Incarnation cycle of soul^_^

Incarnation cycle of soul^_^

“Hello, I read a sentence in a public official account.” only young souls can hurt people and animal or planet. But I see this in reality is not so. Generally, many children and young people are more loving and compassionate, and the middle-aged and old people are much numb and indifferent. So I saw this sentence at first, which was a little angry. “
“But I also think that the new and old soul may not be the same concept as age. For example, a mother may be as immature and spoiled as a child; or a boy may know more and take more responsibility than his parents. Many young people may have a young and old soul.”
“I talk about this because I always care about my age. In my childhood, I often swallowed the inappropriate words and deeds of the elderly and children out of the principle of respecting the old and loving the young. But recently, when I recalled the past, I decided not to tolerate people who are disrespectful for the old and bear children. Equality should not exist only among my peers. Teacher, do you think I have this view Is that right? Or is it a little aggressive? “
“Although you may be twenty or thirty years older than me, for some unknown reason, I have an inexplicable sense of kindness to you. I don’t think it’s necessary to be polite to you and follow the rules of the world
I always think “Politeness” is a burden and barrier in interpersonal communication. “
“Do you think communication across age, gender, race and even religion may become the norm in the future?”

As you said, the young soul and the old soul have nothing to do with age, but have something to do with the spiritual growth of the soul in the reincarnation cycle, that is, the mature compassion we forwarded before, which will become history on earth, because the high vibration ascension cycle of the planet will no longer allow the ethnic groups in the separation consciousness you said to survive, not completely, It will be very weak and will become weaker and weaker. This weak integration stage towards integration will last for 1000 years, that is, from this year to the next few months, the continuous expansion of human heart chakra will awaken human empathy on a larger scale.

Whether it is the upgrading of young souls and the recovery of old souls, the ability to support young souls will enter a sudden change In exponential growth and chain reaction, that is to say, in the future, only old souls (adult souls) or already old souls will exist on the earth, and it is unlikely that young souls will reincarnate to the earth

8 billion people:
10-15% of infant souls;
20% of children’s souls;
45% of young souls (3.6 billion);
20-25% of adult souls;
And less than 4% of old souls (320 million)

(George Stankov data, new gnosis: a leap in human evolution [Chapter 6: soul incarnation cycle])

The young group of old souls like you will lead the planet to a more mature and compassionate society, because of the shorter reincarnation cycle and the more complete retained high-dimensional blueprint of interpersonal communication, words and deeds, because the young souls in learning can not understand what non harm is. In fact, the young souls are the old souls in the past who continue to learn separation in planetary schools The process of injury and oneness is repeated and even delayed graduation, including little paradise and paradise, and even the ascended masters who have experienced ascension.

Therefore, nothing is invariable. This is the one and one interpersonal relationship without time. Even so, do not participate in the separation game, stay away from or keep a distance from those who try to hurt you, Only focus on your own high vibration existence. In the manifestation of a better life, large collectives have a transformation cycle of large collectives, which is left to the higher self, mother earth and Father Sun. You can only do a good job in continuous learning and work in connection with the higher self, at present and at the moment. The transition of human consciousness will become more and more obvious in the past two years, looking towards positive and change

Regard the earth, your experience and the 8 billion people in the world as a school.

Everyone has the freedom to learn what and when to graduate. At the same time, they also have the freedom to be upgraded to male gods, goddesses, creators and beings of light. Respecting everyone’s freedom of choice will be the consensus of the earth and mankind.

At that time, empathy, higher self expression and higher self wisdom will become the basic quality of mankind, That is what we have always emphasized and are doing, connect with the higher self, keep me, and keep in touch


Earth cycle course
It is important to understand that reincarnation involves 12 major learning centers. All of you will spend time on this before completing the earth cycle.

We call this cycle the “earth cycle” because the earth is a test phase during which specific aspects will be put in for measurement.
So in this sense,
The earth is the most important link in all courses and must be mastered.
Here, it is listed in a simple way as follows:
Special aspects of planets in the development of the earth cycle

  1. Mercury – mind: Thinking Development – Communication
  2. Venus – Love: emotion – artistic expression – Parenting
  3. Earth – creating responsibility: a test site
  4. Mars – emotional temperament: Power
  5. Jupiter – strength: Leadership – Wisdom – confidence
  6. Saturn – spiritual purification: a severe test
  7. Uranus channeling: intuitive chakra / gland development
  8. Neptune: mysterious learning of the essence of reality
  9. Pluto: grasp of adversity
  10. Moon balance, removal of doubt – female balance
  11. Sun vitality, spirituality male balance
  12. Arcturus – entrance / exit: creative expression of life power
    [Archangel Metatron] death experience and the Kingdom behind us (including the location of human liver, thymus and solar plexus)


