How to respond to the unrest in Afghanistan

How to respond to the unrest in Afghanistan

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

When someone is arguing about who and which party should be blamed for what happened in Afghanistan, you can also choose to avoid these debates.

On the contrary, you can be part of solving all the problems in the world, which are caused by the dominance of low-level consciousness. Arguing who is the culprit is actually engaged in activities at a lower level of consciousness. Therefore, we encourage you to take the right path, which is the only way for you to reach your final destination. It is the consciousness of the fifth dimension.

If you live with this attitude every day when you hear about terrible things happening in the world, you will become the object of our continuous celebration in the ninth dimension. You are a part of this forward movement.
We just want you to realize that you have the power to spread love and light at any time. When you are really depressed or even desperate about what is happening, please remember that you really have the ability to help others in your own way, because you always have the ability to raise the level of consciousness on earth.
Now, we suggest that you try to achieve a similar balance in your heart. You can pay attention to the places where human beings need help most for a period of time and transfer your love, light, healing and compassion to these areas. Then you can also turn your attention to the stories of kindness, courage, sacrifice and generosity, or all the stories that can bring most human beings together, help each other, open their hearts and warm their hearts. Of course, these things don’t make headlines, so sometimes you have to look for them, or sometimes you just need to tell yourself;

“I will do more good deeds in my life and go back and forth to areas like Afghanistan full of turbulence, violence and hostility. I will go beyond today and serve my fellow human beings, because this is what I can do and what we can control. “

Something terrible has happened in your world. There are still wars, shootings and bomb explosions. There are still hatred, violence, discrimination, famine and many injustices, all of which make us feel more sympathy. This is something we are very willing to feel and provide, and we will continue to do so. We won’t pretend that these things didn’t happen. We will send more light and love to those areas that need it most. At the same time, we will also focus on the positive factors we see.

Considering the many challenges you face there, what we see shows that you are moving forward at the right pace, which is commendable.
We think we are very lucky because we have become part of the evolution of human consciousness, and your leap is so great. Being able to participate in such a journey makes us excited and brings us happiness. We thank you for every step you have taken, and we celebrate you in the ninth dimension as if it were a big step forward for ourselves. We will continue to pour out praise and love to you and provide you with everything you need to move forward. We will never be discouraged when terrible things happen in your world.


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