also the “assembly” of all soul fragments.

“Each individual soul chain has 12 parallel soul fragments, which must be gathered into a super spirit and then integrated into the whole.”

“When we do this, we enter other timelines, collect all memories of the past and present of all parallel lives, and use every expression to create peace in our hearts, so as to release all negative emotions.”

This is the meaning of twin flame, which gathers into super spirit.

Oversoul is the causal body and causal consciousness that we mentioned in the previous article. It vibrates in the seventh dimensional earth time matrix.
Retrieve all 12 dimensional blueprints of the past, present and future, 144 harmonic cosmic timeline map, which consists of 12 soul ontologies, each fission and aggregation into 12 avatar ontologies, 12 times 12 = 144.

How to fission polymerization? First, it is created due to the balance of demand, second, the balance of electron pairing and superconductivity, and third, the three person action and system balance.

So, there is only one keyword, balance.
Why is it so difficult for Twin Flames to meet? Fragments do not gather. What is that? Higher self alignment, that is, the electron pairing of the second cause, is not only the pairing between electrons, but also the higher self alignment between superconducting spaces inside electrons.

What? We have to align level by level.

The first is the alignment of the avatar body, which is what we call the three-dimensional and four-dimensional earth.

The first electronic pairing of the three-dimensional and four-dimensional earth is the birth electronic pairing between mother and son, and the electronic pairing between father and son. Therefore, in fact, your first higher self is our parents. Have you aligned and let go.

What do we practice for? Let go, then release fear, and then align with the higher self.

That is, after entering the practice, it is exactly the restart of your alignment with your parents. What, emotional communication without fear, helps parents release fear and enjoy life, and has more spare power. Fear release in the family collective.

The second electronic pairing is our husband and wife pairing. When you don’t enjoy the husband and wife life without fear, burden and pressure, it’s time. Otherwise, what do you do with practice? First of all, it’s not to let you ascend to heaven, but to let you land barefoot and naked without defense.

I know why the twin flame can’t see each other. It’s just a fragment of your higher self, not for meeting, but for alignment. The high vibration frequency from you is not how deep you love or attract, but what process your “non-human emotion” resonates to.

The first is your parents and husband and wife process. When you don’t let go and accept everything, your electrons don’t have enough pairing and aggregation energy to gather the fragments of the second process.

Non human emotion is not “ruthless”, but because of the flow and automatic return of the balance between your left and right brain. Your emotion is no longer the grief of a badly blocked organ, but the free flow of energy between all organs. Not only your own, but also others’ will flow from your body, because you have a new outlet, higher self and sacred mind, Instead of just moving between relatives, this is the principle of “no human emotion”.

Twin flame is only a phased manifestation of your alignment with the soul noumenon. It is also the cosmic body and soul noumenon after multiple projections from the source.

The soul body vibrates in the time matrix of the fifth dimensional earth.
This is why Father God and Mother God have been committed to promoting the meeting and assembly of Twin Flames.

From your lover and parents who accept you in relaxation and joy.
Electronic pairing occurs in the projection of higher dimensions, not based on what you think and do. It only occurs in your letting go and accepting everything.

Every life on earth, a person will have an ascension cycle. He will upgrade one level of multidimensional chakras every seven years. Seven chakras, seven chakras, seven and forty-nine, that is, the body that has always maintained high vibration, kinetic energy and joy will ascend before the age of 50. This is also why many old people will come back from the dead in this cycle, cancel the original plan and do not choose to leave the earth. Why, Self ascension and help ascension. Therefore, age is no longer important. It is all in your rest, release and healing.

You know, 150 years in this cycle is the grace life span of human beings. Therefore, those who receive grace will have enough time to serve ascension. After a certain point of healing, aging will stop, and the body will become a crystal, and human beings will manifest the conversion body technology that will no longer lose memory because they are no longer attached to eternal life. Yes, The so-called memory loss is only the technology of immortality, but in the divine mind, immortality is the alignment and fragment assembly with the source energy, that is, the experience, living and practice of the timeless source consciousness in the unity consciousness of Christ / Buddha / avatar.

