Who can save you from fire and water^_^

Who can save you from fire and water^_^

sananda 2020-01-23

Who can save you from fire and water
What is cause and effect is the relationship that cannot be let go, such as husband and wife, parents, children, enemies, brothers, help, of course, as well as the relationship between different races, species, classes and organisms, as well as the relationship between the environment. All these relationships constitute the relationship between families, societies, countries and planets, galaxies and the universe.

Where does “water and fire” come from? It comes from these relationships. Therefore, if you want to come out of water and fire, put down these relationships first.

In the message of Mother Teresa transmitted before Lu Ying, just like many previous people who saved people from water and fire, when you come back after living that life, you will find that it seems that the help to save people from water and fire has not decreased, but more people need to save people from water and fire from the perspective of human development and evolution, that is, eating enough can’t save people, and curing diseases can’t save people, People are like this, so are animals and people in the environment. Why? Because the first thing to save is the person who saves people. What to save? Save cause and effect, put down the relationship between rescue and assistance, and let life really embark on the journey of supreme sovereignty life, whether majestic, or depressed, or dangerous, or wearing a halo, because that is the beginning of the existence of the rescuer and the rescued, a road of true freedom, equality and fraternity.

The most unbearable thing for the traumatized people is that there is no legal system and no rules, because they can’t stand that the injured people will be hurt again, and the injured people will not be controlled and punished. In fact, this is also the root cause that can’t be cured, because they can’t let go of the people who hurt you. Understand, who is hurting you, the imaginary enemy you imagine.

Austria is like a society rescued by Mother Teresa. In fact, it is also a society that Catholic monks and nuns are helping. Their support for people in need will only be more Teresa, because Mother Teresa should also be their example.

In fact, this is the root of a country’s prosperity and strength, that is, there are enough people to be spiritual supporters, and enough people are willing to accept support.

Nuns and friars come from ancient monks. Because of their long history, they not only have their own believers, but also accumulate a lot of wealth, so their forms of assistance are diverse. They not only have their own church assets, but also schools, enterprises, banks and a lot of land. You know, when they survive as a group for long enough, It also implies that there is a deeper causal chain and relationship network in operation.

In addition to assistance, Austria is also the initiator, participant and defeated country of World War I and World War II. In fact, the world war is also a war between two ancient monks after division. It originates from the war between the gods. Because you and I are gods, the friars and nuns have been there to help, but it can not really make a person, a family and a country embark on the spiritual road and truly embark on the road of prosperity, Why, because the rescue is only because there is a response to the rescue, which comes from cause and effect, love and hatred, fear, especially when various survival reasons are threatened.

What’s the difference between the friars and nuns and the workers of light? It’s no difference. It’s just that one is at home, one is celibate, one is in the family and one is in the relief circle. One is aimed at ascension, and the other is aimed at solving the current crisis.

That said, I just think about the immediate danger and poverty, and don’t want to ascend, ascend to immortality or soar. In fact, this is the reason why a person can’t be rich, that is, “becoming rich” has not become a habit, but is still used to what he thinks in poverty, complaint and pain, and naturally becomes the object of assistance.

As a rescuer, first of all, we should complete our own healing. Only when we heal ourselves can we have a family healing, that is, we should untie ourselves from the causal relationship of forming a family. Love, hate, love and hatred are actually the basis for the formation of small families, small societies, small countries and small earth. If you can’t let go, you can go back and forth and reincarnate continuously. In fact, you just “don’t want to let go” in reincarnation.

But if you don’t take them to heart and take them seriously, the bond between you will be loosened. All that remains is to wait, rest and do what you want to do. Without pressure, let everyone next to you enter a place of stress-free, joy and happiness. Unspeakable joy and happiness are not based on materials and relationships. Only this can save people Save yourself from fire and water.

That’s what Lightworkers are doing. That’s why Lightworkers won’t become rescuers. Even the volunteer fire brigade I participated in before quit halfway, because that’s really not my interest.

