How to put down money and pick up abundance^_^

How to put down money and pick up abundance^_^

If you have the motivation to make money,
Then love money,
Love making money,
Just as you love your family, loved ones and children,

If you don’t have the motivation to make money,
That’s accompanied by habitual fear,
With the urge to make money,
Try to put down your money.

All roads lead to Rome,
Both of these roads can lead you to abundance.

First of all, abundance is not that you have more external things and external forces, although neither of them is lacking,

First of all, you have more powerful free energy and only follow your heart, interests, hobbies and interests in bravery

See, the business of loving money and loving making money comes from interest, because loving your family is not fear, but also internal promotion. Of course, it also has the habit of teaching and Obedience after birth

But family is greater than fear, which is the driving force

Similarly, no motivation to make money does not come from fear and fear, but also from interest, interest, enthusiasm and desire, because you have a greater interest than making money

This is what we call the internal driving force. The first is interest, interest and desire. Just like you have no reason to love or like someone, these two roads also need no reason, just follow

This is what we call the road to abundance

You no longer take the fear of no money as the driving force. Then, your purest and purest survival and interest momentum will restart, just like children, through the fear network woven by all living beings on earth and get a new life

So you can get out of the matrix and put down the fear of survival

Human beings do not know what death is, because it is not yet coming, but they know that it is worse to die without money

This is also kinetic energy. As long as the restoration is not mixed with hesitation, doubt and hesitation, but just focus, concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on walking, sitting and lying, it will restore purity and innocence

Then pick up your Kung Fu and let the higher mind support you and stabilize your inner abundance

No prejudice, no stubbornness, more balance and understanding, trust and empathy

Understand why many practices deviate. With more judgment, more tools and insight for judging people, and less forgiveness and forgiveness

Learned to use new theories, cosmic laws, religion, scriptures, theology and psychology to judge, judge and convict others

Stop taking time, deadline, purpose, goal, responsibility, obligation, ideal, belief and belief to heart

Experience the peace, purity and joy of the moment

Rest and heal more

Don’t let the chatter shake your mind and try to pull you back to the curtain on the other side, the wall on the other side

Yes, that’s the third dimensional world. You are in the fourth dimensional world. People in the three dimensions can contact you, but they can’t enter the fourth dimensional, but when you contact it, it’s OK. This is the special transition period of the fourth dimensional world

Let you have the spare power to bring more people into the fourth and higher dimensional world

The rest will promote awakening through more disasters and more suffering

At least half of the earth’s human beings still need to experience these old stories of the three-dimensional world

You can move on and continue to let go

Only focus on interest, interest, desire and enthusiasm, and rest without time, so that more exploration, exploration, truth, self recovery, free energy, clarity of the unity of all things and higher mind can stabilize themselves in higher dimensions one after another
Nothing is certain, only you put it down

What you put down is what you are free. If you want to solve the dilemma, it is a trap for tens of thousands of years. One circle is connected with another, because the dilemma is the solution. Solving the dilemma is creating more difficulties, because the new solution appears, the dilemma is the circle, and the solution is the set

See, the new dimension and the new world are useless, but they still echo in your fears and worries

You only have one way, jump out of that circle, put down that set, can’t solve, can’t cut, and can’t struggle violently

There will be more loops and sleeves to hold you tight

Understand why you can rest, release, observe and heal, and put down all traps. This is the so-called karma, which is actually your past memory and timeline, written and woven by others for you, so you can have so many social activities and idle chat

Put it down and you’ll be free

Not afraid of making mistakes, repetition is necessary. Even so, don’t take it to heart and return to internal motivation, interest, interest, enthusiasm, desire and higher field and prospect exploration

Everything is nothing but the brain, only put down, everything does not enter the eye, only flow

This is convenience and freedom
Be distracted, do not participate, do not resist, do not defend

The rest is your decision and practice
What you see and what you can’t see will be with you, including me^_^


First, change yourself, then change the world, then you can help others, and then you can see the change of the external world, which is the reflection of your internal change.

The first thing you have to do is admit it. It’s there. It’s how I feel.

The next thing you have to do is be willing to sit with it and feel it.

Third, you have to breathe in it. Give it full attention, let it go, and seek more feelings, not less.

It’s easier to manifest if you believe that everything you create will come than focusing on why things haven’t happened, or what hinders it.

It is yours because you created it, but you must feel that it is consistent with your reality in order to appear in your reality. In other words, you must be part of the vibration you create in order to enter its reality, because you always walk through different realities with your consciousness and are always in a state of creation. So it seems as if you are sitting quietly waiting for something to come to you, but in fact, you are moving from one reality to another, each matching your current vibration.

When we tell you to go inside, we are actually telling you to tune your vibration, that is, pay attention to your feelings.

Know that what happens and what doesn’t happen in your life is determined by your vibration, which should be enough for you to pay attention to it and do something about it.

Now, when we say do something, what do we mean? The first thing you have to do is admit it. It’s there. It’s how I feel. The next thing you have to do is be willing to sit with it and feel it. Third, you have to breathe in it. Give it full attention, let it go, and seek more feelings, not less.

This removes the burden it brings to you. This eliminates the impact of this negative emotion on you.

So now you can let go, because your relationship with it has changed. It is no longer something you are ashamed of, denied or afraid of.

In this way, when you let it go, change will happen. This is the beginning of progress.

First, change yourself, then change the world, then you can help others, and then you can see the change of the external world, which is the reflection of your internal change.

Once you allow and release those feelings that are not good for you, you can decide how you want to feel.

When you realize that you have this power, even your patience with what you create disappears because you are happy.

You are satisfied.
You’re calm.