The source of strength: existence
sananda 2020-06-22

The source of strength: existence
Where does your life come from

Where does your power come from

Neither in your food nor in your clothes
When you stand there

A big tree plunges its roots deep into the ground
Where you have supreme sovereignty
There is your infinite life

That’s where your life comes from

Once upon a time, you began to act according to the eyes of others

Once upon a time, you began to see yourself by oppressing others

Once upon a time, you began to give up your life and choose dependence and security

Once upon a time, children and family became the reason for your existence
Once upon a time, the unit became the reason for your existence

Once upon a time, making money to support your family became your reason for existence

Once upon a time, faith became the value of your existence

Yes, until then, you won’t rely on them

Ever since there was fear and hurt
Return to childhood existence

The great door has been opened to accept everyone who is willing to accept it

There is no reason to exist, there is no condition to exist, and there is no need to live according to people and things

Being is “yes”, I am, I am present

Back to the lesson of the previous article, improve the vibration frequency, expand consciousness and purify consciousness

Where do foreign things and life come from and exist

Because that is the source of power, as well as the source of divine Yin, divine power and manifest power

Existence is with the source, where the power and kinetic energy are unconditional

This is also the infinite energy that mankind has been exploring. Not only solar energy, not only galactic energy, but also zero point energy. They also come from open energy and existence
It has something to do with your motivation to live and your kinetic energy to act

Returning to children requires putting down the burden one by one

Only do not act according to the view of right and wrong and the view of good and evil

You can make mistakes, but you know, it’s just repetition. You’ve been on the ship of existence

You can also doubt, hesitate and fear to move forward, which is also the driving force to move forward, after rest and healing

Yes, being is one with your body, one with the external things you have, one with your fame, wealth and nothing. There is no difference

Accepting your body, status quo, foreign objects and everything, and nothing is existence, is returning to power

When your body is deficient, you will no longer only see hunger and satiety. You will see the source of strength, high vibration, zero energy and electromagnetic energy. Therefore, you will not only eat saturated enjoyment, but also pay attention to the high vibration frequency of food, such as plant food, and pay more attention to the energy supply of nature and the sun

Not only these, you will also look for the source of all nourishment, the energy source of every molecule and atom in the inner body, so meditation will become your food, joy will become your nourishment, and connecting with the higher self will become the cornerstone of your life

When you lack living conditions and convenience, you will not only seek what you buy and trade, but also find the source of living water. Then, not only do you have water, but everyone benefits from you

Because you see all the relationship between existence and source, not in outsiders, not in foreign objects, not in transactions

There is a source
There is a source
From your initiative, not passive acceptance

Thank you, not complain about not getting it

It comes from your trust and acceptance, not satisfaction

Yes, perfection is not what you get, but what you manifest, not from your actions, but from the actions of existence and the promotion of the source

This is also the confusion of businessmen. The more transactions, the more gains, the less power, and the less sense of existence

Because it is not the source, the source must be beneficial to everyone. What is it that only fills their own homes? Replace the power of the source with a motionless quagmire. Even so, it is also with existence and the source

But no longer flowing, no inflow, and naturally no outflow, oppression and slavery come from it

The first is the return of one’s own existence and supreme sovereign power, and then the unintentional benefit of everyone. This is the law of action and transaction, as well as the law of the universe

What? The more you don’t care about material and external things, the more complete everything is, the more you will have unexpected perfection

Do foreign objects, property and transactions flow? Of course, there is. The so-called flow, you should let them flow, not just accumulate, gather and store.

Flow is the way of existence. What you have is for existence. For what, flow

Existence and flow need to be balanced. How to do it depends not on your actions, but on the actions launched from within you

What? There is no internal standard. Practitioners are self-contained, but they are also collecting property

There is only one thing, every day, every action and breath, whether they are doing things to expand their consciousness, whether they are no longer acting according to foreign things, whether they are doing things to live free, and whether they are no longer busy

Is your daily action and breathing doing what you don’t need to do, not letting others do it instead of you, but that you are safe and fear free in your expanded consciousness and higher vibration frequency

Fear can be hectic and flustered in the name of acting

Without fear, nature will live in peace, quiet and motionless. When the inside doesn’t move, the outside will move faster

Yes, inner peace and joy will only accelerate the external flow. What, the acceleration of resonance, the collapse and transformation of non resonance

Yes, there is no more or less. It has nothing to do with nothing and wealth. It only lies in collapse and transformation

What, there is no long and long, the former existence is reasonable, and the collapse and transformation of present and future existence is more reasonable. Otherwise, what is ascension, transition, change and freedom

Immobility is eternity, from the source, and change comes from immobility, in order to manifest

Where are you, being, being in “being”, only being, nothing else

It is not up to you to initiate and manifest. By whom, the open energy from the source is projected and manifested through your divine mind

It can also be said that your appearance, nothing and everything are the manifestation of wisdom, mind and thought

What drives it, higher wisdom, higher divine mind and higher source thought

Now you know where your lessons are, everything that makes you motionless and change your mind

Motionless is the foundation, the Buddha and Christ, change is the universal, Bodhisattva and Archangel.