Lightworkers understand the existence of samsara and karma, but why can’t they transcend cause and effect? Waiting for others to help, waiting for angels, beings of light and ascended masters to come and solve their difficulties. In fact, they will appear only when you are ready, and you appear not to help, but to work together, because only you can really make yourself endure helplessness, give up control, and let go of everything with people, home, country When you ask for help with the world, because your goal is not to be with people, home, country and the world for a long time, because that moment will come, which will make you decide to let go, live the day you really want and realize the dream you really want. At that time, you will find that you have become an angel, a being of light and a master of ascension.

Save yourself first, save yourself first, save your heart first, save your mind first, save your mind first, save me first, because “I” will come out to save you, that is, you who are vivid, carefree and breathe freely.

Why not? Don’t you deserve to have no pressure, carefree, vivid, and breathe freely? Don’t you have supreme sovereignty.

Regain your freedom, let go, give up control, go beyond cause and effect, go beyond relationship, return you freedom and give others freedom.

Let “I am”, “higher self”, “angel, being of light and ascended master” become your helpers. Of course, they may also manifest as your husband and wife, parents, relatives, friends and strangers, as well as enterprises, public welfare organizations, relief organizations, charities, national institutions and world organizations. Just accept and everything is fine.


Meditation experience on October 30, 2018: Mother Teresa’s message – poverty, hunger and other problems are rooted in people’s hearts

I felt the presence of a divine being and saw a beautiful goddess emerging from the light, followed by the image of Mother Teresa when she was old. I think they seem to be the same energy and the same being.

Then, two tramps appeared in front of us – an adult leading a child. Both were unkempt and ragged, and both looked helplessly into the sky. The image is black and white.

Then I saw Mother Teresa, dressed in a white robe, kneeling on the ground and praying. She clasped her hands in front of her chest and looked up at the sky. There was a holy white light shining on her in the air. Gradually, her form changed. I saw a young and beautiful woman shrouded in the holy light, with a pair of golden wings behind her.

I see – the goddess I first saw was Mother Teresa’s true self!

I asked:

“You are the being we call Mother Teresa. Thank you for coming! Do you have a message to convey? “

There was a silence. A gentle, beautiful and powerful energy poured in from above my head. After a while, “I heard” her say:

“Yes. The world has changed a lot since I left the earth. Many poor, hungry and sick people have been helped, and more and more people have begun to care for vulnerable groups. This makes me very happy! You light workers have made a great contribution to this! Although you may not have done anything at the material and tangible levels, your thoughts and love have virtually affected many people and prompted people to do more good deeds.

“I used to be one of you. We all work for God on the earth. I said I was like a pen in God’s hand, but so are you. We are all tools for God’s service.

“I have been trying to help the poor people who are poor, hungry and ill, and I have also led many people to do so. But in today’s world, there seems to be no reduction in such poor people. “

When she said this, I saw one skinny child after another, mostly black. These images are black and white.

Mother Teresa said:

“This is because poverty, hunger, disease, war and other problems are rooted in people’s hearts. People have negative energy in their hearts, such as conflict, pain, lack and so on. These things form your collective consciousness, which manifests such a world for you.

“What you should do now is to focus on solving your inner problems, transform your inner energy, remove all conflicts, pain and lack from your heart, send them into the light, let the holy light burn them out and turn them into light. When everyone is filled with peace, joy and abundance, your collective consciousness will be greatly changed. This new collective consciousness will show you a harmonious, beautiful, rich and prosperous world! “

When she said this, I saw a large group of laughing children walking in the beautiful nature, surrounded by blooming flowers, dense woods, clear river water and brilliant sunshine

Mother Teresa continued:

“I’m not saying that we don’t have to help others at the material and tangible levels. Someone has to do that kind of work. I mean, you have to focus on inner transformation. You Lightworkers should work hard from within. When a person successfully transforms, it will affect the people around him. In this way, it is gradually popularized, just as you say — “a single spark can start a prairie fire!”