Do you know the electronic pairing and the source of joy.

Let go of everything and accept everything.

First come from your family, lover and parents.

Live with joy.


The family of consciousness – incarnation / soul / oversoul / Avatar
Dorothy interstellar Library

Through the six main multidimensional ontologies, the family of consciousness, human beings are connected with each other, with all other life forms, the universe, the source and the God of all things.

Six main multidimensional ontologies:

1) Avatar identity (Tauren) (UH-1 ontology)
2) Soul identity (Dora) (super conscious structure of uh-2)
3) Oversoul identity (teura) (uh-3 ontology)
4) Avatar identity (Dolar) (uh-4 ontology)
5) Rishi body, solar
6) Yunasai Ontology (Germanic entity, geomancy)

From the incarnation ontology of UH-1, human beings gradually evolved and integrated all six main multi-dimensional ontologies into the consciousness structure of “I am I am”.

The first step in the conscious awakening of multidimensional noumenon is the personal focus to bring the soul noumenon (the super conscious structure of uh-2) into the consciousness of biology. This process is called soul integration.
Incarnate matrix (Tauren)

The avatar matrix (avatar ontology or UH-1 ontology) exists in the frequency band composed of dimensions 1, 2 and 3 and those dimensions.

The incarnation matrix of UH-1 represents the individual independent mental matrix, or the individual logo.
The avatar matrix includes:

1) D1: the subconscious mind
2) D2: the emotional or instinctual mind
3) D3: the reasoning mind

Soul matrix (Dora)

The extended energy noumenon form (soul) is the basis for the construction of all matter and noumenon.
The soul matrix, soul noumenon or uh-2 noumenon is placed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 and the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

The soul matrix of Hu-2 includes:
1) The astral mind – D4 etheric astral body, spiritual, astral consciousness
2) The archetypal mind – D5 prototype consciousness
3) The angelic (or spiritual) mind – D6 starry consciousness
Collectively referred to as the super conscious mind. A label representing the mental matrix of race, or collective consciousness.

Soul ontology is a part of multidimensional ontology, relative to ALPHI hova body of uh-2. Soul noumenon exists in the density of semi etheric carbon silicon based material.

The soul ontology represents a 6-dimensional experience extended cognitive state, has full activation of DNA 1-6 clusters, can receive the overall memory records of the race, and can enter the hallah melkaba vehicle.

The oversoul builds a set of 12 souls to form the soul matrix.

The soul matrix projects part of itself into UH-1, establishes manifestation, and forms 12 groups of physical incarnation matrix.

Usually, a soul (soul matrix) of uh-2 becomes 12 incarnations at the same time in a harmonic universe (Uh). Every two form a pair in the same time period. A harmonic universe has 6 time periods. In each pair of incarnations, one is male and the other is female; This relationship is called “Twin Flames”, but it is not the so-called romantic lover.

It is almost impossible for you to meet your twin flame, because the twin flame will appear in the earth and parallel earth at different time points in the same time cycle. The soul matrix projects part of itself into UH-1, establishes manifestation, and forms 12 groups of physical incarnation matrix.

Oversoul matrix (teura)

The oversoul matrix (oversoul ontology, monad ontology, uh-3 ontology) is the ontology placed in dimensions 7, 8 and 9, with the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

The super spirit matrix of hu-3 contains
1) The keteric mind – D7 stellar consciousness
2) The monadic mind – D8 (the meta galactic core) monadic consciousness (super galactic core)
3) The keriatric mind – D9 causal consciousness, kundalini of the universe

It is uniformly called causal mind. Represents the mental matrix of the planet. Or planet labels.

Oversoul, uh-3 ontology, 12 soul ontologies are established in uh-2, and each soul ontology establishes 12 avatar ontologies in 6 cycles of UH-1. Therefore, each oversoul family is a family with 144 incarnations, each of which materializes in six UH-1 time cycles.

Each of the 144 avatars carries a partial 12 cluster DNA template within the transmission genetic code. When 144 avatars evolved with the planet in six time cycles, 12 clusters of DNA templates were recombined.