Therefore, being committed to everything that makes you no longer busy is existence, and being committed to making yourself motionless and change without doing anything is existence.

Existence is change. You exist and everyone benefits from it.

Let existence change you


New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 6

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 6

An incarnation cycle can last for varying lengths, depending on the planet, the development of the civilization there, the tasks to be solved, and so on. The reincarnation cycle of the souls on earth is at present, that is to say, in the last 10 000 years, about 70 to 90 lives, and includes a historical period of 6000 to 8000 years on average. The period between the incarnations is on average 70 years, but decreases significantly in recent times. Great settlements of newly incarnated souls take place once every 2000 years, with the last major settlement occurring between the years 1000 and 1700 AD. Since then, there is no new dissemination of souls on earth with respect to the upcoming End Time.
The five ages of the incarnated soul are divided each into seven stages, each one of them with 1-3 incarnations of the soul according to the tasks. The cycle of the baby soul consists of about 10-15 lives, the cycle of the child soul – 15-20 lives, the cycle of the young soul – 20-25 lives, the cycle of the adult (mature) soul – 25-30 lives and the cycle of the old soul – 10-15 lives.
In accordance with the great soul settlements, the current soul population on earth exhibits the following distribution: 10 -15% baby souls, 20% child souls, 45% young souls, 20 – 25% adult souls, and less than 4% old souls. This soul distribution is rapidly changing in the last years towards more adult and old souls (indigo children).
As the young souls make for the majority of the world’s population, they gestalt today’s society according to their agnostic beliefs and narrow-minded prejudices. Young souls experience the greatest separation from the soul, so that they can conquer the outer world on their own. Being the majority, they impose their non-spiritual values upon the organization of society. The classic type of young soul is at present the young dynamic manager who adapts quickly to the material needs of society and identifies with them, promotes ruthlessly and without any ethical considerations his social ascent, accepts without questioning the principle of competition, detests any social failure, clings stubbornly to rigid, preordained norms and is willing to impose them, while ignoring the sanctity of life. His ability to love is still very limited.
The young soul prefers, in spite of many self-imposed taboos, the superficial sexual promiscuity and is rarely willing to take responsibility for her actions. The knee-jerk refusal of the young soul to take any responsibility for her deeds is very clearly expressed when politicians and executives are caught by the mass media, “to have made mistakes,” whereby the rules that define such misdemeanors or even crimes, are drawn up by the young souls in the corridors of power themselves and are as irrational and illogical, as the thinking of those souls is.
The young soul will gladly assume the role of the “fallen angel” at the end of her cycle. After striving in many incarnations in a row for success and wealth, she must now also experience the social failure, so that she can liberate herself as an adult soul from the external social evaluation of her being and can begin to explore the bearing inner-spiritual dimension of all human existence.
The young soul distinguishes very clearly between friend and foe and can only define herself in relation to her environment, primarily by social success. Progress is defined only as a quantitative increase in material goods. This scale of values is noticeable on both the individual and collective levels: Despite many prophecies of the environmentalists, the steady growth of the gross national product (GNP) is still regarded by all walks of life as a kind of panacea for all social problems, be they unemployment, pensions, or health insurance financing.
As her inner-psychic dimension still remains blocked, the young soul is incapable of self-reflection and of questioning her own doing. For this reason, the young soul lives in a permanent contradiction between her self-esteem and reality. She must constantly fight the distortions caused by this contradiction because her fear-based structure hinders her to perceive these distortions objectively. As a real Don Quixote, the young soul fights for a lifetime “the windmills of her mind”.
The American society, with its limited world view, inherent hypocrisy, with its double standards and its reckless, senseless aggression are prime example of the behavior of the young soul population. Americans certainly see themselves in a much more favorable light. This contradiction between reality and self-image (oxymoron) is the source of most political problems worldwide at present.
Baby souls are found mainly in Third World countries, where they live closely with the family and, because of many diseases, have the guarantee to leave life early on. These souls are the most fearful of all and find it very hard to cope with their incarnation. Their whole attention is devoted to the body and to addressing its needs. They are not able to develop any far-reaching thoughts or ideas and can not imagine exerting any influence on society. Helpless in life, they only feel comfortable and secure in the family, surrounded by many relatives.
The child soul begins slowly to adapt to the difficult conditions of her incarnation on earth, and is ready to start exploring the world. While the baby soul remains still in a state of pantheism, the child soul is inclined to believe in a single authoritarian God.
