In September, release the heavy wounds of previous lives, bathe, purify, heal and balance

In September, release the heavy wounds of previous lives, bathe, purify, heal and balance

As an awakener, remember that everyone in your life is helping you awaken, realize who you really are, and use this truth. You are transcending the era of knowing your true self and creating your own reality. You are entering an era of experiencing the truth, experiencing the truth in your own life and the truth in the whole world you live in.

Now is the time for great changes in your world. These great changes begin when you are willing to see yourself as a creator rather than a oppressed. This is a huge cognitive difference between yourself and your reality, and between others who play their role in your reality.

I’m glad to see so many beautiful miracles in front of you, and we’re glad to help you realize your creations. We know that this statement is obvious to many people, but you really have to follow your feelings in order to smell what you have created. You can begin to feel the vibrations of your creations, because they really call you and let you touch what you have created. This is a wonderful moment. Since then, it seems that you have been limited again. In fact, you have been guided to turn your attention to the place deep in your heart, where you know who you are, where your vibration is the fastest and highest.

In addition, you have a lot of extra time to become creators and consciously perceive and think about the vibrations you have been sending to the universe. Therefore, there are many wonderful creations there, waiting for people to coordinate with them. We see that your inner being is ready to take control of your life by controlling your vibration and creation and make it the result of this vibration.

We are excited to see you create everything in the last period of 2021. We see that you are mastering greater power within, because you have begun to realize that you really should rely on your inner power to get the feelings you want and live the way you want. Anyone who believes that the external environment must determine people’s way of life and feelings has been completely subverted. Given the current living environment, after experiencing a global pandemic, you must make all kinds of adjustments to continue to grow.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
Many people in your world have felt a certain imbalance for a long time. What’s more, many people cross connect to the specific trauma of their previous lives and trigger a lot of emotions, but they don’t realize that they are exposed to the trauma of those previous lives. This is where September energy works.

You all need some soothing and energetic bath to purify you and help you release stuck energy, trauma, and emotions you haven’t felt or have never felt before. Therefore, the energy in September will support the final release and finally release those heavy wounds, so that you can enter the winter solstice in December more clearly and openly, and prepare for the next wave of energy, so as to enter 2022.

This year on earth is not easy. Many people are disappointed for one reason or another. This disappointment comes not only from their own experience and life. People are disappointed in others, which has caused a chain reaction and brought you back to the era of Atlantis. In Atlantis, many people saw the foolish behavior of their Atlantis compatriots, but could not stop what had happened. Many felt powerless to stop the decline of Atlantis, which eventually led to its destruction.

For various reasons, many people on earth already have this feeling. Therefore, the trauma of Atlantis is only a part of people’s cross connection, which needs to be completely released and cured. The energy of September can not only balance you, but also support you, help you purify and heal, and let you get rid of the trauma of your previous life, which is borne by your root chakra. When you open to these energies, you can relax yourself.

You will be able to feel your emotions more clearly and choose the emotions you want to feel, which many people in your world have never experienced in their lives.

It’s a big thing to be able to choose the feeling you want instead of being constantly triggered by things around you.

We want to give you this. We know you want it, so we are happy to participate in the transmission of energy in September. We know that some of you are sensitive and open. The energy you are about to receive will push you forward rapidly.

We are deeply impressed by the way you deal with the energy in August. We are excited to see how you deal with the energy in September, including the autumnal equinox and the balance of the balance.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

Big changes for the rest of 2021
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


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