I said:

“I know your life was very frugal. You had almost nothing except a few clothes. Should we live like you? “

Mother Teresa said:

“It was the need of that era for me to live that life. At that time, many people were deeply trapped in the desire for material possession and were reluctant to give up anything. I want to set an example for them to know that people can live well without owning too much material things. I don’t feel poor. On the contrary! I gave a lot of love and received a lot of love. I feel very rich!

“Now the situation in the world is that people’s desire for possession and internal lack have further deepened and almost reached the extreme. So you should use new ways to help people find the truth of their original abundance and abundance! You should set an example and live a prosperous life!

“Abundance” is a state of being. It is supported by the trust in the origin of the universe and the conviction that the universe will meet all its needs. When you absolutely believe this, you will live a life like that – you don’t have to worry about food and clothing, and everything will manifest and be available to you when you need it. Cosmic energy is constantly available to all beings. You don’t need to possess anything, because you already have everything. This is reality! This is the truth! You just need to see the truth, accept it and let it manifest in your life.

“When all mankind realizes this truth, poverty and hunger will completely disappear from the world. Your earth will become a real paradise and paradise on earth!

“Bless you! I love you! “

During the communication, I also asked her which planet she came from and where she is now. She replied that she came from the “planet of love”, currently on the spacecraft of the Galactic Alliance, helping the great transformation of earth and mankind.
After receiving this message, I checked the Internet and found that Mother Teresa was born in 1910. In other words, this year happens to be the 108th anniversary of her birth.

Thank her for bringing us this important message in this special year!

Thank you for reading! Thanksgiving blessing!

  • Lu Ying –


Be compassionate

One thought Walker   Today

The self is the child in your arms,
It’s crying,

And the Buddha heart is the mother,
It is gently comforting and supporting it,
No matter how the child cries.
Treat our selves,
Like a baby in your arms,
That’s what the Buddha heart does,
It is called compassion.
If you see yourself as a demon,
Then you become a soldier.
If you’re a soldier,
You may get the pleasure of fighting,
But you can’t get the peace of life.
Buddha’s heart is compassion,
Compassion is embrace,
It gently embraces all sons,
Whatever their nature and face.
The world of sentient beings is only self,
First of all, be kind to yourself,
Then to the self of all living beings——
The projection of your self or the incarnation of compassion.
The ego is fictional,
A character or identity in a dream,
Whatever it wants,
You don’t have to take it seriously.
Understand everything about this untrue self,
Like a mother to her son, like a waking man to a dream,
Such observation of it is compassion.
Don’t live in the same direction as yourself,
Live happily on it.
Our recent cooperation with your sun is to bring you and all people on earth more history of life on earth.

This will help you build more sense of unity in your heart, because you need to understand how you became the human collective like today.

Your sun has agreed to assist in the upgrading of your physical body and keep more light, love and high-frequency energy inside your body. What activates is your heart chakra and high-level heart chakra. Look at the world around you and you know that there is a need for more unconditional love.

Some of you are trying to be more loving, and they will get some help from it. When you feel love emanating from your heart, it’s much easier to stay in that space than you always imagine, because nothing around you can be the catalyst of your inner love. So these activations will help you become true love. No matter what happens around you and in your heart, or what doesn’t happen, you will be true love more time.

We know that this is a great change, but we also understand that people like you want to play a greater role in the promotion of human collective consciousness. It can be said that those who are willing to do so and have the ability to do so really know what your heart is thinking and can use it to cultivate an environment of unity, an environment of unconditional love and an environment of light spreading around on the earth.

In recent weeks or months, you may have experienced some cleaning and purification to prepare for the next step of your journey. We just ask you to realize that you are ready and it is time for you to wake up, so receiving this message means that you are ready to further play your leadership role on earth. Your earth compatriots are ready to accept more than you can touch in your life. It is huge. This is the large-scale cooperation between students and teachers, which has brought great changes to the earth.