Avatar matrix (Dolar)

The avatar matrix (or Mahara) is placed in dimensions 10, 11 and 12 and the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

Avatar matrix of hu-4, including
1) The Christian mind – D10 Christian consciousness
2) The buddhiac mind – D11 Buddha consciousness
3) The nirvana mind – D12 Nirvana consciousness (see “Nirvana heart” of a minder)

The unity is called metaconscious mind, which represents the mental matrix of galactic galaxy. Or solar label. This level of consciousness is the level of stellar consciousness.

The avatar body is a part of the multidimensional body, which exists in a liquid light body state relative to the Mahara hova body of the harmonic universe 4.

Avatar ontology represents a 12 dimensional experience extended cognitive state. With the full activation of silicon-based DNA 1-12 clusters, it is the highest ontology that can be materialized into human physical form. Avatar is a meta terrestrial consciousness that contains all lower dimensional ontologies. When one integrates all the perceptions of time, space and things, one can enter the 12 dimensional multi-dimensional vector spectrum.

The Mahara hova body connects the oversoul (betcha hova body, dimensions 7-9, etheric beings) of hu-3 with the Rishi (Raja hova body, dimensions 13-15, ante matter beings) of hu-5.

Avatar is often used to describe human or invisible consciousness with 7-12 dimensional consciousness awakening, but only 10-12 dimensional consciousness is the real avatar.
Rishi parent (breneau)

Breneau’s collective consciousness is called “Rishi”, “solar Rishi”, or “meta terrestrials”.

950 billion years ago, eieyani was seeded in our 15 dimensional time matrix with life wave through the main sound field of khundaray and the racial collective consciousness of the three main founders.

As a state of eternal awareness, the breneau teaching group exists in the three main light fields of our time matrix density – 5 and dimensions 13, 14 and 15 in the ante matter mode of spherical thermoplastic radiation.
They represent our “family of cosmic consciousness”, and everything is connected to yanas and source through Kee RA Sha main light field and khundaray main sound field.

“The central point of all unity, the eternal consciousness of all unity.” Also known as the source, God or God.

The three founder ethnic breneau teaching groups represent the sowing of collective consciousness into the time matrix by the three yanas from the energy matrix.

  1. Emerald breneau teaching group, which exists in the blue eckatic Kee RA Sha light field, represents the collective consciousness of emerald grandeyanas teaching group.
  2. The gold breneau teaching group, which exists in the light gold polar Kee RA Sha light field, represents the collective consciousness of the gold wachayanas teaching group.
  3. Amethyst breneau teaching group exists in the purple triadic Kee RA Sha light field and represents the collective consciousness of Amethyst ramyanas teaching group.

The permanent collective consciousness of the founders of the three breneau teaching groups was sown by yanas and manifested in the material field of time and space.

Note 1 eieyani:
In ancient times, grail line (oraphim turaneusiam, indigo, angel, human and other races) originated.

Note 2 khundaray:
The eternal collective consciousness projected by the source God (yunasai) forms three main sound fields – khundaray (or yanas) in the energy matrix. Through these sound fields, life consciousness is seeded into our 15 dimensional time matrix.

Three main sound fields corresponding to the energy matrix:

  1. Eckatic sound field: – grandeyanas (pronunciation: gron ‘- Da yon US)
    The first main sound field.
    Also known as emerald order yanas or blue flame yanas.
  2. Polar sound field: wachayanas (pronunciation: wa ” – Sha yon US)
    The second main sound field.
    Also known as gold order yanas or golden flame yanas.
  3. Triadic sound field: ramyanas (pronunciation: RAM ‘- yon US)

The third main sound field.

Also known as amethist order yanas or violet flame yanas.

Note 3 Kee RA Sha:

Within the time matrix, density 5: the main light field (life force current) of dimensions 13, 14 and 15.
When the three Kundalini currents in the lower dimension are formed, the fourth Kundalini current Kee RA Sha is activated.

KEE RA Sha is also called Kundalini energy – pillar of light – silver cord
tone colour dimension
Kee Blue green D-13
Ra Pale yellow D-14
ShA Foreign powder D-15



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