There will be no happiness in the fifth and higher dimensions, only joy^_^

There will be no happiness in the fifth and higher dimensions, only joy^_^


“Sorry, I didn’t reply because I’ve been trying to make myself think clearly first.
I want to ask, can’t the communication between people really express their inner thoughts directly? Why does language always produce such great ambiguity? I’ve always been a direct person. I thought it was right before. I thought sincerity can change sincerity, but now I’ve filled in a lot of trouble for others. I suddenly feel that I’m not sincere and reckless Immature. But I can’t accept that I become something else. I don’t know how to communicate with the world. I feel very confused. “
If you already have the answer, try to listen without speaking, and try to think before speaking,

“How do I handle this situation?”
“You are me and I am you. How can we deal with this situation in the way of life, words and deeds in balance and unity?”

Each of us will have this experience for greater expansion when you realize it

No longer recall the past, no matter what happened to you or others, it will weaken the repeated chewing of inertia and habits, and only look at new ways of speaking and behavior
Where did it come from,

“Do I really want to help others, or just expose others’ shortcomings or shortcomings?”

“If I really want to help others, I just do the words and things to help others. For example, when others want me to give advice or ask me for help, otherwise I only express my experience and past mental journey, and don’t judge others’ long or short hair.”

Let others experience the same path as you: self-consciousness and self awakening. See different lifestyles and behaviors in others’ understanding, letting go, unity and empathy. It comes from your demonstration rather than teaching, rather than judgment and disclosure


How to connect with the higher self^_^

sananda 5/30


Bodhisattva to help others


Author: a thinker

The so-called Bodhisattva helps people,

Not to make you do great deeds,
It’s not to give you magical powers,
Then fly to find people in need all over the world.
Bodhisattva is a quiet person,
He is his duty to be himself,
He grows like a spring tree in the woods in autumn,
He hangs like a lamp on the wasteland of the night
If because of his existence,
It can give people a little comfort, a little confidence and a little light,
He was satisfied,
He worked hard for that “little bit”.
When you walk in the autumn woods,
Your eyes are stained by the sight of a decaying wood in front of you,
Suddenly you see a spring tree,
And a few bright flowers,
Your eyes were suddenly brightened
He is satisfied that Bodhisattva can give people such a light.
When you walk on the vast wilderness at night,
You lose your direction and don’t know where to go,
Suddenly you see a light,
There was a warm and hope in my heart,
So you quickened your pace and began to walk there
If a Bodhisattva can give such a direction, he will be satisfied.
When people are scattered, when people are confused,
When people are in pain, suddenly you meet a
When there are some different practitioners who are really not relaxed, sober and happy,
You increase your confidence,
In my heart, I want to get close to him, learn from him, and be like him
If Bodhisattva can give people such a yearning, he will be satisfied.
Bodhisattva does not consciously change people,
Even if he can;
He’s just waiting and waiting for people to change themselves,
When they see light, hope or example.
The Bodhisattva is a patient waiting person,
You’ve never seen such a patient person,
Bodhisattva patiently waits for you to dream and patiently waits for you to wake up,
Wait patiently for you to recognize your absurdity and change
Bodhisattva is a person who practices “meditation while waiting”.
Bodhisattva works hard on himself,
If he is a flowering tree, he blooms hard;
If he was a light on, he would pick up his own flame;
If he is a mirror, he wipes the dust on himself every day;
Bodhisattva studies hard for himself and then is useful to the world.
The Bodhisattva has no delusions,
It is not Bodhisattva who has delusions,
Bodhisattva is the representative and symbol of mindfulness life.
If you are a Bodhisattva,
We should live a life of mindfulness and knowledge.
Bodhisattva is not a good man,
He is a very clear man;
Bodhisattva is not a flood of compassion,
He is a quiet and self disciplined man.
Bodhisattva is not aggressive,
He doesn’t have any form of violence,
Because violence and attack are symbols of fear,
Fear is a symbol of deviating from reality,
And the Bodhisattva is always rooted in a clear reality,
Fear cannot arise.
Bodhisattva is a person who has no fear at all,
Bodhisattva is a person who does not deviate,
The Bodhisattva loves truthful existence. For him,
There was no thought to isolate him from reality,
No thought distorts the truth.
The story is like a butterfly flying in the world of Bodhisattva,
The butterfly falls on the tree and becomes a stationary flower,
No human story can affect the heart of Bodhisattva,
Bodhisattva is a person who really has truth, goodness and beauty.
Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva,
Beautiful names, beautiful people;
Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva,
Pure existence, awakened heart;


Happiness and joy (including 12 multidimensional DNA) 🧬)

sananda 2020-05-28–DEr3YXg

Happiness is the resonance of the third and fourth dimensions.

Joy is the resonant high frequency of the fifth dimension and above.
This comes from the balance between the light quality projection of the time matrix and external interference.
Or the following time matrix.