In contrast, the young soul exhibits a pronounced agnosticism because she is the least susceptible to the inner voice of the higher self and experiences the greatest separation in the whole reincarnation cycle. Consequently, she must vehemently deny the existence of the soul.
It is important to note at this point, as to prevent moral prejudices, that each incarnated soul is doing exactly what she thinks is right. “Right” is thus a function of the soul age of the incarnated personality. This recognition is a prerequisite for genuine tolerance, which is, unfortunately, rarely reached in the incarnated state.
The cycle of the adult (mature) soul is the longest and most difficult one. It begins with a profound uncertainty and disillusionment of the incarnated personality. The freshly baked adult soul must now learn to deal with her very own fears and to accept responsibility. The attention turns inward to explore the inner spiritual dimensions. Karmic links that have taken place in the cycle of the young soul must be resolved in a responsible manner. The ability to love increases and the preoccupation with individual ethical standards comes to the fore. The personality becomes autonomous from social norms and develops a distinctive individuality. Her point of views of the world increasingly detaches from that of the “mass man (mass society)” (Ortega y Gasset), which reflects the attitude of the young soul.
The mature soul begins to feel a closer bond to the Spirit worlds and tends to experience this union with psychedelic agents directly. She is looking restless for spiritual fulfillment in esoteric schools and gets to know various forms of meditation. She can take life very seriously and to stand in the way.
The old soul, on the contrary, increasingly develops an almost childlike innocence and playfulness, because she is tired of the lengthy searching during the adult soul cycle. She lives on the margins of society, unless she takes overall responsibilities for her soul family and chooses a challenging career or performs the function of a spiritual leader. The old soul takes time for introspection and expands her influence through her angst-tempered being mainly in the private area. She lets herself being cared for by young or mature souls and develops no social ambition. She has only a few tasks to accomplish on earth, which she masters with an ease an in a playful way because she can draw from the vast treasure of her past experiences.
For this reason, old souls are regarded by the more seriously inclined and precocious young souls as superficial. As the inner psychic dimension is not yet a fixed, irrevocable reality for these immature souls, they misjudge the reality and confuse the “ease of life” of an old soul with superficiality. They are in the middle of their cycle of reincarnation and consider the tasks ahead to be very difficult and serious. Especially for the “cosmic humor” of the old soul, with which she handles her problems lightly, young souls have absolutely no understanding.
As the old soul meets very few friends from earlier incarnations on earth – most of them have finished their reincarnation cycle – and has little or nothing in common with the younger souls, she lives in a spiritual and social loneliness, which is imbued with the insatiable yearning for union with the soul family in the higher dimensions.
Her main task lies in surmounting the tension between the demands of physicality and the progressive dissolution of the energetic boundaries of the earthly personality and in learning how to bridge these divergent tendencies. It is cogent that this problem has very little to do with the demands of present-day society. Many outsiders and losers that are regarded by young souls with collective contempt are, in fact, old souls.
This brief summary of the current soul population on the earth and their psycho-mental characteristics is very important and instructive insofar as it illuminates the energetic background for the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of mankind. In the last 2000 years, since the appearance of Jesus Christ, the energies of the immature souls outweighed, which are also the energy of the Healer (1) – Jesus Christ himself was a healer; this is also the energy of the baby soul.
At the time of Christ, baby and child souls (energy of the Artist (2)) were in the majority. With his appearance, Jesus reached to the child souls and initiated their rapid energetic conversion into the cycle of the young soul, which correlates with the energy of the Warrior (3). The Christian epoch is thus the space-time manifestation of the cycle of the young soul at the societal level; the majority of the incarnated personalities on earth is still in this cycle.
The child souls at the turn to the Pisces epoch confused the laws of the Old Testament with God’s law. In their willingness to submit to any authority in the name of God and to enforce the rigid social norms of this savage era, they showed absolutely no mercy. This was also true for the majority of the population in the former Roman Empire, and if one thinks about it, this is still true for the majority of today’s world population.
Jesus symbolized with his crucifixion the primacy of grace over the enforcement of brutal laws. He knew that the young souls, who he had just transformed with his appearance, would have a very long, grueling journey of incarnation ahead of them. In order to sweeten the bitter cup of the many karmic entanglements that were waiting for them in the coming epoch of Christianity, he wanted to make these young souls familiar with the healing power of grace. In the Christian era that followed, the people however did not apply the principle of grace or lived up to it. Hence the mission of Jesus could not be considered a success (I am arguing here from the conventional perspective. As discussed on numerous occasions by myself, Jesus did not exist, but was a split personality of Apollonius of Tyana who lived at that time and was a renowned teacher and healer in the Roman empire.)


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