We are always looking for new and better ways to provide you with the latest upgrades, activation and downloads, which you need to continue on earth and assist others in their ascension journey. We have been working with your sun to provide more energy you need. Your sun has provided you with a lot of services. It is always willing and open to help you complete new plans and strategies.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

Upgrades, activations and downloads from sun
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


McKee Zeid: conscious co creation

Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today
Create from the heart
        Since we began to realize the existence of God, people have been asking God to change the environment of the external world, but it seems that God does not always answer our prayers. Why? Have you ever asked yourself this question: why doesn’t God give us what we want? The Bible says, “seek, find.”. Knock and open the door for you. ” But it still doesn’t seem to happen. You may find the answer in the following content.
        Let’s talk about creation. Whether in school or at home, we are often taught that we are affected and limited by various factors, the limitation of matter and the random effects of physical laws. Of course, if you believe this is true, then you will be limited by this belief and it will become your reality.
        But in ancient times, people didn’t think so. They believe that the spiritual level of reality, the human spirit can change the external reality through internal intention. In the Isaiah effect, Greg Braden reports how archaeologists discovered a document called the book of Isaiah near the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947. The ancient Isaiah describes how human beings have the ability to influence the possibility of the future and predict the future, and can change the world around us from the inside.
        Today, our science and technology culture believes that this is fantasy and fantasy, but is it really fantasy? If we can’t change the present and future, everything Jesus said to us is false. Didn’t Jesus perform incredible feats, such as turning the molecular structure of water into wine? He even brought a man back to life and brought him back to life! Modern science believes that this story is just a story, because there is little support for this view in science. Jesus said to us, “I tell you, those who believe in me can do what I can do, and they can show greater signs than me.” So, what about the super psychic children around the world? How do you explain that they can do what Jesus can do? Science has documented this in well-known and popular journals such as nature and omni magazine. Scientists don’t know how these children created such amazing mental phenomena, but they recorded what they were doing. This is the truth. So how does the sacred space of the mind fit with all this? Before I explain, we must first look at how the mind works miracles, and then compare how the sacred space of the mind works miracles.

        ✔ Create from the mind
        Usually, nothing happens when you ask God for what you feel you need《 The Isaiah effect clearly shows why. The ancient scroll says that any miracle begins with attention, or mental concentration – you have to focus your mental attention on the results you want to see. For example, if you want to cure yourself of a terrible disease, you should focus your attention on this special part of your body that needs to be cured. Of course, this is not enough for anything to really happen, but it is an important step in starting the healing process.
        Conscious co creation from heart to heart

        ✔   After focusing, you have to add intention. Continuing with our example, when you focus on the parts of the body that need special treatment, you also have a strong intention to make the disease disappear. But that’s not enough. The other three parts must be involved, otherwise nothing will happen – that is, the mental body, emotional body and body should also be involved simultaneously.

        ✔ The mental body, or mind, must see that part of the body is being healed; It must present and maintain the image that the part of the body is completely cured and healthy without any problems.
It must know exactly whether this healing is happening or will happen at a specific time, depending on what kind of healing you can receive. Can you accept instant healing or does your belief pattern take longer? This understanding is necessary, but it is still not enough.

      ✔   Next, the emotional body must be involved. One must feel completely healthy and no longer have disease. You must really feel the emotion, not just let your mind think it is feeling the emotion. This is a tricky part for many people, but nothing will happen without the involvement of emotional bodies.
       ✔ But that’s still not enough. You can keep praying to be cured; Your attention can be completely focused on the disease; Your intention is to cure the disease; Your mind also believes that your body has either healed or will heal; Your emotional body also fully feels the joy and joy of complete physical recovery – as if your body is really completely healthy. But as long as the last part and the third part are not completed, nothing will happen.
      How many people use all the above methods to pray for something, just know it will happen, and even cry for hours to make it happen, but still – nothing happens.
        This is precisely because the last part is not included in the process. This is the part that almost everyone forgets or doesn’t know.