That is to say, the three-dimensional happiness is based on the root chakra, and the survival potential is always the first. What does the stable operation depend on? The third chakra, the solar plexus mental matrix, personality, self, reasoning, logic, endurance and perseverance.

What does three-dimensional happiness depend on to create and manifest? The second chakra, the sexual chakra, emotion, desire and addiction.

Therefore, three-dimensional happiness was born. Survival is the first. We must constantly strengthen the logic, reasoning and rationality of the mind, and match it with emotion and desire. This is why in all kinds of destructive interference, it takes great efforts and patience to manifest an independent space unaffected by the matrix. In the universal law, it is called synchronic and superconducting space, coherent standing wave.

This is why brotherhood, sisterhood and love between husband and wife have become the benchmark of happiness in the three-dimensional world.

But even so, it is difficult for more than three or more people to resonate, synchronic and seamless, because it is a confrontation between the collective and the matrix.

Because this is the shape and structure of the continuous and stable operation of the three-dimensional time matrix, which is specially designed.

Originally, this is also very good, because the three-dimensional happiness is something that people on earth have not experienced for a long time, but it will be very difficult, because of the existence of interference, especially for the awakened people and light workers.
Because with the healing and upgrading, the awakening group no longer depends on the next three rounds to survive, but also because of the desire of unity consciousness, the five-dimensional time matrix structure of the last three rounds has become the basic need of existence.

This is the way to joy.

In other words, the source of the five-dimensional time matrix of joy is not the survival potential of the root chakra, but the heart chakra of the fourth chakra, that is, it is no longer the ignorant survival subconscious by empathy and empathy, and the form and structure are stabilized by the multi-dimensional space matrix of the third eye. Who will create and manifest it? The throat chakra of the fifth chakra, wisdom expression, spiritual discourse and sense of mind Yes.

So, lightworkers, do you understand your current dilemma? Your awakening can no longer support you to continue to experience life with a single matrix of survival, sexual wheel and mind logic, but to jump to empathy, spiritual higher self expression and multi-dimensional space to live and live.

In other words, your struggle and reluctance are actually fighting against awakening, which is meaningful because you need a smooth transition.
So start accepting many changes:

No longer has the human heavy dependence and attachment plot;
No longer stick to the communication between people, but pay more attention to the communication and empathy between spirits and bodies;
Accept the existence of spirituality and multidimensional space. What is the coexistence of man and God.

No longer separate, the sense of oneness is your source of joy, which can not be found in your family and society, because it takes longer and may not be realized. They / they may always be in that matrix, so there are more spiritual groups.

This is why the Arcturians released to cross the gap. This gap is first the gap in the time matrix between different vibration frequencies, which expands from awakening to liberation.

Let go of your lover and family.

Because there will be no happiness in the five and higher dimensions, only joy.

Everything is fine.


Why judge

Because we will think that it is others, not ourselves, that is, when you are in the crowd, you can’t see yourself. When you jump up and stand above, you will find that you are talking about yourself. Therefore, no matter what you are talking about, you are talking about yourself, and what comes from you will come from yourself. Therefore, you should search history in reason, that is, the person or person you worship In fact, you are one of them. What? According to your own human creation history, creation history, ruling history and being ruled history, accept your own non-human and human forms. What’s more, you should know that the non-human form is the normal state of the universe, and the square and golden ratio of human beings is the result of continuous optimization. This is Vientiane. You can be both human and human Non human, otherwise, how to call the source? How do we call the gods? If only the same, it is the same. It is not the whole world. The official account of “star library” has a very clear historical record, restoring the truth from the mystery, so that you jump out.

To fight with others, we should be humble. What? We should have reserves. Knowing that fighting with others is actually an opportunity to learn and grow. Before knowing others, we should first know ourselves. Knowing others can only know the outside, but we can know the inside. Knowing the inside can know the world. The inside is no different from the world

The inner war with people is not a war with people, but a war with the spiritual body. You should know that people’s ignorance first comes from spiritual ignorance, and spiritual ignorance first comes from the less accumulation and opening of the physical body in previous lives. Therefore, the inner war is the war between your spiritual body and other people’s spiritual bodies, rather than the struggle between people. Naturally, you see There will be more. It is no longer knowledge and words, but quality, spiritual quality. A person’s spiritual quality, like a portrait, records the experience brought by the person’s spirit, mind, thought, source of words and physical pain. This is your spiritual instant sensitivity to live independent of the world, which is also called unimpeded eloquence, eloquence tiannv


It’s getting easier for you to find your own direction and stick to your beliefs without being laughed at. It’s more likely than ever to make a living as a spiritual practitioner. We’re constantly telling you that the world is moving in a better direction. We’re constantly telling you that there’s a massive awakening on the whole planet. We’re constantly telling you , as creator, how powerful you are, we will continue to tell you these things, because they are true from our point of view.

