Pleiadian alien message 279: saving Japanese girl suriko special

Pleiadian alien message 279: saving Japanese girl suriko special

Original author a Liang UFO mystery today

September 2, 2021

Pleiades II alien message 265: save Japanese girls North Pacific rescue mission

Pleiades II alien message 273: save the new life of the Japanese girl starry sky

In this video, we will explain the details of how suriko adapts to her new life, how her body adapts to 5D biological changes, DNA activation, Van Allen belt, and so on!

Hello, everyone. How are you? Welcome to Pleiadian knowledge. We’re Christina. I’m Estella. Welcome to our live broadcast again.

Estella: Well, the first thing we want to say today is that we want to congratulate alenim, because yesterday September 1 was her birthday. If I’m not mistaken, she’s 22, right?

Christina: I don’t remember.

Estella: Well, we’re ready for today’s program. We’ll discuss suriko, the technical details of adapting to tagtan life in 5D, and some other things.

Christina: Yes, all the information we want to explain is from Annika. A netizen’s question we saw was about fan Allen’s belt. Therefore, we would like to explain here:

When they left the earth, they passed the Van Allen belt for a short time. At the same time, the tegtan spacecraft has a toroidal shield that can change the density. Therefore, penetrating these belts is not a problem for alien spacecraft. The main problem is that human spaceships, such as rockets, are propelled, and so on. Ships of many races keep coming and going from our planet.

Also, well, a little comment on 5D density, which we will discuss later, remember that it is also spiritual.
Estella: some people are asking about the oxygen content of the Vieira and how they adapt to the fact that these people have been there for some time. We really don’t know how long, do we? How long did they stay in the hangar? A few hours?

Christina: Yes, I know it was a few hours. OK, but that’s no more than one day, for example.

Estella: Annika said that Vieira has more oxygen in the atmosphere than we do here, even more than the tagtans need, so it has too much oxygen for us humans, especially for those who live at sea level, just like these sailors. Therefore, this does not mean that it is toxic, but in some cases, it does cause problems. For example, if these people stay there, they recommend not exercising for the first three weeks in order to have time to adapt. In the environment, excessive oxygen can cause people to enter a state of shock. In some cases, this may lead to syncope or seizures. But as far as we know, they don’t.

Well, we don’t know what happened to the four sailors after they sent them back to Japan. We asked Annika that they didn’t follow up. They got off the boat themselves. They sat on the beach and watched the boat leave. Well, we don’t know how they adapt to their lives now, whether they have made fundamental changes, whether they just think they have a nightmare, or whether they have reported or explained to others. We don’t have more details. We also want to know, but in this case, we don’t know.

We asked Annika why the sailors’ memories were not erased, because you know this can be achieved through dominant frequency technology. In fact, there are other races that do this when kidnapping. Annika explains here that she just doesn’t know why they don’t do it. Well, if they want to explain to others, no one will believe them.

This may bring them some problems and make them adapt to their lives again, but if you integrate everything that has happened to you, it is also a good opportunity to change their mentality. Another option is that you lock it up.

Christina: of course, it depends a lot on everyone. The fact is, personally, I think they are not extracted under normal circumstances, but a life and death situation. These people have been shocked by their situation. I think if they have family or others waiting at home, they hope to go home as soon as possible. I don’t know if I will see it as a dream.

Another thing we also want to comment on, this is about DNA activation, because some people say that once you leave the earth, once we cross the Van Allen belt, DNA will be activated. First, as you know, this body, what we are, is the result of consciousness. Therefore, in the final analysis, DNA depends on the brain, that is, not because you leave the earth, it means that your DNA will be activated, because it all depends on your thoughts, beliefs and how you continue to think. This is true. If you go to another civilization and immerse yourself in culture, based on the dominant frequency, this person can easily change his belief system and will be reflected in DNA.

So, in other words, I’m not breaking through the Van Allen belt, and I’m changing my DNA.

Annika explained that for people extracted from the earth, the complete activation of DNA is usually between 3 months and 7 years, which is again heavily dependent on people. They do see different things that change your mind in some way, which may be reflected in DNA, but it is not an instant activation. vice versa. The tagtans landed on the earth in the first few days and may not have noticed any changes, but they did a study that began 15 days ago, which also began to affect their DNA. It degrades DNA.
Estella: Yes. Yes, because we have been used to everything is very physical, very causal, where everything has been different, everyone is thought, everything is thought. Like death. Death is just a change of perspective. Therefore, this person’s change, along with what his thoughts are projecting, then this change in DNA will be seen, but if he is not suitable for this society, it will not be reflected in his DNA. That’s what I want to say. Your appearance may or may not change greatly, which depends largely on your consciousness and how you want to express yourself. Even through the medical module, it does not mean that you will better adapt to the new reality or the fifth density. Because in the end, everything depends on everyone.
Christina: that’s right.

