Why is life slow^_^find one’s true self

Why is life slow^_^ find one’s true self^_^

When light workers wake up, they always feel like years, which has nothing to do with the exact date of ascension, because it is a kind of inertia.

Have you ever felt that “the time has come”. Then, do you still ignore your old self, or bravely face the call you want and are interested in and step into a new space? This is why you feel that life is slow, that is, you have no interest, but you are still there. It’s strange that you don’t live like a year.
In retrospect, when I worked, the working years of each company were ranked by 54321. What does that mean? My focus and dedication at work never considered what is the responsibility to support the family, loyalty, corporate responsibility, and the concept of partnership. Therefore, in the later stage of work, I have completely written the report according to my own interests. What do customers say and what do colleagues say, After listening to it, bear it down and stay the same. In fact, follow what you want to do and are interested in, and none of the above responsibilities has fallen. Even the dissolved partners still record their companies for nothing else, just what they are interested in and willing to do.

Because of concentration, because of concentration, you are on the road to your profession, because you never miss “insight”.

Every time “insight” is a transformation process from “not interested and not motivated” to “eager, more motivated and want to do”, that is to say, “insight” is not invariable. It must be from “unknown insight” to let the “heart” show and see its nature, and usually insight needs patience and courage.

If you don’t take risks when you should take risks, your life will become a life without any passion, because desire and passion must be associated with adventure.

After going abroad, the previous 54321 has reflected my emerging interests. Taking care of children, you may have found that those who follow desire, passion and interest must be at the moment when they are doing it. In short, they will be successful no matter whether it is expressed as responsibility or obligation outside. Therefore, coaxing children has not been coaxing children so far. They coax and play with each other most of the time.

Patience during this period is the key to insight, that is to say, during the huge gap from work to no work, you can only be patient if you want to be insight, otherwise you will go back and return to the old business, because before the “heart” stabilizes and the “sex” appears, this is the insight in the dry season. Here is an idea to take risks.

That is “what you are interested in and want to do is work”, because there is a premise. Although I practiced this premise very late, I understand that “rotating around the sky and soul” is your work, no matter whether you have income or not, just because it’s time. When is it? It’s time to be “insightful”, so you will feel that time passes slowly, you can’t cheer up and have no motivation, because it’s time to do other things you want to do.

Because of the “insight” one by one, the soul around the sky is getting closer and closer, and there is a constantly accelerating rotation speed, that is, there is a higher body frequency. Because of the high frequency, constant change will occur, and the so-called abundance will appear, because there is not only satisfaction, but also patience, not only warmth, but also violence, In fact, this is the true meaning of abundance, because it shows that rich people never really take responsibility, obligation, money, worldly sophistication, partnership, friendship, love and all kinds of intolerance to heart. Practice has proved that all the above are there, nothing is missing, but just remain the same.

There is only heart and nothing else in Mingxin. There is only nature and nothing else in true self.

Follow your desires and passions, what you want to do and what you want, because the next point of interest will meet unexpectedly. It’s good to have no time to rest.

A person can be quiet because he is at ease, because he is satisfied with what he wants, wants to do and is interested in, so he knows his heart. And a person can open his mind because he has sufficient nature, because he has experienced, opened and put down, so he sees sex. All wisdom will only be given to those who receive and endure everything, right? It’s just that you have a heart, not just for wisdom, Following the heart is also important.

Light workers are also not interested in their work, but which is more important, increasing the frequency or reading more spiritual articles and books? Of course, it is more important to increase the vibration frequency, so bravely pick up the “no longer interested” moment, open up to their expression, self-expression and blooming talents in tolerance, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes, Because it is sooner or later to say your own words and go your own way. It is also sooner or later to put down the support of angels, ascended masters and ascended masters, because there will be a new group of angels, light beings and ascended masters waiting for you, that is, your higher vibration frequency. Be safe.

Think about what you want to do in addition to responsibilities and obligations. Start with understanding. This process will also let you know whether you are interested.

There is another space between interested and not interested, that is, rest, that is, take a deep breath, which will become your place of insight and your place to improve the vibration frequency. Don’t care too much about the incoming worries, fears, thoughts, and even other people’s images or words. This is also a moment to take a new level of “insight”. If you can’t stand it, take a walk, Listen and breathe. If you can’t stand it any more, put on headphones, because the goal is very clear. That’s what you want. Just stick to it.

What will happen if you stick to it? Everything will flow. At that time, you will not be water, but the person who sees water. Look at the surging, the ripples, the splashes, and the world.
Who are you now, The higher self, the one who once looked after you, is also the one who makes you see.

Be yourself.

Become insightful.


How to put down money and pick up abundance

(including “Let as many people awaken through suffering as possible”)


How to put down money and pick up abundance^_^( Including “Let as many people awaken through suffering”)

If you have the motivation to make money,

Then love money,

Love making money,

Just as you love your family, loved ones and children,

If you don’t have the motivation to make money,

That’s accompanied by habitual fear,

With the urge to make money,

Try to put down your money.

All roads lead to Rome,

Both of these roads can lead you to abundance.