However, your area and your immediate family may not think so. You may see most of the content on TV and think that we are just giving you wishful thinking and castles in the air. But there is a best point in the fourth dimension, and we know you can find it. We know that there are a group of people around you who can talk about your faith, and we know you You don’t have to be satisfied with working in the company from 9:00 to 5:00.

But you have to be creative. You have to believe in yourself and the infinite possibilities in front of you, so that you can start living at that best point, so that you can cross the gap in a third-dimensional world to which most people depend, and live in a fifth-dimensional world. Now is the best time to test what we have said and find your own comfort zone, and continue you Exploration in the fifth dimension.
We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


What did Sananda do? He told the truth and respected others. At some time, he spoke to the Pharisees and scribes, refuted their lies about him and let them go their own way.

What’s different today? Let me tell you. Who do you think reincarnated into your evil government? What? Don’t you know? Well, I tell you, it is the scribes and Pharisees who tortured Sananda who are reincarnated now. They attack Christianity and “Jesus” , they committed treason. However, the real target behind them is you awakened people! This is the prize they got when they attacked you to lure you to destruction. They almost won! What? Yes, they almost won! I mean almost! Tell you again, many sleeping souls have awakened the inner light, which is a kind of joy to me Happy, for this I am most happy!

As the end of this civilization approaches, struggle and lessons become more difficult, because there are only a few days left before the earth enters a higher dimension without evil.

Take your hand and take the last steps to glory. Pray for mother earth, for those who live with you, and for this great battle of good and evil in the ether and on earth. The light will soon win this battle.

Stay focused! Love and forgive the people around you. You can do anything with the great spirit of God inside and hold our helping hand on your path. My message today may sound harsh, but that’s because I love you with infinite love. Understand this in your heart!
Sanat Kumara [taking the last steps to glory] 21-9-7
Original light love today
Sanat Kumara:
I am Sanat Kumara of silver light, the eldest son of Creator God Aton, one with the creator. I am often called tonkashila or grandfather.

I salute all the light workers and souls on the star of tears. I call Anne to write this message to all of you at this critical moment. I used to be the source creator of the Nebadon universe, but recently I have been promoted to the position of creating a new universe. In my new position, I am creating a new universe. Since the new source creator is still on earth, I feel at this moment Let Annie write this message for me is the most important.
As you know, compared with the billions of people with souls on your planet, the Sananda group is very small, but they are doing great work for the light. What I want to say is very important to all light workers, even to those of you who are sleeping. I say directly to Anne, although she is as eager to ascend as many people in the Sananda group, I tell you Tell her, all of you should stay focused and complete your assigned tasks. Remember, you are either walking up the ladder of enlightenment or down! There is no middle ground. At this moment, where are each of you? The curriculum is becoming more and more difficult, just like school!

I told Anne that people in the kingdom of light now hold her pen, which is the most important information. They have opened the door to journals. Many people think these journals are rubbish, too old and worthless. That’s why we, with her permission, provide everyone with current information to encourage you to have the courage to read the holy book of the kingdom of light, which can be used when needed I am ready to help you and let all of you walk on the red road of truth.

Similarly, light workers have prayed and petitioned for those sleeping souls to awaken the truth. These petitions have sounded an alarm to us. Many, many sleeping people are waking up! What a happy thing for the country of light. The earth is holding on, even though she is at the last critical point. She is patiently waiting for every sleeping soul to finally see the light.

I know how eager Lightworkers are to go home, but you must stick to it. The work done for these souls must be awakened from 3D and with the help of the kingdom of light. If Lightworkers are brought home, who will complete the work?

At this time, ascension is something that scares the dark ones, because Satan and his evil demons have been destroyed. His subordinates are angry and they are acting according to his orders, just as they were taught. That’s why it’s so happy for me, many people are awakening to the truth! They are losing control and don’t want mother earth to finish Karma. What is happening now is that the balance is gradually returning to the good side, just as the earth was centuries before the Dark Brotherhood took control.

Which side are you on now? At this moment, I’m talking to the awakened ones. Do you have love for those who live with you? Do you let them participate in your own activities instead of being alone? Do you respect each other and make them feel worthy of being with you? Are you appropriate to the people you live with? Do you spend your personal time Reading and meditation? Have you prayed for mother earth and the suffering she is currently experiencing? Do I sound harsh? Maybe so, but this message I give you is very important!

Remember that every thought and action in your earthly body are recorded in the Akashic records. Before you graduate, you will judge what you have done according to the laws of God and creator.

If my words mean anything, each of you looks at yourself in the mirror and asks those sharp questions. Of course, you tell the truth to some people but refuse to accept it. If so, you must let them go their own way. This does not mean that you should avoid them, but that you love them more, because all the answers are love and forgiveness.

Sanat Kumara – the creator of the silver light


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