Now, every light worker is given every possible opportunity to establish his own security situation. In this way, there will be no distractions that will interfere with your attention in the days to come.

Now, every light worker is given every possible opportunity to establish his own security situation. In this way, there will be no distractions that will interfere with your attention in the days to come.

Mrs. Guanyin — your super powers are opening up
Original source RA a paradise 777 you are me

Compilation Preface:

There is a very powerful light code activation in this holy light transmission! Last night, when I finished compiling this article and lay in bed ready to sleep, more multi-dimensional pictures and scenes than before flashed in my inner vision – the speed of light code activation and manifestation was amazing! Unreadable holy light transmission!
Love you! You are me, we are one.
Dear ones, there are many wonderful events happening to each of you now. Your inner visual and auditory talents are opening up. You will see and hear things that were not open to you before. You will begin to see your guides, teachers and angels around you.

You are entering a period of receiving divine gifts that you deserve. Those who read this message are those who have won the right to return to spiritual talent. To receive these gifts, you must enter an inner, quiet, relaxed and open heart. In your golden heart, your talent will be shown to you. Please allow time for these gifts to manifest in you and yourself.

This is the divine distribution from the father / Mother God to all the children of the creator so that you can give greater help to your sisters and brothers on earth. Therefore, you must restore the memory of what you have given. In your field now, your great spiritual talents will appear at the right time.

Many of you have noticed the synchronization of divine guidance and work in your life. Many wonderful things happen to you and to others. This is the beginning of the age of miracles and magic. The golden age is now emerging. Each of you is helping to bring this beautiful era into and firmly anchored on earth. You are those who are creating your new world, or rather, re creating your new world. Everything has been changed, and everything is in a constantly changing state, which some call “chaos”. This means that the light is coming! Dear ones.

Now, every light worker is given every possible opportunity to establish his own security situation. In this way, there will be no distractions that will interfere with your attention in the days to come. Your focus continues to act as a beacon and anchor of cosmic light. Whatever is happening in the world around you, maintain balance and inner peace. Because you all know or will know your task and make sure you want to help in this way.

Continue to practice feeling and gratitude every day, feeling happy and excited – because when you do, these feelings expand into the world and help the people around you gain strength. Of course, this first occurs on the etheric level, and the people around you may not see or recognize the gifts you give them. Nevertheless, at the soul level, this is the most appreciated.

People will soon have many revelations, which seem to appear at a lightning speed. All souls on earth are eager for positive change and can feel it in the atmosphere around them. This is the light environment that you Lightworkers are creating every day. Your existence, where you are now, is the positive frequency and vibration of the atmosphere active around you.

Each of you is a magnificent being of light and love incarnating on earth to help mother earth and all her residents in her transition to the higher dimensions. Although everything seems chaotic, there is actually a carefully planned divine plan running. You are both motivators and witnesses of the exciting changes taking place on your planet. Let love and happiness fill the air! This time is very necessary.
Keep going, dear ones, and continue to open your hearts to the guidance, inspiration and inner knowledge that is unfolding within you. You are all working together at a higher level, which is why there are so many wonderful and undeniable synchronization and happiness in your life at this time!

I’m Guanyin. Bless you.
Conduction: Schoff
Compilation: source ra


Don’t get in your way

Original going home tomorrow

Energy from creation


You have completed many stages of transformation. However, you still hesitate to take an important step
You are no longer 3D or earth. You are in a different place and time from when you were in 3D. But you are waiting for permission to go beyond cleansing and be in your inner power

Even if this is expected, given that you are so immersed in the limitations of 3D, this is no longer your life

You can access everything you need or want. Because your needs and desires are important pieces of your new transformation journey

You no longer clean up or climb a 3D mountain to reach your new existence. You are your new existence. So it’s time to enjoy the new you, in a way you never thought possible

Even if you have this or that 3D dream, you think those dreams will never come true. If you are just a 3D existence in need of help – if you speak out the right words or pray to the right God, it may provide you with help

This is no longer true. In fact, it was never true. In 3D, you are similar to Superman with glasses. After taking off your coat and becoming Superman, you can gain hidden power

The difference between Superman and you is that in your 3D life, you never dare to take off your coat. There are several reasons for this. The most important thing is that you need to disguise yourself in 3D. This disguise has become an important part of your earth existence, and you are afraid to remove it

The fear you currently identify with manifests itself from within in many ways. ” What if I’m really just an ordinary person, whether I take off my coat or not? ” What if I don’t have more power than I did five years ago? ” What if this dream is only possible in… “

So you continue to hide from the world and, most importantly, from yourself
Remove your invisibility cloak. Claim your new existence

To do this, you need to believe in yourself. You have inner strength and ability. Your dream should become a reality. Yes. Then, don’t hinder yourself
Many of you continue to restrain your power to conform to a “normal” life. You are no longer 3D normal, and this is not 3D normal time. You have started a new life in a new world

Declare yourself. You have prepared your eternal self. You need to hide yourself from the 3D world. The new world and the self you need to explore. Not only to further transform the earth from fear to love, but also to create a happy life for yourself

You are not second or third class. You are your own star. Your creation will transform your existence and earth. It’s time to create

There is no more fear to climb. This is not the time to consider

Claim your whole existence. It doesn’t have to be accompanied by fireworks or reviews, but with self-confidence that you’re ready

The ability to change from fear to love is within you. Show, announce, declare or do what you want to do to live in the love you have been committed to creating for so long. Time is now. That’s it.

Date: September 6, 2021
From: brendahoffman


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