      ✔   The last part, the forgotten part, is the body. In our example, you must feel that part of your body is completely normal and healed. This is not a mental pattern or an awareness searching in the body, but the real feelings and feelings in the body. You feel the response of your body. You no longer feel pain; On the contrary, you feel that the focus of the body that needs to be healed emits infinite vitality, and you fully feel the vitality. You feel the health and beauty of your body. When the body takes the last step to respond, miracles are bound to follow.
        But there is more. Not discussed in the Isaiah effect, Thoth said that when we create from the mind, we will create the result of the opposite poles of intention. For example, if we pray for peace, we will get peace and war.
This is what we see in the world today. Billions of people are praying and yearning for world peace, but what we get and have is that there are peaceful areas and war-torn areas in the world, and the two polarities are intertwined( At present, 46 wars are under way.) So let’s go deeper.

        ✔ Logic and feeling and emotion
      The mind creates with ideas, and ideas always follow each other according to logic, one by one. Therefore, no matter what the mind creates, you can naturally find a logical way to see how reality changes from one state to another. Even miracles, if you study them carefully  , It will still have a logical order. However, as I have said, it always produces the result of the binary opposition of the original intention.
        However, the heart is completely different. The mind is created through dreams and images that manifest through feelings and emotions. This form of creation does not use logic, so it does not have to be logical to move from one state to another. For example, if you are praying for rain, even if there is no cloud in the sky, it may begin to rain immediately. It’s like a dream. You may find yourself in Italy in a scene. In a few seconds, you will find yourself in Canada in a completely different scene. How did you get from Italy to Canada in a few seconds? Of course, we accept that this happens in our dreams, but we think it is impossible in the 3D world. Maybe not?!

      ✔   Dream of a new world
        The last message you need to consciously co create is experiential understanding. No matter what it seems to you, there must be a connection in the sacred space of the mind, leading directly to the three-dimensional reality of stars and planets. Sometimes this connection doesn’t appear immediately, but if you continue to enter your heart, you will eventually find it.
        This is very important because it is this connection with stars and planets that makes the dream of the heart manifest in this world. So before you begin to manifest from your inner divine space, you have to find the connection that can lead you to the star and planetary world, so that you will understand the truth. Therefore, I ask you to enter the sacred space of your heart, integrate your heart with your melkaba field, and begin to conceive a new, healthy and beautiful new world. Use everything you know to consciously create a new body, a new life, and finally a new world with God. This ability is not only your innate talent and right, but also your infinite wealth, because you are the child of God. Everything is possible from your close relationship with God.
      These teachings are a path to understanding, making you realize that your body is light and the world you live in is light, both of which are directly connected to your consciousness. Living from the heart, surrounding the melkaba energy field, living and creating in this sacred place – this is the next step to finally realize your true identity and the beginning of realizing the sacred goal of your existence. At this point, you must realize that you are in the process of ascension into heaven… Finally, I would like to conclude my statement with the words of an old friend of all of us:
       “ You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Maybe one day you will join us, and then the world will be one. “
        Conduction: John Lennon
         Compilation: source ra


Why you exist

Original going home tomorrow

Dear masters, never forget that the reason for your existence is to become a conscious co creator. Our parents God gives you the vitality of your existence. You must put aside the concept of straight line and linear time – your choices are limited and will be affected by the past. A self master operates in the law of the circle – the concept of infinite circulation (a level of 😎. The endless cycle flowing out of you is full of divine potential. In any case, the infinite cycle that wraps you in your personal creator wheel must contain thought-form of harmonious frequencies to support your vision. You can be sure that your desires and visions will manifest in the perfect way and at the perfect time, if you remain centered in your sacred heart and keep your thoughts and actions clear. Remember, the human spirit cannot be defeated because it is composed of the essence of God and is therefore indestructible. The divine spark assigned to each of you is eternal

