When you no longer participate in the polarity game^_^ Redefine the meaning of your life


This will make you realize whether you are still in and out of the third, fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness

It is a game about living in chewing pain, loving because of pain, limiting yourself and binding people because of love, until helping people as the mission of existence enters the fifth dimension

The dimension of “saving people from water and fire” mentioned yesterday, the fifth dimensional earth, lives in the mission, but still does not live stably in the heart, existence and no time

In fact, this is also the healing process from the third dimensional earth to the fifth dimensional earth

For example, in China, the healing process of struggling mothers and students on the issues of mission, example and the meaning of living goes in and out in the fourth dimension

For example, in India, the struggling goddess power and women still live in the fear of husband’s family and caste oppression. The mutated Atlantis has the process of healing the pain of caste discrimination and the process of healing the fraternity between species. After the epidemic, it is expected to make a breakthrough in the third dimension and will be unstoppable in the future, because there is another pole there, A large number of hermits and millions of ascended masters of the great white brothers alliance

For example, in the United States, there is no new spiritual retrogression healing process without destruction. Retreat is progress, and more disastrous doomsday blockbuster fantasies are turned into real reality scenes to promote the awakening process. What is going on is from the fourth dimension to the third dimension

For example, in Europe, the spiritual transition process of regaining greater freedom said “no” to all restrictions on human freedom, and a large number of mission level fifth dimensional rescue organizations were on standby, steadily progressing from the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension. The higher free will from non violence, led by Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Finland), was also the dream agenda of the United States at that time, The free will migration from France is sown by the vibration of Christian consciousness and Mary Magdalene

Yes, just look at the collective consciousness healing process of a country, a continent and a planet, and look at the women and children there, because this is the natural incarnation of the earth mother, which is related to the form and structure of the goddess society of the fifth dimensional earth

Are you aware of your polar experience, have you accepted it, let it go, and stop judging

Stop aggravating the plot for what you do, say and talk, and focus more on the rest and healing process

In particular, the part that restricts your spiritual expansion that you don’t want to share with others is the pain area of someone’s love, evil, shame and sense of justice, which comes from your own pain that is not open

Dimensional transformation exists in your body, and the great portal is also in your body, because in this life, you and your relatives will bring your body alive into the fifth dimensional earth. Although there is polarity to serve themselves and others, it is still a big battle of purification and polarity departure

It will be a quantum leap of consciousness, because the evolution from the third dimension to the fifth dimension is no less than rebirth, marrow washing and concentration, pain and death, and peeling a layer of skin

This is also the confidence that human beings can shake the greater transition vibration of other cosmic human planets. The trauma is how big and the transition magnitude is doubled. Of course, it is also very difficult

If only the interstellar seeds fled like the previous times, the earth transformation would not be the current scene. The earth mother has made up her mind to take more people away and wait for more people to awaken. It is indispensable for us to do a good job of constructive support and little blacks to do a good job of destructive support, Otherwise, how do you know where the pain of limiting expansion is, how much remains, and whether you need rest and healing

It’s time to re select your life goals, existence value and life meaning. Don’t judge

Whether it is pain or the third dimension of black-and-white reversal, pain rest and healing are not judged
Or love yourself and love others, serve yourself and serve others, rest and heal the pain, and don’t judge

Until it is stable, continuously consolidated and continuously expanded, in the sixth dimension consciousness, unity consciousness, unity consciousness, observer consciousness, and also timeless consciousness

Timeless consciousness is only out of matrix consciousness, as well as creator sower consciousness. We call archangel and light beings, atomic level consciousness community existence, and beings living in the atomic protective barrier of our body. That is also a universe, what we call creator universe

Harmonic universe is defined by vibration frequency, regardless of size, shape and structure

Know why the human body is a treasure. It has an interface with the universe with different vibration frequencies, up to the creator universe

After that, the body does not exist according to the human form, lives in a mass of collective consciousness, and can walk through the frequency to manifest the low-dimensional body. At the same time, it can also co-exist the collective consciousness. Such a body is only possible to become an ascended master alive. It is impossible to die and throw away the body in the middle, because it is not enough healing, freedom and openness to the body

There are also pre atomic sound field, sound field, wave and vibration frequency

Therefore, no time is only the vibration source of time, the energy provider, the power energy source that creates the time matrix, is also in your heart chakra and the heart chakra within your heart, and is also in the systematic balance of your chakra

Being down-to-earth and committed to connecting with the higher self is a necessary small step for you to really embark on the spiritual Road, but it will become a solid foundation for a big leap in the future

Because only by continuously connecting with the higher self, living in self and systematic balance, and returning to balance independently, will your rest and healing process really begin

Don’t stop to realize the Tao

Enlightenment comes when you don’t stop

Open, rest, heal

No judgment

Everything is fine


You don’t have to agree to anything you don’t want to experience.

As a collective, you can accept our vision of human transformation and improve on it.

You are capable enough to do this, and that is our vision for all of you. We know your ability, but most of you have not found self-confidence to create the reality you desire, so we want to help you find self-confidence.

We want everyone to realize that they are an excellent Creator with high skills. Many of you are aware of the prophecies about your transformation, or sometimes referred to as “events”, which are all about chaos, destruction, disaster and death. Although these timelines do exist, you don’t have to agree to anything you don’t want to experience.

In the fourth dimension, you are free to create the experiences you want and then manifest them. Remember this when you realize that others don’t feel very good about the future of mankind. Remember, you also created the prophecy you came into contact with, but also know that you have no obligation to practice what others invite you to do. We are very sure that you will like our vision of human transformation, which is why we invite you to join this vision.

But you always have free will. You can always choose what you want to experience, and remember, any prophecy you know is not invariable. The future is full of possibilities, and you, as awakeners in the human collective, can and will choose from these possibilities. As we said, you may create some new and even better visions than we expected.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We have a vision for the future of mankind. We send you the vibration of this vision and invite you to join this vision. We hope you can change your consciousness in the most peaceful, pleasant and happy way, which is our desire for all mankind. We know that this timeline exists for everyone. Our task is to let as many people experience it as possible, whether you are awake or asleep, so that you can maintain your internal vibration, make you feel that such a society may be the best scene, and want to be one of them.

Our vision for human ascension

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth on September 4, 2021

Original address: https://danielscranton.com/our-vision-for-humanitys-ascension-∞the -9d-arcturian-council-2/


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