You who listen and are attracted by my words are undoubtedly secret spiritual people.

You who listen and are attracted by my words are undoubtedly secret spiritual people.

In many reincarnations, you feel the energetic spiritual attraction again and again, not bound by rules and systems. Therefore, you often participate in groups and movements contrary to tradition. You preach a form of faith that brings people back to a vibrant spiritual origin and closer to real life. You often pay a heavy price for breaking away from churches and other authorities.

You live under tension with the open spiritual system. Because of your innate interest in spirituality, you look for connections with existing organizations and institutions. In every life, as children, you are often dreamy and sensitive idealists. Your heart is full of questions about life and attention to consciousness development and healing integrity. Since the life of Atlantis, your heart chakra was opened and came here as a light worker, you have felt a call. Because you can’t adapt well to society, you often live in seclusion in monasteries and other spiritual places, where you have to deal with a belief system that is not always consistent with your understanding of spirituality.

Many of you still feel “different” and lonely inside the monastery wall. Although these organizations also have room for secret spiritual practice, that is, sincere rather than authoritative spiritual expression, the open spiritual practice system still occupies a dominant position. When you see that the church or the religious organization you belong to operates in a hierarchical mode and provides little space for free and loving spiritual forms, you often despair of your idealism.

Sincere spirituality conflicts with power, authority and hierarchy. In essence, the awareness and energy of spiritual mentors or teachings cannot be transmitted to others through organization. What an organization wants is to establish structure, dominate energy and guide it to certain tracks. In this process of guidance, the original energy of spiritual teachings or mentors is abstracted.

Look at what my original teaching has become? I was there to inform the world of the accessible dimensions of light and consciousness that exist in every heart. The message I want to convey can hardly be described in words, but each of you touched by my energy can understand what I am talking about. The touch many of you think of me is the vortex of Christ energy in your hearts. You have tried to show this energy of spiritual awakening on earth in many reincarnations, but it is often rejected by religious organizations that want to put my energy into dogma and discipline.

Historically, churches have gradually evolved into an open (spiritual) system of power and authority. You have faced a dilemma many times in your life after Christ: how can you participate in society while experiencing inner spirituality? You are looking for a place in the world that can fully interpret inspiration. When you really join an organization that claims to be spiritual, you often feel disillusioned or forced to leave. And when you join a group of like-minded people who are looking for the way back to spiritual origin like you, you are in danger. You are often sentenced to heresy, violent punishment and even death.

The traces of history are still with you. It is mainly reflected in your fear of publicly displaying what inspires and motivates you. You are hesitant to express your inner spirituality. This hesitation makes it difficult for you to make the soul energy flow smoothly on the earth and find an inspirational job that really makes you feel full. You also have a sense of distrust of various organizations and movements. You have become individualists, independent of groups, families and society.

All this is not without reason. In many reincarnations, you can only take care of yourself, be rejected by the society or feel lonely in the group, which is suitable for your growth path. Before answering the question “how to reconnect with like-minded people – soul family in this era”, I would like to explain this in detail.

Joshua | soul family reunion: spiritual practitioners wandering outside the open spiritual community

Pamela Joshua’s conduction yesterday

Joshua conducted through Pamela
Joshua tells about a cooperative relationship based on the heart rather than power and authority. When you enter a spiritual life, you will be eager to communicate and cooperate with your soul mate. Joshua reminds us of the possible pitfalls and the projection and fluctuation of old emotions in this process, and teaches us how to obtain an open and flexible cooperative relationship based on inner feelings and interaction.

Dear friends,

Many of you look forward to communicating with like-minded people. Many people have felt lonely and different in their life, so they feel uncomfortable in the crowd, and sometimes they don’t even adapt to one-on-one relationships. You are born with an internal frequency that is completely or partially different from the energy field of your family. This means that you soon find yourself unable to fully integrate into the world around you. You are different from others. You are sensitive and react strongly to the suffering and injustice around you, so that you have to isolate yourself from the world and find yourself again. This is the characteristic of the group you belong to.

You are light workers. You are here to illuminate a world where the natural divinity is veiled by fear, power and impermanence. This veil hides the divine. This is a veil of impermanence, so that people can not see the practical significance of life: a life full of love and harmony with each other and with the earth. You are those who come to unveil the veil. You can face all this and be “different”. You come to break the habits, traditions and ways of thinking as human beings on earth.

You are not alone. You came together from afar and made great efforts to realize your mission on earth for generations. As a group, you find each other again and again, in the next cycle, on earth and before coming to earth. When you meet each other, there will be sparks of memory, even when you first meet. There is a bond between you because of your common mission and your many experiences of reincarnation together on earth.

Meeting like-minded people is a kind of magic. Because this acquaintance goes beyond the personal level (your background and personality in this life), is the awakening at the soul level, and accelerates your internal growth and integration. For the soul, nothing is warmer and more inspired than being recognized by like-minded people – Spiritual brothers or sisters. This encounter often makes your soul reincarnate more deeply, that is, show it more deeply and richly in the material dimension. The welcome of like-minded people is a comfort to the soul.

In this transmission, I want to talk about the role of meeting the soul family on earth and the role of spiritual groups or groups in the new era. The birth of the new era of earth coincides with your reunion with the soul family, but in a very different way. So let me start with your past.
Spiritual groups and groups in history
In spiritual history, there are two different (spiritual) systems: secret and open. The occult pursues inner spirituality and is directly connected with God, origin or “one” in personal experience. Throughout history, some people who seek the meaning of life internally realize the existence of dimensions beyond the naked eye. They enter this unknown field by rejecting all external things. They are so eager to acquire knowledge in this field that they no longer follow the Convention, but look for a personal connection with the divine origin, through which they experience the love and freedom to “illuminate” them.
Some of them try to name these experiences and pass them on to others looking for them. Defining the experience of light (mysterious experience in deep understanding) is a dangerous thing. In fact, you can’t teach others this experience and its derived knowledge in words. Words are too pale. Ideally, you use your energy to help others open the door to similar experiences. They understand that the words and concepts you teach them are just tools to describe things that can’t be expressed in words. They transcend these words and come into contact with the dimensions described by these words.

They are those who “have ears and can hear” as the Bible says.
The worst case is that people build spiritual learning and growth on the surface meaning of words, and they will soon be unable to get nourishment from the living source of knowledge that is the basis of spiritual learning. This learning becomes a collection of regulations and standards, completely ignoring the uniqueness of different individuals. Gradually, this kind of learning becomes dull and lifeless compared with the real life. When such standards and regulations become the basis of an organized religion, an open (spiritual) system is formed. Open spirituality is an organized and institutionalized religion. In this form, religion is always tangled with rights, because the “organization” itself has become an end, and there are various interest relations that are rarely related to the original spiritual origin.

In the open (spiritual) system, the initial spiritual power is covered by some systems, which are mostly a collection of systems and dogmas selected by a certain authority and preached to everyone. In the past, those secret spiritual forms could only be found in some mysterious factions under major religious beliefs, which had the original empirical experience and records of those who sought God in their own way. Some of them were recognized and allowed by the open spiritual system, while others were rejected and tried for their different ideas.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translator: purple of light editor: Ning Jing


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