First of all, abundance is not that you have more external things and external forces, although neither of them is lacking,

First of all, you have more powerful free energy and only follow your heart, interests, hobbies and interests in bravery

See, the business of loving money and loving making money comes from interest, because loving your family is not fear, but also internal promotion. Of course, it also has the habit of teaching and Obedience after birth
But family love is greater than fear, which is the driving force

Similarly, no motivation to make money does not come from fear and fear, but also from interest, interest, enthusiasm and desire, because you have a greater interest than making money

This is what we call the internal driving force. The first is interest, interest and desire. Just like you have no reason to love or like someone, these two roads also need no reason, just follow

This is what we call the road to abundance

You no longer take the fear of no money as the driving force. Then, your purest and purest survival and interest momentum will restart, just like children, through the fear network woven by all living beings on earth and get a new life

So you can get out of the matrix and put down the fear of survival

Human beings do not know what death is, because it is not yet coming, but they know that it is worse to die without money

This is also kinetic energy. As long as the restoration is not mixed with hesitation, doubt and hesitation, but just focus, concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on walking, sitting and lying, it will restore purity and innocence

Then pick up your Kung Fu and let the higher mind support you and stabilize your inner abundance

No prejudice, no stubbornness, more balance and understanding, trust and empathy

Understand why many practices deviate, have more judgment, more tools and insight to judge people, and will not forgive and forgive people

Learned to use new theories, cosmic laws, religion, scriptures, theology and psychology to judge, judge and convict others

Stop taking time, deadline, purpose, goal, responsibility, obligation, ideal, belief and belief to heart

Experience the peace, purity and joy of the moment

Rest and heal more

Don’t let the chatter shake your mind and try to pull you back to the curtain on the other side, the wall on the other side

Yes, that’s the third dimensional world. You are in the fourth dimensional world. People in the three dimensions can contact you, but they can’t enter the fourth dimensional, but when you contact it, it’s OK. This is the special transition period of the fourth dimensional world

Let you have the spare power to bring more people into the fourth and higher dimensional world

The rest will promote awakening through more disasters and more suffering

At least half of the earth’s human beings still need to experience these old stories of the three-dimensional world

You can move on and continue to let go

Only focus on interest, interest, desire and enthusiasm, and rest without time, so that more exploration, exploration, truth, self recovery, free energy, clarity of the unity of all things and higher mind can stabilize themselves in higher dimensions one after another
Nothing is certain, only you put it down

What you put down is what you are free. If you want to solve the dilemma, it is a trap of tens of thousands of years, one circle after another, because the dilemma is the solution, solving the dilemma is creating more difficulties, because the new solution appears, the dilemma is the circle, and the solution is the set

See, the new dimension and the new world are useless, but they still echo in your fears and worries

You only have one way, jump out of that circle, put down that set, can’t solve, can’t cut, and can’t struggle violently

There will be more loops and sleeves to hold you tight

Understand why let everyone rest, release, observe and heal, and put down all traps. This is the so-called karma. In fact, it is your past memory and timeline, written and woven by others for you, so you will have so many social activities and idle chat

Put it down and you’ll be free
Not afraid of making mistakes, repetition is necessary. Even so, don’t take it to heart and return to internal motivation, interest, interest, enthusiasm, desire and higher field and prospect exploration

Everything is nothing but the brain, only put down, everything does not enter the eye, only flow

This is convenience and freedom
Be distracted, do not participate, do not resist, do not defend

The rest is your decision and practice
What you see and what you can’t see will be with you, including me^_^


(great change) let as many people awaken through suffering as possible
What we want to tell you is: this will wait until more people wake up and people in some countries have experienced great suffering. Then people will have more consciousness.

Original Luying from heaven to earth today

Message provider: Brotherhood of light
Monique Mathieu conducted on July 25, 2020
Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

We are glad to see more and more people rise to a higher consciousness, realize who they are, realize what we are, and realize that they are waiting for a better future for mankind.

Many people can’t wait to know when this future will come – soon? Or will it take a long time?

What we want to tell you is: this will wait until more people wake up and people in some countries have experienced great suffering. Then people will have more consciousness.

Small countries like France will also have turbulence, but it will not be too serious. And some big countries will have all kinds of very painful events.

It doesn’t matter whether there is unrest in your country. What matters is that you decide where to go and how to treat your life!

We suggest you stop listening to any media. They will only bring you a very low vibration frequency.

In the near future, you will be “saved”. This means that as long as you reach a certain level of vibration, everything that happens to you and around you will not affect you, because you have another kind of awareness and awareness. At that time, you will activate your spiritual abilities to sleep inside, and these abilities will enable you to see your life and what is happening around you more philosophically.

Of course, you have a lot of questions at the moment. Some people are thinking, “human freedom is increasingly being deprived. Why don’t the light brothers and the Galactic brothers intervene now? “

The reason why we do not intervene is that the divine plan has to go through to the end and let mankind awaken through some hardships. If we intervene now, many people will have no time to see their ability wake up. We should let as many people awaken on their own, so that they can move to a higher dimension.

The new earth prepared for the sons of the earth is very different from the earth you live in now, both in vibration and matter. It is suitable for new beings, for the beings of light you will become.

You will take off the old coat commensurate with the three dimensions and put on the coat of light, which will change from carbon to crystal. This holy light coat will enable you to live in the next life cycle, in that “heaven on earth”. It’s not the earthly paradise you know, but a completely different paradise.

To enter the new world you want, you have to make a deep transformation from within and get rid of some obstacles. Those obstacles are set for yourself before you reincarnate in this cycle.

Some people will ask, “if we were highly evolved beings, why did we come to earth? What are we doing here? “

Yes, you Lightworkers have achieved great spiritual evolution in other worlds or on earth.

You chose to reincarnate on earth at this very special time out of divine love to help mankind with dimensional transfer. You will experience this transfer automatically in some way.

Each of you has an important role to play in this special period. Everyone has his own mission. Everyone’s mission is very important!

You must maintain your freedom and sovereignty as much as possible. This is your most important treasure, as important as holy love.

Only by maintaining inner freedom can you complete the tasks you came to earth to perform. If you are completely controlled by some forces, you will lose your freedom, can no longer make due progress, and can no longer provide due services to the holy light, holy love, human brothers and sentient beings.

Keep trying, earth brothers. We are here to help you. A new earth and a bright future await you ahead. You will succeed! Bless you!


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