Then, living in the world you live in, these states are enough.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

Do this & change everything
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very willing to contact everyone who wants to contact us. We don’t discriminate or shrink back. We just ask you to take a moment to relax, open your heart and raise your vibration,

Your frequency is high enough to accept us and everything we offer.

The same is true of anything you want to experience on earth. You are very good at asking yourself what you want, defining it, and then making further adjustments, but at the same time, we also notice that you do not have dedication and patience for what you ask for.

This is why living in the present and looking for things that bring you happiness can always make you more conducive to manifestation.

On the contrary, if you look around and think about what you don’t have, what hasn’t been realized, and the reasons for your unhappy life, you will experience more things, because you close yourself like a fist and isolate yourself from the coming things.

You need to be more like an open hand that can accept things. When your hand opens, it means you’re relaxed.

You’re comfortable.

And you can appreciate the possibilities you want to manifest.
In other words, as long as this possibility exists, it can put you in a state of excitement, happiness and desire to try.


Creator’s information [to all human beings on earth] 21-8-30

Original light love today

Creator: I am the creator, the creator of all things, above all things!

I salute all light workers and soul beings on earth. Before that, my information had never been asked to write down. When I asked my scribe Annie to write this message, she was very surprised.

I’ll tell you who I am again. I am the creator of everything. I am infinite, no beginning and no end. I am eternal. The great universe I created with my thoughts is endless and expands with my thoughts.

I want to tell you another important thing. As a creator, my mind expands in endless time. Let me explain this. My vast universe is like your breath. Your breath goes in and out endlessly, because in this way, you can live on a 3D planet. I breathed out endless breath, and the universe expanded to the limit. I tell you now that my breath is recovering, and I am pulling my vast universe back to me for a major rest. This is happening now. It may take thousands of years, but I am pulling my vast universe back to me.

You can think of it as a pendulum. It swings forward, then comes back to rest, and then swings forward. Therefore, I tell you in your limited understanding that I am bringing my vast creation back to me and enjoying a major rest period. This is the time when all living beings on all living planets must make a decision to enter the light. Those who refuse will go to a place without light in endless time.

Now, you want to know the situation of the earth and why I care about this little life. You say to yourself that the earth is like a grain of sand at the end of the desert. Why should the creator care about a small particle in the endless universe?

Because I love everything and every tiny life I create. Now let me tell you another thing. As a creator, through my thoughts, I have created those who have become great beings of light. Some of them have gained soul growth to create one universe after another. The creator God Aton of light is one of them. He’s on the Phoenix. In order to speak to your people on earth, he “squeezed” himself into the fourth dimension to communicate with those 3D humans on earth.

Why should I care about the earth? She’s just one of the 179 million life sustaining planets in your galaxy, and this galaxy is wrongly named. Its name should be orvanton. There are countless universes in your galaxy / ovanton. Everything is connected, everything, my universe is connected to each other. Earth transmutation, her real name means “star of tears”. She took in evil angels who chose the dark path. You must remember that sound and energy are part of every planet. These sound waves are endless. All universes are part of love and beauty, connected to each other. Earth transmutation is like a acne on a giant, which will stimulate the whole body of the giant and cause pain.

Mother earth, for thousands of years, she has been the prison planet of the Fallen Angel gang. The endless war and the frequency of evil flying from her continued. Do you know that these terrible energies have affected the whole universe? It affects the rotation of every planet and star in the whole universe, because this frequency is never interrupted.

yes! That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I gave love to you people to deal with the evil of such negative interference on your planet. In my love, there are great masters who reincarnate to help mother earth graduate and prevent evil from destroying the universe. With love and hope, some of the sleeping giants began to wake up and realize the terrible life they had led. Lies have penetrated into all life on this sphere. Evil has taken over the reality. Mother earth has an urgent request to be allowed to graduate to a higher dimension without evil, send away those who almost destroyed her, and send them to where they should go… Where there is no light.
Does mother earth have hope? I am very happy because there are light workers who have obtained great soul growth to ask us to help clean up mother earth. She is on the verge of death. I am glad that with the help of Sananda and other countries of light, the work of cleaning up the earth has been completed. Special attention should be paid to the sleeping souls who were lured to Satan’s camp. Although Satan and his demons were destroyed together, they are still doing dirty things. They have learned a lot from their evil master and continue to do bad things. However, because the negative sources have been destroyed, they are doomed to failure and will not succeed.

All Lightworkers must continue to study the course and pray for millions of souls who are still not aware of their mission and are spiritually asleep. I also pray that my vast universe will be healed from the evil created by Satan and his slaves. Also remember that the course will continue and become more and more difficult until the earth graduates.

My light workers awakened to evil are few compared with the whole public, but they incredibly hold the light of good. I love my tiny, dirty little planet with endless love. I see her getting rid of evil. All creatures rejoice that this little sand will shine like a diamond in the sky. She has been moved to a new place in the universe, with a new sun and moon.
If you compare the universe I created to the boundless desert, I love every grain of sand in the desert. As this great light continues to shine for her, she will enter 5D. She is setting aside some time for this awakening process. It is happening because the dark ones are being rounded up. Because she has a free will, like all people with souls, when she decides to turn over is her business. She rejoiced in the eradication of evil. How much time she gives depends on herself. She insisted and observed. She only gives one day at a time. As for how long it will take, even I don’t know. I only know that she will give birth at any time.

For those who want to be safe when she flips her axis and graduates to 5D, I don’t need to say more, because this scene has been mentioned countless times on this website, where I conveyed my message.

I care about all life on transmutation. Remember, we are all one. The universe is a whole!

Pay attention to what I say. I say to those who are still sleeping, wake up in the light. I put the vast universe in the hand of my great love.

Creator of all things


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