Estella: we’ll read Annika’s explanation for DNA activation.

“You have everything in your DNA, but it’s not activated in the low-frequency field there. So, it’s just frequency compatible. The part corresponding to these frequencies, 66% of your DNA, where you will begin to activate the frequency of the remaining 33% of the DNA strand in your cell. “

Christina: we also want to tell you that once you leave the earth, not only the DNA has changed, but also a complete body has to adapt. Annika also explained the food problem to us because the food they eat has more oxygen and different nutrients.
Therefore, the body needs some time to adapt. And it was the people in their team who stayed on earth for a long time, and then they boarded the ship. They had to adapt to food again. We chose foods with less oxygen or more similar to our food here and adapted. But this adaptation period may cause discomfort, such as stomach discomfort. However, Annika also explained to us that this is only a period of time. Once this happens, there is no problem with any food. One of the most difficult foods to adapt to at first was cakes, because they were made of seaweed

Estelle: seaweed powder.

Christina: that’s right. Moreover, algae have a lot of oxygen, which is the most difficult to adapt to.

Estella: they are plant food. Their diet is 100 / 100 vegetarian, which is completely different from ours.

Christina: other changes, there is more oxygen in the air, which may bring people a sense of pleasure and happiness, but it may also be a little shocked, because it’s a feeling you’re not used to. She also explained that due to the difference of air, people may have a lot of gases. In the inconvenience this change may bring to you. Women also secrete more hormones than men. Due to the production of estrogen, it changes the whole organism itself. You can feel the skin softer. In addition, breasts may grow a little bigger and even be painful due to hormonal changes. She told us that women are stronger than men.
In children, it hardly affects them. For example, in men, they can develop more muscle tissue through less exercise. Compared with the same exercise on earth, where your muscles are twice as developed, they have less hormone decompensation than women. All these changes take time to adapt. One thing Annika explained to us was that she reported that people who left the earth saw more colors in an instant. Smell is more and more developed, and touch is more and more developed. Moreover, DNA is activated in a gradual manner due to changes. They say visually, it looks more real outside. The 5D world is more like the real world.

Estra: Yes, all the senses are getting sharper and sharper, and the perception is getting closer and closer.
With regard to women, if they adapt to the 5D reality, the first period will be quite rich. The body is removing and replacing endometrial cells and activating or creating new cells with DNA. Then the reproductive system, then the nervous system. Another example is the rise in fertility, because as you know, tagtans are very fertile, and you will become more fertile. It must also be noted that tagtans and humans are genetically unfit to have offspring, but they are likely to become pregnant since women’s first menstruation. All these changes require one person to adapt, which largely depends on one person.
Christina: everything is thought, because everything depends on people, or very different.

Estella: about suriko, well, she’s been with them for a long time. Her DNA is completely activated. In fact, it took her three months to have telepathy and activate her telepathy, because you know, the tagtans have a very strong telepathy and often use it to communicate, learn, and so on… And, uh, what she said is, she wants to stay on the ship with them because they are his family now and want to be with them until they retire. And all your friends are on this ship all your life. In fact, do you remember her job in toleka?

Christina: help eridania drive the toleka.

Estella: Yes, I remember her birthday on February 15 this year. She is 18 years old. The sharing content in the last video was told by swaru’papri’ananda in 2019, saying that she is now 16 years old. She is an adult. The current information is that she is 18 years old. Annika told us on her birthday.

Translator: in fact, a version of swaru 2 died during the zero coordinate expedition around November 2016. Swaru 9 came to this timeline earth on July 4, 2017. Therefore, we don’t know whether there are still the remaining versions of swaru 2 in 2019 after swaru 9’s visit. Otherwise, how to say that she is 16 years old in the tone of 2019. Maybe alien consciousness can move on the timeline? Or did she drive Susie to the future?

Christina: Yes, birthday party. They have a room in toleka with beautiful scenery and a piano. They… Well, they celebrate her birthday there.