The world you live in is not a reflection of the world planned for you. You store etheric atoms in your NDA, maintaining the memory essence of all your past lives. You split and refract yourself thousands of times; In any case, you have memory cells about your divinity waiting to be accessed and integrated into your existence. These memory cells are the new building blocks of your light body. This is a time to coordinate with your body’s basic consciousness, and you must take time to introspect in order to develop mental sensitivity. You must develop the habit of constantly monitoring your mental state. As you go deeper into the process of Yang Sheng, your consciousness will expand. Gradually, a large part of your past memory will begin to fade, as you leave the understanding of your instinctive and conscious mind and enter the realm of a higher mind

With the passage of time, human beings become rational consciousness instead of maintaining God consciousness, so they gradually lose the opportunity of self-expression. The inspiration and guidance of the higher self and soul are gradually replaced by the nudge of the ego’s desire for the body. The original thought becomes the past tense, as human beings are trapped in the ideological field of illusory collective consciousness. Your beliefs and concepts of truth become rigid, structured and often distorted. As you gradually lose your connection with internal guidance, you begin to focus on the external world, and you become primarily a responder rather than an initiator

Those who operate in discordant three-dimensional and four-dimensional frequencies rely on their subconscious and conscious minds to store information and knowledge. Some people are better at saving and retrieving information. In any case, it is invalid or distorted in many cases. Remember that knowledge must be integrated and used in an appropriate and effective way in order to be preserved as wisdom. The chakra is the center of the subconscious mind. At the beginning, these centers operate in perfect harmony; In any case, over time, gradually, the spectrum of duality becomes more and more powerful and universal, and your vibrational patterns become more and more discordant. As the chakra system becomes balanced and harmonious, the chakra power centers begin to operate in unison, fighting each other for the highest good of the master, not for the father

When you exist in the inner dimension of the first four brains, you are in a secular state of consciousness. Your focus is on yourself, your personal interests and five external body senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and feeling. This is the area where the ego desires the body and personal self, since a large part of your soul consciousness retreats back to your soul Star Chakra, six to ten inches from the top chakra. There is a strong narrow focus on others and the world, accompanied by a rigid view of self-service

In order to make a change, you must consciously choose a positive alternative to a negative, habitual response. You must strive to release and clean up the old thought-form that trapped you in limitations. Many of you have made great progress in balancing or clearing imperfections in your aura. It is important to clear up destructive or distorted thought patterns in the past so that you can create a new and powerful blueprint for the future. As you review your day every night, imagine a positive alternative to the negative situation in your life, and then focus on that vision correctly. You must maintain the communication channel between the soul and the brain. This initiates the slow regeneration process of the pineal gland and opens the door to the divine mind, which is located behind the brain, close to the top chakra
Gradually, as you enter the higher semi balanced three dimensions and the lower four dimensions, consciousness begins to expand, including those selected others – in line with the areas of thinking and existence you accept. Your acceptance and love for others are conditional, because your personal needs and desires are still the most important. In any case, your entropy of love and compassion begins to expand to include those who fit your realistic picture

You begin to listen to the small voice of your consciousness or soul self; Anyway, you don’t always follow its guidance. Some of your deep-rooted habits become a burden, and you start trying to change or release them. Therefore, the battle between the ego and the higher self begins. Gradually, the ego came to the secondary position and became the servant of the soul. Your personality slowly begins to change because the ego no longer controls your emotions and desires. Your view of others gradually changes, and you begin to look at the situation from a higher and broader perspective. Yang Sheng is mind expansion, a process from one state of consciousness to another. Your consciousness gradually expands to include all people, the earth, the solar system and higher cosmic laws. Your focus is no longer on my little self. The ultimate goal is to become a galactic existence and gain cosmic consciousness

As you acquire and maintain some of the higher four-dimensional frequency patterns and five-dimensional entry-level vibration patterns, the higher self oriented download located in your soul Star Chakra begins. The higher soul self gradually sends the essence of your higher self (memory seed atom) to the center of your sacred heart. In turn, this act will ignite the Trinity flame (divine love, divine wisdom, divine will / power) in your solar power center (including heart, thymus and throat chakra). When this process is over, you will integrate the characteristics, qualities and virtues of the soul self.

