Don’t be fooled by the hunger movement^_^

Don’t be fooled by the hunger movement,

On such a big planet, this is impossible.

There will never be hunger, only food can not reach the people in need; Grain and food are concentrated, elitised and completely manipulated by its producers, so these grains and food are only used to bring economic benefits to them, otherwise, they will only throw away all this. They forget that there are hungry people, which will also be corrected.

So don’t shake because of hunger, because it won’t happen.

Gaia is rich in fruits and vegetables. You can eat them in a balanced way without affecting everyone’s health. Yes, a lot of food has been improved.
I can assure you that many crops will die out, but the arrival of light will make completely pure crops emerge from Gaia’s soil almost instantaneously. Because they will have enough energy to feed everyone on earth.

So don’t enter this wave of scarcity. Of course, you will go through difficult times because there is a lesson.

But I’m not saying that humans will starve and there will be a shortage of food. No, only you need to learn to respect the earth and know how to plant it clearly, not just focus on profits and financial growth. Those who respect the earth today, love the earth and no longer pollute the soil will thrive on the whole earth.

Because everyone has the right to food, but clean food, pure natural food.

Gaia’s soil is polluted. So Gaia has to recombine a lot of soil and body in order to change and eliminate these harmful elements. No, I’m not talking about the fifth dimension. I’m talking about the time on the road to the fifth dimension. You must get used to new habits, new customs, new food, new choices, new tastes. Nothing can be accomplished in an instant, or your body will be completely out of balance.

So everything will happen gradually. But you must understand that there is a lot to do and a lot to destroy. We don’t want you to eat food that has been genetically modified to make your body sick. Why do humans produce genetically modified food? To increase profits. And genetic modification is not Gaia’s heart for your body. So your body doesn’t adapt to this food, which leads to imbalance and disease.

Every creature you eat, you will eat some death energy, pain energy, fear energy, unbalanced energy and implant them into your body. Those who think all this is nonsense and will continue to eat have made their own choice that they will not stay on the planet. Therefore, in the current walking, this is also a very important point. I’m not saying that everyone should stop immediately, just make changes gradually, because your body has been used to these animals, even if it’s wrong. So, as we do gradually on earth, everything must be done step by step so that your body will know other tastes, other textures and other foods. Then slowly and consciously, you can get rid of these harmful foods. Today, past perceptions and thoughts in your mind urge you to eat. You think it's important and necessary. So you have to start a long journey to change your old thoughts, beliefs and habits. In fact, all the beliefs that support you to do so are not true, but just a kind of thought manipulation to let you eat animals. Why? Who is it good for? For the people who raise them and produce them, they don't care much about whether humans are getting sick more and more. What they worry about is the growth of their own wealth.

Everything should be done step by step. No moment, no night, just like walking, slowly changing. In the process of walking, you will abandon all your beliefs, all your habits, and all the things that are harmful to you today. As far as we are concerned, you have made a lot of changes. What we can do to help you, we will do, as long as you ask us. Ask for guidance, ask us to give you guidance; We'll be happy. We are not cooks, but we know how to manipulate food to make it healthy and delicious. You are rich in spices, herbs, completely healthy, can be used in food, and provide the pleasant taste you expect, we can guide you.

Because when you see food and spices, you will feel the energy combined with them; How to make this energy combination interesting.

We know that when the combination is not good, their energy combination itself will produce bad results. We can guide you on this point. Don't think it's nonsense. Don't think we're wasting our time teaching you to cook. Our role is to help you in all situations: behavior, thought, energy and food, because this is part of the process. I can tell you that this is a very important part, because the diet of old thinking in the past has brought all the imbalances in your body today. I promise that as you eat better and better, eat healthy food, pure food, diseases will almost disappear, because the things that feed them will no longer exist in your body. So be ready for change and new habits. Open your heart and look at things from a different angle. Now, this is also an option.

Everyone has his own choice. I repeat: everything should be done step by step. Don't leave all changes to the end. For those who do nothing but enter the fifth dimension, I can tell you for sure that the passage to the fifth dimension will be very difficult and painful for such people. What do you want? An easy road, or an extremely difficult and painful road? Make your choice and we will always respect your every choice. Dear children on earth! I'm Sananda! Once again, I came here with great joy to bring more education, more energy, and all my love for the whole mankind. Today, life on earth is in various forms. In all aspects, changes are taking place everywhere. All areas of the planet are adapting and changing, and they can reproduce when the earth becomes more physical. It is not just humans who are going through this process; Animals, plants, food, fruits, vegetables. Everything from natural Gaia is changing. Anything unnatural, anything transformed by human beings will disappear from the earth. Many changes will happen and many losses will happen. Nothing, anything that does not resonate with the fifth dimension, cannot survive on this planet. Transgenic animals, those mutated in order to improve productivity, and today only animals that pollute the environment, they will be released. The meaning of release is that they will no longer experience any of this, and they will return to the perfect dimension of the earth, just as created by their parents' God, without any form of transformation. So please rest assured that many things will happen over time. Nothing is instantaneous, nothing is disposable. However, you will find that a lot of things will happen in prison, so that we can release a lot of animals.

Master Sananda: changes in diet

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today


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