Remember that tagtan culture does not celebrate birthdays, but the tagtan team here likes this way of celebrating birthdays for the people on board.
We also asked Annika how suriko dealt with the loss of her father because it was one of the most important things in her history. What Annika tells us is that she is already tagtan. She has understood the concept that death is not the end, it is just the transfer of consciousness. So she handled it well. She is different. She is very happy with them on the ship.

A man asked: why didn’t suriko change her appearance when she was with them?

Once again, the body is the product of the mind. Therefore, these changes that occur when leaving the earth largely depend on people. If you feel good about the body you have and want to keep it in some way, you will keep it because you decide the body. Consciousness writes the body in some way.

Estella: Yes, that’s right. For example, some people leave the earth and cannot be recognized when they return to 5D, because 3D is denser and heavier, and the thought manifestation image is much slower, because we do not fully activate DNA. Suriko feels very comfortable, so he keeps the appearance and body of the Japanese.

Then, an interesting fact, Annika told us that the toleka spacecraft is very large, nearly 2km. Sometimes it is easy for newcomers to lose their way or get lost. Because there are many similar corridors.

In this case, the corridor in the corner is sometimes like an interactive screen. You can interact with toleka’s artificial intelligence and let it tell you where some areas of the ship are, so that you can redirect to where you want to go. In this case, the character telling you this is the animated character designed by suriko. This is her creativity. She programmed it, Design, do everything. Well, we find it interesting.

In addition, on board, there is also synchronous translation of artificial intelligence, that is, several people can talk in different languages, and artificial intelligence can translate at the same time. Therefore, it also helps to absorb a new person to adapt and communicate until they learn tagtan.
Christina: someone is asking why Andromeda can’t communicate with suriko. For example, if there is artificial intelligence and translation at the same time?

I tell you, we don’t know this problem, but Annika explained to us, I can understand why they do this, because they don’t like artificial intelligence to be superior to people in some way.
Another question is: what about these orphans? Are they mixed families or lonely forever?

Estella: we don’t have a chance to ask this question, but basically we know that there are orphanages in tegtan, institutions or individuals can handle such cases, but as far as suriko is concerned, she wants to stay in toleka with these people. So she may have created her own family with toleka’s crew. Then the situation may be different.

Christina: Yes, Annika told us that there are some special centers in the capital, toleka, where they are assigned to a guardian. This will help you integrate into tegtan society.
Another question is: why don’t they let men stay, only children?

Estella: basically, because as you can see, suriko’s story is very special. There is no one else on earth. If they send her back, they will send her back to the orphanage. This is totally different from the other four men. They are four adult sailors.

Next question: this gives suriko a new and unusual life. This intervention is prohibited by the Federation. Will there be any consequences or punishment for the tegtans involved in this operation?

Estella: we don’t know the answer. I think, to some extent, salvation is justified. That’s how we understand it.
We never asked Annika, but as far as we know, front-line members can make their own decisions. So we don’t know if they need to explain to the federal government, Vieira or anything else.

Another problem is that Alex collier
Estella: I’m going to talk about Alex Collier’s case. As far as I know, he has adapted well to the life of Andromeda on the ship. It’s true to send him back to earth.

Christina: next question: my first thought is, before suriko and others had an agreement, or was it an accident?

We do not know the reason, but this does not mean that there is no reason behind it. It must be the agreement of the soul, and everything is arranged from a higher level.

Estella: Yes, from below, we have the illusion of free will, because we have thousands of choices, in which we can make choices, but from above, we always know that this is an “a” choice. Such things don’t happen to anyone, they are arranged from above.

A question: How did swaru’s ships detect help on board by radio, because you know, they did it by μ Mesons communicate with neutrinos.
Christina: explain, they also carry radios on board, because, as we explained earlier, they communicate with human spacecraft, usually military aircraft, and often with control towers, because, as you know, in many missions, their ship is pretended to be another human aircraft. So he needs this kind of communication, and they have been tracking human communication.

A follower asked: girls, can suriko contact us and provide information? As an earth person, I will not violate any instructions.

Estella: Well, the fact is that once you leave the earth and live with another race, you will no longer be considered an earthman. Since then, suriko is no longer an earthman, but a tagtan. Living with them, you must abide by the same rules they respect, abide by and follow.

I think we’re over. Thank you very much for your participation and questions. We hope we can use the information we have about all this to answer your questions, and thank you.
Christina: Thank you very much. The next video is about the toleka.
Translator: there are too many irrelevant contents and there are deletions


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