After that, the next higher level of your etheric higher self will fall and reside in your soul Star Chakra, waiting to merge with you. This process repeats itself as you merge with the greater aspects of the divine self

Early in life, you will begin to listen to the nudge of the soul and higher self, and it is easy to control the ego and personality self. Your soul self, with a natural sense of right and wrong, will become stronger and stronger if you pay attention. Or it will gradually become silent if you don’t pay attention. As the power of the soul expands and sensitivity increases, your thoughts, desires and actions become more refined and loving. Intellectual and rational light brings wisdom and understanding because it provides spiritual fuel for you to understand and master the world of form

Realize that forgiveness means releasing or resolving the imbalance frequency pattern between you and others as you try to return to the center. Forgiveness means freedom from negative emotions so that you can continue to receive the Vajra particles of divine light. Remember that the pure nature of the creator you introduce into the divine heart must be ignited and activated through the frequency of unconditional love
The age of Pisces in 2000 is from emotional and four-dimensional astral level to. In the next 2000 years, grandma Aquarius will focus on spiritual science and essence. As human beings gradually enter and adapt to the highest level of four dimensions and the entry-level frequency of five dimensions

With you, the interstellar seed, leading the way, mankind will gradually adapt to the new and expanded self-consciousness and will be gradually accepted as the norm. An aspiring person must cross the sub plane of the astral level and control the emotion / astral body – the lower essence – so as to balance the lower three chakra centers and activate the kundalini sacred flame stored in the Haitian chakra

In the future, living in the presence of a master and an outstanding light will also become the norm in the aura of an archangel in very few cases. You, an aspiring person, are building a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world. You must work hard to find the truth, and you must have a strong desire and willingness to serve if you want to join the ranks of masters

You are adapting to the higher frequency of electromagnetic light current. The soul self encourages you to be consciously aware of the laws of the universe so that you can make full use of your God given creative ability. All aspects of manifestation begin from the inside, and any concept or abstract idea must pass through a gestation period in the world of form before it becomes a reality

You must take back the personal strength you give others. Also, consciously releasing the energy placed by others in your aura or attached to your solar plexus is a major stage of returning to internal balance and harmony in order to become a self master again. The path to higher awareness will eventually lead to a direct experience of your Divine Self / I being and the grandeur and majesty of the creator

Let’s give you some more thoughts to meditate until we are reunited again. The light frequency of knowledge becomes the light of wisdom: knowledge = light of personality * wisdom = light of soul * intuition = light of heart

  1. You may deny the source of everything, but our parents God will never deny you
  2. Remember, knowledge because you believe what is true does not make it true
  3. Loneliness is an illusion. Turn inside and you will find the loving friendship you are looking for. It is important to be in a golden and white God’s light protection ball, and you will be safe, inspired and guided. You decorate your breath with the energy of your intention. Your Divine breath and intention fuel your vision. The human spirit cannot be defeated because it is composed of “God’s light”, so it is indestructible. You must establish your center of light in order to claim your identity as the sun

Sun identity Trinity: the brilliance of your diamond core God cell

Add the light of your soul and the light of your Divine heart

Create the brilliance of your aura
We stress once again the urgent need for trained and dedicated world service providers. Enlightenment is now a group event – not just a personal achievement. As you strive for self mastery, you must be willing to assist those who follow, so that as you ascend, everyone will ascend. The soul naturally tends to group consciousness. It’s your soul looking for reunification, not personality

My brave ones, I am sure that your main focus at the moment is on what you want to experience in the next few years, the great expansion of consciousness and immortal world change. Keep conscious all the time, so that your focus will become single-minded and clear, because you are creating a new tomorrow world, one idea at a time. We are always by your side to guide you. You are deeply loved. I’m Archangel Mike

Date: September 2, 2021
From: Ronna vezane


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